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partypoker grinder ppowx4 gave himself an early Christmas present in the early hours of Monday morning after he took down the $200K Guaranteed Sunday Major, collecting a cool $33,110 as he did so. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to win that amount of money a couple of weeks before Christmas?

We pick up the action from powx4’s epic victory from the second the nine-handed final table kicked off.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table (December 7, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 sergueila 258,074
2 faghalal 579,005
3 eightenclubs 437,085
4 Cudder86 885,033
5 crom31 546,777
6 Hirnlos4ever 196,054
7 doyouhavefun 441,278
8 virophage 271,700
9 powx4 569,994

The first elimination came eight hands into play and it was doyouhavefun who was the unfortunate soul to bust first.

Having lost a huge pot to Toby “eightenclubs” Lewis when the latter’s ace-king got their against a pair of queens, an extremely short-stacked doyouhavefun got his last 24,593 chips into the pot from the cutoff – only two big blinds – and powx4 called in the small blind. It was of douyouhavefun versus the and when the board ran a deuce unfriendly it was game over for doyouhavefun.

Ten hands later and faghalal sent Hirnlos4ever to the rail in eighth place. With blinds now 7,500/15,000/1,500a, Hirnlos4ever raised all-in for 213,154 chips with from late positon and faghalal called from the big blind with the superior . The flop gave Hirnlos4ever some hope of a flush, but when the turn and river fell and that hope was taken away.

It took another 47 hands before a player crashed out. Powx4 min-raised to 40,000 from under the gun with and the action folded to Cudders86 on the button who three-bet all-in for 213,225 while holding . Both binds folded and powx4 made the relatively easy call.

The queens stayed best until the turn of the board, but powx4 paired his king and that was more than enough to send Cudder86 home earlier than he would have liked.

Next to fall was the online superstar eightenclubs who was down to 239,370 chips after losing a large post to sergueila when he ran into his opponent’s set. Eightenclubs moved all-in from the cutoff with and powx4 called from the big blind with the dominating . The board flirted with coming to eightenclubs’ rescue, yet that is all it did. Game over for the British grinder.

Faghalal was down to around 13 big blinds and in the need of a double up when sergueila raised slightly more than twice the big blind to 63,000 on the button. Looking down at , sergueila must have thought that all of his Christmases had come and once and he raised all-in for 410,744. This bet folded crom71 in the big blind, but sergueila was going nowhere thanks to having been dealt . That ace-king left faghalal drawing dead by the turn of the board and the tournament was left with only four players.

Those four became three with the exit of crom71 in fourth place. It was a hand that essentially played itself, with powx4 raising to 60,000 from the button and then calling when crom71 three-bet all-in for 357,654 in the big blind. It was versus and a few seconds later the five community cards fell and crom31 was gone.

Heads-up was set when sergueila busted in third place. He raised all-in for 386,380 chips at the 20,000/40,000/4,000a level with and powx4 called from the big blind with . The flop was rather final and when the turn and river came into view sergueila was eliminated.

virophage held a 2,657,637 to 1,519,363 lead over powx4 when heads-up began and initially increased that lead before powx4 made a comeback.

The final hand of the tournament saw powx4 min-raise to 100,000 with , virophage re-raise all-in for 63,732 with and powx4 call. The flop was safe for the pair of sevens, as was the turn, but the on the river was anything but safe because it improved powx4 to a pair of aces, winning him the title of partypoker $200K Guaranteed champion for the next week!

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (December 7, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 powx4 $33,110
2 virophage $23,600
3 sergueila $16,500
4 crom31 $13,000
5 faghalal $10,440
6 eightenclubs $8,440
7 Cudder86 $6,440
8 Hirnlos4ever $4,600
9 doyouhavefun $3,500

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