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Tony G where is my bikeI went to Las Vegas for the NAPT $25K High Rollers event. There were 49 players and the line up was pretty tough.

Before a card was dealt I was specifically looking for Daniel Negreanu. I had my bike shipped from the M Resort and was told it was on the way and should be at the Venetian by the time I arrived.

Daniel took it since he is a bike mechanic

My bike has gone missing. I am sure that Daniel took it since he is a bike mechanic. Until I find the bike, I won’t know where it went missing and if Daniel really had something to do with it.

I was asked before the High Roller heat started if I knew who was at my table. My reply was that I really didn’t want to know.

Poker is still a game to me

Poker is still a game to me, I spend more time working on the business of poker and putting my contacts and knowledge of online poker to work for me than I do playing at the table.

I want to enjoy the play of the game and if I have to spend every day grinding, I can’t, so I choose to work with poker in other ways that suit me and play when I want to play, that way I can laugh and enjoy my time with the game and the people I’m playing with.

London first, Lithuania next

I have been skiing at Brian Head and in between the Premier League and NAPT high-rollers. I am soon heading to London and after that, returning to my home in Lithuania where I will spend time with family and relax for a bit. I am still working on my health and will continue to do that.

As for the Premier League Poker, I really didn’t win a race all week. The show is going to be amazing though. Phil Hellmuth nearly falling off the bike as he tried to ride it down the stairs is a highlight. It wasn’t the best week for me – it was bike time but I will be back!!

I will also work on my poker game as time permits and I will definitely work on finding out if Daniel is the one who sent my bike out of action. You can’t mess with Tony G’s bike and just walk away thinking there is no consequence. Consider this a bike warning to everyone!


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