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Poker is played to a more aggressive style today than only a couple of years ago and that means there are more opponents willing to three-bet and even four-bet you preflop. Many of poker’s top talent advocate either folding to the three or four-bet or putting in a raise of your own. However, as resident strategist Josef Rantamaki explains in his latest video, it is sometimes OK to call a three or four-bet.

In the video, Josef aims to give you a basic understanding of which types of hands to play when calling three or four-bets in order to make it difficult for your opponents to exploit you. Josef does this by first explaining why you should sometimes call, what range of hands you should be considering calling with and why, so if you have 14 minutes and 45 seconds to spare, why not spend it arming yourself with some fantastic poker knowledge that will help you at the partypoker tables.

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