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Rinat Bogdanov Wins WPT Venice Grand Prix Main Event (€229,800)

and Rinat Bogdanov calls holding . Our final flop of the WPT Venice Grand Prix is and Bogdanov check-calls a 60,000 Longobardi c-bet. On the turn, Bogdanov hits two pair when the comes down from the sky. Bogdanov plays it cool, once more, and it is another check-call, this time for 240,000.

On the river we see the and Bogdanov remains composed and checks for a third and final time. Longobardi bets 300,000 and Bogdanov cannot contain his excitement. A smirk comes over his face as he moved all-in. Longobardi looks to the sky, checks his cards and then makes the call. Bogdanov turns over his hand and Longobardi gets to his feet to congratulate the new WPT Champion.

Bogdanov takes home €229,800 and Longobardi takes home €111,700.


First Hand of Heads-Up

Rinat Bogdanov opens to 200,000 with and Alessandro Longobardi calls with . The flop comes down and Longobardi checks and Bogdanov checks behind. The turn is the and again Longobardi checks then calls a 200,000 bet from his opponent.

The river is the and Longobardi checks but does not call Bogdanov’s 360,000 bet.


Andrea Dato Eliminated in 3rd Place (€72,275)

Andrea Dato has been eliminated from the Main Event after a clash with Rinat Bogdanov.

The shot-stacked Dato open-shoved with and was instantly called by Bogdanov with a dominating . The flop hits Bogdanov and leaves Dato drawing to a runner-runner. The on the turn locks up the hand for the Russian and the inconsequential completes the hand and we are now heads-up!


Longobardi Doubles Up Through Dato

Andrea Dato finds in the hole and makes it 160,000 to play. Rinat Bogdanov folds but Alessandro Longobardi announces he is all in and his fellow country man snap-calls him.


The flop gives Longobardi a whole host of outs. The turn is not one of them but the certainly is and Longobardi is back in business.


Longobardi Folds Best Hand

Alessandro Longobardi raises to 175,000, on the button, holding and Rinat Bogdanov three-bets, from the big blind for 420,000, holding . Longobardi takes some time before folding the best hand.


Dato Doubles!

We just cannot get down to heads-up, and three-handed play continues after Andrea Dato doubled up. Dato open-shoved 1,245,000 and after 30 seconds of so Alessandro Longobardi calls.


The board runs out and we are still three handed here in the WPT Venice Grand Prix Main Event.


Chip Counts

  • Alessandro Longobardi: 2,330,000
  • Andrea Dato: 1,295,000
  • Rinat Bogdanov: 1,050,000


Another Big Hand For Longobardi

After looking down and finding Alessandro Longobardi opens to 140,000. Next to act is Andrea Dato and he decides to three-bet to 320,000 with the lowly . Once Rinat Bogdanov gets out of the way Longobardi moves all in for over 1,900,000 and Dato instantly mucks.


Longobardi On A Roll

Alessandro Longobardi is on a roll and picking up cards but nobody else is at the same time. Just now he raised to 140,000 with and was delighted to see Andrea Dato three-bet to 280,000 with . Longobardi pondered all of his options before settling for an all-in bet of 1,320,000. This was far too much for Dato to call and he snap-folded.


Bogdanov Doubles Up

Alessandro Longobardi folds on the button and Andrea Dato moves all in from the small blind for more than 3,000,000. Rinat Bogdanov instantly calls and the cards are turned over.


The flop misses both players but Bogdanov’s ten-kicker is still in play. The turn is the and Bogdanov stays in front. The river is the and with that Bogdanov doubles and we are still three-handed.


No Action For Longobardi Again

Alessandro Longobardi opens to 140,000 with pocket fours but his bet goes uncalled once again.


Dato Forces River Fold

Alessandro Longobardi comes into the pot with a raise from the small blind, holding , and Andrea Dato calls in the big blind, holding .

The flop is and Longobardi c-bets 120,000. Action onto Dato and he raises to 240,000 and Longobardi makes the call. The turn of is checked through and we see the final card which is the . Longobardi checks and Dato bets 450,000 with complete air and Longobardi goes into the tank before folding the best hand.

Dato ~ 3,000,000
Longobardi ~ 1,100,000


Longobardi Three-bet Goes Uncalled

Andrea Dato opens to 120,000 with and the action folds to Alessandro Longobardi. He checks his cards but we cannot see them because the graphic is not showing them! Whatever they are they are worth a three-bet to 220,000.

Dato pauses for 60 seconds before folding. Longobardi shows his cards triumphantly to Dato and we see they are .


Chip Counts

  • Andrea Dato: 2,775,000
  • Alessandro Longobardi: 1,290,000
  • Rinat Bogdanov: 610,000


Dinner Break

The players have been playing for seven hours now with only 30 minute respite so they have been sent on an hour’s dinner break.


Big Pot Goes Dato’s Way

First in Andrea Dato raises to 100,000 with and Rinat Bogdanov calls in the small blind with . Dato smashes into the flop and will be delighted that Bogdanov bets 140,000. Dato just calls. The players check the and river and Dato wins the pot.

Dato: 2,100,000
Bogdanov: 900,000


Longobardi Shoves On Dato

Alessandro Longobardi raises to 120,000, on the button, holding . Andrea Dato is in the small blind and he three-bets to 270,000 holding . Back to Longobardi and he moves all-in prompting an immediate fold from Dato.

Longobardi: 1,350,000
Dato: 1,800,000



  • Alessandro Longobardi: 1,810,000
  • Andrea Dato: 1,435,000
  • Rinat Bogdanov: 1,430,000


Ace-High Call For Longobardi

From the button Andrea Dato raises to 80,000 holding and Alessandro Longobardi defends his big blind with . The action is checked down to the river on a board of and Dato bets 120,000. Longobardi senses something is wrong and after a moments pause he makes a solid call.

Dato: 2,090,000
Bogdanov: 1,470,000
Longobardi: 1,170,000


Fish And Chips, Chips And Fish

  • Andrea Dato: 2,090,000
  • Rinat Bogdanov: 1,370,000
  • Alessandro Longobardi: 1,215,000


Dato Hits Trips To Win

Rinat Bogdanov decided to get tricky and limp from the button with which sees Alessandro Longobardi limp with and Andrea Dato check in the big blind with his .

Flop: – Longobardi checks, Dato bets and only Bogdanov makes the call.

Turn: – Dato leads again, making it 185,000 to play and Bogdanov springs into action and makes it 330,000 to play.

River: – Dato checks and Bogdanov checks behind.

The pot slides to Dato.


River Bet Takes Down Family Pot

Andrea Dato raises on the button with and both blinds call. The action is checked through to the river on a board of and Rinat Bogdanov wins the pot with a bet of 150,000 holding .


Player Slow Down

Despite the fact play is now three-handed the players seem to be happy to simply pass the blinds to each other. Hands that are reaching flops are being check-folded. Hopefully the aggression will start to shine through soon.


Worst Hand In Poker Wins

Andrea Dato opens with just on the button and cannot be too happy when Rinat Bogdanov makes the call. He does so with . The dealer puts out the flop, gifting Dato a flush but a low one obviously.

Bogdanov leads into his opponent with a 100,000 bet but he quickly gets out of the way when Dato raises it up to 220,000.


Dato Three-Bets Bogdanov

Rinat Bogdanov opens to 80,000 with just and it is unsurprising when he gets out of the way when Andrea Dato three-bets to 220,000 with his pocket tens.


Simon Ravnsbaek Eliminated in 4th Place (€52,565)

Simon Ravnsbaek open shoves for 600,000 holding and Rinat Bogdanov peeks at his cards and see’s for the easiest call of his life.


Ravnsbaek has played wonderfully in this tournament but he is going to have to settle for 4th place.

Bogdanov: 1,800,000


Chips Counts At The Break

  • Andrea Dato: 1,615,000
  • Simon Ravnsbaek: 715,000
  • Rinat Bogdanov: 1,160,000
  • Alessandro Longobardi: 1,125,000


Break Time

Another level has been and gone and the players are on a 15 minute break.


Ravnsbaek Folds Best hand

Andrea Dato raises to 75,000 from the small blind with and Simon Ravnsbaek three-bets to 170,000 from the big blind holding pocket nines. Dato makes the call and the flop comes down . Dato checks and Ravnsbaek checks behind.

The turn brings the into play and again it goes check-check. The river is the and now Dato leads out, betting 245,000. Ravnsbaek looks pained in his decision making, but after close to 90 seconds he mucks his hand.


Bogdanov Doubles Up

A raise from Andrea Dato is answered with an all-in three-bet from Rinat Bogdanov and after a few moments Dato makes the call.


The board runs out ! The river saved Bogdanov and we are still four-handed in the Main Event.


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Longobardi Continues To Climb

Simon Ravnsbaek opens to 60,000 with and then calls when Alessandro Longobardi three-bets to 180,000 with .

The dealer puts out the flop and Longobardi leads out with a 150,000 bet, a bet that his Danish opponent quickly calls. The turn sees the make an appearance and Longobardi tries to end the hand by moving all in for his remaining 470,000 chips. His plan works because Ravnsbaek instantly folds.


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Dato Three-Bets With Rags

Holding Alessandro Longobardi opens to 65,000 but he is stopped in his tracks when Andrea Dato three bets to 165,000. What do you think Dato three-bet with? I’ll tell you because you’ll never guess in a million years…….


Longobardi Adds To Stack

Alessandro Longobardi opens to 65,000 with and Rinat Bogdanov decides to peel with the . The dealer fans out the flop and both players check. The turn brings the into the equation and now Bogdanov leads out with a bet of 70,000. Longobardi reaches for chips and he raises to 190,000.

Bogdanov releases his hands and Longobardi wins the pot.


Gianluca Trebbi Eliminated in 5th Place (€42,705)

Gianluca Trebbi moves all-in for the umpteenth time and eventually he finds a caller in the shape of Alessandro Longobardi. Unfortunately, for Trebbi he is in terrible shape when the cards are turned over.



Longobardi has found a hand at the perfect time and Trebbi is out.

Longobardi: 810,000


End of Level

We are now on a 10-minute break.


Dato Takes One From Bogdanov

The action is on Andrea Dato and he raises to 50,000 with only to see Rinat Bogdanov three-bet to 125,000 who is holding . Dato ponders his options for a few moments before sitting back in his chair, huffing and sighing as he does so. After two minutes he makes the call and it is heads-up to the .

Bogdanov checks, Dato bets 105,000 and Bogdanov almost instantaneously folds.


Chip Counts

  • Simon Ravnsbaek: 1,540,000
  • Andrea Dato: 1,215,000
  • Rinat Bogdanov: 1,091,000
  • Alessandro Longobardi: 478,000
  • Gianluca Trebbi: 349,000


Ravnsbaek Continues To Push Table Around

Simon Ravnsbaek is completely bossing the table right now and he is showing no signs of slowing down. Andrea Dato raises to 50,000 with and Ravnsbaek is next to act and he three-bets with just ! He makes it 126,000 to play and after much deliberation Dato folds and the Dane’s rampage continues.


Continuation Bet Does The Trick For Ravnsbaek

Simon Ravnsbaek opens to 49,000 yet again, this time with and he finds callers in the shape of Rinat Bogdanov with and Andrea Dato with . The flop comes down and after Dato checks in the big blind Ravnsbaek bets 57,000 and it is enough to take down the pot because both players fold.


Ravnsbaek Caught With Fingers In The Cookie Jar

Simon Ravnsbaek opens to 49,000 with the monster that is and the action folds to Alessandro Longobardi moves all in for 293,000 with his . Getting significant odds Ravnsbaek calls and turns over his weak hand.

The five community cards fall and Longobardi doubles up.


Updated Chip Counts

Simon Ravnsbaek: 1,668,000
Andrea Dato: 1,257,000
Rinat Bogdanov: 1,075,000
Gianluca Trebbi: 380,000
Alessandro Longobardi: 293,000


Ravnsbaek Claims The Chip Lead!

Andrea Dato makes it 50,000 to play and Simon Ravnsbaek three-bets. Then in a flurry of action Dato moves all in and the Dane instantly calls!


The flop leaves Dato drawing to a single out as the would give Ravnsbaek the flush. The turn is the and the river the and with that Ravnsbaek climbs to 1,668,000 chips and is the new leader of this final table.


Alessandro Longobardi Crushed

Alessandro Longobardi opens to 50,000 with and Andrea Dato calls him with . The action is on Simon Ravnsbaek and he wakes up with pocket aces and moves all in! Longobardi calls and Dato snap-mucks.

The board runs out and Ravnsbaek climbs to 810,000 whilst Longobardi drops to 297,000.


Ravnsbaek Moves In With Small Pair

With Andrea Carini’s exit Simon Ravnsbaek is the new short stack and he has immediately tried to rectify that by open-shoving for 366,000 with a pair of fives. The action folds to Andrea Dato an surprisingly he folds his .


Andrea Carini Eliminated in 6th Place (€32,195)

Andrea Dato opens to 50,000 with only to see Andrea Carini move all in for 367,000. Dato makes the call and finds he is up against .

The flop comes down which is very safe for Dato. The on the turn gives Carini some outs to the straight but the is not one of them and Carini becomes the sixth place finisher in the WPT Venice Grand Prix Main Event.


Chip Counts At The Break

Andrea Dato: 1,694,000
Simon Ravnsbaek: 366,000
Andrea Carini: 415,000
Rinat Bognadov: 1,179,000
Gianluca Trebbi: 300,000
Alessandro Longobardi: 719,000


Dato Shoves On Ravnsbaek

Simon Ravnsbaek opens with to 42,000 but his hand is quickly in the muck when Andrea Dato moves all in on him with his [Ax][Qx].


Bogdanov Feeling Flush

Simon Ravnsbaek opens to 42,000 with and Rinat Bogdanov makes the call with . The flop reads and Ravnsbaek leads into his opponent with a 55,000 bet and Bogdanov makes the call.

The turn is the and now Ravnsbaek checks to Bogdanov but he does not check behind with his top pair and flush draw instead he bets and the Dane quickly calls.

The river is the and Ranvsbaek sees no reason to be and he checks. Bogdanov attempts to get some value from his flush and he bets, forcing Ravnsbaek out of the pot.


Interview With Simon Ravnsbaek

Earlier on we spoke to one of the final table members, Simon Ravnsbaek, and here’s what he had to say.

You could join Simon at the WPT National Championships in Denmark, just download PartyPoker and win yourself a package!


Trebbi Shoves Again With Weak Ace

The action is on Gianluca Trebbi and he open-shoves with [Ax][6x]. Andrea Carini looks like he is pondering a call but he doesn’t pull the trigger.


Ravnsbaek Pushes Longobardi Off Best Hand

Alessandro Longobardi opens to 40,000 with his but he has a decision to make because Simon Ravnsbaek three-bets to 91,000 from the button, holding just . The flop comes down , Longobardi check-calls a 53,000 bet from the Dane.

The turn brings the into play and Longobardi checks again but when Ravnsbaek makes it 116,000 to play he sends his cards back to the dealer.


Gianluca Trebbi Shove Goes Uncalled

Gianluca Trebbi looks down at and decides it is strong enough to move all in for 244,000. His shove goes uncalled and he picks up the blinds and antes.


Dato Turns Nut Flush, Gets Paid Off

Andrea Dato opens the pot yet again this time from the small blind with . Simon Ravnsbaek makes the call with and there should be fireworks now!

The first three community cards are and Dato leads into his opponent with a 55,000 bet, a bet that Ravnsbaek quickly calls. The turn completes Dato’s flush, the , and he bets again. This time he increases his bet size to 70,000 and surely that is the end of the hand.

Ravnsbaek is reaching for chips and he’s raised to 186,000! Wow! Dato rechecks his cards to ensure he has the nuts, he does, and he calls. The final card is the and Dato elects to check. Thirty seconds later Ravnsbaek taps the table and checks behind, only to be show the nuts.

He laughs to himself, possibly a nervous laugh, because he cold have gone broke in that hand quite easily.


Dato Steaming Ahead

Andrea Dato opens to 40,000 with and Rinat Bogdanov three-bets with on the button to 98,000. Dato calls and it is off to the flop.

Dato checks and Bogdanov checks behind. The dealer burns a card and puts the out on the turn. Dato nnow has an open-ended straight draw and he decides to bet it to the tune of 135,000 and Bogdanov almost instantly folds.

That is Dato’s fourth pot on the spin.


Fish and Chips

Here are the chip counts of the six final tablists.

  • Andrea Dato: 1,191,000
  • Simon Ravnsbaek: 1,031,000
  • Rinat Bogdanov: 964,000
  • Andrea Carini: 594,000
  • Alessandro Longobardi: 557,000
  • Gianluca Trebbi: 295,000


Carini Gets Off The Mark

Andrea Carini opens the betting with a raise to 41,000 with from under the gun and both Rinat Bogdanov and Simon Ravnsbaek make the call.

Flop: – Ravnsbaek checks, Bogdanov checks, Carini bets 55,000 and both of his opponents fold.


Bogdanov Raises River On a Complete Bluff

Rinat Bogdanov opens to 33,000 with and Andrea Dato makes the call with . The dealer spreads the flop onto the table. Both players check and it is off the the turn. Again both players check, leading us to the on the river.

Dato grabs some white 10,000 chips and bets 45,000 and Bogdavon is reaching for chips and raises it up to 90,000! Crazy! Dato ponders his options carefully for around 60 seconds before mucking his hand.


Early Set For Longobardi

On a flop reading Alessandro Longobardi checks from the big blind seat and Andrea Dato fires a bet of 30,000 with his . Longobardi then check-raises to 76,000 with a set of deuces and Dato Hollywoods for a few moments before folding his hand.

WPT Venice Grand Prix Final Table Live Updates!

Hello and welcome to the Casino Di Venezia where at 1400 CET the final table of the WPT Venice Grand Prix Main Event kicks off in front of the full-scale WPT production team.

Mike Sexton is here, Vince Van Patten is here, the Royal Flush Girls are here and yours truly is here too and together we will be bringing you updates live from the final table. When we say live we actually mean on a 30-minute delay because we will be providing updates complete with hole card information.

The man they all have to catch today is Andrea Dato and his colossal stack of 1,591,000 chips. Dato made the final table of WPT Venice in December where he eventually finished in fourth place so he will be hoping to go around three places higher today.

His nearest rival is Simon Ravnsbaek on 922,000 chips. The Dane is a very talented player who is not afraid to get his stack into the middle, even against the big stack so expect some fireworks today. Yesterday Ravnsbaek five-bet shoved on Dato and turned over , could his aggression be his downfall?

Making up the final six are Rinat Bogdanov, Alessandro Longobardi, Andrea Carini and Gianluca Trebbi and when play resumes they will be seated as follows:

Seat 1: Andrea Dato: 1,591,000
Seat 2: Simon Ravnsbaek: 922,000
Seat 3: Andrea Carini: 347,000
Seat 4: Gianluca Trebbi: 343,000
Seat 5: Rinat Bogdanov: 907,000
Seat 6: Alessandro Longobardi: 558,000

Each of the players is now guaranteed €32,195 but the eventual winner will walk away with a massive €229,800.

Come back at 1430 for all the live updates from the WPT Venice Grand Prix Main Event.


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