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Did you find the time to let your hair down and have some fun this weekend, or did you opt for a quiet, relaxing time away from work with your feet up?

Do you know what sort of weekend Alekslem and Kohout88 had? They had an awesome week. They became champions; partypoker champions. Champions who walked away with more than $27,000 each after chopping the $200K Guaranteed tournament when it reached the heads-up stage.

The $200K Guaranteed Sunday continues to be one of the best-value tournaments found anywhere on the internet. This week’s edition saw 940 players pay the $186+$14 buy-in, leaving partypoker to add a cool $25,160 to the prize pool, not that the 135 players who reached the money places were bothered about this fact.

By the time the clocks read 04:20a.m. GMT, those 135 in-the-money players were whittled to the final table of nine, where we pick up on the action.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Final Table (January 11, 2015)

Seat Player Seat
1 V_ELIMINATOR 292,814
2 Doc.Holliday 353,266
3 amaze1 220,147
4 Kagbdarod 1,148,227
5 Kohout88 833,951
6 Id3f1x89 415,701
7 NoSc00pForU 195,374
8 cubraka 431,953
9 Alekslem 808,567

It only took six hands of play before the final table lost the first of its players, amaze1 being the unfortunate soul to bust first. The action passed around to Doc.Holliday in the small blind and he raised twice the size of the big blind to 30,000 with and amaze1 called with .

The flop saw Doc.Holliday lead for 22,350 chips with his second pair and amaze1 call. Doc.Holliday checked to amaze1 on the turn and then called a 36,845 bet for his sole opponent, leading to the landing on the river, completing Doc.Holliay’s flush. Doc.Holliday expertly checked to amaze1, who decided to continue his bluff by shoving all-in for 178,852. Doc.Holliday, having made a queen-high flush, called and sent amaze1 to the sidelines in ninth place.

Next to fall was Id3f1x89, who will count himself unfortunate to have busted this early into proceedings. Alekslem started the preflop betting round with a raise to 30,000 from under the gun, a raise that folded out everyone up to Id3f1x89 on the button. Id3f1x89 three-bet all-in for 305,951 with what turned out to be and when both blinds ducked out of the way Alekslem called with .

Id3f1x89’s kings looked set to double him up because they remained the best hand on the flop and on the turn, but they were made as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle when the river improved Alekslem to an ace-high club flush. With that, Id3f1x89 was done and dusted.

Each of the seven remaining players were guaranteed at least $6,280 for their efforts and they didn’t have long – only nine hands – until that sum increased to $8,280.

Doc.Holliday min-raised to 40,000 from early position and then quickly called hen NoSc00pForU re-raised all-in from the button for 280,724 in total. It was for Doc.Holliday versus the of NoSc00pForU and although the latter paired his jack on the flop of the , it was not enough to stop the queens in their tracks. The $200K Guaranteed, just like that, was down to its final six players.

Those six became five with the untimely demise of cubraka a mere seven hands after NoSc00pForU busted. A raise to 45,000 from Kagbdarod in the cutoff was met with an all-in three-bet of 443,053 from cubraka in the small blind. Lekslem folded in the big blind, but the initial raiser quickly called to put the all-in player at risk.

Kagbdarod turned over and all cubraka could muster was the that was now drawing to two outs, outs that failed to materialise on the ] community cards.

Cubraka’s exit meant the surviving five players had now locked up a five-figure scores ($10,280) and the tournament was rushing rapidly towards its conclusion.

Twenty-one hands later, the first crucial coinflip of the final table claimed the tournament life of V_ELIMINATOR. From under the gun, V_ELIMINATOR pushed his entire 209,363 (approximately 10 big blinds) stack into the middle of the virtual felt with in his hand and Alekslem, in the big blind with a monster stack, called with .

A flop reading kept the sixes in front, with the adding a plethora of outs for V_ELIMINATOR, who could now catch a ten, king, ace or spade to stay alive in the tournament. None of those cards appeared in the river. Instead, the peeled off, meaning the sixes held and V_ELIMINATOR was gone. It turned out to be a very profitable Sunday for V_ELIMINATOR because, in addition to the $10,280 that he won in the $200K Guaranteed, he also chopped the $100,000 High Roller heads-up for $16,497.26!

A raise to 60,000 from Kagbdorad under the gun was called by Alekslem in the small blind and squeezed all-in for 578,798 by Doc.Holliday in the big blind. Kagbdoard folded, but Alekslem called, turning over as he did so. Doc.Holliday flippped the onto their backs and was drawing dead by the turn. The improved Doc.Holliday to a set of eights, but it was too little too late, serving only to rub salt into his wounds.

Three-handed play lasted 63 hands and ended in standard fashion when Kagbdorad raised all-in to 252,393 from the button with and Kohout88 called from the small blind with . Neither player improved their hand on the board, meaning the tens were the best hand. Kagbdorad busted and heads-up was set.

After only five hands of one-on-one action, and with chip stacks almost identical, the players used the deal making facility in the poker software and struck a deal for the $55,100.01 left in the prize pool. As Alekslem had a few more chips than his opponent, he scooped $465.33 more and was deemed to be this week’s $200K Guaranteed champion.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Final Table Results (January 11, 2015)

Place Player Prize
1 Alekslem $27,782.67*
2 Kohout88 $27,317.34*
3 Kagbdarod $16,360
4 Doc.Holliday $12,650
5 V_ELIMINATOR $10,280
6 cubraka $8,280
7 NoSc00pForU $6,280
8 ld3f1x89 $4,360
9 amaze1 $3,320

*reflects a heads-up deal

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