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Christmas came early for fiatpanda0 after he won each of the 5,090,000 chips in play in the latest edition of the $200K Guaranteed Sunday to became the tournament’s champion and scoop the $31,800 first place prize.

Winning such a prestigious tournament is a great achievement in itself, but doing so after starting the nine-handed final table eighth in chips makes fiatpanda0’s win even more impressive.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table

Seat Player Chips
1 KlittyHo 602,905
2 lek1997 938,769
3 trust_me__ 174,296
4 IEatBears 582,916
5 MuyGlaseado69 735,692
6 kyngen12 440,711
7 NutsKillUrself 381,548
8 TyHardin 870,695
9 fiatpanda0 362,468

fiatpanda0’s climb up the chip counts began with the elimination of NutsKillUrself in ninth place. With blinds at 7,500/15,000/1,500a, MuyGlaseado69 raised to 31,555 from middle position and NutsKillUrself three-bet all-in for 255,848 from the cutoff. The button folded, but fiatpando0 moved all-in for 437,468, a raise that folded out everyone else.

NutsKillUrself showed and was in big trouble against the dominating . The board provided no help for NutsKillUrself and he became the first casualty of the final table.

They say in order to win poker tournaments you have to win your flips, and that is exactly what IEatBears failed to do. trust_me__ raised to 30,000 from early position and then called when IEatBears re-raised all-in for 198,978 from the next seat along.

The initial raiser turned over and was racing against his all-in opponent’s , a race it would go on to win when the five community cards ran .

Seven hands later and kyngen12 was heading for the exits. A min-raise to 40,000 on the button by trust_me__ was three-bet all-in for 409,411 by kyngen12 in the big blind and. trust_me__ called, showed and discovered he was way ahead of kyngen12’s , Neither player improved on the board and kyngen12’s tournament came to an abrupt end.

The tournament kept up its frantic pace and two hands after kyngen12 busted, KlittyHo followed him to the sidelines. KlittyHo min-raised to 40,000 from under the gun with and the action folded to TyHardin on the button. TyHardin, holding , raised all-in for 814,361 and KlittyHo called off the rest of his 456,551 chips.

KlittyHo improved to a set on the flop and a bad beat looked on the cards; little did the players know that there would be more drama in the hand. The turn was the and it was followed into view by the river, gifting TyHardin an unlikely straight and sending KlittyHo to the showers.

Next to lose their stack was lek1997 in a massive pot that saw trust_me__ open up a massive lead over the rest of the field.

Fiatpanda0 raised to 42,222 from the cutoff, lek1997 called on the button and trust_me__ squeezed to 130,000 in the small blind. Only lek1997 called and it was heads-up to the flop. trust_me__led for 145,000 and was called. The turn was the and trust_me__bet again, setting the price to continue at 290,000 only to see lek199 raise to 580,000. This bet was met by an all-in bet of 1,437,242 and lek1997 decided to call.

Lek1997 held and was way behind the of trust_me__. Only a jack or queen could save lek1997 so when the appeared on the river it was game over for lek1997.

trust_me__ lost around 700,000 of his stack to his three opponents before winning another massive pot to put a cushion between them and himself. From the button, trust_me__ min-raised to 60,000 and TyHardin called from the big blind. TyHarind checked the flop and faced a 60,000 continuation bet, which he called.

The turn was the , pairing the board. TyHardin check-called again, this time a bet of 140,000, leading the to complete the board. TyHardin initially checked and when trust_me__ set him all-in for his 870,127 chips, TyHardin called with the only to discover that trust_me__ wasn’t bluffing, in fact the opposite was true because he held for a full house. TyHardin busted and only three players remained in the hunt for the $31,800 first place prize.

Seventy-two more hands played out before heads-up was set. MuyGlaseado69 limped in from the small blind, fiatpanda0 raised to 150,000 and the called when MuyGlaseado69 raised all-in for 1,338,600 in total.

MuyGlaseado69 had made his move with the and was drawing thinly against the of fiatpanda0. A few seconds later, and a board reading condemned MuyGlaseado69 to third place and sent the tournament into the final stages.

The final hand took place four hands after MuyGlaseado69’s had busted and played out in a similar way to that exit.

trust_me__ completed the small blind, fiatpanda0 raised to 200,000 and again called when trust_me__ jammed all-in for more than 1.7 million chips. trust_me__ revealed the and fiatpanda0 the . The first three community cards fell , a relatively safe from for pocket fives. The turn improved trust_me__’s position because he could no catch an eight, jack, ace or diamond to double through fiatpanda0. However, it was not meant to be because the river was the , trust_me__ crashed out and fiatanda0 became the latest $200K Guaranteed champion.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 fiatpanda0 $31,800
2 trust_me__ $22,780
3 MuyGlaseado69 $16,330
4 TyHardin $12,520
5 lek1997 $10,200
6 KlittyHo $8,200
7 kyngen12 $6,200
8 IEatBears $4,300
9 NutsKillUrself $3,280

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