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On Sunday night, a large section of the world were making their packed lunches and ironing shirts in anticipation for the first day back at work since the festive holidays, but 953 people put those duties to one side for a few hours so they could compete in the first $200K Guaranteed Sunday of 2015.

For 135 of those 953 poker players the decision to play in our flagship tournament turned out to be a profitable one as they navigated their way into the money place, locking up at least $340 for their efforts. However, for the final nine players in the event, the least anyone took home was a bankroll-boosting $3,320 and one lucky and skilful player saw 2015 in with a $32,200 addition to their partypoker account. Let’s find out who and how.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Final Table (January 4, 2015)

Seat Player Chips
1 corbl1meyguv 574,672
2 CharlizeTheron 434,472
3 SaintJust_ 469,839
4 Michelle-84 1,220,363
5 RedPant 255,500
6 Vababa 154,704
7 trucking_67 386,928
8 Ryan_Gosling 519,442
9 MackMommy9 749,080

On the 20th hand of the final table, the action passed to Michelle-84 in late position and they raised to 40,001 at the 7,500/15,000/1,500a level. Next to act, in the cutoff, was RedPant and they three-bet all-in for 116,000 in total. This all-in bet folded out the button and both blinds, but Michelle-84 opted to call to put RedPant at risk of elimination.

It was in the hands of Michelle-84 versus the superior of RedPant, the atter improving to a pair of queens on the flop and then to two pair when the made an appearance on the turn. This particular run out left Michelle-84 with only a 9% chance of winning the hand, and that 9% came in when the landed on the turn to improve Michelle-84 to a hand-winning straight.

The action continued to be fast and furious and it was a minor miracle that it took a further 22 hands before another player fell by the wayside and headed for the exits. SaintJust_ min-raised to 40,000 from under the gun and the action passed all the way around to CharlizeTheron in the big blind and they called.

A flop reading saw CharlizeTheron check-call a 53,000 continuation bet from SaintJust_, leading to the being dealt on the turn. CharlizeTheron check-called another bet, this time a chunkier all-in bet of 177,506, and was in great shape thanks to their having turned two pair to best the of SaintJust_. The river was the and SaintJust_ was gone.

The frantic pace continued and 10 hands after SaintJust_ was sent to the showers the superbly named corbl1meyguv fell at the hands of a top online poker grinder.

From early position, Timothy “Ryan_Gosling” Reilly, an American star who now resides in the Netherlands, made it 55,555 to go and then quickly called when corbl1meyguv three-bet all-in from a couple of seats across for 181,304 chips in total. As if often the case in tournament poker it was a coinflip scenario that would settle this battle, the of corbl1meyguv being narrowly ahead of the of his opponent. That fact only remained true as far as the flop and when the was followed by the river, corbl1meyguv had improved to a straight, but Ryan_Gosling had made a higher straight and only six players remained in the hunt for the $32,200 first place prize.

Down to Five; Everyone Guaranteed $10,280

Those six became five, and each locked up a five-figure score, when Vababa busted in sixth place some 54 hands after the last bustout.

Again, it was a coinflip that ended the player’s hopes, an all-in bet of 222,890 from Vababa (approx. seven big blinds) with and a call from Michelle-84 in the big bind with . The sixes stayed best until the river of the board, the king on the end busting Varbaba and boosting Michelle-84’s stack too chip leader levels.

Only four hands later, Ryan_Gosling raised all-in from the button for 439,614 chips with what turned out to be and MackMommy9 looked him up from the small blind with , took the lead on the flop and stayed there through the turn and the river. Game over for the dangerous Ryan_Gosling.

Four-handed played spread across 24 hands and it was another button versus small blind situation that resulted in an exit. Michelle-84 raised three-times the big bind to 120,000 only to see trucking_67 re-raise all-in for 432,174 in total from the next seat across and MackMommy9 re-shove for 678,306 in total. The big blind folded, as did Michelle-84 and everyone watched on as the of trucking_67 locked horns with the powerhouse hand that is . The flop gave trucking_67 a gutshout straight draw to go with his ace, yet the kings remained true on the turn and the river, leaving three players in contention for the win, each of them guaranteed at least $16,300 for their efforts.

After 35 hands of three-handed play, MackMommy9 raised all-in from the small blind with to put CharlizeTheron to the test for their 11 big blind stack. CharlizeTheron called with and needed some help from the community cards, help that never arrived as the five of them fell to send CharlizeTheron to the rail in third place and send the tie into the heads-up stages.

Going into heads-up it was Michelle-84 who led MackMommy9 by some 2,904,359 to 1,860,641 chips. MackMommy9 drew first blood, then Michelle-84 reopened the original gap. The lead changed hands on the 11th hand of one-on-one play and it stayed with MackMommy9 through to the end.

The final hand saw Michelle-84 raise to 180,000 at the 30,000/60,000/6,000a level and MacMommy9 respond with an all-in three-bet of 3,186,081. After a brief pause, Michelle-84 called off her last 1,566,919 chips and showed , which was facing the . A three on the flop gifted MackMommy9 the lead, with the turn being a relative blank. The fifth and final community card was the , busting Michelle-84 in second place and leaving MackMommy9 to be crowned the first $200K Guaranteed champion of 2015.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Final Table Results (January 4, 2015)

Place Player Prize
1 MackMommy9 $32,200
2 Michelle-84 $22,900
3 CharlizeTheron $16,300
4 trucking_67 $12,650
5 Ryan_Gosling $10,280
6 Vababa $8,280
7 c0rbl1meyguv $6,280
8 SaintJust_ $4,360
9 RedPant $3,320

Win Your Way to the $200K For As Little as $10

The $200K Guaranteed Sunday is an amazing tournament, but the $200 buy-in is outside the constraints of some poker players’ bankrolls, but it doesn’t need to be out of reach any longer.

In addition to the hundreds of qualifier tournaments that feed into the $200K Guaranteed every week, we have two special satellites called the $200K Frenzy. The first of these frenzies runs at 13:35 ET (18:35 GMT) on a Saturday and is a $10 rebuy tournament that guarantees at least 20 seats to the $200K will be awarded.

The second of them runs every Sunday at 09:30 ET (14:30 GMT) and is a $20 buy-in freezeout with a whopping 40-seats to the $200K Guaranteed paid out.

Good luck winning your $200K Guaranteed seat on the cheap!

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