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WPT Venice Grand Prix Day 4 Completed: Andrea Dato Runaway Chip Leader

Day 4 of the World Poker Tour Venice Grand Prix Main Event was short and sweet, topping the scales at under three hours, thanks to having to only go from nine to six players. First to go was Massimo Mosele and he was followed out of the door shortly afterwards by Jeremie Sochet and American pro Jason Wheeler and with Wheeler’s elimination the final table was complete set in stone.

When play resumes on Friday afternoon the six final table members will line up as follows:

  • Seat 1: Andrea Dato: 1,591,000
  • Seat 2: Simon Ravnsbaek: 922,000
  • Seat 3: Andrea Carini: 347,000
  • Seat 4: Rinat Bogdanov: 907,000
  • Seat 5: Gianluca Trebbi: 343,000
  • Seat 6: Alessandro Longobardi: 558,000


Jason Wheeler Eliminated in 7th Place (€25,625)

Our final table has been set with the elimination of Jason Wheeler. Andrea Dato opened to 33,000 in the hijack only to see Andrea Carini three-bet to 85,000 from the cutoff. Gianluca Trebbi folded his small blind but Wheeler moved all in for 436,000. Dato made the call and when Carini folded the cards were revealed.


“One time,” pleads Wheeler

Flop: – A very safe flop for Dato’s jacks.

Turn: – Wheeler still needs an ace or queen

River: – An unnecessary set of jacks for Dato and with that Wheeler heads to the sidelines and we have out final table.


Trebbi Gets Shoving

Gianluca Trebbi is short stacked and it looks like he has made the decision to start getting his chips into the middle. First he open-shoved for 230,000 from UTG+1 and picked up the blinds and antes then almost immediately afterwards he shoved over the top of Andrea Dato’s opening 33,000 raise and found no callers.


Dato Hits Quads

Andrea Dato raises to 33,000 in the hijack and Gianluca Trebbi defends his big blind. The flop is and Trebbi check-calls a 30,000 c-bet. On the turn we have yet another deuce 2and this time Trebbi check-calls a 52,000 Dato bet.

Heading to the river Trebbi has around 400,000 behind and Dato has 560,000. We see the and Trebbi checks to Dato who bets 130,000. Trebbi doesn’t need long to make his mind up and flicks a solitary red 5k chip into the middle of the table to indicate a call. Dato shows for quads and the Trebbi hand suddenly became irrelevant as he slides it unseen to the dealer.

Dato: 800,000
Trebbi: 292,000


Slow Down

The players, who are relatively even in chips, are playing much more conservatively than at any other stage of the tournament and nobody seems to want to take advantage of that. The reason for the slow down is not just the pay jump but also the fact the full WPT production team is here and this tournament is going to be broadcast around the world.

It seems like the last seven players are wanting to get their faces onto the television!


Bogdanov Closes Gap

Simon Ravnsbaek raises to 28,000 in the cutoff and Rinat Bogdanov calls in the small blind. Gianluca Trebbi folds his big blind and they see a flop of . Bogdanov decided to check-raise to 70,000 and Ravnsbaek calls. On the turn we have the and Bogdanov bets 120,000 and Ravnsbaek decides to fold.

Bogdanov: 900,000
Ravnasbaek: 1,100,000


Wheeler Gets Into Push-Bot Mode

Jason Wheeler open shoves for 330,000 in the hijack seat, “I have 330,000…well around 375,000 after this hand,” says Wheeler before everyone folds.

“That’s a big shove,” says Ravnsbaek.

“Guess I am done folding,” says Wheeler.


“I don’t tilt often,” says Wheeler.

A few hands later and Andrea Carini raises from the cutoff to 33,000 and Wheeler moves all-in from the big blind and Carini folds.

“What is your stack now Jason?” Asks Dato.

“Around 410,000 – enough to some damage,” says Wheeler.


Official Chip Counts

  • 1st – Simon Ravnsbaek – 1,200,000
  • 2nd – Rinat Bogdanov – 783,000
  • 3rd – Alessandro Longobardi – 680,000
  • 4th – Andrea Dato – 625,000
  • 5th – Gianluca Trebbi – 607,000
  • 6th – Andrea Carini – 475,000
  • 7th – Jason Wheeler – 270,000


Break Time

The players are on a 15-minute break.


Jeremie Sochet Eliminated in 8th Place (€19,055)

Jeremie Sochet has been sent to the rail and we are now on the WPT Venice Grand Prix final table bubble!

Rinat Bogdanov opens to 27,000 from the small blind and Sochet three-bets all in for an addition 94,000. Bogdanov decided to gamble and he makes the call.


Bogdanov picks up flush draw on the flop but he doesn’t need it because the turn is the leaving Sochet drawing to one out. Our river card is the and Sochet becomes out eighth place finisher.


Massimo Mosele Eliminated in 9th Place (€13,795)

Every tournament has one. The rock who somehow manages to get super deep in the tournament without seemingly playing a hand. This particular rock – Massimo Mosele – played two hands today. The first was an open shove that got through uncontested and the second is this one…

Massimo Mosele open shoves for 109,000, in early position, and Andrea Dato calls in the hijack seat. Mosele turns over and Dato has . The board runs out and Dato eliminates is fellow countryman.

Dato ~ 670,000


Trebbi Five-Bets

Jason Wheeler gets the action under way by raising to 26,000 from UTG+1. Alessandro Longobardi calls to his direct left and then the action folds to Rinat Bogdanov who squeezes to 86,000. To Bogdanov’s left is Gianluca Trebbi and he moves two towers of chips forward that turns out to be 194,000. This is enough to force snap-folds from Wheeler and Longobardi but Bogdanov ponders his options.

He’s sat scratching his head, literally, with a single yellow 1,000 chips but the friction caused does not spark any bright ideas and he folds.

“Show us a deuce!” jokes Simon Ravnsbaek as Trebbi sends his cards towards the muck.


Carini Check-Raise Wins Pot

Massimo Mosele raises to 25,000 first-in from the cutoff and the action folds to Andrea Carini in the big blind. He asks Mosele to move his hands so he can count his stack, he does and when he counts the chips Carini makes the call.

Flop: – Carini checks, Mosele continues with a bet of 30,000 but when Carini check-raises to 100,000 Mosele instantly mucks.


Ravnsbaek Comes Out Three-Betting

Andrea Carinjo opens to 25,000 from under the gun and immediately covers his mouth with his scarf. The action folds to Simon Ravnsbaek in the big blind and he three-bets to 62,000 and surprisingly Carini snap-folds.


Passively Played Kings Good For Longobardi

Joining the action on a flop, Jason Wheeler checks from the big blind and Alessandro Longobardi checks behind from under the gun. The dealer puts the onto the turn and now Wheeler comes out betting, making it 36,000 to play but Longobardi is not going away and he quickly calls.

The river is the and Wheeler goes back into checking mode. Longobardi checks behind and the players are instructed to showdown their hands.

Longobardi: – and the win

Longobardi: 790,000
Wheeler: 650,000


Ravnsbaek Shoves On Dato, Shows a Five!

Andrea Dato raises to 25,000 in the hijack seat and Simon Ravnsbaek three-bets to 64,000 in the cutoff. The action folds back around to Dato and he grabs a handful of white 10k chips and his Danish opponent smiles. Dato counts out a four-bet of around 130,000 and moves it across the line.

“I am all-in,” says Ravnsbaek.

Dato mucks instantly and Ravnsbaek smiles before showing him the !

Ravnsabaek: 900,000
Dato: 630,000


Bogdanov Doubles Up

Rinat Bogdanov raises to 25,000 from under the gun and Jeremie Sochet quickly two seats to his left. The duo share a flop of and Bogdanov makes a continuation bet of 25,000 and Sochet calls. On the turn we see the and this time Bogdanov slows down and checks. Sochet dives straight into his chips and lays out a bet of 25,000, Bogdanov takes his time and makes the call.

The river card is the and Bogdanov verbally declares he is all in for a total of 122,000 chips. Sochet says something to him in French before finally calling and Bogdanov turns over for straight that he caught on the river. Sochet throws face up on the table for a flopped set.

Bogdanov: 410,000
Sochet: 206,000


Shuffle Up And Deal

Play is underway in the WPT Venice Main Event. We think it could be short and sweet with just nine players remaining and play stopping when we get to six.


WPT Venice Grand Prix: Day 4

Hello and welcome back to the historical Casino Di Venezia for the penultimate day of the WPT Venice Grand Prix Main Event. Just nine players remain and by the time the curtain comes down on today’s performance there will only be six and these six will return on Friday for the televised and live streamed final table.

Leading the way when play gets underway, at around 1300 CET, is Simon Ravnsbaek. His 795,000 chips slightly in front of Alessandro Longobardi’s 783,000. Third place at the start of the day belongs to Andrea Dato with 726,000 chips. You may remember Dato from the WPT Venice Main Event we ran in December because he made the final table and finished fourth for €43,170. Can he go one, two or three better in the Grand Prix?

Making up the final nine are Jason Wheeler, Gianluca Trebbi, Andrea Carini, Jeremie Sochet, Rinat Bogdanov and Massimo Mosele. here’s how the nine will line up.

  • Seat 1: Andrea Dato: 726,000
  • Seat 2: Simon Ravnsbaek: 795,000
  • Seat 3: Andrea Carini: 430,000
  • Seat 4: Rinat Bogdanov: 201,000
  • Seat 5: Gianluca Trebbi: 474,000
  • Seat 6: Jeremie Sochet: 402,000
  • Seat 7: Jason Wheeler: 699,000
  • Seat 8: Alessandro Longobardi: 783,000
  • Seat 9: Massimo Mosele: 163,000

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