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If you’re new to poker, adding the squeeze play to your preflop arsenal is a very good idea thanks to it being a powerful move if executed correctly.

The squeeze play was one used by professional poker players for years, but was introduced to the masses by Dan Harrington in his fabulous Harrington On Hold’em series of strategy books.

In Harrington’s now famous hand, Josh Arieh raised to 225,000 with and Greg Raymer called with . Dan Harrington was on the button and had been dealt the lowly , which on the surface looked like an instant fold, but Harrington had other ideas and he raised — used the squeeze play — to 1,200,000. Both Arieh and Raymer eventually folded and Harrington scooped a decent pot.

While to some Harrington’s move may seem reckless, it was actually well thought through. Arieh is known for raising with a wide range of hands and Raymer is an aggressive player who would probably have raised had he been dealt a premium hand. When a player like Harrington, who is known as a very conservative player, puts in a large raise in this spot he simply has to have a strong hand, one that blows both Arieh’s and Raymer’s hand out of the water, of course we know different!

In the video below, partypoker’s resident strategist Josef Rantamaki looks at the squeeze play in detail and gives you hints and tips on when to deploy it to maximum effect at the tables.

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