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The Montesino Casino in Vienna played host to the Big Game VI action which ran from April 11-13, with 48 hours of nearly non-stop cash game action with some of the world’s top players broadcast via a web stream with hole cards shown so that lucky viewers at home could follow all the action.


Players would come and go over the two days — including the likes of Dan “Jungleman” Cates, Sam Trickett, JP Kelly, Alec Torelli, Tony G, Mike Sexton, Jonathan Duhamel, Sorel Mizzi and many more — but one constant remained the entire time, with marathon man Phil Laak the only one to play nearly the entire 48 hours.

Not only did Laak show that he had poker stamina but poker skill as well, booking an amazing €160,000 in profit for his play over the two days!

Player profit/loss:

  • Elky 8925
  • Sam Trickett 19925
  • Iliodoros Kamatakis -7500
  • Phil Laak 160100
  • Jungleman -83250
  • Ignat Liviu 33075
  • Alec Torelli -28400
  • Eugene Katchalov -8175
  • Tony G -8000
  • Mark Gork -15000
  • Damik G -20000
  • Roberto Romanello 25100
  • Yusuf Kurt -10000
  • JP Kelly 43050
  • Vladimir Geshkenbein -15000
  • Todirita Catalina -30000
  • Sorel Mizzi -30000
  • Mike Sexton -40425
  • Basil Yaiche -30000
  • Samuel Chartier -29950
  • Saar Wilf -10000
  • Jonathan Duhamel -30000
  • Andy Moseley 96050
  • Bodo Sbrzsney -5000
  • Scott Seiver 16200
  • Dominykas Karmazinas 12775
  • Sasa Dobrijebic -5000
  • Scott Baumstein 6450
  • Daniel Neilson -20000
  • John Kabbaj 4300
  • Josef Cibicek 6450
  • Chris Sly -6000

Laak would provide many of the highlights over the two day run of Big Game VI, including a live misclick that cost him a €60,000 pot when he mucked the best hand, sending his sailing into the muck on a board of when Andy Moseley showed his !

The action from the first 24 hours would see Laak almost immediately start building a stack, with Dan Cates heading the other direction and digging a big hole for himself.

Tony G would enter the fray a few hours in and immediately start trying to juice up the action, doing his best to get players to straddle and generate action and big pots.

Wed also get the first taste of the unique voting system for Big Game VI, which would see both viewers and players periodically getting the chance to vote to boot one of the players off the table and open up their seat to a new player.

Ignat Liviu would begin to make some waves, with the online phenom (who’s won nearly $2.5 million in high stakes cash games over the last few years under the screenname “0human0”) showing he was just as comfortable at the live tables with his aggressive play and ability to pick good spots and make big laydowns.

Like any marathon cash game, the action and energy would definitely ebb and flow, with the early morning hours the slowest as the game became shorthanded, waiting for a new crop of players to arrive at the casino for another stab at it.

Play dwindled down to heads-up at one point with just Laak and Scott Baumstein soldiering in, before a quick break was called to give Laak time for a shower and for organizers to rustle up a few warm bodies and they were off again, heading for the homestretch.

Andy Moseley would have to leave to catch a flight but he finished up one of the bigger winners, booking a profit of close to €100,000, with a big chunk of it coming in the following hand as captured here on the PartyPoker Blog:

8:00 – Moseley Wins the Big One

Trickett and Moseley have been tangling here recently and while Trickett won more of the smaller skirmishes it’s Moseley who won the big battle.


Moseley went for a check-raise on a flop of , with Trickett making the call.

The on the turn saw Moseley check, Trickett bet €4,200, and Moseley call.

The on the river was guaranteed to generate action and the players didn’t disappoint, with Moseley very casually checking his nut flush, and Trickett making it €12,100 with the second nut flush.

Moseley bumped it up to €23,300 and Trickett immediately jumped out of his seat, saying that he knew he should have checked it back with the queen high flush.

He once again worked through the hand out loud, correctly latching onto the fact that the only hand that Moseley would check-raise on both the flop and river with was a king high flush draw type of hand.



Despite his read being dead on Trickett couldn’t find a fold, calling off the €23,300 to see Moseley take down a €63,000 pot — by far the biggest since action became three handed.

As far as the big losers overall, Jungleman would finish up the biggest loser, donating €86,000 and change to the game; not only can Jungleman afford the loss but he also had a nice score here with his runner-up finish ($300,000) to Scott Seiver in the Premier League final, so don’t feel too bad for Cates.

While Laak would fall just short of breaking Tony G’s record for the biggest profit in the Big Game series, it’d be a very exciting, action-packed two days of poker, with players, production crew, and viewers at home getting the chance to take part in one of the biggest and most exciting cash games ever to be held.

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