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FoxyWith only two players left at the start of play yesterday I was tasked with taking a group of 10 to Disneyland. Included was a large contingent of Ukrainians and Russians so there was a certain amount of lost in transaltion going on. However, I think the experience of Disneyland had a profound affect on me. I see the future – I want to move in the company. I want to become Foxy, the figurehead of

That said, I have talked to my colleagues at Cashcade – if I was to become the new face of Foxy the brand may be in trouble. In fact, I think I captured what might happen to the Foxy brand if I morphed into Foxy. This picture from Splash Mountain at Disneyland says it all.


Might Foxy be clinging on for his life?

It was a great day. The Disneyland trip came as part of the online qualifier experience. No you don’t have to sit in the Commerce Casino playing cash in your spare time – you get to meet Mickey Mouse. A highlight of Disneyland for me? Seeing Roland De Wolfe as the kids were being taught at Jedi school…



One of the qualifiers who I spent most of the day with was Rudger from Holland. In search of rides that would scare the pants off of us he said: “I want to find a ride that will put me in mortal danger. I want to see kids cry.”

Hardly the spirit of Disneyland!?

The group really enjoyed the day, the large contingent of Ukrainians and Russians, in particular, loved it. And yes, I did get scared and I still don’t comprehensively know how to say ‘Mickey Mouse’ in Russian.


And there I am, wearing a T Shirt that makes me look like the Devilfish!

As I write the Main Event is down to 9 players. UK pro Jeff Kimber was the highest placed 0nline qualifier. He finished 54th for $28,000. He has also just offered to be the sub editor of this piece – as a former journalist that is handy. Tomorrow night is the Celebrity Invitational Final Table, while the Main Event concludes Thursday. Who am I railing for the Main Event? A certain Mr Steve Sung! Carlos Mortensen is also still alive as I write this. For all the latest see:

Here’s a picture of our Russian and Ukrainian friends at the end of the day.


To paraphrase Tony G we sent them back to Russia with a great experience. As for me, my tour guide duties are now over. Sergey is a member of – check out the benefits today!


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