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The $2.5 million guaranteed Monster Series was a roaring success with more than $3 million awarded across its 108 events. It was players hailing from Brazil who enjoyed the most success with players from the land of Samba walking away with 26 Monster Series titles.

Monster Series Titles Per Country

Brazil topped the charts in terms of titles won per country with 26 Brazilian champions crowned; the Latin Americans were the only country to win more than 20 titles. Next in line was Russia with 12 champions crowned, followed by the only other country to get into double figures, the United Kingdom with 12 titles in total.

Making up the top 10 countries were Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Austria, Slovenia and Netherlands.

Only two players manage to bank more than one title. Brazil’s “Ineedcagari” was victorious twice for combined prizes worth $29,559.47 with German grinder “jackhammer50” also winning two events for a combined $5,714.64.

Place Country Titles
1 Brazil 26
2 Russia 14
3 United Kingdom 12
4 Germany 9
T5 Belarus 6
T5 Ukraine 6
7 Bulgaria 5
T8 Austria 4
T8 Slovenia 4
10 Netherlands 3

Monster Series Cashes Per Country

It will not be surprising to discover it was Brazilian players who cashed the most times during the recent Monster Series, reaching the money places a total of 3,590 times. The top 10 reads almost the same as the titles won chart, with Russia and United Kingdom coming second and third.

There were some differences, however, as Canada snuck into sixth-place with 1,287 cashes, Poland reaching seventh with 767 in the money finishers and the Mediterranean island of Malta occupying 10th place with its placers cashing on 585 occasions.

Place Country Cashes
1 Brazil 3,590
2 Russia 3,238
3 United Kingdom 2,520
4 Germany 1,805
5 Ukraine 1,512
6 Canada 1,287
7 Poland 767
8 Belarus 735
9 Netherlands 603
10 Malta 585

Monster Series Prize Money Per Country

Prize money won tends to go hand in hand with total cashes and victories so Brazil came out on top with $526,630.65 won in total, over $180,000 more than Russian players walked away with ($346,152.78).

The only exception to this rule was Lithuania whose players cashed for $81,973.03 from only 475 cashes, which was enough to place them eighth on the leaderboard despite not being in the top 10 for total cashes per country.

Place Country Prize Money
1 Brazil $526,630.65
2 Russia $346,152.78
3 United Kingdom $277,090.95
4 Germany $220,199.42
5 Canada $134,806.36
6 Ukraine $132,620.37
7 Malta $91,337.28
8 Lithuania $81,973.03
9 Austria $76,330.99
10 Netherlands $74,439.65

Monster Series Cashes Per Player

Dozens of partypoker players cashes during Monster Series. Some $23,200 players managed to win at least one bounty, with 10,803 players navigating their way to the money places. An impressive 12,725 players cashed at least twice, but nobody reached the payouts more than Czech Republic’s “Krou1ke” who found themselves in the money 22 different times.

We have to give a special mention to the player tied in third-place, Poland’s “Nietzche_Ninja” who not only cashed in 19 events, but also finished second in Monster Series #32-M: $50K Gtd Championship Event for $5,402.15 after playing their way through a Phase 1; what an ROI!

Place Player Country Cashes
1 Krou1ke Czech Republic 22
2 JapaBanido Brazil 21
T3 Nietzsche_Ninja Poland 19
T3 riZeRollo Ukraine 19
T3 uGrod Russia 19
T6 StillGucci United Kingdom 18
T6 Synergyluck Russia 18
T8 luckker Russia 17
T8 Pr04on Belarus 17
T10 anisbr Brazil 16
T10 LuckyFishKZ Kazakhstan 16
T10 KBONGRJ Brazil 16

Monster Series Prize Money Per Player

The biggest winner in terms of total cash won was Bulgaria’s “wasTheWalrus” who netted an impressive $33,649.28 from three cashes. Brazil’s “Ineedcagari”, winner of two events, came in second place with total prize money won weighing in at $30,337.07.

Perhaps the best story of the Monster Series was that of Russia’s “ssn68” whose only cash of the Monster Series was worth a cool $23,288.19. The Russian won a $1.10 Hyper-Turbo satellite into the $5.50 buy-in Monster Series #32-H: $200K Gtd Championship Event Phase 1 before progressing to the $55 buy-in Final Phase and finishing in second-place in that. What a fantastic result!

Place Player Country Total prize money
1 wasTheWalrus Bulgaria $33,649.28
2 Ineedcagari Brazil $30,337.07
3 ssn68 Russia $23,288.19
4 anton733555 Russia $23,153.94
5 OhhYeahYeah Germany $21,592.86
6 Susanin_EV Moldova $17,652.97
7 raauber Brazil $17,464.05
8 Biro888 Brazil $15,102.25
9 moonrock99 Brazil $15,058.93
10 Regis_R69 Brazil $12,309.48

Monster Series Daily Reports

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