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Below are the full final table payouts for the Premier League V:

1st Scott Seiver $500,000
2nd Dan Cates $300,000
3rd Phil Laak $175,000
4th Patrik Antonius $125,000
5th Tony G $100,000
6th Tom Dwan $80,000
7th Mathew Frankland $65,000
8th Sam Trickett $55,000

18:35 – Scott Seiver is Your Premier League V Champion!

After a speedy heads-up we’ve got a new Premier League champion, with Scott Seiver making short work of Dan Cates in heads-up play.

Like a lot of heads-up matches, it all came down to a crucial flip, with the two getting it all-in in a classic race spot with Cates holding pocket sevens and Seiver on . Seiver had about 400,000 behind so he’d still have a glimmer of life if he lost but they were basically flipping for the tournament title and $500,000 for first.

The flop of was good for Cates as was the on the turn, with Jungleman just needed to fade one last card to take a huge heads-up lead.

The on the river was just what Seiver was praying for, though, shipping him the Premier League title and $500,000 in cash, with Cates having to settle for $300,000 for his runner-up finish and by far largest live event cash.

While the Premier League action may be done for now tune back in tomorrow for live coverage of the Big Game VI action, with all the action right here on the PartyPoker Blog!


18:19 – Seiver Starts Strong – Blinds 20,000-40,000

Seiver continues to dominate in the early action, with his body language very positive and Cates seeming a bit out of his element so far.

Seiver now holds a 2-1 chip lead, gaining momentum with each hand as Cates appears adrift and not yet in his groove — something that can be disastrous with relatively short stacks and not a lot of time to find one’s footing versus a heads-up opponent.


18:14 – Seiver Draws First Blood – Blinds 20,000-40,000

Cates may have the edge as far as total heads-up hands played (due to his massive online play) but it’s Seiver with the most experience on this stage, and Seiver’s been active early to chip up slightly.

Seiver took down a few small pots with opens and folds from Cates and just came over the top of Cates’ last 3-bet with a massive overshove with pocket kings, with Cates quickly mucking.

Seiver: 1,550,000

Cates: 1,050,000


18:08 – Heads-Up in Vienna – Blinds 20,000-40,000

Laak couldn’t make a miracle comeback, hitting the rails in 3rd ($175,000) with his last few chips finding their way to Seiver’s stack when Laak’s was no match versus Seiver’s .

Our last two players are virtually in a dead heat to start heads-up play, with the following chip stacks:

Dan Cates: 1,295,000

Scott Seiver: 1,245,000


18:02- Laak Finds a Fold– Blinds 20,000-40,000

Phil Laak managed to put himself in a very awkward spot, just folding to leave himself about three big blinds with another big pot headed Cates’ direction as a result.

Cates raised to 270,000 with [kx][8x] and Laak had a decision to make with and about 420,000 chips total left in his stack.

Laak elected to call instead of shoving and Cates proceeded to put him all-in on a flop, with Laak staring at a pot of over 600,000 chips and just a few big blinds left in his stack if he folded.

Laak finally folded, with the dealer rabbit-hunting to show that Laak would have lost if he’d made the call for his last few chips.


18:02- Laak Gets One Through – Blinds 20,000-40,000

Now on a very short stack, Laak shoved with [Jx] [3x] and picked up the blinds when both opponents folded.


17:58 – Seiver Soul Reads Laak – Blinds 20,000-40,000

Scott Seiver has just carved more chips from Laak’s dwindling stack, making a very good read to stick around as Laak bluffed several times with air.

Laak held just [Jx] [9x] on a [8x] [Qx] [5x] [6x] board but fired big bets on the flop and the turn that Seiver called both times, holding just [8x] [2x] himself but not buying the line Laak was selling.

Another [2x] on the river finally slowed Laak down, with Seiver shoving all-in and Laak Hollywooding a bit before folding his Jack high.


17:50 – Laak Crippled – Blinds 20,000-40,000

Laak was in great shape to knock-out Cates and take a big lead into heads-up play but the poker gods had other things in mind.

Cates shoved with and Laak snap-called with , with a flop of all clear for Laak. The on the turn gave Cates a big lead, though, with the on the river sending the pot Cates’ way and keeping the action three-handed.

Scott Seiver: 1.085,000

Dan Cates: 900,000

Phil Laak: 615,000



17:45 – Protect Thy Cards – Blinds 20,000-40,000

Laak and Seiver are now lecturing Cates on the proper technique for checking his hole cards without potentially flashing his cards – a pretty odd discussion to see when it’s three-handed with $500,000 going to the top finisher.

Laak is genuinely giving Cates good advice on protecting his cards but both Seiver and Laak also could very well be more than happy to try to rattle Cates here and get him off his game in an environment he’s never experienced at a final table under the TV lights.


17:38 – Seiver Drags a Big One – Blinds 20,000-40,000

Cates and Seiver have just tangled in a big unraised pot, with Cates paying off Seiver and taking a big hit to now sit third in chips.

Cates limped with and Seiver checked his from the big blind, with the two seeing a flop of . Seiver check-called a small bet from Cates to see the turn.

The on the turn flipped the script, though, giving Seiver a big lead. Seiver bet out on the turn and Cates made the call again, with 420,000 in the middle when the came.

Seiver led out one more time for 240,000, with Cates dwelling a bit before calling to ship a huge pot Seiver’s way, with the following stacks after the hand:

Scott Seiver: 1,175,000

Phil Laak: 845,000

Dan Cates: 520,000



17:29 – And Then There Were Three – Blinds 20,000-40,000

Patrik Antonius found one double to stay alive but he’s just bowed out in 4th ($125,000), with his running into a monster in the form of Laak’s .

The board blanked out to send Antonius on his way, with his strong start to the day fizzling in the late day as two of the tighter players — Laak and Seiver — have found their run-good at the right time here in the late stages.


17:12 – Tony G Finishes 5th ($100,000) – Blinds 20,000-40,000

Tony G had passed up several chances to open shove all-in with ace rag hands on the button but he wasted no time getting his last 192,000 chips in the middle with and was in great shape when Cates’ woke up with the dominated and made the quick call.

A flop of left Tony G shaking his head and muttering in disbelief, with the on the turn and the on the river sending Tony G to the rail in 5th ($100,000).

Here are the stacks after Tony G’s elimination:

Dan Cates: 995,000

Scott Seiver: 820,000

Phil Laak: 495,000

Patrik Antonius: 290,000



17:12 – Patrik Antonius Staying Alive – Blinds 20,000-40,000

Blinds have clicked up again and Antonius has managed to stay alive, doubling up to just under 300,000 chips after his held versus Laak’s .


17:09 – Seiver Doubles Through Antonius – Blinds 15,000-30,000

It didn’t take long for a big pot to develop, with blinds about to climb again and players having little time to sit around and wait for premium hands.

Scott Seiver and Patrik Antonius both found hands they liked well enough to get it all-in preflop, with Seiver holding pocket nines and Antonius on .

Seiver’s nines would hold to give him a much needed double to jump into second place, with Antonius slipping to about 150,000 chips.


17:06 – Tony G in Fine Form – Blinds 15,000-30,000

Tony G has been in fine form since losing a big chunk of his stack earlier with pocket kings — aided by getting on the vodka and Red Bull trolley — and has come back from the break seemingly ready to roll and stir up trouble.


17:03- Premier League Predictions – Blinds 15,000-30,000

We’ve another video to check out from the action here in Vienna, this time predictions from Jesse May and Mike Sexton as to who the next Premier League winner will be:

17:00- Blinds 15,000-30,000

Players are back from their dinner break and we’re rolling once again here at the final table of the Premier League V final table!

15:59- Blinds 15,000-30,000

Phil Laak bounded off on the current break with a huge smile on his face and for good reason, as he got away with an enormous bluff on the last hand before the break to pad his chip lead even more, with the chips coming once again at Dan Cates’ expense.

Cates once again limped in with with a biggish hand, this time holding [Ax] [7x] with just Laak in the big blind contesting the pot with [9x] [7x].

A flop of [Ax] [Kx] [Qx] gave Cates a big lead, but Laak woke up and decided to make a stab at it, betting 50,000 but Cates quickly made the call, looking like a man who was going nowhere with his top pair that he’d under-repped by limping with.

Another [Ax] on the turn seemed to slow Laak up, with both players checking and a [6x] falling on the river in a pot seemingly destined to slide Cates’ way after Laak decided not to barrel again on the turn.

Laak mustered up the courage to fire another 146,000 betting discs into the middle on the river, however, with Cates’ amazingly laying down his trips to Laak’s complete air, padding Laak’s lead as they head into the second break of the day!

Phil Laak: 920,000

Dan Cates: 600,000

Patrik Antonius: 500,000

Scott Seiver: 340,000

Tony G: 235,000


15:48- Blinds 15,000-30,000

It’s been a swingy few minutes for Phil Laak, but the disappointment of running his jacks into Antonius’ queens was quickly healed by doubling through Dan Cates, with Laak now vaulting into the chip lead.

Cates and Laak got it all-in preflop but this time it was Laak in the dominating lead with pocket eights versus Cates’ pocket sevens. A board of left us with the amusing situation where Laak won a chip-lead pot of over 800,000 with just 8 high, as his kicker played to just out-pip Cates.

Laak’s lucky donkey has proven to be exactly that so far today.

15:45- Blinds 15,000-30,000

Patrik Antonius has new life here in Vienna, doubling through Phil Laak in a pretty standard hand when Laak opened for 70,000 with pocket jacks, Antonius shoved for his last 232,000 with pocket queens, and Laak called, only to be shown the bad news when Antonius tabled his queens.

Antonius now has just shy of 500,000 chips, with Laak down to 400,000.


15:40- Blinds 15,000-30,000

Cates’ tournament inexperience nearly tripped him up as he didn’t realize the blinds had increased and attempted to min-raise preflop but had it ruled a call when he put in too few chips, letting Laak, Seiver, and Antonius limp in cheaply to take a crack at Cates’ .

They checked it around on a flop of , with Cates’ lead of 70,000 on the turn enough to get Laak to lay down his big draw with .


15:35- Blinds 15,000-30,000

We managed to catch up with Mathew Frankland after his great run here at the Premier League V event finally came to an end, so be sure to check out the video below:

15:30- Blinds 10,000-20,000

Dan Cates’ slightly unconventional style — he’s much better known as a cash game player than a tournament player — seems to be causing trouble for some of his opponents, as Cates has been limping in frequently from early position with typical raising hands and also just calling from the button several times as well.

Regardless of what style you play it helps to hit hands, which has been the biggest thing going for Cates so far today.

15:26- Blinds 10,000-20,000

It’s all going Dan “Jungleman” Cates’ way so far today, as he just took a big pot off Patrik Antonius to crack the 1 million chip mark and extend his lead.

Here are the current chip counts with five players remaining:

Dan Cates 1,077,000

Scott Seiver: 498,000

Phil Laak: 409,000

Patrik Antonius: 322,000

Tony G: 264,000


15:20- Blinds 10,000-20,000

The dynamic of the final table is now an interesting one, with the majority of the chips in the hands of Dan Cates — the least experienced of the final five as far as overall tournament experience.

It’s a close race for the best live tournament pedigree of the five with Tony G on $4.7 million in lifetime tournament earnings, Antonius on $4.6 million, and Seiver close behind at $4.3 million. Phil Laak has a not-too-shabby $2.5 million in lifetime earnings, while Cates trails them by a very wide margin with just $9,000 in live tournament cashes.

15:01- Blinds 10,000-20,000

Scott Seiver’s patient play has finally paid off, with the result being Tom Dwan heading to the exits after finishing 6th ($80,000).

Dwan shoved from UTG with for his last 214,000 chips, with it folding to Seiver who quickly called with . Dwan couldn’t find a king on a , leaving him with just a few blinds left that he lost to Tony G the very next hand.

Cates still holds a sizable chip lead with 800,000 chips versus Antonius’ 600,000 , with Seiver now in 3rd with about 500,000 chips.

14:58- Blinds 7,000-15,000

True to form, Tony G is less than pleased in the aftermath of the big hand he lost with kings, shoving his last 150,000 or so chips in the middle pre-flop the last three consecutive hands.

His body language might be that of someone shoving blind to end his misery but Tony G has actually had a string of premium hands — pocket eights, AKo, and pocket aces — but each time he just took down the blinds without a contest.

His last shove with aces almost got a caller from a priced-in Phil Laak, who finally released his despite Tony G’s best efforts to talk him into a call.

14:49- Blinds 7,000-15,000

Here are the current chip stacks for our last six players:

Dan Cates: 901,000

Patrik Antonius: 685,000

Phil Laak: 436,000

Scott Seiver: 214,000

Tom Dwan: 209,000

Tony G: 140,000



14:35- Blinds 7,000-15,000

Kings haven’t been kind to Tony G here today, with the G just losing a huge pot to Patrik Antonius when his pocket kings were severely outflopped.

Tony G raised to 30,000 with and Antonius made the call with from the big blind, only to be blessed with a dreamy flop. Both players quickly checked to see the on the turn, which produced two more quick checks.

Antonius craftily checked to Tony G one last time after the on the river, and this time Tony G took the bait and threw out 40,000 chips. Antonius check-raised to 170,000, and Tony G surprisingly made the call rather quickly, disgustedly slamming his kings into the muck when Antonius tabled his full house.

14:25- Blinds 7,000-15,000

Tony G has been picking up some big hands but it finding it hard to get paid off. He just slowplayed his kings and called a 30,000 open from Scott Seiver — likely hoping Dwan would raise it up after him — but Dwan just called with , with the three seeing a flop of is .

Both checked to Tony G and he took it down with a 45,000 bet despite it not being a very kings-friendly flop with two opponents.

14:25- Blinds 7,000-15,000

We’re now down another man, with just six players left after Mathew Frankland just exited in 7th place.

Frankland opened to 30,000 with pocket sevens and his neighbor Cates made it 80,000 with , with the action folding back around to Frankland.

Needing to win a flip at some point with his short stack, Frankland quickly moved all-in with it being 231,000 more for Cates to call. Cates asked for a count and hemmed and hawed a bit before making the call and they were off to the races.

A flop of was exactly what Frankland wanted to see, but the on the turn was a dagger to his chances, leaving him praying for a seven on the river that didn’t come.

After starting the final table as the chip leader his seventh place finish worth $65,000 might be disappointing for Frankland but the PartyPoker online qualifier had a great run here in Vienna, playing his way to a $125,000 seat in the Premier League V final before falling today in seventh place.

Cates now has a commanding chip lead of nearly 900,000 chips.


14:18- Blinds 5,000-10,000

Dwan is proving adept at abusing players to his right as well as his left, just getting chip leader Cates to lay down when Dwan 3-bet preflop with just for about 1/4th of his stack.

Dwan hasn’t been blessed much in the way of premium cards but he keeps chipping away and sticking his nose in there, giving himself a chance to continue to hang around.

14:12- Blinds 5,000-10,000

Mathew Frankland just managed to pick a good spot to pick up some much-needed chips, picking his spot well despite not having much in the way of cards.

Laak had been quiet since his double-up through Tony G but got a little frisky by opening to 23,000 with air, only to get 3-bet by Seiver who held and raised to 58,000,

Frankland looked down to see just but likely decided he could bank on his tight image, shoving for his last 200K chips and getting a snap-fold from Laak and a relatively-quick-fold from Seiver as well.

14:07- Blinds 5,000-10,000

So far we haven’t seen any big confrontations after the last break, with players settling down and only fighting a few small skirmishes here and there.

Dan Cates continues his quiet, steady day so far, now taking over the chip lead with over 600,000 chips after getting the better of Antonius when Cates’ pocket eights were good versus Antonius’ in a 120,000 chip pot.

14:02- Blinds 5,000-10,000

Tom Dwan may not be our winner here but he’s getting his money’s worth after squeaking into the final table here by the brest of margins.

He continues to pick on the players to his left — Laak and Seiver — who have been playing more snug than most of the table so far — and is seemingly playing every other hand despite sitting on just 20-25 big blinds.

Patrik Antonius, though, continues to pick good spots to challenge Dwan, making a big 3-bet with air ( ) from the big blind and getting Dwan to lay down .

13:48- Blinds 5,000-10,000

We’re now underway again at the Premier League V final table, with blinds now up to 5,000/10,000. That means our current chip leader Antonius has about 60 big blinds to work with, while the shorter stacks (Seiver, Frankland, and Dwan) have about 20 big blinds.

Phil Laak went for a costume change during the break and is now sporting a Batman t-shirt under his trademark hoodie.

13:44- Blinds 5,000-10,000

We’re still on break here at the Premier League V final table but there’s plenty of other action here in Vienna, with WPT Vienna getting underway and The Big Game VI running from April 11-13.

The WSOP is also looming on the horizon, with PartyPoker players having the chance to take down their very own $14,000 trip packages to try their luck in the world’s biggest poker tournament, the WSOP Main Event!

13:22- Blinds 3,000-6,000

Scott Seiver managed to take down a nice pot in the last hand before the break, with he and Dwan tangling in a slightly odd hand

Dwan opened to 13,000 with pocket nines and Seiver picked what seemed to be a bad time to make a stand from the blinds, 3-betting with after likely putting Dwan on a much weaker holding.

Dwan chose to just call instead of shoving to put Seiver to the test — a bad decision when the flop came . Seiver didn’t delay and led out for 25,000, which Dwan surprisingly quickly called.

The on the turn saw Seiver bet 37,000 into a 129,000 pot, with Dwan quickly mucking and players heading off for their first break of the day.

13:15- Blinds 3,000-6,000

They’re closing in on the first break of the day after three levels of play, with the following chip stacks:

Patrik Antonius: 593,000

Dan Cates: 536,000

Phil Laak: 446,000

Tony G: 346,000

Tom Dwan: 302,000

Mathew Frankland: 205,000

Scott Seiver: 163,000


13:03- Blinds 3,000-6,000

Mathew Frankland was our chip leader to start the day but it’s been a struggle for him so far, as he’s been unable to generate any momentum and has seen his stack slide as a result, putting him sixth of our seven remaining players at the moment.

Dan “Jungleman” Cates has been pretty quiet but has had a steady day so far, chipping up to sit second in chips and about 75,000 behind our chip leader Patrik Antonius who’s right at 600,000 chips.

12:57- Blinds 3,000-6,000


Phil Laak had his backpack on and was edging towards the exit but he’s back in his seat with loads more chips to work with courtesy of Tony G.

Mathew Frankland opened the action when he raised with pocket sixes, with Tony G making the call with . Likely looking to just take the pot down there, Laak made a big 3-bet with , with Frankland folding but Tony G moving all-in to put Laak to the test for his last 150,000 chips (around 25 big blinds).

Despite the strength shown by Tony G and his relatively meager hand, Laak found a call, with a flop of giving Laak the lead but needing to dodge a lot of outs.

He did exactly that with the turn and on the river, with Tony G’s disgust at Laak’s call pretty evident for all to see as Laak took off his backpack and sat down again.

12:44- Blinds 2,000/4,000

Patrik Antonius is now flexing his considerable poker muscles, just shoving Scott Seiver off a very big hand to extend his chip lead.

Dan Cates started the action by raising to 10,000 with , with Seiver 3-betting to 26,000 with . Despite holding just , Antonius bumped it up to 58,000.

Cates got out of the way but Seiver finally decided to just call and see a flop, which came . Antonius didn’t take his foot off the pedal, shoving all-in and putting Sevier to the rest for his last 215,000 with his pocket jacks.

Seiver took a few sips of water before finally mucking, with more chips sliding Antonius’ way.

12:37- Blinds 2,000/4,000

Sam Trickett is our first casuatly here today, unable to overcome the cooler earlier versus Antonius thseiat saw him lose most of his stack to Antonius’ pocket aces.

Trickett’s last 60,000 chips found there way into the middle with but he was in terrible shape versus Dan Cates’ pocket kings. Trickett did pick up a gutshot but couldn’t get there, fniishing 8th for $55,000.

12:35- Blinds 2,000/4,000

Tom Dwan has the ability to take over pretty much any poker table in the world and he’s putting that on display here today, staying very active despite not getting much in the way of premium hands so far.

He just took one away from Mathew Frankland, who opened to 10,000 with and got one caller in the form of Dwan who looked him up with just .

Frankland pushed out a c-bet of 34,000 on the flop but Dwan wasn’t going anywhere.

Possibly looking to take advantage of the online qualifer Frankland (who to be fair does have plenty of tournament experience success to his credit, far more than the typical online qualifier) who might want to play it safe and ladder up a few spots, Dwan made it 80,000, with Frankland folding.

12:29- Blinds 2,000/4,000

Here are the current chip stacks for our eight final table members:

Patrik Antonius: 568,000

Tony G: 492,000

Dan Cates: 408,000

Mathew Frankland: 322,000

Scott Seiver: 273,000

Tom Dwan: 215,000

Phil Laak: 198,000

Sam Trickett: 66,000


12:24- Blinds 2,000/4,000

Seiver has finally gotten on the board and raked in a small pot with pocket queens, getting two callers preflop but no no more takers despite the fact that he just checked his overpair all the way to the river on a board before finally betting small and folding everyone out.

12:19 – Blinds 2,000/4,000

After a quiet start Tony G is now accumulating chips and chirping much more vocally, with his mini-heater continuing in a hand versus Dwan.

Dwan raised to 10,000 preflop (which has quickly become the standard open at the current level) with , with Phil Laak calling with and Tony G calling from the big blind with .

Tony G hit his dream flop of , checking it to Dwan who bets 26,000, with Laak quickly folding his pocket sixes but Tony G going nowhere, making it 70,000.

Despite a lot of chirping from Tony G and a decent dwell from Dwan, he finally folds to add a few more chips to Tony G’s stack.

12:13 – Blinds 2,000/4,000

Tony G has just taken another chunk out of Sam Trickett, with see-saw action ultimate ending in Tony G’s favor.

Tony G opened to 10,000 with , with Trickett 3-betting once again to 26,000 with . Tony G made the call, putting 58,000 in the middle.


Tony G checked, Trickett bet 20,000, and Tony G quickly called.

Trickett spikes his dream card in the form of the on the turn, but he chose to once again take a tricky line when Tony G checked and Trickett checked behind.

The on the turn tipped the scales back in Tony G’s favor, giving him the straight, and he checked once again, this time inducing a 86,000 bet from Trickett.

Tony G very quickly re-raised, with Trickett sadly shaking his head once again as he mucked his hand to leave him with just 70,000 or so chips left.


We were due for our first cooler of the day, and Sam Trickett was the man who got to receive that dubious honor.

Patrik Antonius became the third player to pick up pocket aces within the last ten hands, raising to 10,000 and Trickett looking down to find his doom in the form of .

Trickett 3-bets to 26,000 and Dwan briefly considers making a move with air but folds, and Antonius makes it 58,000, with Trickett shoving and Antonius snap-calling.

The board blanks out to give Antonius a huge double-up and big chip lead, kicking Trickett from the top of the heap to the bottom of the pack.


Tony G finally got into the winner’s column, picking up a nice pot with aces when Sevier (who held pocket tens) and Antonius (sitting on pocket eights) both called his preflop 3-bet to 36,000 hoping to hit their sets.

A flop of wouldn’t produce any fireworks, though, with Tony G betting half-pot to 60,000 but getting no takers.


Mathew Frankland may have just lost some chips but scored a small victory by not going broke, with Frankland, Trickett, and Dwan just butting heads.

Frankland raised to 10,000 with , with Trickett (who has been very active 3-betting so far with all sorts of hands) finding aces at the best time, raising to 26,000 with his pocket rockets. Dwan looked down to find a pair as well, calling the 26,000 with [8x] [8x] to put the action back on Frankland.

Given how active Trickett has been, plenty of players in Frankland’s shoes with ship it in with AKs there, but he chose to call and see a flop instead, which came .

Frankland checked and Trickett slow-played his aces by checking as well, with Dwan firing 52,000, forcing a fold from Frankland and a call from Trickett.

The on the turn slowed Dwan down, who briefly considered betting after Trickett checked but finally checked behind.

The on the river saw Trickett lead out with a tiny 45,000 bet into a 188,000 pot, with Dwan quickly folding.


Despite being very active in the prelim stages Scott Seiver has yet to play a hand today, watching everyone else mix it up as he suffers through a very cold spell of cards to start the day.


Not only do we have a star-studded final table here at the Montesino Casino, but there’s plenty of cash at stake even for these players, with $1.4 million in final table payouts and the winner taking home a cool $500,000 in cash.

Below are the full final table payouts for the Premier League V:

1st: $500,000

2nd: $300,000

3rd: $175,000

4th: $125,000

5th: $100,000

6th: $80,000

7th: $65,000

8th: $55,000



After a ton of early action we’ve seen things settle down a bit, with Sam Trickett opening up a bit to rake in some small pots and Laak taking one down after tangling with Dwan again.

Cates is currently leading the way with just over 400,000 chips, with Antonius and Trickett gaining the most ground so far in early action.


Tony G has been taking a very cautious line so far, folding [Ax] [Jx] and [Ax] [Qx] when facing early position raises and he’s just been pushed off the best hand by Sam Trickett in a mid-sized pot.

Tony G opened with and got one called from Trickett who held . A flop of gave Tony G the lead, with Trickett calling a small bet.

The on the turn saw Tony G check, with Trickett seizing the opportunity to bet 30,000 into a 29,000 pot to put the pressure on Tony G, who eventually folded his top pair to push the pot to Trickett.


Dwan has been very active here in the early going, but Patrik Antonious just made a great read to punish that aggression.

Dwan limped in with from UTG and Laak raised to 7,000 with . Antonius just called with his [Tx] [Tx], Frankland called with , Trickett called with , and Cates called as well with . putting the action back on Dwan.

Dwan pulled out the squeeze play and made it 43,000 more, which got a quick fold from Laak but Antonius and his pocket tens went deep into the tank.

Antonius finally shoved all-in, getting quick folds all around to take down a nice pot.


Tom Dwan has dragged the first big pot here at the final table, with Phil Laak picking the wrong time to get a bit out of line.

Dwan started the fun by raising to 5,000 with , with Laak calling with as well as two other callers.


Dwan bets 17,000 with his big draw but Laak decides to take a stab, re-raising to 40,000.

Everyone else gets out of the way but Dwan obviously isn’t going anywhere, dwelling for awhile before moving all-in, which produced a quick fold from Laak.


Cates and Tom Dwan have just tangled here, with Cates raising to 5,000 pre-flop with [Ax] [Kx] and Dwan re-popping it to 17,000 with [6x] [6x].

Cates just called and both players checked on the flop.

The on the turn generated a bet from Cates, which was good enough to force Dwan to fold.


We’re underway here at the final table, with Dan Cates drawing first blood when he takes down a small pot with versus Sam Trickett, missing the flop but taking it down with a c-bet.


It’s final table time here at Premier League V, with players now all in their seats as the camera crews finish up the last few tweaks to get ready to roll here at the Montesino Casino for the exciting conclusion.

PartyPoker online qualifier Mathew Frankland leads the way when they resume play, trying to parlay the online package he won at Party into a huge payday here in Vienna.

  1. Mathew Frankland 400,000
  2. Jungleman – 380,000
  3. Sam Trickett 330,000
  4. Patrik Antonius – 320,000
  5. Tony G 300,000
  6. Scott Seiver – 300,000
  7. Phil Laak 290,000
  8. Tom Dwan – 280,000

We’ll be bringing you all the action live here at the PartyPoker blog so stay tuned to see who the next Premier League champion is!

Premier League V

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