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Newcastle’s Jason “alstonsloft” Williams has given himself the perfect early Christmas present by taking down the latest instalment of the partypoker $200K Guaranteed, bagging himself a cool $32,750 in the process. Merry Christmas indeed!

alstonsloft was one of 866 players who exchanged $200 for a shot at glory on Sunday and by the time the final table was set – some 11 hours later, alstonsloft had turned his 5,000 starting stack into 689,181 chips and found himself paced second in chips with nine players remaining.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Final Table (December 14, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 perine0 134,778
2 baronfullhousen 376,260
3 bokkie64 444,816
4 fiatpanda0 238,033
5 TarpedTony 604,828
6 NehmenDiesePot 1,182,121
7 alstonsloft 689,181
8 Sanek507 244,975
9 snoop1099 415,008

The superstitious among you will be happy, or perhaps not, at the fact that it really was a case of unlucky 13 for fiatpanda0 because he busted from the final table during the 13th hand played. baronfullhousen min-raised to 30,000 from the cutoff, fiatpanda0 three-bet all-in for 224,533 from the small blind and the initial raiser snap-called.

It was the of fiatpanda0 verus th of baronfullhousen and when the five community cards fell fiatpanda0 crashed out. A remarkable performance by fiatpanda0 considering that he won this very tournament on November 30.

The tournament progressed at an exciting pace, yet it took another 30 hands of play before the players jumped up the pay ladder again. With blinds at 10,000/20,000/2,000a, snoop1099 raised all-in for 2542,653 in total from the small blind with and perine0 called from the big blind with . The flop gave snoop1099 some extra outs to a straight, but none of those outs made an appearance on the turn or the river, which meant he became the eighth place finisher.

Next to fall was bokkie64 who ran into pocket aces just as fiatpanda0 did earlier at the final table. TarpedTony min-raised to 40,000 from under the gun and NehmenDiesePot called from the next seat along. The action then folded to bokkie64 in the big blind and he decided to squeeze to 180,000 with . TarpedTony mucked, but NehmenDiesePot four-bet enough to set bokkie64 in for the rest of his 154,515 chips and bokkie64 called.

NehmenDiesePot revealed and those aces stayed the best hand as the five community cards ran and the final table was down to six players.

Those six became five when TarpedTony busted. Having lost all but 378 chips when the of baronfullhousen flopped a pair of kings, turned trips and hit quads on the river to crack his , TarpedTony found himself all-in with . The action passed around to NehmenDiesePot in the small blind and he called. Alstonsloft checked in the big blind then folded to a 30,000 bet on the flop.

TarpedTony’s was crushed by the of NehmenDiesePot and was drawing dead by the river. The inconsequential completed the board, busted TarpedTony and meant each of the five surviving players would walk away with a five-figure score to show for their efforts.

A handful of hands later and perine0 lost a crucial coinflip in a hand against NehmenDiesePot. From under the gun, perine0 raised all in for 377,873 chips in total (blinds 15,000/30,000/3,000a) and NehmenDiesePot re-raised all-in from the button. Once the blinds folded the cards were revealed and it was the of perine0 racing against the of NehmenDiesePot. The pocket sevens fell behind on the flop and stayed second best on the turn and river, game over for perine0.

Some 43 hands after perine0’s exit Sanek507 lost his chips to alstonsloft. Looking down at , Sanek507 moved all-in for 283,252 at the 20,000/40,000/4,000a level and alstonsloft called from the big blind with . Neither player improved on the board so alstonsloft’s ace-high was the best hand and Sanek507 exited the tournament.

The very next hand, alstonsloft found and doubled through NehmenDiesePot and his to find himself armed with 2,662,196 chips – alstonsloft doubled though the same player earlier at the final table with aces versus kings – and five hands later heads-up was set.

A raise to 80,000 from alstonsloft on the button was three-bet all-in for 649,262 by baronfullhousen in the small blind and then four-bet all-in for 1,101,542 by NehmeDiesePot in the big blind. Alstonsloft mucked and watched on as the of NehmeDiesePot came from behind to beat the dominating thanks to hitting a runner-runner flush on a board.

NehmenDiesePot trailed alstonsloft by 1,747,804 to 2,574,196 chips going into heads-up, but quickly drew level and then forged a small lead for himself. That lead swapped when the of alstonsloft cracked the after the chips went in on a flop (queen on the river for the straight)

alstonsloft kept applying the pressure to his lone opponent and by the time the final hand took place held 4.1 million of the 4.3 million chips in play. The final hand saw alstonsloft raised all-in with and NehmenDiesePot call with . A flop reading all but locked up the hand for alstonsloft. The did lock up the hand so when the appeared on the river alstonsloft became the latest player to take down the $200K Guaranteed Sunday.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Final Table Results (December 14, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 alstonsloft $32,750
2 NehmenDiesePot $23,200
3 baronfullhousen $16,400
4 Sanek507 $12,800
5 perine0 $10,360
6 TarpedTony $8,360
7 bokkie64 $6,360
8 snoop1099 $4,400
9 fiatpanda0 $3,380

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