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Everyone wants to make profit in poker. We all hope for that big result, that magical moment when we bink a life-changing sum of money from playing a game that we love. It feels really sweet, but the journey of a hundred thousand dollars always starts by making cents. So let’s try and help you build that bankroll in the cheapest way possible – playing for stakes most players can afford at any point of the week, month or year. Here’s how to make it big from risking very little in partypoker’s micro-stakes multi-table tournaments.

$1 re-buys

Not everyone loves a rebuy these days, and we have plenty of freeze-outs for the frostier to this format, but we love this tournament, and it’s a classic. As $1 tourneys go, this is the one to have a go at if you’re looking for a big result, with prize-pools often way exceeding the guarantee, purely as a result of the buy-in being so low. Typically one of the first tournaments a player will take on, you can really make the less experienced pay if you are an well-rounded player, especially pre-flop. Know your ranges and you’ll be winning more than you lose, just be wary of the rebuy period for tilt. Accept that it may take two or three reloads and your add-on to push you towards the big money in these, because once the rebuy period is up and the tourney is a lock-in, changing your game and putting your big stack to good use is the secret to binking these perennial classics.


$2 buy-in $250 Guaranteed Bounty

Everyone loves a bounty, don’t they? Bringing back memories of your childhood, the coconut centre, the thick layer of chocolate, the clenched fist as you crush an opponent’s dreams. OK, you’re only getting one of those three in this tournament – unless you plan your poker snacks well, which believe us, we do – but the last one is what we all love about poker, only multiplied. Everyone loves to bust an opponent, and in this variant of the traditional No Limit Hold’em, you get paid an additional amount every time you send someone for an early bath – hurray! Each player having a price or ‘bounty’ on their head does make this one a little more slash-happy than a Halloween horror première, however, so keep your wits about you and be aware of how the bounties in place affect you and your opponents’ games.


$2 buy-in $500 Guaranteed

These should be a pre-requisite to sign up and play if you’ve just joined partypoker. The value is fantastic, and the small buy-in yet freeze-out format keeps the field of the amateur class. Perfect for first-time players who want to enjoy the feeling of playing for real money instead, this tournament has a slow-enough structure that you can feel your way into proceedings, yet it also won’t take all night before you’re nudging your other half in the ribs as you wake them up to tell them of your Mike Sexton-style victory against all the odds.


$5 buy-in $2,000 Gtd Rebuy

Everyone should have a crack at this one. With yet another bumper guarantee, this tournament often gets well over its fair quotient of hopefuls, and with $5 rebuys, the player pool is often made up of player who’ve found the tournament and registered before really studying the structure. There’s plenty of room for play here, and you can make a lot of money in these tournaments providing you focus and play each level appropriately. Make the key decisions right and put your opponents to the test whenever you feel that you’re ahead of their range, especially before the rebuy period elapses. If there are short-stacks entering the tournament and you already have the kind of stack you can bully smaller stacks with, it can only be a good thing for you!


$10 Freeze-Out biggish guarantee

For those who love a bit of romance, then playing your first $10 tournament really is a great thrill. Winning your first? You can’t beat that loving…ahem, victorious… feeling! Plenty of big name pros got the run of the cards in one of these early in their career, and the few thousand the win gave them handed them the platform for their current success/haircut/permatan/sponsors badge. Aside from the bankroll boost, the mental strength that the first online win gives someone is an underestimated tick on the wallchart of the poker player. If you’re ambitious, can afford to pop $10 into a tournament and not be too upset if things don’t work out, if you can treat a double-up or a suck-out like two imposters, then, you’ll be a winner, my son. Well, something like that!


Check Out Our Majors

Although some of our Daily Majors, Saturday Majors and Sunday Majors are most certainly not micro-stakes tournaments, we do have plenty of large guarantees to play for for low buy-ins. Furthermore, head to the “qualifiers” section of the partypoker lobby where you will find hundreds of satellite tournaments feeding into larger events, often for $1 or less!

End the Week In Style With the $200K Guaranteed

Imagine how amazing it would be to end the week with a prize of more than $30,000. Stop imagining and start attempting to make it a reality by playing in the $200K Guaranteed Sunday.

Our flagship online tournament takes place every Sunday at 14:00ET (19:00GMT), costs $200 to enter and features a $200,000 guaranteed prize pool. If the $200 buy-in is a little much for you, fear not because we have dozens of qualifiers running throughout the week starting as little as $1. What’s more, we have a 20-seat and 40-seat guaranteed $200K Frenzy on Saturday’s and Sunday where you can win your seat for as little as $10!

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