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Day 4 is just about to get underway with 72 players remaining. Last night played later than expected so that they could all make it into the money.

PartyPoker has two players left in the field, or almost 3%. We are still above expectations! That’s the good news. The bad news is that both players are sitting below average in chips, so they have their work cut out for them.


One of our stars, and one of “the” stars, have both been eliminated.

Malte Roennig got so short he had to ship it in with anything, and he did. And doubled up! But then a few hands later, on the button, he got it all-in again with KQ, only to see his lone opponent show AK. No queen came and Malte finished a very respectable 71st place, good for just shy of $20,000.

On a different table, Daniel Negreanu pondered an all-in bet from Carlos Mortensen on the river. Daniel tried, as he usually does, to talk himself out of calling the bet. In the end he called and Carlos showed him a full house. Daniel was done much earlier then he wanted to be.

The tournament, which once had over 700 players, in a grand ballroom and overflow tent, is now down to this:

Tournament Room


It’s the first break of the day, and with it a total of 18 players have exited the tournament. 54 players remain, and will play until 8:30pm tonight. Tournament Director Matt Savage hopes that they get down to 18 players, but isn’t confident.

In addition to Daniel Negreanu, other big names continue to fall. Eliminated so far today; Vanessa Rousso,, Hoyt Corkins and Robert Mizrachi.

Although the WPT LAPC Main Event is grinding on, there is another event that started yesterday here at the Commerce…the $25k high roller tournament. 41 of the top names in poker entered, and the tournament will restart today at with 23 players left.


Jeff Kimber, our last PartyPoker qualifier, has been eliminated in 54th place ($28,610).  Jeff took his AQ up against AK for a big pot, then got the rest in awhile later with a smaller pair than his opponent.

Jeff was the last hope of all the qualifiers to win the tournament, and with it, and additional $1 million for the group to share.


31 players remain in the hunt for the $1.7m 1st prize here at the Commerce casino.  None of them qualified through PartyPoker.  It’s dissapointing to not have any still playing after our spectacular showing at the Aussie Millions in Melbourne, Australia.  But our players gave it their all here in Los Angeles.

This is the first WPT event PartyPoker has qualified players to since the last WPT PartyPoker Million in 2006.  With the recent acquisition of WPT by PartyGaming, expect to see lots more qualifiers at all WPT events around the world.

Here is a list of the 31 remaining players:

Andras Koroknai – Hungary Debrecen
Annie Duke – Los Angeles, CA
Bob Kairnes – Natiek, MA
Brett Richey – Pittsburgh, PA
Carlos Mortensen – Henderson, NV
Chris Moore – Chicago, IL
Conoor Allisen – Vancouver, BC
Dan Martin – Klamath Falls, OR
Danny Fuhs – Long Beach, CA
Dylan Linde – Coew D’Alene, ID
Gevork Kasabyan – Hollywood, CA
Greg Mudd – Orange, CA
Jamie Brown – Kent, England
Jean-Claude Moussa – Toronto, ON
Jeff Chu – Vancouver, BC
Jeff Loiacono – Los Alamitos, CA
Jim Casement – St. Charles, IL
John Cautela – Marlboro, MA
John Martin – Pasadena, CA
Johnny Chan – Las Vegas, NV
Mari Lou Morelli – Long Beach, CA
Mark Newhouse – Chapel Hill, NC
Masa Kagawa – Tokyo, Japan
Michael Kamran – Los Angeles, CA
Michael Woo – Desert Hot Springs, CA
Raymond Dolan – Fountain Valley, CA
Shawn Buchanan – Abbotsford, BC
Steve Karp – N. Miami Beach, FL
Steve Sung – Torrance, CA
Tim Begley – Freehold, NJ
Tri Huynh – Vancouver, BC


Play has conculded for the day with only22 players left in the WPT LAPC Main Event out of the starting 745 players.

Chip counts and table/seat assignments for those 22 players:
1 Carlos Mortensen Henderson, NV 1,669,000 2 1
2 Mark Newhouse Chapel Hill, NC 1,308,000 3 7
3 Raymond Dolan Fountain Valley, CA 1,229,000 2 6
4 Masa Kagawa Tokyo, Japan 1,129,000 3 5
5 Andras Koroknai Hungary Debrecen 1,002,000 1 2
6 Tri Huynh Vancouver, BC 942,000 1 4
7 Dan Martin Klamath Falls, OR 684,000 3 8
8 Jean-Claude Moussa Toronto, ON 672,000 3 9
9 Steve Sung Torrance, CA 671,000 2 5
10 Jim Casement St. Charles, IL 609,000 3 6
11 Tim Begley Freehold, NJ 603,000 3 4
12 Gevork Kasabyan Hollywood, CA 594,000 1 3
13 Jamie Brown Kent, England 552,000 2 8
14 Mari Lou Morelli Long Beach, CA 456,000 1 1
15 Dylan Linde Coer D’Alene, ID 447,000 1 9
16 Bob Kairnes Natiek, MA 421,000 2 3
17 Johnny Chan Las Vegas, NV 406,000 2 7
18 Danny Fuhs Long Beach, CA 379,000 2 4
19 Michael Kamran Los Angeles, CA 327,000 1 8
20 Connor Allisen Vancouver, BC, Canada 324,000 1 5
21 Annie Duke Los Angeles, CA 241,000 3 2
22 John Cautela Marlboro, MA 219,000 3 1

Players in the money:

23 Michael Woo Desert Hot Springs, CA $45,770
24 Shawn Buchanan Abbotsford, BC, Canada $45,770
25 Greg Mudd Orange, CA $45,770
26 Brett Richey Pittsburgh, PA $45,770
27 Steve Karp N. Miami Beach, FL $45,770
28 John Martin Pasadena, CA $39,340
29 Jeff Loiacono Los Alamitos, CA $39,340
30 Jeff Chu Vancouver, BC, Canada $39,340
31 Chris Moore Chicago, IL $39,340
32 Vivek Rajkumar Las Vegas, NV $39,340
33 Surinder Sunar Wolverhampton, UK $39,340
34 Craig Boyd St. Louis, MO $39,340
35 Paul Niemela Las Vegas, NV $39,340
36 Osmin Dardon West Covina, CA $39,340
37 Taylor Paur El Dorado Hills, CA $33,610
38 Millad Jorshari Irvine, CA $33,610
39 Shawn Pilot North Hills, CA $33,610
40 Steve Goosen Abbotsford, BC, Canada $33,610
41 Jolyne Thompson Houston, TX $33,610
42 Erica Schoenberg Playa Del Rey, CA $33,610
43 Elliot Smith Richmond, BC, Canada $33,610
44 Robert Tepper Kirkland, WA $33,610
45 Cuu Hoang El Monte, CA $33,610
46 Peter Traply Budapest, Hungary $28,610
47 Cliff Miller San Pedro, CA $28,610
48 Nathan Dondney Bend, OR $28,610
49 Prahlad Friedman Malibu, CA $28,610
50 James Carroll Henderson, NV $28,610
51 Bart Hanson Los Angeles, CA $28,610
52 Kenny Nguyen Lynwood, IL $28,610
53 Amir Ghazvinian Reseda, CA $28,610
54 Jeff Kimber Newcastle, England $28,610
55 Allen Le Huntington Beach, CA $23,600
56 Hien Nguyen Garland, TX $23,600
57 Edwin Movagharian Stevenson Ranch, CA $23,600
58 Matt Widdoes San Francisco, CA $23,600
59 Vanessa Rousso Las Vegas, NV $23,600
60 Hoyt Corkins Glenwood, AL $23,600
61 David Woo Atlanta, GA $23,600
62 Eugene Katchalov New York, NY $23,600
63 Lauren Kling Las Vegas, NV $23,600
64 Naoya Kihara Tokyo, Japan $19,310
65 Martin Corpuz Mountain View, CA $19,310
66 Daniel Negreanu Las Vegas, NV $19,310
67 Jon Turner Henderson, NV $19,310
68 Matthew LaGarde Baltimore, MD $19,310
69 Jeremy Ausmus Las Vegas, NV $19,310
70 Robert Mizrachi Las Vegas, NV $19,310
71 Malte Monnig Cologne, Germany $19,310
72 David Baker Katy, TX $19,310


1ST PLACE $1,788,040
2ND PLACE $1,002,710
3RD PLACE $665,140
4TH PLACE $450,580
5TH PLACE $321,840
6TH PLACE $246,740
7TH PLACE $185,950
8TH PLACE $135,890
9TH PLACE $100,130
10TH-12TH PLACE $67,940
13TH-15TH PLACE $60,080
16TH-18TH PLACE $52,920
19TH-27TH PLACE $45,770


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