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British professional poker player Alex Goulder is the latest stellar name to win a WPT National title after he took down the 2014 partypoker WPT National Prague Main Event in the early hours of December 8.

Goulder went into the final day’s play seventh in chips with 19 players remaining, but by the time Vladimir Veikov, Manuel Sanchez Morito, Koray Aldemir, Sergej Barbarez, Oliver Heidel, Artur Voskanyan, Vladmir Malak, Jean-Philippe Piquette, Salvatore Pepi, Mathias Kurschner, and Jonathan Klupfel had crashed out, Goulder had claimed the chip lead and was the man to catch at the final table.

2014 partypoker WPT National Prague Main Event Final Table

Seat Player Chips
1 Zo Karim 1,611,000
2 Chris Hunichen 423,000
3 Sebastian Langrock 833,000
4 Alexander Lakhov 436,000
5 Simeon Naydenov 1,104,000
6 Andy Seth 385,000
7 Niclas Adolfsson 227,000
8 Alex Goulder 2,551,000

Three hours of action passed by before the first finalist lost their stack and headed for the exits. Goulder raised to 45,000 at the 10,000/20,000/3,000a level with and Chris Hunichen three-bet all-in for 348,000 chips with . Niclas Adolfsson then moved all-in after being dealt and Goulder called both all-in bets.

The board provided no help for Hunichen and the man with more than $7 million in online poker tournament winnings fell in eighth place in the WPT National Prague Main Event.

Chris Hunichen

Chris Hunichen: Eighth place finisher

Alexander Lakhov‘s tournament ended with a seventh place finish after a clash with Andy Seth didn’t go to plan. Lakhov, winner of the WPT Merit North Cyprus Classic earlier in the year, raised to 40,000 and then called the all-in re-raise of Seth; Seth covered Lakohov slightly.

Lakhov turned over and was in bad shape against the dominating in Seth’s hand. Both players paired their ace on the flop of the board, but Seth’s jack-kicker played and Lakhov was gone.

Alexander Lakhov

Alexander Lakhov: Seventh place finisher

Next to fall was the World Series of Poker bracelet holding Bulgarian Simeon Naydenov. Sebastian Langrock made it 50,000 to play, Naydenov three-bet all-in and Seth cold-called the all-in bet. Langrock smelled a rat and mucked, leaving the to go to battle with Seth’s . It was a fight that Seth went on to win when the five community cards fell ] and Naydenov busted.

Simeon Naydenov

Simeon Naydenov: Sixth place finisher

Five became four with the exit of Zo Karim. Goulder was the first to act from his seat in the small blind and he pushed all-in to put Karim to the test for the rest of his small stack. Karim called all-in with and was ahead of Goulder’s .

Karim stayed in front on the flop, and on the turn, but now Goulder had a plethora of outs t win and bust Karim from the Main Event. One of those outs, the flush-completing landed on the river and Karim crashed out in fifth place.

Zo Karim

Zo Karim: Fifth place finisher

The players gained more elbow room around 30 minutes after Karim’s demise when Seth lost a crucial coinflip in a hand with Langrock. Goulder opened the betting with a min-raise to 80,000 and Langrock called on the button. Seth jammed all-in for 1 million chips from the small blind and only Langrock called.

Seth showed and was flipping against the of Langrock. The latter soared into the lead on the flop, went further ahead on the turn and busted Seth once the river came into view.

Andy Seth

Andy Seth: Fourth place finisher

It was another major coinflip that sent the tournament into the heads-up stages. A preflop raising war resulted in Langrock being all-in holding and needed to avoid Adolfsson’s . The flop was safe for Langrock’s tens, although the turn meant Adolfsson could now hit a spade on the river in addition to his two over cards to stay in the game. The river was the , gifting Adolfsson a pair of aces and resigning Langrock to a third place finish.

Sebastian Langrock

Sebastian Langrock: Third place finisher

While Goulder started the heads-up battle leading Adolfsson by 4,805,000 chips to 2,725,000 it was Adolfsson who started brightest. Over the next three hours the chip lead exchanged hands a couple of times, but Adolfsson seemed to be opening a substantial lead for himself.

That lead was flipped on its head when Goulder three-bet all-in for almost 3 million chips with and Adolfsson decided to look up his British opponent with . A few seconds later, the board read and the bal was now firmly in Goulder’s court.

Three hands after securing the much needed double-up, Goulder busted his opponent. Adolfsson pushed all-in for around 17 big blinds with and Goulder made the call with . Neither player caught a piece of the board, so Goulder’s ace-kicker came into play, sending Adolfsson to the rail and leaving Goulder to bask in the glory of becoming a WPT National champion.

Niclas Adolfsson

Niclas Adolfsson: Runner-up

2014 partypoker WPT National Prague Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Alex Goulder €105,000
2 Niclas Adolfsson €72,000
3 Sebastian Langrock €46,600
4 Andy Seth €34,500
5 Zo Karim €25,400
6 Simeon Naydenov €20,500
7 Alexander Lakhov €17,200
8 Chris Hunichen €13,450

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