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7:32 – Another premium hand for Sexton

Sexton opens for €600 holding kings. Having a tight image, Trickett only calls with his pocket eights. Chartier (yes, he still exists) joins them with .

Now look at this. An eight high flop with two diamonds, action to be expected.

Sexton starts with €1,400, Tricket just calls. Chartier goes for the check-raise to €4,500 and Sexton moves allin for a total of €8,600.
Easy call for Chartier and once again they run it twice.


Chop chop.

Mike “can’t seem to win a pot” Sexton

7:27 – And that’s the second stack for Wilf

And here’s number two.
Rebuying for another €5,000, Wilf once again just manages to hold on to it for two hands.

He moves in with pocket tens with JP Kelly calling him up with jacks. No help from the board and Wilf leaves the table. This was the shortest appearance of a player so far.

7:24 – Top set for Laak

Pocket nines and a nine high flop. Even better: you’re playing against Tony G who bets out on the flop.

Laak raises it to €7,000 and Tony G calls with [4x][5x] and a five on the board.
The turn is [Jx], and Tony folds to a €17,000 bet from Laak.

7:20 – And here’s the allin

Wilf sat down with only €5,000. It was clear that he was just in for the quick action. Here it is.
After Duhamel opened with , Wilf moves in with pocket fives.

Two sevens and a six on the board. Wilf is still ahead, but the turn brings another six and counterfeits Wilf’s pair.

He buys in again for €5,000.

Two hands and one lost stack

7:16 – Saar Wilf

Not the guy we expected, but Saar Wilf is joining the table and bought in for the minimum of €5,000.

7:14 – Coinflip for Laak

Laak openes big with , Sexton puts it up to €6,000 with queens. As expected, Laak puts hin allin and they decide to run the coinflip twice.

1. – that’s one for Laak
2. – and the €30k pot goes to the Unabomber

Mike is already down by €40,000 but goes for another rebuy of €10,000.

7:10 – Who’s coming?

We’re waiting for a player to take Sorel Mizzi’s seat.
Apparently it’s a local player from Vienna, that’s as much as we found out for now.

7:08 – Tony on the winning road

Sam Trickett re-raises after Tony G opened the pot.
Did he actually expect him to fold? Tony puts in the €3,500 with and hits an ace on the flop. Trickett has 2nd pair with and the two are starting to build a pot.

Tony G hits a second pair on the turn and check-raises it big. Trickett has to let it go. All of the sudden, Tony G is one of the biggest winner at the table. Being down almost €40k after his first session, he’s now up that very same amount.

7:03 – Here’s the numbers

Phil Laak and Sam Trickett have been playing since the beginning of this Big Game VI. By now that’s 25 hours at the Montesino casino.

Phil Laak was planning to play the whole 48 session, so he’s half way through.
He’s still the big winner at the table with €133,000 on the plus side.

6:55 – Mike “All In” Sexton

Mike Sexton has been sitting on a somewhat short stack for a while. [Ax][Kx] is good enough for him and he puts in his €15,000.

Players at the table are enjoying this allin and are trying to find reasons for a call. No donation for Sexton though, but Tony G convinces the dealer to go for the rabbit hunt and put out the community cards. Duhamel’s pocket fours would have won the hand.

6:51 – That’s it for Sorel Mizzi

Sorel Mizzi and Tony G get it on again. Four players see the flop of , which hits Sorel and Tony hard.
Sorel holding for trips, Tony G for a full house

The pot is building up to €14,000. on the turn and Tony G goes for a checkraise allin. Mizzi calls, sees the bad news and ends up losing his whole stack.

No rebuy for him at this point and we have an open seat at the table.

6:42 – Strong play from Mizzi

Mizzi reraises preflop with . He gets two callers with Duhamel and (of course) Tony G.

Event though Mizzi misses the board, he fires out on the flop. On the turn he gets an openender and bets big. Basically committing himself, but Tony G doesn’t seem in a folding food with his bottom pair no kicker.

It’s basically allin or fold for Tony G, after a minute or two he manages to let his hand go.
Now we have Sorel Mizzi who joined the winning group at the table. He’s up €1,000.

6:36 – Upping the stakes

Since Tony G sat down we noticed a slight increase of the raises. Probably because players are starting to straddle a lot more.

6:26 – We all love suited connectors

We just mentioned Duhamel being the tightest player at the table.
He might have read this and opened in early position with for €300.
Mandatory call for Tony G, this time with .
Mizzi raises it to €1,500 with and Duhamel calls.

Flop: . Both miss and check.
Turn: . Mizzi checks again and Duhamel takes a stab at it for €2,100.

Mizzi doesn’t know where he’s at and let’s his hand go.

Give one to Duhamel

6:21 – Jonathan Duhamel tightest

Up’s and down’s at the table. Tony G and Phil Laak are still the most active, while Mike Sexton and Jonathan Duhamel don’t get involved too much.

6:14 – Tony’s image pays off

Tony G is always working hard on a crazy and extremely loose image. Everyone knows he likes to gable, so an initial raise doesn’t mean much.

This time he does it with pocket fours and is up against for Laak.

Me missed the action on the flop, but it’s Tony G who puts out a pot-size bet of €2,500 after an unimportant turn. Laak calls quickly and the river brings a king.

Not the card Laak was looking for. He checks to Tony G, who once more bets big. €8,000 it is.
It’s probably his image that makes Laak go for the call, Tony G wins a €23,000 pot.

With that, he’s actually on the winning side of the Big Game VI! Who would have thought after seeing his early losses.

Back on track!

6:08 – Flush against top two

When Mike Sexton is raising, he usually has a hand.
This time it‘s Ah Kd when he puts in €300. Tony G has a similar hand, , they’re joined by Kelly and Trickett.

Flop .
Top pair for Trickett holding , a flushdraw for Kelly’s

The two aren’t building a pot, event though the turn brings : top two for Trickett, flush for Kelly.

Kelly ends up winning a pot under €4,000.
It looks like the players are getting a little more conservative.

5:59 – You can’t squeeze the G

Laak opens for €300. It is Tony G who starts the calling with . Mizzi tries to squeeze with [8x]. It works against for Laak.

But you know Tony G. He just laughs and goes for the allin. Not much to do there for Mizzi other than lick his wounds.

5:54 – Queens are good

Another nice pocket pair for Mizzi. This times it’s queens.
Once again three players call his bet and Mizzi has to look at an ace on the flop.

Nevertheless he goes for a continuation bet of €1,050 into a €2,500 pot. It actually works! Mike Sexton was the only one holding an ace (rag). But it is Kelly who sticks around with his gutshot.

on the turn and another queen on the river. Mizzi wins the pot but isn’t satisfied about it’s size.

5:49 – The G is back

If you think this is a boring table, that might change in a moment.
Tony G just took his seat, wearing a Lithuanian hoodie.

5:48 – Winning with trips

It’s four players seeing the flop of [9x][9x][7x].

Duhamel: red eights
Laak: Ad Kc
Trickett: Jh 9d

Trickett leads for €1,200 into a €1,400 pot. Sexton is the only one folding his hand.

The turn puts on the board and Trickett is betting again, this time for €4,200. Laak is contemplating a move but lets it go. It is Duhamel who sticks around and they see on the river.

Duhamel checks.
“How much can I get out of him” … that’s probably what Trickett is thinking. “Let’s try with almost potsize”.
The bet is €10,900, too much for Duhamel’s eights.

5:37 – Mizzi doubles up

It’s about time that Sorel Mizzi got something going. He opens for €400 with pocket tens. Trickett raises it up to €1,600 with .

Having only €10,000 in his stack, Sorel goes for the allin. A bit of a gamble for Trickett, but he decides to call.

Trickett gets an openender on the turn but the pot goes towards Mizzi.

5:32 – Listen to Liviu

Here’s what Liviu’s got to say about his eviction.

5:20 – Bye Bye Liviu

It’s time for another player vote to see who has to give up their seat and by near-unanimous vote it’s Ignat Liviu who just got voted off the table.

He leaves one of the big winners in the game, largely courtesy of his big double-up earlier with kings through Sorel Mizzi.

5:15 – Liviu Folds Rockets

Liviu’s reads have been pretty good so far but he just made a mis-step versus Sam Trickett, laying down aces on a scary board when Trickett was playing his draw fast.

On a board of Liviu bet 1250 with his pocket aces when checked to, with Trickett making it 4,200 with .

Liviu thought for a bit before letting his aces go.

5:02 – Duhamel Arrives

Basil Yaiche chose to surrender his seat instead of rebuying and he’s just been replaced by former Main Event winner Jonathan Duhamel.

Duhamel is better known for his tournament exploits so we’ll get to see his cash game table moves here in the Big Game. He’s also good friends with Samuel Chartier, so it’ll be interesting to see if that dynamic enters into the equation at all as far as the two being familiar with how one another plays.

5:02 – The Return of Tony G?

Tony G is reportedly back in the house, threatening to return with his panda pal to the Big Game along with 200K in cash so he can take a seat and cover every player — Phil Laak included — at the table.

4:44 – Trickett Finds a Double

Sam Trickett has found his second wind here in Big Game VI, righting his listing ship and just doubling through Basil Yaiche after a fortunate turn card.

Tricket held and got one caller from Yaiche who held . A flop of wasn’t the best for Trickett to get paid off, but Yaiche floated a small €1,600 bet from Trickett to see the turn.

A was trouble for Yaiche, who when faced with a €4,600 bet from Trickett decided to click it back, making it €12,200 which got a quick all-in from Trickett and a snap-call from Yaiche.

Trickett seemed pleasantly surprised to see what he was facing (asking immediately if he was up against a set), with the river blanking to send a €66,500 pot to Yaiche.

4:30 – Chartier Finally Claims a Pot

Samuel Chartier has been struggling so far but he just picked up a nice pot off of Basil Yaiche, with the two banging heads preflop to spin up a nice pot when the flop was dealt.

Yaiche called a big 4-bet to 5,900 with just preflop, and he seemed to be tempted to make a move when Chartier c-bet on the flop to 4,600 with .

Whether or not a big check-raise bet or shove from Yaiche could have moved Chartier off his hand became a moot point when Yaiche — who had been playing very quickly so far — went deep into the tank before mucking to the flop bet from Chartier.

4:20 – Yaiche Takes One off Liviu

Ignat Liviu isn’t afraid to commit chips with less than premium hands and he just tangled with Yaiche with but not getting the flop he wanted versus Yaiche, who held [ax][qx]and hit the flop of hard, with a c-bet on the flop taking it down for Yaiche.

4:10 – The Opposite of Winning

All that cash in Phil Laak’s and Ignat Liviu’s stacks had to come from somewhere, so with no further ado we give you the biggest losers in the Big Game VI so far:

4:06 – Quick Break

Players are on a quick break here to stretch their legs and then it’s back to the cash game grind for all the Big Game players. Here’s a quick reminder of the current lineup:

Sam Trickett
JP Kelly
Phil Laak
Mike Sexton
Samuel Chartier
Basil Yaiche
Ignat Liviu
Sorel Mizzi

3:58 – Closing in on 24 Hour Mark

Big Game VI has been running for close to 24 hours straight now, with Phil Laak and Sam Trickett the only two players who have been seated for the duration.

This is just a walk in the park for Laak, though, who back in 2012 set a world record at the time for consecutive hours playing poker with an amazing 115 consecutive hours spent at the tables.

3:52 – Epic Mizzi Misclick

Sorel Mizzi had barely gotten his seat warmed up before he just made a huge misstep versus Ignat Liviu in one of the biggest pots we’ve seen so far.

Mizzi not only played with Liviu earlier but spent some time in the live commentary booth discussing the game and players, mentioning that he was very impressed with Liviu’s online play in the past and his play today (Liviu plays under as “0human0′ online and is well known for his prowess in high stakes cash games).

Mizzi started the fireworks by raising it up with preflop, wit Liviu clicking it back for 3,100 total with .

Mizzi wasn’t having any of that, bumping it up to €6,600 after a long dwell. Liviu, though, was far from done, sticking in another raise to €11,200.

Mizzi went deep into the tank and decided to pull the trigger, shoving all-in for about €37,000 with Liviu calling instantly with his kings and a €75,000 pot hanging in the balance.

The board was a very boring , with Mizzi reloading and Liviu suddenly now one of our big winners so far.

3:40 – Hurry Up and Wait

Like a lot of cash games, we’ve seen some flurries of exciting hands and big pots followed by some long, dry spells — which we’re currently stuck in right now.

JP Kelly and Ignat Liviu just clashed in the biggest pot of the last half hour, with Kelly aggressively pushing his flush draw with on a Qd 2c 4c 5s board and Liviu to lay down when faced with a big bet on the turn.

3:20 – Laak takes Two

Laak’s won several small pots, getting Yaiche to lay down the best hand with a big bet on the flop and took another small pot down with when it checked through to the river when he hit a straight, betting it but getting no takers to push a €4,000 pot his way.

Jonathan Duhamel is rumored to be heading towards the Big Game table after just busting WPT Vienna, so we might have even more excitement in the game soon.

3:12 – The Return of Mizzi

Sorel Mizzi was booted off the table earlier by viewer vote but he’s done his time in exile and is now allowed to return and sit again, which is exactly what he’s doing.

That means we’re eight handed again for the first time in quite awhile, so we’ll have to see how it changes the table dynamics.

3:04 – Trickett Trickling Away

Another small pot lost for Trickett, as he made a few small stabs with pocket eights on a 10 high board but JP Kelly and his pocket kings waited until the river to raise it up, with Trickett smelling a rat and folding to the river raise.

3:01 – By the Numbers

2:55 – Day 2 of WPT Vienna Underway

The Day 2 action of WPT Vienna is now underway here in the same room the Big Game is being held in, with the action now past the halfway mark in the WPT event with 147 players of the 396 runners who entered still alive and with a chance to become the next WPT champion.

Get live updates of the WPT action over at the official WPT website.

2:49 – Laak’s Kings Get No Action

Sam Trickett has slowly bled away chips to sit about €20,000 down, looking a little worse for wear as far as body language and some frustrated small river calls here and there when he’s almost never good.

He tried to get something going with a 3-bet with preflop but Laak woke up with pocket kings and made it 5,000 to go, with Trickett passing and laying his hand down.

Trickett and Yaiche would tangle right after with Trickett sticking around and calling one bet with second pair before finally giving Yaiche credit and folding on the blank turn.

2:39 – Laak Wriggles Away

Phil Laak’s reads continue to be spot on, as he got a little wild by three-betting with preflop versus JP Kelly’s , who called to see a flop of .

Kelly checked and Laak bet 2,400, which Kelly quickly called.


Check, check.


Kelly craftily checks a third time, with Laak almost taking the bit and cutting out chips before a big raise before knuckling the table at the last minute to check and avoid losing any more.

2:30 – Sexton Loses a Small One

Mike Sexton can’t get much going here, with the last hand with Liviu a good indicator of how it’s gone. Sexton called a raise from Liviu (who held ) with pocket sevens, only to see a flop of give a huge lead to his opponent.

Sexton limited the damage by just calling one small turn bet and folding the river but he’s been shaking his head and not too happy at the start he’s gotten off to today.

2:14 – Samuel Chartier Takes a Seat

Canadian Samuel Chartier is the newest addition to the table, a regular on the tournament circuit who has decided to take a stab to show off his cash game chops.

He’s got over $1.3 million in lifetime tournament cashes, including a $300,000+ score for winning a WSOPC event back in 2009 in Atlantic City.

2:09 – Sexton Talks Big Game

2:07 – Yaiche Gets Frisky

Our newcomer Yaiche isn’t waiting around for big hands, three-betting with just after Liviu and Sexton limped in with and respectively, getting calls from both to see a flop.

A Yaiche continuation bets takes it down without any further conflict.

2:00 – Sexton Gets Felted

Mike Sexton picked up a small pot with pocket queens to get on the board and picked up kings just a few hands later — much to his dismay in the end.

With three limpers ahead of him Sexton bumped it up to €2,000 with , with Trickett and JP Kelly coming along to see a flop that had something for everyone to like:

Sexton fired again and both opponents called to see a turn of , which slowed up Sexton who checked, with Trickett checking, and Kelly pushing out a €8,000 bet to put Sexton in a bad spot.

Sexton finally shoved for about €15,000 total, with Trickett quickly folding and Kelly calling just as face, with the on the river giving one of the biggest pots of the day of nearly €50,000 to JP Kelly and his trip jacks.

Welcome to the Big Game!

1:45- Viva La Yaiche

Our young French player Yaiche has drawn his first blood here, with his pairing up on the turn of a board, with Sam Trickett calling a pre-flop raise and a flop bet before giving up on his .

Score one for Yaiche

1:30 – Trickett and Liviu Banging Heads

Trickett and Liviu are really stepping it up here, with the two playing on a higher level than the rest of the table at the moment in two big hands.

The first hand saw Liviu 4-bet preflop with and Trickett cold-calling with , with neither given the other much credit on a board, with Trickett firing a €10,000 bet on the river to snag a €17,000 pot when Liviu finally gave it up.

The second hand kicked it up another notch, with Trickett going nuts with just [5x] [3x] on a [2x] [ax][2x] [7x] board, culminating with a big €11,000 bet from Trickett on the turn.

Liviu, though, was up to the task, making a huge call with just on that turn with just king high, with another [2x] on the river making it impossible for Trickett to fire again. Check-check and king high was enough to send €21,000 Liviu’s way.

1:20 – Mizzi Voted Off the Island

One of the unique wrinkles of the Big Game format is that fans get to vote periodically to kick one player off the table, with Sorel Mizzi unfortunately just getting the boot here right after his heater that saw him pick up some nice pots.

Basil Yaiche has taken his spot, viewed by many as the French version of Tom “durrrr” Dwan who has been crushing the online games before even turning 20 and has had plenty of tournament success as well, including finishing runner-up to Marvin Rettenmaier in the 2011 Finale of the France Poker Series for $208,000.

1:08 -Laak Still Leads

Laak still leads the way but Mizzi has made a big move as far as players currently at the table:

1:00 – Another Big Hand for Mizzi

The table is tilted in Sorel Mizzi’s direction at the moment, as he flopped a set versus Sam Trickett just after the quads hand to rake in a big pot.

Trickett held a flush draw with on a board and improved a bit with the on the turn, but Mizzi extracted the maximum price by playing his set of eights fast and betting big on the flop and turn, setting up a shove for his last 12,000 on the river.

Trickett seemed seriously tempted to call given the potential draws out there (and likely fatigue from the long grind so far as one of the original players who started Big Game VI) but Trickett fnially correctly clicked the fold button.

12:55 – Quads for Mizzi

Phil Laak hasn’t made many missteps here and he barely avoided one, claiming that he was very tempted to come over the top of Sorel Mizzi’s bet of €2,500 on the turn with a board showing.

Laak was on the flush draw but picked a good time to not make a move, as Mizzi held for quads and wasn’t going anywhere at all.

12:50 – Adios Jungleman

Cates lost yet another pot — this time to Trickett — and it seemed to be the straw that broke the Jungelman’s back, as he’s given up his seat to Mike Sexton who now has the pleasure of sitting to the left of Laak.

We’ll see if Jungleman returns later after a break to rest and recharge or if this is quits for Cates.

Welcome to the table, Mr. Sexton

12:40 – Chop Chop

Both Cates and Kelly liked the [8x] [7x] [9x] [6x] board that peeled off (Cates holding [tx][9x] and Kelly on [Qx] [tx]) but it was much ado for nothing, with the top chopping it up after the river brick.

12:35 – JP Kelly Getting Bullied

JP Kelly is hanging around the even mark but he’s currently getting picked on by Trickett and others, with Kelly passively playing pocket tens versus yet more aggression from Trickett, with the two checking the flop of before Trickett bet the and took it down with air when Kelly folded his tens.

JP Kelly in action here in the Big Game>/em>

12:30 – Checking the Stats

Stats don’t lie, with Laak crushing things so far and Dan Cates the big loser so far in the Big Game VI:

12:15 – Wacky Laak Bet Sizing

Laak continues to duck and weave and change up his game here, mixing in big overbets at various points with some tiny donk bets in odd spots to keep everyone guessing — and keep chips migrating their way into Laak’s stack.

The TV table here at Montesino Casino

12:08 – One for Liviu

Sam Trickett has been three-betting Ignat Liviu liberally all morning but Liviu made a stand to take one away from Trickett, check-raising big with his open-ended straight draw on a flop with his and getting Trickett to lay down his after Trickett was the preflop aggressor with a big three-bet.

12:00 – Cates’ Run Bad Continues

Dan “Jungleman” Cates just can’t get it going but he seems determined to soldier on, rebuying for €17,000 more after donating more funds to JP Kelly’s stack.

Cates took the lead on the flop with his well ahead of JP Kelly’s [8x] [8x] on a [ax][3x] [7x] flop, but another [8x] on the turn flipped the tables to give Kelly a big lead.

Cates quickly called a big check-raise on the turn, with the on the river changing little. Cates checked again and instantly called a €8,500 bet from Kelly into a €11,000 pot, with cates just mucking and rebuying when shown his opponent’s set.

Jungleman trying to massage his troubles away.

11:49 – 6 Handed

Catalin’s exit leaves us six-handed again, something that’d tend to generate a lot of action but all our players are deep-stacked at the moment and fairly wary of each other, without a lot of easy spots to pick on.

Things are picking up as players trickle into the Montesino for the WPT Vienna action that’ll resume shortly, so hopefully we’ll have some fresh blood to jazz up the Big Game action shortly.

11:44 – Early Morning Action in the Big Game

Check out some video action of Sorel Mizzi and Phil Laak sharing tips for getting ready for early morning action in the Big Game VI:

11:40 – Catalin Bows Out

It was a rough morning for Catalin, who saw his last €10,000 slide Mizzi’s way when Catalin stubbornly called a 3-bet from Mizzi preflop holding just [Qx] [tx]which was miles behind Mizzi’s kings.

The Q high flop was more bad news for Catalin, who check-raised all-in over the top of Mizzi’s bet on the flop for his last €8,000, with the turn and river bricking out to send a €21,000 pot Mizzi’s way.

Catelin seemed beaten down and defeated as he left without even really considering rebuying — not that surprising for a PLO specialist taking a seat with such a tough lineup.

11:35 – Laak Dings Cates Again

Phil Laak has had Cates’ number all day, plus he always seems to make a big hand regardless of whatever cards he chooses to tangle with Jungleman with.

Case in point: 3-bet preflop pot with Laak holding just versus Cates’ and the flop comes perfect for Laak in the form of [6x] [5x] [8x].

Laak would ultimately only drag a small pot of €5,000 but yet another example of how good he’s running here so far.

11:30 – Winners So Far

Phil Laak is not only the biggest overall winner currently at the table but also the big winner overall here in Big Game VI:

Phil Laak – +€118,550
Roberto Romanello – +€25,575
Ignat Liviu – +€15,575
Elky – +€8,925

Sam Trickett is off to a good start after the break here, picking up some chips when Catalin picked a bad time to run a bluff
11:22 – Trickett Off to Good Start

Sam Trickett is off to a good start after the break here, picking up some chips when Catalin picked a bad time to run a bluff.

Trickett held [Ax] [tx]versus Catalin’s , with Catalin leading out small on a [ax][ax][jx]flop, with Trickett bumping it up to 1,500 and Catalin making it 4,150 with total air.

It only got better for Trickett with another [ax]on the turn for quads, with Catalin stubbornly pushing out 6,700, which Trickett just called.

The on the river saw a check finally from Catalin, a bet from Trickett, and a quick fold.

11:10 – And We’re Back!

Cards are in the air again here at the Big Game VI at the Montesino Casino, with plenty of more big cash game action coming your way live here at the PartyPoker Blog!

9:55 – Take a Break

Players are currently on a break here at the Montesino, but there’s still plenty of more action to come as we’re just 16 hours into the 48 hours total that Big Game VI will run.


9:47 – Liviu Gets Off Easy

It looked like Ignat Liviu was about to get coolered himself just a few hands after taking down Trickett but he somehow managed to lose the minimum with AK on a K high flop.

Four players found cards they liked enough to stick in chips preflop:

Liviu [Ax] [Kx]

Cates [7x] [7x]

Kelly [5x] [5x]

Mizzi [tx][8x]

A flop of seemed destined to generate fireworks but Mizzi’s check (almost certainly to go for the check-raise with his two pair) backfired when Liviu also checked his top pair.

They checked around the on the turn as well, with the on the river further freezing the action and generating more chips. Mizzi did drag in a €4,100 pot but will be kicking himself later when he sees how big it should have been.


9:30 – Liviu Tackles Trickett

Huge pot here with Sam Trickett running into a big cooler, flopping a set on an action flop but Liviu turning a straight to eventually double through Trickett.

Three players called €1,000 preflop to see a flop:






Liviu led out for a small bet, Mizzi folds, and Trickett just calls.

Turn: .

Liviu bets out again, this time for 8,000 and Trickett just calls again, likely hoping for a Liviu shove on the river.


Liviu shoves for his last €18,900 and Trickett instantly calls, quickly showing his hand as if he was worried of being accused of slow-rolling but instead seeing a €54,000 pot got to Liviu.

Trickett tops up for €40,000 more and we’re right back at it.


9:18 – Trickett Gets One Through

Sam Trickett has actively been isolating certain players and managed to take a three-way pot down versus Liviu and Catalin, with Trickett 3-betting from out of position preflop with , with Catalin calling with pocket sixes and Liviu coming along with .

Trickett led out on a [qx][jx][6x] flop and takes it down.

9:12- Mizzi Still Trying to Get on the Scoreboard

Sorel Mizzi hasn’t yet found his footing here, just topping up for €10,000 more after tangling in several small pots but unable to rake in any chips as of yet.

The biggest pot was versus Jungleman, who sniffed out a Mizzi bluff and made a big move on the river with just third pair to get Mizzi to give it up.


9:00 – JP Kelly Gets a Little Back

Catalin calls a Kelly 3-bet (who is sitting on pocket kings) with [Ax] [Jx] but gives it up on a [6x] [6x] [5x] flop when Kelly bets €3,300 into €5,500 to take it down.


8:51 – The Laak Heater Continues

Phil Laak can do not wrong here, helped out by getting smacked in the face by the deck at the absolute best times.

JP Kelly was his latest victim, with Laak raising preflop with and JP Kelly just smooth calling with .

A flop of was pretty much doom for Kelly, who called big bets from Laak all the way to the river on the turn and the river.

Laak bet €15,000 into a €30,000 pot on the river, with Kelly taking the time to work it out in his head before finally making the call, with a €45,000 pot sliding to Laak.


8:49 – Bye Bye Tony G

Tony G has decided to take off, getting impatient with some recent delays in getting set up with new players, so we’ve now got another empty seat at the table.


8:44 – Catalin Finally Gets One

Tiny pot for Catalin but at least he’s now in the win column, c-betting with air on a [9x] flop with JP Kelly folding his .

Catalin topped up his stack not long ago and is currently stuck about €17,000.


8:40 – Laak Back at It

Phil Laak has been picking good spots and did it just again, whiffing the flop and having the worst of it three ways with his but three-betting to 2,200 after Trickett made it 600 with his .

Catalin folded the best hand with and Trickett surrendered as well, sending another pot to Laak.


8:32 – Welcome Back Ignat

Ignat “0human0″ Liviu started off the action here at Big Game VI but quit the game after about four hours, but now he’s back and taking his seat once again.

Ignat returns


8:27 – JP Kelly Wins a Little One

JP Kelly takes down his first pot in a awhile, outkicking Laak with top pair in a small €3,000 pot.


8:20 – The Laak Show so Far

We’re still getting set up with the recent player changes, but for a quick recap of the action so far it’s been all Phil Laak, who’s sitting on close to a €100,000 profit so far.

Tony G dug a deep hole for himself early on but got lucky versus Torelli with [ax][9x] versus jacks to double-up, in a hand that might have seen Tony G leave if he’d lost that one.


8:13 – Welcome to the Table, Mr. Mizzi

Sorel Mizzi has taken over Torelli’s seat, licking his chops at the chance to take a crack at the other players who been at it for 14 hours+ at this stage.

Catalin was the other newcomer but he’s been up all night playing in PLO cash games earlier, so he’s faced with the same sleep deficit as the others.


8:09 – Voting is In and Torelli is Gone

The player votes are in and it’s Alec Torelli who’ll be leaving us. He’ll depart a small winner up about €3,000 but it may feel like a larger win than that, as he was stuck about €20,000 at one point early on.

Alec Torelli has left the building


8:05 – Voting Time

We’ll be minus another player soon, with the voting system about to kick in to see one player get booted.

Players get to vote this time as far as who leaves, with Tony G getting a pass (as the most aggressive player) and Catalin getting a free pass as well for being the newest player at the table.


7:57 – Trickett Takes One

Catalin kicked off the action by raising to €600 with [ax][jx], with Cates calling with [ax][qx]only to see Trickett make it €2,500 with [qx][jx].

Catalin folded but Cates called to see a flop, which saw an obligatory c-bet of €3,600 from Trickett and a quick call from Cates.

The on the turn saw both players check, with one of Trickett’s few outs coming in the form of the on the river.

Trickett led out for €8,600 into a €13,000 pot and Cates dwelled a bit before looking him up, with Jungleman digging a deeper hole for himself as he donates more money to the game.


7:50 – Welcome to the Table

We’ve got a new player in the game, with local PLO cash game specialist Toderita Catalin taking his seat to try his hand at NLHE with the big boys.

So far it hasn’t gone well for him, as he didn’t play a hand for an orbit then he decided to mix it up with , with Torelli coming along with and Laak with .

Catalin fired again on the [Jx] [2x] [9x] rainbow flop but Torelli made the call, possibly looking to make a move on the turn but not needing to when the fell to give him a straight.

Catalin pushed another €3,100 out but a raise to €8,000 from Torelli generated a quick fold.

Not a great welcome to the table for Catalin


7:48 – Torelli Tweaks Cates

Cates got a little frisky with his and raises it up preflop, but Alec Torelli is having none of it, 4-betting to €3,850 with Cates laying it down after a small speech about how Torelli is likely full of it.


7:40 – 4-bet Works for Torelli

Torelli opens and Sam Trickett 3-bets him with KQo.

Torelli (who has been one of the tighter players at the table for the last few hours) clicks it back again to €2,800 with just K8o, with Trickett giving it up.


7:34 – Overbet Works for Laak

Phil Laak just put his big stack to max effect, shutting out Sam Trickett and his open-ended straight draw by coming over the top of Trickett’s bet on the turn with a  €50,000 raise into a €5,000 pot, effectively putting Trickett all-in for his last €21,000 if he called.

Trickett gave it up fairly quickly, looking for a better spot.


7:25 – Yawn

We’re definitely struggling to generate some action here, as the talk at the moment is more revolving around where to find an apple for breakfast rather than players looking for good spots to make tricky three-barrel bluffs.

They’re fairly deep-stacked now that they’re six handed, with more than €300,000 on the table.


7:19 – Ready for the WSOP?

Just a quick plug for the WSOP, with PartyPoker players having a shot each week at taking down $14,000 prize packages for the 2012 WSOP Main Event which could see players turn an amazing poker trip into a payday of millions if you’ve got what it takes to make the final table!


7:08 – Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

So far Phil Laak is the big winner here in Big Game VI, with virtually all the money still on the table as only Elky took cash off the table when he left as a small winner earlier.

6:58 – Red Bull Anyone?

Things are dragging a bit here at the Montesino, as it’s 7 in the morning and they’re struggling to find warm bodies to fill the current empty seats.

Jungleman just ordered breakfast so he’s apparently not planning on heading anywhere, maybe looking to get a bit of revenge on Phil Laak.


6:50 – Laak at it Again

Phil Laak is by far the big winner so far in Big Game VI and he just added some of Sam Trickett’s chips to his stack — although it could have been even more.



A flop of had something for both of them to like, with Trickett taking the lead and betting out with his nut flush draw, with Laak going nowhere.

The on the turn saw a check from Laak and Trickett firing out a big pot-sized bet of €5,800, which Laak quickly called.

A on the river saw Laak push out a bet with Trickett quickly folding, claiming that he was ready to ship it in on the river on pretty much any card other than a queen.

6:45 – Seat Open!

We’re now six-handed, thanks to Tony G getting a bit lucky to send Geshkenbein off on his bike.

Geshkenbein seemed to be getting things headed in the right direction, flopping a flush with and getting it all-in on a flop of with Tony G for a €25,000 pot, with Tony G holding .

The on the turn changed nothing but a on the river saw one of Tony G’s outs come in, busting Geshkenbein who quickly disappeared into the early Vienna morning with nary a word.

Tony G continues to chip away at the big deficit he was saddled with early as the players start talking about who they can get to fill the empty seats.


6:39: Bein Takes Down a Few

EPT Snowfest winner Vladimir Geshkenbein is playing a short stack here but keeps grinding away, taking down a few small pots off Tony G and Torelli to grind back up to about €12,000.


6:30 – Checking the Stacks

We’re seven handed at the moment, with the following stacks and stats so far for the players seated at the table:

6:22 – Laak Takes Some Little Ones

Phil Laak has added a few small pots to his stack, still going strong as he continues to claim he’ll be sitting in for the full 48 hours of the Big Game VI action.

Cates seems to be heading the different direction energy-wise, yawning and seemingly out of gas at the moment.

6:15 – Torelli Sends Kurt Off

Yusuf Kurt just was sent on his way by Alec Torelli, with Kurt picking a terrible time to bluff the river when he missed his flush draw.

Kurt called a small pre-flop raise with from Torelli who was way in front with . A potential action flop of saw another bet from Torelli and a call from Kurt.

Same thing on the turn of , with Kurt check-calling for €2,000 this time.

The on the river seemed to be an action-killer…until Kurt decided to bluff-shove, that is, with Torelli beating him into the pot with a call to bust Kurt, who chose to leave the game and not rebuy.

Despite the big pot Torelli is now just about square in the game so far, down about €2,000 overall.

6:08 – Trickett Wakes Up

Sam Trickett has been quiet of late and just takes down a small pot pre-flop when he three-bets with [ax][qx]versus three limpers but takes it down when no one wants to play.

6:05 – Laak Levels Jungleman

Laak gets one by Jungleman here with a big bet on the turn and river with just a bluff, getting Cates to ultimately fold his full house on the river.

Laak check-raised with just on a board of [5x] [7x] [kx][kx], with Cates not quite buying what Laak was selling and calling the check-raise holding [Qx] [5x].

The [5x] on the river improved Jungleman’s hand to a full house, but Laak fired out a big river bet of €10,000 into a €7,000 pot., freezing up Cates and sending him into the tank before he finally gave up his hand.

5:58 – Laak Gets There

His recent double-up aside, Tony G hasn’t had much in the way of run-good here so far in the Big Game.

Tony G was in great shape versus Laak on a [kx][4x] [Ax] [6x] board, with Tony G holding [kx][6x] versus Laak’s [ax][9x], with Laak calling a big bet on the turn.

Another [ax]on the river slowed Tony G up, though, and they checked it down to send the pot Laak’s way when he got there on the river, much to the disgust of Tony G.

5:50 – Tony G Perks Up

Tony G has been grumbling and muttering and trying to get something going here and managed to do just that, courtesy of a triple straddle and a bad beat laid on Alec Torelli.

Torelli sneakily just called the €300 with pocket jacks, hoping Tony G would wake up with something to ship in his last €10,000 with. That’s exactly what happened when Tony G shoved with , with Torelli snap-calling and telling him he had a big hand.

They decided to just run it once and an [ax]in the window was just what Tony G wanted to see, doubling up to about €21,000 after spiking an ace.

5:45 – Kurt takes one down

Yusuf Kurt managed to get Laak to lay down the best hand with a big bet on a [Jx] high flop, with Laak surrendering his to Kurt’s after Laak called €700 from JP Kelly (who had air), with Kurt making it €2,300, Kelly folding, and Laak mucking his hand as well.

5:36 – Aces again, this time for

Jungleman raises to €400 holding aces and is joined by Trickett with and Laak with .
The flop puts on the board and Laak calls the c-bet with his flushdraw. On the turn of Laak overbets €5,000 into a €2,800 pot. Jungleman calls and they see on the river.

Laak gives it up and checks. Jungleman is counting out chips and gets a quick fold from Laak

5:34 – Stacks are getting bigger

Another €10k top-up for Jungleman, who has now invested over €40,000.

5:28 – Tony G doubles

After an initial raise from Alec Torelli, Tony G decides to move allin blind for his last €4,800.
He’s in a bad spot, his is dominated by Torelli’s . Yet he manages to hit both his holecards on the flop and double up.

5:18 – Run it twice and split it

Another multiway pot and we see a flop of . Trickett tries to play his flushdraw aggressively, but Yussuf Kurt moves allin with bottom two pairs.

As usual in these situations, they run it twice. Theme of the night: it’s a split pot.

1st: for Yussuf
2nd: for Trickett

Yussuf Kurt, so far playing it safe

5:11 – Laak smells the trap

JP Kelly only calls with kings out of the big blind. Laak pops it up to €2,800 with after a straddle and Kelly calls. on the flop and Kelly tries to trap Laak with a check. Laak doesn’t take the bait and checks behind.

Same on the turn, both players check. Kelly doesn’t get anything more out of Laak, who folds after a Kelly’s bet on the river.

5:00 – One more for Torelli

We’re joining the action on the river. Torelli bets €2,800 into a €7,000 pot holding on a . Tony G pays him off with .

With that, Torelli moves back to the winning side, while Tony G has so far lost the biggest amount.

Phil Laak + €77,550
JP Kelly + €10,625
Alec Torelli + €1,325
Yusuf Kurt – €400
Vladimir Geshkenbein – €1,850
Jungleman – €7,300
Sam Trickett – €10,950
Tony G – €35,875

4:50 – Money at the right time

Torelli tops-up for another €17,000 and gets dealt aces right away. His bet doesn’t seem to have any effect, four players join him and see a flop of .

Geshkenbein leads out with , Jungleman raises with . Torelli stays in the hand while Geshkenbein folds his top pair. The turn brings a ten and Jungleman bets again, this time it’s €5,300 into a €10,000 pot.

Torelli thinks for a few minutes before moving allin. The right move, as Jungleman has to lay down his draw.

4:43 – Another one for JP Kelly

Its Kelly and Tony again.
Tony G opens with , Kelly raises it out of position with . They both hit their ace on the flop. Kelly leads out and Tony G puts in the chips for a call.

Kelly slows down on the turn. Tony G makes the right move and puts in a tiny bet. That way he manages to get a cheap showdown, as they both check the river. JP Kelly takes down the pot.

4:35 – Tony G finds a good fold

JP Kelly is playing his first hand. He opens with aces, Tony G re-raises with queens to €1,150. Kelly goes up again and makes it €3,000. Tony just calls and we see a flop.

, Tony G checks and just calls Kelly’s bet over €3,600. Another seven on the turn and we expect all the chips to get into the pot. JP Kelly bets €4,600, with €8,000 behind he’s preparing the allin.

Tony G doesn’t like the situation and is clearly looking for a way out. It takes a minute before Tony is making the right laydown.

4:27 – Yusuf Kurt wins his first pot

Yusuf Kurt joins the winning side. At least for a fistfull of dollars (or euro that is). He catches a straight on the river against Phil Laak and induces a bluff by checking to him.

4:24 – Who’s winning?

Phil Laak +€80,400
Jungleman +€1,625
JP Kelly – €725
Yusuf Kurt – €2,400
Sam Trickett – €10,900
Alec Torelli – €16,550
Tony G – -€18,400

4:01 – Vladimir Geshkenstein

Roberto Romanello’s seat has been taken by Vladimir Geshkenbein. He’s one of the most active cashgame players and will bring a lot of action to the table.

4:05 – Another player evicted

The audience has cast their votes. It was Roberto Romanello who got the least votes by the viewers and has to leave their seat. He takes it with a smile, as he has to play day 2 of the WPT Vienna in a couple of hours.

He leaves the Big Game VI with a nice winning of €25,000

A short but successful appearance for Romanello

There’s a short break, we’ll be back in 10-15 minutes.

4:00 – First hand for Yusuf Kurt

This probably wasn’t the first hand Yusuf Kurt was dreaming of.
5-way action. Top pair (without kicker) and the small blind Tricket leading out.

We’re joining the action on the turn with the board showing . Kurt calls with [9x][Jx] after Trickett bet his king high flushdraw. Tony G has for second pair, but takes down the pot with a big bet.

3:55 – Playing your opponents

This you don’t see every day.
Tony G raises to €200 with , Trickett reraises to €800 with [4]. We have one more. Jungleman 4-bets to €2,400 holding and takes it down.

3:37 – Another flopped straight

for Tony G and for Torelli.
They put all their Chips into the middle on a flop. Nuts for Tony G, draws for Torelli.

They decide to run it twice.
1st: Kc 6s – one for Torelli
2nd: 7h 9d – and one for Tony G

3:43 – top-ups

Top-ups from Jungleman and Torelli. They both add €10,000 to their stack.

3:40 – New player

UK player JP Kelly joins the table with €20,000.
Holding two bracelets he’s one of the most successful tournament players sitting at this table.

3:36 – Aces cracked

Red aces for Torelli. Laak joins him with and gets for the nut straight on the flop.

Laak gets a big chunk into the pot with a checkraise. The turn brings and could save Torelli some money. He still calls another bet and there’s more than €30,000 in the pot. on the river and Laak goes for the allin for another €36,000. Torelli takes his time and seems to look for a possibility to call.

“I really really want to call”.
Incredibly enough, three more minutes later he makes the call and all of the sudden the big winner turns into one of the losers. Torelli so far was one of the toughest to play against at this table.

This was by far the biggest pot of this Big Game with slightly more than €100,000 in it.

Laak with a six figure stack

3:21 – That’s how you build a pot

After Romanello opened with , Damir 3-bets with . Romanello raises again and after a call there’s more than €11,000 in the pot.

On the flop Damir just moves All In, Romanello has an easy call and takes down a pot of €36,575.

That’s how fast it goes. It took only one hand for Damir to lose his €17k stack. He doesn’t even think about a rebuy and leaves the table.

It wasn’t the biggest pot so far, but the biggest one that wasn’t split.

Damir G returns to the PLO cashgame

3:15 – Yusuf Kurt takes his seat

We have a new player at the table. He takes the empty seat where Marc Gork was sitting. His name: Yusuf Kurt, a local player.

He might be unknown to the other players at the table, but had his fair amount of success in local cashgames and tournaments.

3:12 – Three limps

The blinds and straddle play this hand with complete rags. [9x][4x] twice and a . Damir gets a flushdraw on a flop, while Jungleman and Laak hit bottom pair.

on the turn makes it more interesting. Jungleman bets his two pair, Damir folds and Laak calls with his own two pair. A ten on the river and we have another split pot.

3:05 – Standings

We’re less than an hour away from the next eviction.
Here’s how the players at the table are doing so far:

Alec Torelli + €34,600
Phil Laak + €32,100
Roberto Romanello + €8,250
Jungleman + €4,150
Damir G – €4,000
Sam Trickett – €11,800
Tony G – €20,400

Tony G has so far lost the biggest amount

3:02 – Trick bet from Trickett

Laak opens for €350 with . Jungleman calls with pocket sixes, while Romanello 3-bets to €1,350. Trickett calls with , as does Jungleman.

on the flop misses everyone. Tricket is the first one to act. He decides to lead out and takes down the pot.

2:58 – Getting tired?

Jungleman wanted to raise to €700 after what he thought was a straddle. Well he missed the 2nd straddle, so he’s forced to minbet to €800. We have a family pot and everyone sees a flop. Torelli leads for €3,100 into the €5,000 pot holding .

Tony G holds top and bottom pair with and moves in for his whole stack. Torelli calls and we’re having the biggest pot so far: €51,325.

They decide to run it three times:

1st: – Torelli
2nd: – Tony G
3rd: not happening. apparently there’s a rule that they can only run it twice. Fair enough, we don’t need to much pot splitting math at this time of the day.

2:48 – G against G

Tony G opens the action with , Damir G raises with . Damir finds two jacks on the flop for trips and is already dreaming of a big pot.
Well, Tony G leaves the table and starts discussing with the director about the open seat. When he finally comes back to the table, he instant folds to the frustration of Damir.

2:44 – Jungleman adds as well

Top-up for Jungleman. He’s adding another €10,000 to his stack.
Even though there is some action at the table, we’re missing the really big pots at the moment.

2:40 – Another top-up for Tony G

€10,000 more for Tony G, who now has something like €40,000 invested in the game.

2:32 – One more for Torelli

It’s Torelli who opens on the button with pocket jacks. Tony G wants to play a hand and calls with . Tony gets a small piece of the [5x][Kx] flop and starts investing some chips. Torelli calls the bet (as he does on the river after a checking the turn) and takes down a nice pot.

Meanwhile Gork decided not to rebuy, so there’s an open seat at the table.

2:29 – €10,000 fries

With his recently won chips Marc Gork gets a little more active. He opens on the button with , Torelli 3-bets to €850 in the small blind holding .
A king high flop and Gork calls a €1,000 cbet from Torelli.

Torelli hits his 2nd card on the turn and decides to check. Gork takes the bait and puts in €2,100. Instant allin from Torelli and Gork has a tough decision. There’s not much room for a fold with his stack and he puts in his last chips.

They run it twice, without any help for Marc Gork.
Rebuy or not? Gork takes his time for decision, enjoying a plate of fries.

2:22 – Gork finally gets a pot

Marc Gork wasn’t the luckiest player at the table. With he gets it in good after a raise and a couple of callers. His allin gets called by Damir who basically committed himself with .

[K] and on the board and Gork doubles up.

2:14 – Trickett vs. Jungleman again

Back to back duell between Trickett and Jungleman. This time they both have rags. Money goes into the pot, even though they miss the board completely. Trickett gets runner runner for a straight, but gets absolutely nothing out of Jungleman.

2:11 – Trickett vs. Jungleman

Trickett and Jungleman get it on. against [Ax][Qx] and a lot of raises preflop. Trickett gets the best of it and takes down a nice pot (containing some dead money).

2:06 – Omaha anyone?

“Anyone up for one round of Omaha?”
Tony G puts out a proposal. No objections at the table, actually we heared a couple of “sure”.

Not sure if it’s actually possible to do something like that. As the Big Game is a television format, there might be some issues. NL Holdem is the main game for tv, not sure if the wide audience appreciates PLO.

1:56 – Damir goes back into action

3-bet from Damir to €2,000 holding . Quite a large bet, but Tony G wants to play his . Pair of deuces and a three on the flop with two spades. Tony G doesn’t lose any time and moves allin for €20,000. Damir laughs and lets his overcards go.

1:51 – Romanello gets active

Another 3-bet from Romanello. After Jungleman opens for €300, Romanello raises to €800. Damir G joins them and they see a flop.

Damir leads out with a openender, Romanello answers with an allin (holding for the flushdraw). Even though Damir is a slight favourite, he can’t make the call and leaves the pot to Romanello (who shows his hand).

Phil Laak grabs the deck and goes for the rabbit hunt. Romanello screams out that he doesn’t want to see and Laak shows the turn card to the holecam. Well, Damir would have made his straight.

1:40 – We need action

Phil Laak puts out a live straddle of €200. Tony G offers Jungleman €100 for making it a €400 straddle. Who could turn that down?

It’s Sam Trickett and Tony G who are pushing the action. After Tony’s raise Trickett makes it €4,000 with . Tony calls out of position, holding . Both miss the flop, Trickett c-bets €5,000 into a €9,000 pot.
Tony takes his time but decides to lay down the better hand.

1:31 – Laak wakes up

Remember the Phil Laak from three hours ago? 3-betting every third hand? I’m not saying that he’s back, but he just took down a smallish pot with said 3-bet holding .

1:26 – Gork loses his stack

Gork opens for €300 with . Torelli calls with red tens. Romanello has the very same hand (well, black tens that is) and raises to €1,500.

Gork only has €5,000 in his stack and moves allin. Romanello calls and we’re off to the races. No help for Marc Gork. After losing his starting stack of €10,000, he rebuys for the minimum of €5,000.

Marc Gork is still enjoying his time at the table

1:22 – Chips for Tony G

Tony G tops up and gets another €16,000 in chips.

1:20 – Laak is still here

After being the most active player before the break, we haven’t seen much (if any) from Phil Laak. With threes he opens the pot to €300, Tricket raises it to €1,250 with .
Romanello calls with and gets a nice part of the flop.

Romanello calls Trickett’s c-bet, who checks the turn. A good decision, as Romanello hit his straight. Quick fold from Trickett and Romanello takes one down.

1:17 – Torelli takes another one

Gork opens to €200 with , Torelli raises to €900 holding . Both hit the flop and Gork calls Torelli’s bet. The turn brings a ten and Torelli puts Gork allin. Not much to call there for Marc and he lets it go.

Torelli is close to €50,000 and gained almost €30,000 since the Big Game VI started.

1:04 – Nuts for Tony G

In a typical Tony G style he opens the pot in early position with a €200 bet holding . Well, it’s suited. Three players join him.

The flop brings . Must be nuts for Tony. He bets €1,500 into the €2,000 pot and gets a call by Damir’s . A ten on the turn and both players call. The on the river completes Tony’s flushdraw, but Damir folds to the bet.

You tell us what Damir was thinking in this hand.

0:54 – Gork folds the best hand again

Marc Gork hits top pair holding on a flop. Damir got a part of it with . Gork bets out, Damir raises to €2,200.

Gork is playing it safely and lays it down. Do we actually have a tight player at this table?

0:49 – First appearance for Marc Gork

Marc Gork plays through his first hand. Well, he checks it down with ace high against Phil Laak’s seven high and folds after a riverbet.

0:46 – First numbers after the break

Alec Torelli + €27,200
Phil Laak + €16,750
Jungleman + €5,000
Damir G + €2,900
Marc Gork – €825
Roberto Romanello – €2,500
Tony G – €8,900
Sam Trickett – €11,800

0:41 – Nice flop for Torelli

Alec Torelli sees a holding . It can’t get much better than this. Unfortunately, none of his three opponents got a part of that board and he takes down a somewhat lousy €1,000 (lousy compared to the pots we’re used by now).

0:39 – Aces and action for Jungleman

Romanello opens the action, after two callers Jungleman pops it to €1,225 with pocket aces. Romanello doesn’t believe him and ups it to €2,275. Too much for Tony’s pocket fours, which doesn’t stop him from calling.

Well, Jungleman isn’t going anywhere. There’s already €6,200 in the pot, Jungleman goes allin. Romanello still doesn’t believe it but has to lay down his .

And then there’s Tony G. You can tell that every fiber of his body cries for a call. But even him can lay it down sometimes and the money goes into Jungleman’s stack.

0:28 – Bring it on

Players are willing to gamble. Raise, reraise, and there’s still three players for the flop.

Tony G is holding , Damir G and Trickett joins them holding . Everyone misses the flop and Damir’s c-bet takes down the pot.

0:25 – Huge squeeze

Damir G raised in first position to €300 (six times the big blind). After a couple of callers Tony G pops it up to €3,000 holding . Folds all around and Tony G is calling for drinks.

0:24 – Here’s the full lineup

Seat 1: Tony G
Seat 2: Sam Trickett
Seat 3: Damir G
Seat 4: Phil Laak
Seat 5: Daniel “Jungleman” Cates
Seat 6: Marc Gork
Seat 7: Alec Torelli
Seat 8: Roberto Romanello

0:21 – Ante instead of straddle

Where have all the straddles gone?
The mandatory straddle doesn’t exist anymore and has been replaced by antes.
Straddles are still optional, it won’t be long before they’ll be back.

0:17 – Surprise surprise

Who would have thought. First hand after the break and Tony G opens the pot with a raise of €5.000.
Yes, you read right: €5.000. And his hand: .

Well, Alec Torelli seems to like the new table style. He’s holding and pops it up to €20.000. Tony G lays it down and gives Torelli a long speech after seeing Torelli’s hand.

We’re off to the start we hoped for. Tony G is furious.

0:13 – Back we are

We’re back at the table. Some players have left to get their beauty sleep, so let’s see who’s new at the table:

– Tony G (bought in for the max of €20,000
– Damir G
– Marc Gork (German pro, buying in for €15,000)
– Roberto Romanello (look video below, bought in for €15.000)

We expect a lot of action and of course some fun at the table.

Players decided to add an ante to the game. Blinds are 25/50, Ante is 25. The pots are going to be a lot bigger from now on.

0:05 – Give us another ten minutes

You know how it is. Someone’s late, microphones not working, Tony G finishing his speech … we’ll be back with more action in ten minutes.

Meanwhile, enjoy this video:


23:20 – Take that back

Well, Elky and Katchalov left the game. Marc Gork and Tony G will sit down when we’re back at 0:30.

At the moment it’s not clear what’s happening with Kamatakis. His name is back up on the board. Will he return after the break?

Must be a nice feeling to sit down after being voted off …

23:03 – We have the votes

Votes are in.
The players all wrote down a name. It was a tight race between Jungleman and Kamatakis. It was Kamatakis, who lost that race, he will be replaced by Tony G.

Expect some action! Or at least some banter.


22:56 – Short break

We’re on a short break, then we’ll know who’s out and who will replace the open seat(s).

22:55 – Torelli moves in 1st place

As for now, Alec Torelli is the biggest winner on the table.

Alec Torelli + €20,500
Phil Laak + €17,500
Bertrand “Elky” Grosspellier + €9,000
Dan “Jungleman” Cates – €1,300
Iliodorous Kamatakis – €7,500
Eugene Katchalov – €8,200
Sam Trickett – €8,500
Ignat “0human0” Liviu – €21,600

22:52 – Kings for Laak

Laak raises to €800 with kings, Trickett calls with . Openender for Trickett on a flop. Trickett leads out and Laak calls. The turn of completes Trickett’s straight, Laak calls another €2,000.

A dangerous on the river makes a straight more likely, Trickett bets €7,400. Laak doesn’t believe it and pays him off.

22:48 – Slight confusion

Tony G approaches the table, telling the players that two of them will be voted off. It’s not sure if he’s actually right or if he’s just messing with everyone. Our guess: he’s already in needling mode.

There’s other players who are eager to join the Big Game


22:43 – Aces again

Now it’s Kamatakis who gets dealt aces. Preflop it is Katchalov who raises with . Liviu pops it up with pocket seves and Kamatakis just calls with his aces.

A dangerous play. It works out but he doesn’t get much value. Katchalov puts in a c-bet and Kamatakis wins the pot with an uncontested allin.

22:38 – Now it’s aces

After kings for Elky, it’s aces in the hand of Katchalov. He raises an initial bet and Trickett joins the action with queens.

Katchalov is kinda short and gets his double up. On a ten high flop Trickett just calls Katchalov’s bet. The turn brings an ace and Trickett calls a tiny bet from Katchalov. He could have let it go there, but calls of Katchalov’s last €2,800.

22:34 – Kings are good enough

Who would have thought, that Elky is by far the tightest player at the table. But even him can’t lay down kings preflop. His raise takes it down after Laak and Liviu put in some money.

22:32 – A small one for Kamatakis

Kamatakis raises to €300 with , Katchalov calls with . Both players miss the flop and the c-bet takes it down.

22:28 – Action

After a raise and call with [8x][7x] suited from Trickett and Torelli it is Laak who pops it up to 1k from Laak. Jungleman raises it once more to €3,800, holding . If you think that’s it, read on.

Torelli puts in €9,000 with his and everyone folds.

Great play from Alec Torelli

22:25 – Who’s leaving?

Soon we’re going to lose the first player at the table. The decision is up to the players itself. In a secret ballot everyone writes down the name of a player. Whoever gets most votes will lose his seat.

22:23 – Top pair not good enough

Elky hits top pair with on a . Katchalov has and check-raises to €1,150 with his nut-flushdraw. Elky lets it go.

22:20 – Tony G as we know him

Here he is. Shouting at the players at the table.
“If you’re not straddleing you’re gonna be evicted. Forever!”

Look likes he’s trying to get players to leave so he can join the action.

22:19 – Flushdraw ftw

Laak opens utg with . Liviu raises with . Flushdraw for Laak on the flop and his checkraise wins the hand.

22:17 – Tony G announces himself

Stay tuned, as soon you’ll get a glimpse of what’s expecting us tonight. Tony G is about make an appearance (at the rails)

22:14 – Suited and/or connected

Four players in the pot. Two with low suited connectors, two with higher connected cards.
Katchalov flops the nuts with on a [2x][3x][4x] board, unfortunately for him his opponents completely miss.

22:10 – Laak still leading

Phil Laak + €28,300
Alec Torelli + €15,500
Bertrand “Elky” Grosspellier + €8,300
Dan “Jungleman” Cates + €700
Iliodorous Kamatakis – €10,700
Sam Trickett – €11,400
Eugene Katchalov – €13,800
Ignat “0human0” Liviu – €17,000

22:07 – Aces again

Four hours into the game, we’ve seen our share of pocket aces.

This time its Jungleman, who is up against in Elky’s hand. Elky manages to hit two pair on the turn, but the river brings a fourth diamond to the board (Jungleman holding the ).

It takes Elky less than a second to fold his two pair when Jungleman bets.

22:00 – Sets, sets, sets

Another set, this time for Laak. His pocket eights are completed by a third one on the flop, while Katchalov hits middle pair with . Laak manages to squeeze out some money from Katchalov, who calls Laak’s bets.

21:55 – Second set for Jungleman in five hands

It’s been a while since we heard from Kamatakis. With he raises to €300 and gets a call by Jungleman (pocket twos) and Elky’s .
A set for Jungleman and an Ace on the flop. What seems like an action flop turns into a quick end when Jungleman’s bet takes down the pot. Unfortunately for him noone had an ace.

21:50 – Another one for Laak

Laak hits two pair with [6x][3x] on a board. Jungleman – having a six himself – leads out and gets an instant check-raise from Laak who takes down the pot.

21:41 – First ‘Run it twice’

Pocket fours for Jungleman and he opens for €400. Four players join the action and we have €1,500 in the pot.

on the flop. Set for Jungleman, straight draws for Katchalov () and Elky (). Jungleman bets €1,100, Katchalov raises to €3,000.
Jungleman answers with an allin and Katchalov calls of his last €6,000.

Both players want to run it twice.
Heat 1: Ten on the turn and Jungleman wins with a full house.
Heat 2: An eight on the turn, Katchalov hits his straight.

Jungleman getting a two hour massage

21:27 – No hands but big pots

Jungleman and Trickett get it on with [Qx] against [Kx][Jx]. Jungleman calls Trickett’s raise on the seven high flop with his Ace high.
Missing the action on the turn, we see Jungleman moving in on the river on a €10,000 pot, Trickett has to lay down his king high, Jungleman wins with what he thinks was a bluff.

21:23 – Giovanni Rizzo introduces Big Game VI


21:21 – Laak likes his small pairs.

Torelli opens with for €300. Katchalov raises to €850 with . Laak joins the action with pocket sixes, Torelli stays in as well.

The flop brings and Torelli goes for a checkraise on Katchalov’s c-bet.

21:19 – How much money?

Once again its Sam Trickett against Phil Laak. Laak calls the initial raise with pocket threes.
Trickett misses the queen high flop with , but wins it with a c-bet.

21:16 – How much money?

After several rebuys there’s almost a quarter million of €uro on the table. In an hour we will lose our first player.

21:12 – Lots of players

Players seem to open up a bit. For the second time in a row, we had a 4-way pot. While Alec Torelli took down the first one, everyone misses the flop the second time.

Again it’s Torelli who takes down the pot. After Laak led out with air, Torelli raised (with slightly better air) and that’s the end of it.

21:05 – Two for Jungleman

Two wins in a row for Jungleman. Jacks and nines do the trick.

21:04 – Number update

Right now, only three of the eight players won money. Here’s all the numbers.

Phil Laak + €22,600
Bertrand “Elky” Grosspellier + €10,800
Alec Torelli + €10,100
Dan “Jungleman” Cates – €3,300
Sam Trickett – €6,700
Eugene Katchalov – €10,000
Iliodorous Kamatakis – €10,500
Ignat “0human0” Liviu – €13,000

20:59 – Again kings against nines

Laaks opens the action, Katchalov raises him with nines. Trickett finds kings and pushes it up to around €2,000.
Katchalov looks him up, as Trickett is known to 3-bet light on a spot like this.

, Trickett leads out and Katchalov calls. €11,000 in the pot, while Katchalov has about the same amount behind. Trickett moves allin and puts a tough decision on Katchalov.

It takes him two minutes, before he puts his stack in for the call. A three on the river and Trickett takes down the 30k stack.

Sam Trickett is still down by €6,000, while Eugene Katchalov now has a loss of €10,000 on his account (he just rebought for another €10,000).

20:52 – Torelli loses one

Must be the first time that Torelli doesn’t win a pot that’s over €1,000.
On a flop of he calls a €550 bet of Liviu. Liviu hit top pair with , while Torelli holds two overcards . A ten on the turn and he adds an openender to his draw. Ignat Liviu bets €1,450, basically potsize. Torelli calls once more and they see another ten on the river.

Ignat checks and Torelli bets big: €2,800.
He’s up against the wrong guy, Ignat calls and adds more than 5k to his stack.

20:47 – It can’t work every time

Once again it’s Laak who opens. Jungleman 3-bets, holding a strong . Unfortunately for him, Torelli is up next and calls with tens.

It gets better. Katchalov finds kings. Having already three players in the pot, he bumps it up from €1,100 to €3,800. Everyone lets it go, Katchalov wins a decent pot preflop.

20:42 – Laak squeezes

Tens for Laak and a set on the flop. Tricket holds and has two straight draws on a board. Not much value in there though. Both players play it save and Laak takes it down with a small et on the river.

Laak getting involved in two hands out of three

20:39 – Laak squeezes

Phil Laak is living up to every expectation. Even though he’s by far the most active player at the table, he gets away with almost obvious squeeze plays.

20:32 – Queens for Torelli

Illios Kamatakis opens the action with pocket sevens to €300. After two callers, Torelli finds queens and raises to almost €2,000. That’s it for this hand and once more Torelli adds to his stack.

20:30 – Who’s next

It won’t take too long before we see the first elimination on the table. Who’s gonna take the empty seat?
Rumors say it might be Tony G.

20:27 – Same hand for Laak and Trickett

Both Laak and Trickett hold [5x][3x] suited.
While they miss the flop, Trickett takes down the pot being the first one to bet.

20:24 – 3-bet and pot for Laak

Elky opens the action with for €300, Laak finds and pops it up to €1,300. Elky folds and we have a perfect example of a successful 3-bet.

20:16 – Aces again

Jackpot for Elky. He limps in with two aces with two aggressive players behind him. While Trickett lays it down, Kamatakis moves allin with and €5,675.

It goes without saying that Elky makes the call. The board doesn’t help Kamatakis who calls for chips before the river is dealt.

20:13 – Money list

Phil Laak is still leading this Big Game, while Ignat Liviu joined Sam Trickett at the bottom of our list.

Phil Laak + €28,400
Alec Torelli + €16,000
Bertrand “Elky” Grosspellier + €5,700
Eugene Katchalov + €2,750
Dan “Jungleman” Cates + €725
Iliodorous Kamatakis – €4,325
Ignat “0human0” Liviu – €22,500
Sam Trickett – €25,000

20:10 – The Unabomber strikes again

Kings for Laak, nines for Torelli. On the flop both players check. Torelli’s probably sure to hold the best hand, when the turn brings . Torelli calls Laak’s bet and both see the on the river.

Laak leads out for €1,250 into a 5k pot. Torelli thinks for a while, before laying his hand down.

20:02 – Liviu wins a small bet

Since he lost the big pot against Torelli, Liviu shut down. He regained some confidence in the most recent hand.

On a flop with three kings and two rags he valuebets small on the river, holding just ace high. It might be that his opponents want to find out what hands and how Liviu plays: Sam Trickett calls him off with queen high.

19:48 – Phil Laak again

Phil Laak sure has been one of the most active players so far. With pocket jacks he looks at a flop gainst jungleman’s . A flop of and Laak bets out €500. Jungleman raises to €3,000 and a split second later Laak pushes it up to €10,000.

It takes Jungleman even less time to fold his hand.

19:42 – Aces for Katchalov

Katchalov opens the action with aces. Phil Laak only holds , but is in the mood for some action. Even though Laak hits the board, he only looses a small pot to Katchalov.

19:39 – 46 hours to go

What can we expect? There’s still 46 hours of continuous poker ahead of us. The audience can vote players off the table, some will leave the action by themselves.

At least one player is planning to play the whole session. Phil Laak won’t leave his seat if he isn’t forced to.

19:32 – Torelli flops a flush and wins 15k

Good timing for Torelli. So far, he only played two hands and managed to win both of them. With he flops a flush on a . Liviu leads out with , Torelli just calls.

A two on the turn and Liviu gets a straight. He leads out again, once more Torelli just calls. A four on the river and there’s a straight on the board. Liviu checks with a smile, Torelli moves all in. It takes Liviu less than a second to make the call, expecting a split pot.

Torelli takes down a pot of €30,700 (so far the highest pot of the evening), while Liviu takes a €20,000 rebuy.

19:28 – Only three players on the loosing side

So far, only three of the eight players lost money. While Liviu and Kamatakis are down a couple of big blinds, Sam Trickett already lost €24,000.

19:24 – Jungleman takes some of Laak’s money

Kings for Jungleman, for Phil Laak. After raise and reraise before the flop, Laak pays of a smallish bet of Jungleman on a seven high flop, but gives up the 8k pot on the turn.

19:19 – Runner runner straight for Jungleman

Holding , Sam Trickett flops top pair and tries to trap Jungleman. A queen on the flop and Jungleman leads out. Trickett calls, the river brings the actioncard: .
Jungleman checks his straight and raises after Trickett’s bet. A tough decision for Trickett who’s too curious to let his two pair go.

19:12 – No mistakes for Jungleman
We’re all expecting to see a lot from Daniel “Jungleman” Cates. Up till now he hasn’t played a lot of hands. The ones he did, he had some decisions to take. Up till now, they were all right.

Right now he 4-bet Ignat Liviu with . Up till now it was Liviu, who likes to 3-bet and push the action, this time he lets his [Ax][Qx] go.

19:02 – Torelli wins his first hand

It took Alec Torelli an hour to play his first hand. With he’s up against four opponents. Nevertheless, a queen high flop is enough to end the hand.

After folding for an hour and loosing around €500 in blinds and antes, he moves right into the green zone.

18:58 – Who’s up, who’s down

Here’s how the eight players at the table are doing at the moment:

Phil Laak + €19,450
Bertrand “Elky” Grosspellier + €6,000
Eugene Katchalov + €3,150
Alec Torelli – €550
Dan “Jungleman” Cates – €800
Ignat “0human0” Liviu – €2,200
Iliodorous Kamatakis – €4,375
Sam Trickett – €20,700

18:54 – Money for Katchalov

Katchalov flops a full house holding pocket threes on a board. Local casino qualifier Ignat Liviu decides to play his flushdraw with .

Liviu leads out and calls the raise of Katchalov. on the turn and Liviu folds to a €2,700 bet.

18:45 – Donation for Elky

Elky starts the hand with against the kings of Iliodorous Kamatakis. A flop with two jacks and both players check. Same procedure on the turn.

Unfortunately for Kamatakis, the river brings an ace. Elky bets out, Kamatakis looks disgusted but pays him off.

18:37 – Aces for Laak

Sam Trickett with his first premium hand. He raises the action with red queens.
Phil Laak almost misses the action as he just good food. When he looks at his cards he is more than happy to get it all in with aces.

Trickett gets the rest of his stack in the middle. An ace on the flop almost seals Trickett’s fate, a queen on the turn gives him a slight hope. No one-out-wonder on the river and with €26,500 the biggest pot so far goes to Phil Laak.

Sam Trickett is already down €20,000 (and takes his first rebuy), while Phil Laak gained exactly that sum.

18:31 – Double Up for Kamatakis

Right after his rebuy Iliodorous Kamatakis gets a nice double up. After the usual straddle five players limp into the pot.
Kamatakis finds and decides to move in with his €5,000. With all the dead money in the pot definitely the right decision.

He gets a call from Katchalov holding . They’re playing for a €11,000 pot. A king on the flop, as well as an ace. No more hits on turn or river and all of the sudden Kamatakis is on the winning side.

18:28 – Phil Laak on a roll

Phil Laak takes down another pot. On a flop of he starts building a pot holding . Iliodorous Kamatakis takes the bait with . Another eight on the turn and Kamatakis is drawing dead. He pays off another two bets of Phil Laak and loses his whole starting stack of 5k.

We have our first rebuy, Kamatakis invests another €5,000.

18:20 – Trickett playing every hand

Building up a loose reputation, Sam Trickett is getting involved in every hand.

With he was up against of Phil Laak. Laak hits his jack on the flop. Trickett looks for a spot to steal the pot but ends up loosing another €1,000 to Laak.

18:15 – Elky takes down the first Pot
First hand of the evening and Phil Laak is living up to the expectations. He takes a little over €1,000 out of Trickett holding on a [Kx][Tx][Tx] board.

18:07 – Cards are in the Air

They’re underway now in Big Game VI, with a lot of preliminary discussion about whether or not to add antes, what sorts of straddles are allowed, and the usual talk you’d expect from a high stakes cash game with a lot of players looking to juice the action as much as possible.

18:01 – Let’s Get Ready to Rumble in the Big Game VI

We’re getting very close to the kickoff of the Big Game VI here at the Montesino Casino, with a star-studden lineup waiting in the wings to show off their cash game skills here amid all the tournament action of Premier League V and WPT Vienna.

The game will feature a minimum buy-in of €5,000/maximum buy-in of €20,000, with blinds of €25/50 and an optional €100 straddle available.

The starting lineup we just received includes the following players who’ll be taking a seat to kick things off:

Phil Laak

Eugene Katchalov

Bertrand “Elky” Grosspellier

Dan “Jungleman” Cates

Sam Trickett

Alec Torelli

Ignat “0human0″ Liviu

Iliodorous Kamatakis

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