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Poker ace

Over $100,000 in live earnings.

More than 20 years in the game.

A force to be reckoned with.

Tennis legend

49 career titles.

Youngest ever Wimbledon champion.

Former world number one.


Beat Boris for $25,000 cash!

Calling all tennis fans – the one and only Boris Becker has joined partypoker as an official ambassador! The youngest ever Wimbledon champion is wasting no time getting stuck into the action and has already laid down a $25,000 heads-up challenge to the player who conquers our Beat the Ace Missions!

To get started just opt in to the first of our four tennis-themed Missions and complete the three objectives in any order. For every Mission you complete you’ll be entered into a $5,000 freeroll. Complete all four between 5th Dec – 6th Jan to compete for your share of $20,000 and give yourself the best chance of facing Boris for $25,000.

Play Boris Becker for $25,000

We’ll be running a special freeroll leaderboard with the winner taking on Boris Becker in a live heads-up contest for $25,000 cash, including luxury accommodation and $1,000 towards travel. Just complete Beat the Ace Missions to enter our $5,000 freerolls and the player who performs best overall will get to take on Boris! Complete all four Missions to give yourself the best chance of climbing the rankings and seeing the famous Borris Shuffle in person!

  • Opt in from the ‘Promotions’ section
  • Complete Missions from 5th Dec – 6th Jan to enter up to four $5,000 freerolls
  • Top the freeroll leaderboard to face Boris for $25,000 cash!

The heads-up challenge will consist of three games against Boris Becker in what could prove to be his biggest rivalry since Stefan Edberg. Win one match to pocket $5,000, two matches for $10,000, or make it three straight sets to walk away with a massive $25,000 cash. With five elite indoor titles to his name, Boris is known as an expert on indoor carpet - but can you beat him on the felt?

For more information on the freeroll tournaments click here.  

Here are the objectives for all 4 Missions:

Beat the Ace Mission 1: Point

1. Make a deposit – Poker, anyone?

2. Eliminate another player in a Sit & Go – Ditch the strawberries and cream and get winning

3. Play 50 Sit & Go hands – Championships are won with practice

Beat the Ace Mission 2: Game

1. Play 5 Sit & Go HERO hands – Forget the best of five, make it five of the best

2. Eliminate another player – Love means nothing

3. Win a Sit & Go HERO tournament – Play like a champion today

Beat the Ace Mission 3: Set

1. Play 100 fastforward hands – Champions keep playing until they get it right

2. Win one fastfoward hand – Advantage, you

3. Double up in a single fastforward hand – No partner required to win this doubles match!

Beat the Ace Mission 4: Match (Mobile only)

1. Play 10 Sit & Go HERO hands on mobile – Take a shortcut up the rankings with Sit & Go HERO

2. Play 10 fastforward hands on mobile – Stay on your toes for this quick-fire exchange

3. Play 10 cash game hands on mobile – Just like a tiebreaker, every moment matters

To start the Beat the Ace Missions, just go to the ‘Missions’ section and click ‘Start Mission’. Remember, if you have an active Mission you’ll need to pause it before you can start the Beat the Ace Missions.

For each Mission you complete you’ll win a ticket to a $5,000 freeroll. There are four freerolls in total meaning you could win a share of $20,000, plus the chance to face tennis legend Boris Becker live for $25,000 cash!

Check out the table below to see when the freeroll tournaments for each Mission will be held:

Mission Freeroll Date Freeroll time (CET) Prize pool
Mission 1: Point Sat 7th Jan 2017 17:00 $5,000
Mission 2: Game Sun 8th Jan 2017 17:00 $5,000
Mission 3: Set Sat 14th Jan 2017 17:00 $5,000
Mission 4: Match (Mobile only) Sun 15th Jan 2017 17:00 $5,000

The player who performs best across all four freerolls will be flown out to face Boris Becker in a series of heads-up games for $25,000 cash!

Our leaderboard will compare results from all four $5,000 freerolls, so players who complete all four Beat the Ace Missions will have the best chance of winning. Whoever comes first in the leaderboard will face Boris Becker for $25,000 cash along with luxury accommodation and $1,000 towards travel expenses.

The longer you last in each tourney, the more leaderboard points you’ll rack up. Leaderboard points are calculated using the following formula:

10 [√n/√rank] [1+log(buy-in+0.25)]

Check out where you rank on the current leaderboard by clicking here.

Player Rank Screen Name Leaderboard Points 
1 bean1281 150.832365
2 unknown_13 137.6863751
3 face_to_ace 109.0679734
4 p0lup0ker 107.7574115
5 WH1T3D4WG69 104.7674758
6 pepita7908 98.8137556
7 svdiy 93.19532446
8 Ocimun 81.7325828
9 Wombat___ 71.34806789
10 Anto3173 67.51500033
11 Ortega.And 64.68083255
12 rpt_wil 64.62946706
13 Huge3goSorry 64.5368936
14 Vaingueur 63.1839145
15 andrijty 59.61136017
16 sakalikCZ 59.46407886
17 Manypula77 58.51779859
18 Hunter Tahu 55.56864451
19 crew4323 53.36273544
20 Max9377 51.86595035
21 Taltos66 51.44356811
22 Khmelovskuy 50.14833893
23 LanaLina 49.27875793
24 falconnsh 49.11826484
25 D-man 48.74071911
26 protribet1 48.71668054
27 Redwings62 48.38235468
28 parkins0n 44.87089618
29 baggio0088 43.67252549
30 bpato4ek 42.95950322
31 Ovod17 41.3805253
32 lemonhazer 40.13834305
33 kantemir76 39.59106185
34 zuckerschnecke 38.64860196
35 Fruckt 38.64443149
36 juuserneim 38.63824661
37 TerrybhoyNo1 37.9988606
38 LordBWC 37.74841736
39 tee_0202 37.49221084
40 Impulsas692 37.36547399
41 Jennifer2113 37.19916851
42 vatolocco1201 36.6747652
43 andrei999888 36.44215598
44 taros998 36.32921315
45 umaria5 35.81311375
46 Loobyx2011 35.73493435
47 venator8 35.54931694
48 shurup2222 35.09728157
49 mishanyn 34.9772183
50 YevgenPP 34.36108254
  • The Beat the Ace Missions promotion starts at 00:00 CET on 5th December and ends at 23:59 CET on 6th Jan
  • If you can’t make the Live date then the H2H will be offered to next player on the leaderboard. No cash equivalent if you don’t make it
  • In case of a tie we will award the H2H package to the player who has the best finishing position
  • By taking part in this Promotion, you agree to these Specific Promotional Terms and Conditions and our Standard Promotional Terms and Condition