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Day 3 Completed: Simon Ravnsbaek Leads With Nine Remaining

Day 3 of the World Poker Tour Venice Grand Prix Main Event has been completed after six 90-minute levels were needed to reduce the 27 starters down to the final table of nine.

When play resumes at 1300 CET on Thursday it will be Simon Ravnsbaek who will be the chip leader, his 795,000 stack nudging him just in front of the chasing pack. Ravnsbaek played aggressive poker throughout the day and despite starting as one of the shorter stacks he thoroughly deserves his place at the top of the chip counts.

This tournament marks the Dane’s second in a World Poker Tour Event, his only other cash on the tour coming in 2011 when he finished third in the WPT Vienna Main Event. Can he go one or two places better here in Venice?

In second place going into Day 4 is Alessandro Longobardi who slowly bled chips all day long before a mini heater right at the death saw his stack swell to 783,000, just 12,000 less than Ravnsbaek. This is his first WPT cash, can he now make it his first WPT win?

Making up the final hand are Andrea Dato (726,000) who finished 4th in the WPT Venice Main Event in December, Jason Wheeler (699,000) who has almost $3,000,000 in online poker tournament winnings, Gianluca Trebbi (474,000), Andrea Carini (430,000), Jeremie Sochet (402,000) and Rinat Bogdanov (201,000).

Day 4 has the potential to be rather short as we will only be playing down to the televised six-handed final table but you never know in this crazy game we all love. When play resumes the players will be seated as follows:

WPT Venice Grand Prix Final Table

Seat 1: Andrea Dato: 726,000
Seat 2: Simon Ravnsbaek: 795,000
Seat 3: Andrea Carini: 430,000
Seat 4: Rinat Bogdanov: 201,000
Seat 5: Gianluca Trebbi: 474,000
Seat 6: Jeremie Sochet: 402,000
Seat 7: Jason Wheeler: 699,000
Seat 8: Alessandro Longobardi: 783,000
Seat 9: Massimo Mosele: 163,000


Andrey Gulyy Eliminated in 10th Place (€9,855)

Andrey Gulyy has been eliminated on the final table bubble, becoming our 10th place finisher.

Five-handed he open-shoved for 170,000 with what turned out to be and ran straight into the of Alessandro Longobardi. The missed Gulyy but the turn gave him a plethora of outs. They failed to appear though as the river was the and he was eliminated in 10th place, bringing the tournament to an end.


Gulyy Again!

Andrey Gulyy is being ultra active during the latter part of Day 3 and he has just doubled up to 170,000!

A raise from Rinat Bogdanov was met with an all-in three-bet to 88,000. Bogdanov makes the call and it is off to the races.


The board runs out and Gulyy doubles up.


Gulyy Loses Even More Ground

Andrea Carini raises to 22,00 in the cutoff, Rinat Bogdanov moves all-in from the small blind for 120,000 and Gulyy reships in the big blind for a little but more. Carini folds and we have a showdown.



Bogdanov moved up to 240,000 and Gulyy was left with 82,000 and one hell of a headache.


Longobardi Doubles Through Gulyy

Andrey Gulyy makes a standard raise from the cutoff and Alessandro Longobardi calls on the button. The dealer gives us a rainbow flop of , Gulyy c-bets 21,000 and Longobardi makes the call.

The turn is the and Gulyy fires his second barrel of 51,000 and Longobardi calls once more. Finally, we see the and Gully goes to a tower of reds and as they start to shake he says, “150”. No sooner does he say 150 than Longobardi says, “I am all-in.”

Gulyy’s face hits the floor, “great you have a straight – nice hand,” he says.

“Yes,” says Longobardi.

Gulyy still pays off the additional 55,000 and Longobardi shows for the rivered straight. Gulyy shows everyone his flopped top set with before saying, “The best players always win in this game.”

Longobardi ~ 600,000
Gulyy ~ 200,000


Mosele Is Highlander

The action folds to Massimo Mosele on the button and he moves all in for 144,000. Simon Ravnsbaek instantly mucks but Jason Wheeler triumphantly says “call” and slams down a pair of black kings. Mosele shows and the dealer gets ready to deal the flop.

The WPT camera crew start to roll their tape as the dealer puts out the flop.

“Come on, I wanna go home.” says Wheeler.

The turn is the and Wheeler looks to the heavens and shakes his head.

“KING!” demands Wheeler but his pleas fall on deaf ears as the river is the and Mosele survives again.

“Highlander. He’s just like Highlander,” says Andrea Dato who has been seated to Mosele’s right all day long.


Longobardi Plays Rare Pot

Alessandro Longobardi must have been card dead all day because we have hardly seen him move his eyes away from his iPad. But he did just play a hand with Andrey Gulyy.

Gulyy raises to 21,000 on the button and Longobardi defends his small blind. The big blind doesn’t want anything to do with the pot and so they share a flop of . Longobardi checks to Gulyy who c-bets 26,000. Longobardi then check-raises to 62,000 and Gulyy calls. On the turn we have the and Longobardi moves all-in for 145,000 and Gulyy quickly folds.

Longobardi: 340,000
Gulyy: 500,000


Gabriele Lepore Eliminated in 11th Place (€9,855)

Gabriele Lepore has just been eliminated by Gianluca Trebbi. All the action went down pre flop with Lepore holding pocket sevens and Trebbi holding pocket queens. The board of offering no hope for Lepore and he leaves with €9,855 in his back pocket.

Trebbi ~ 670,000


Mosele’s Image Pays Dividends

Massimo Mosele has played approximately three hands in the last two days and he made that four when he open-shoved from the small blind.

“Any other player and this is a snap-call,” says Ravnsbaek.

He looks pained in his decision making but he comes to the conclusion that he is beat and he mucks his hand.


Marcel Bjerkmann Eliminated in 12th Place (€9,855)

Arguably the most entertaining player in the field has been eliminated, Marcel Bjerkmann. He opened to 21,000 on the button only to see Simon Ravnsbaek moved all in. Bjerkmann makes the call and the cards are revealed.


The board runs out and it is game over for the man known as P3rc4. GG sir, you weren’t everyone’s cup fo twa but you were certainly different from the norm!


Gulyy Adds To Stack

Joining the action on a board, Andrea Carini checks to Andrey Gulyy who pauses for 45 seconds before picking up a pile of red 5,000 chips and a single yellow 1,000 and makes a bet. The bet is for 81,000 and Carini, sat with a scarf over his mouth, quickly calls.

Carini: Muck


Trebbi In Fortunate Double Up

Simon Ravnsbaek raises to 17,000, in early position, and the action folds around to the quiet Gianluca Trebbi, on the button, who makes a three-bet to 41,000. Back to Ravnsbaek and he four-bets to 72,000 and then calls the 288,000 shove from Trebbi.

Surely Trebbi has aces or kings? Why of course he has…! Ravnsbaek turns over and it looks for all the world that Trebbi is going to be our 12th place finisher.


Trebbi now needs runner-runner cards to survive.


There is one of them.


Trebbi: 590,000
Ravnsbaek: 395,000


Last Level

It is the last level of the day folks, 90-minutes more and we will be packing up for the day, unless the players go a little crazy and we get down to six before hand.


Marko Neumann Eliminated in 13th Place (€8,540)

Marko Neumann, Germany’s sole survivor in this tournament, has been eliminated in 13th place. He open shoved for 95,000 with and Andrea Carini makes the call with . The board runs out and we are down to 12 in the Main Event.


Bjerkmann Shoves On Ravnsbaek

The action folds to Marcel Bjerkmann who opens on the button to 18,000. Simon Ravnsbaek three-bets to 51,000 which puts the action back on Bjerkmann and he asks his opponent if he will call if he shoves on him. He says he will but Bjerkmann moves in on him and Ravnsbaek snap-folds.


Jeremie Sochet Doubles Through Andrea Carini

Andrea Carini limps into the pot and Jeremie Sochet moves all-in for 193,000. The action folds around to Jason Wheeler in the big blind and he smells a rat. He shows us [8x][8x] before folding and Carini makes the call. When the cards were overturned Carini was indeed setting a trap, but the timing couldn’t have been worse.

Carini turns over but Sochet has woken up with . Wheeler pats himself on the back and the dealer does his job and delivers five community cards. The board is and Sochet doubles up.

Sochet ~ 410,000
Carini ~ 195,000


Mosele Doubles Through Bjerkmann

Massimo Mosele now has around 160,000 chips after doubling up through Marcel Bjerkmann, who is looking increasingly frustrated about how his tournament is panning out.

Andrea Dato opened to 17,000 from the hijack and Mosele three-bet all in for 65,000 in the cutoff. Bjerkmann is on the button and he calls and Dato folds.


The board runs out [h] and Bjerkmann calls “Deuce” and the dealer puts a deuce on the river but it is of clubs and Mosele wins with a flush.

“Three flips in a row I’ve lost now. I know I can’t win them all but once in a while would be nice,” said Bjerkmann.

“What?” exclaims Simon Ravnsbaek, “you’ve won them all apart that one!”


Ravnsbaek Takes The Chip Lead

Simon Ravnsbaek has just taken the chip lead without a flop being dealt. Andrea Dato raises to 17,000 in the hijack seat and Marcel Bjerkmann calls on the button. Ravnsbaek enquires about the size of Bjerkmann’s stack before three-betting to 88,000. Dato is next to act and he also enquires about the stack size of Bjerkmann before four-betting to 136,000. Bjerkmann folds and Ravnsbaek breathes a heavy sigh, checks his cards, stares at Dato and raises a total of 100,000 more and Dato mucks instantly.

Ravnsbaek ~ 810,000
Dato ~ 638,000


Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Batman

Guess what time it is?


Marko Neumann Explodes!

After just being caught bluffing on the previous orbit Marko Neumann has just exploded and lost more than half of his stack.

Joining the action on the Sergey Gulyy bets 29,000 from the small blind seat only to see Neumann move all in for over 350,000! Gulyy looks puzzled as if something doesn’t make sense and he calls off his 199,000 stack.

Gulyy: – for top pair
Neumann: – for nothing at all

The river is the and Neumann gives 199,000 of his hard earned chips to his opponent. He now has 180,000 left whilst Gulyy climbs to 415,000.


Marko Neumann Caught Bluffing

Marko Neumann opens to 13,000 in early position and he picks up callers in the shape of Jeremie Sochet, Jason Wheeler and Alessandro Longobardi.

Flop: – All four players check the action around

Turn: – Wheeler checks, Longobardi checks, Neumann bets 16,000 and only Sochet calls.

River: – Neumann checks, Sochet bets 24,000 and Neumann hisses like a snake before mucking his hand.


Gabriele Lepore Doubles Twice In Two Hands

Gabriele Lepore has just doubled twice in consecutive hands. The first saw him all in with against the of Simon Ravnsbaek and the board ran out .

The second saw him all in with against the of Marcin Bjerkmann and the board ran out .

He now has over 280,000.


Sochet Doubles Through Gulyy

A preflop raising war breaks out between Andrey Gulyy and Jeremie Sochet that results in the latter being all in and at risk, though that risk is limited because he holds and is up against .

The board runs out and Sochet doubles to 240,000


James Akenhead Eliminated in 14th Place (€8,540)

James Akenhead has been eliminated. Simon Ravnsbaek opened to 13,000 and Akenhead moved all in for 23,000. Marcel Bjerkmann calls the shove and Ravnsbaek tries to raise but Bjerkmann complains to the floor. The floor rules Ravnsbaek can raise and he does just that and an angry Bjerkmann folds.

Ravnsbaek holds to Akenhead’s . The board runs out king heart and void of diamonds and with that the Brit is heading to the cashier’s cage for his winnings.


Erion Islamay Eliminated in 15th Place (€8,450)

There is an Erion Islamay shaped space where he once sat so we can safely assume he was our 15th place finisher.


Ouch! Akenhead Has Aces Cracked, Left With Just 23k

Marcel Bjerkmann raises to 14,000 in first position and James Akenhead three-bet to 36,000 in the hijack seat. Bjerkmann, of course, made the call and the two of them share a flop. Bjerkmann checks and Akenhead moves 45,000 over the line. Back to Bjerkmann and he moves all-in and Akenhead calls.

Akenhead turns over and Bjerkmann turns over for top two pair. The turn is the and the river is the and Akenhead stands up to leave. He is eventually told to sit back down because he has 23,000 chips left whilst Bjerkmann has 340,000.


James Akenhead Doubles Up

Marcel Bjerkmann opens from middle position and James Akenhead moves all-in, on the button, for around 120,000. Bjerkmann makes the call and flips over 7 6 and Akenhead shows A 5. The board runs out Q 2 2 Q 9 and Akenhead gets a much needed double up.

Akenhead ~ 240,000
Bjerkmann ~ 200,000


Break Time

Time for a quick coffee.


Heads-Up Event Added

It seems as though the plan for the remainder of Day 3 is to play down to the final table of six players. If this is decided then the players will have a well earned rest tomorrow. Just incase they are bored, the casino has put on a special heads up event. It is a €1350+150 buy-in with a starting stack of 20,000. Registration is open at 16.00 and the tournament starts at 17.00 where it will be contested as a “best of three matches” contest.


Lepore Loses Again!

Poor old Gabriele Lepore cannot do anything right at the moment, unless you count doubling your opponents up as being good. He raises to 11,000 then calls Massimo Mosele 89,000 all-in three-bet.


Lepore is in a good position to bust out an opponent but the flop comes down to change those plans. The turn is the and the river the and Mosele earns himself a reprieve but Lepore is down to around 60,000 an in real trouble.


Lepore Doubles Bjerkmann

A preflop raising war breaks out between Marcel Bjerkmann and Gabriele Lepore that results in the former being all in and at risk of elimination.



Bjerkmann doubles to 210,000 chips.


Wheeler Doesn’t Win This One

Joining the action on a flop, Jason Wheeler bets 15,000 from middle position under the watchful stare of Andrea Carini who quickly calls. The turn is the and Wheeler taps the table and checks and Carini checks behind.

The river card is the and just like the turn both players checked.

Wheeler shows and Carini wins with his .


Massimo Mosele raises to 12,500, on the button, and Simon Ravnsbaek puts him all-in, from the big blind prompting a fold from Mosele.

Andrey Gulyy raises to 10,500 in early position, Jason Wheeler three-bets to 28,500, one seat to his left, and then Marko Neumann moves all-in for 200,000. Gulyy folds but Wheeler seems to have a much tougher decision, “can I really lay this down?” Says Wheeler before eventually mucking his hand.

Marcel Bjerkmann is getting bored, so he decides to have a little go at Andrea Dato once more. This time the floor intervene and Bjerkmann is given a warning of a one round penalty if he continues to disrespect his opponents.


Bjerkmann’s Stack Continues To Tumble

Marcel Bjerkmann continues to leak chips at an alarming rate and at this rate he will become his 15th place finisher.

Simon Ravnsbaek opens to 10,500 from under the gun and the action folds to Andrea Dato on the button. The Italian three-bets to 24,500 and then Bjerkman four-bets to 42,500. Ravnsbaek responds by five-betting to 105,000 which forces Dato out of the ahnd but Bjerkmann makes the call.

Flop: – Bjerkmann checks, Ravnsbaek bets 41,000 and Bjerkmann instantly calls.

Turn: – Bjerkmann checks again, Ravnsbaek shoves and Bjerkmann flicks his cards into the muck lightning quick and he is down to 60,000 chips whilst Ravnsbaek is at the other end of the spectrum with 680,000.


Bjerkmann And Dato Clash yet Again

After Massimo Mosele folds under the gun Marcel Bjerkmann open-limps. The action folds to Andrea Dato in the big blind and he bangs a red chip on top of the yellow chip protecting his cards to signal his intention to check.

The dealer puts out the flop. Dato checks, Bjerkmann bets 6,000 and Dato makes an instantaneous call. After burning a card the dealer puts the fourth community card onto the table, the . Again Dato check calls, this time a much larger 20,600 bet from the aggressive Norwegian meaning there are still two active players when the lands on the river.

Dato checks and Bjerkmann, who is still being massaged since yesterday, bets 54,500 but his bet spills into the actual pot. Luckily the tournament director is watching him like a hawk after a number of outbursts from him and he had counted the bet. Dato ponders his options for a few moments, sighing and sniffing up before mucking his hand.

Bjerkmann shows him the to which Dato says, “Nice bluff” and Bjerkmann begins re-stacking his chips. As he is doing so the tournament director asks him to pay more attention with his betting and he nods in agreement.


Konstantin Streletskiy Eliminated in 16th Place (€8,540)

Konstantin Streletskiy is no more, having busted out at the hands of Marcel Bjerkmann. A preflop raising war resulted in Streletskiy all in and at risk with against the crazy Norwegian’s . The pocket threes stayed ahead on a flop and the turn failed to alter anything and when the river came the it was game over for Streletskiy and we are down to 15 in the Main Event.


Giacomo Valenti Eliminated in 17th Place (€7,225)

Giacomo Valenti has been eliminated in 17th place. We’re unsure of the details but he is no longer seated at his table.


Frothy Coffee Time

The level has ended and the players are helping themselves to coffee. We’ll be right back


“You Deserve A Punch In The Face!”

James Akenhead raises to 8,500 from UTG+1 and after three players fold Andrea Dato calls in the cutoff. Marcel Bjerkmann calls in the small blind and Simon Ravnsbaek calls in the big blind.

Flop: – The action folds to Dato and he bets 15,000 only to see Bjerkmann check-raise to 44,000. This is enough to fold everyone except Dato who beats his opponent into the pot.

Turn: – Bjerkmann fires a bet of 64,000 and Dato quickly calls.

River: – Bjerkmann now bets 82,000 and Dato goes into the tank. He stays here for nearly two and a half minutes before announcing, “Call” and making the call.

Dato turns over for a full house whilst all Bjerkmann can muster is .

“Wow. That is the sickest slowroll I have every had put on me,” exclaimed Bjerkmann before flying into a Tony G-esque rant, “You deserve a punch in the face right now. Just don’t talk to me. If you see me out away from here do not talk to me dude.”

Dato is the new chip leader with 670,000 chips whilst Bjerkmann’s stack has dwindled to just 160,000.


Ravnsbaek Doubles Up

Marcel Bjerkmann has just been moved to his new table and he has gotten off to the worse possible start. He raises to 10,500 in early position and Simon Ravnsbaek three-bets him, one seat to his left, making it 28,000 to play. Bjerkmann immediately moves all-in and Ravnsbaek calls.

Ravnsbaek turns over and Bjerkmann turns over with so much confidence the whole room was sure he had aces.


Bjerkmann just shrugs his shoulders and hands over 160,000 to Ravnsbaek.

We then missed the following hand but we saw Bjerkmann bluffing into the welcoming arms of Gianluca Trebbi to lose even more chips.

Ravnsbaek ~ 330,000
Trebbi ~ 400,000
Bjerkmann ~ 460,000


Gianluca Speranza Eliminated in 18th Place (€7,225)

Erion Islamay makes a standard raise in middle position and Gianluca Speranza moves all-in from the big blind. Islamay calls and we have a showdown with Speranza at risk of elimination.


We only had to wait for the flop for the hopes of Speranza to be dashed.


Islamay: 270,000


Bubble Bursts, Tran Has Kings Cracked

The bubble has burst here in Venice after Lionel Tran had his pocket kings cracked. The action folded to him in the small blind and he moved all in for his last 40-50,000 and Bjerkmann made a rather loose call.


The flop comes down and Bjerkmann comments on how he has a sweat now that he has paired his jack. The turn is the which catapults him into an unlikely lead and Tran looks to the heavens but they do not answer as the river is the and he is eliminated.

Each of the surviving 18 players are now guaranteed €7,225 for their efforts here in Italy.


Lepore Doubles Up

Marcel Bjerkmann opens on the button and Gabriele Leprore three-bets all-in for 75,000 from the big blind. Bjerkmanm calls and comments on how he wants to bust a player out.



“Don’t try re-shoving on me, it won’t work, unless you have ace-king that is!” says Bjerkmann

“What a call huh?”


Wheeler Spinning It Up

Jason Wheeler raises to 8,500 from the hijack and Alessandro Longobardi calls in the cutoff. The flop comes down and Wheeler continues with a bet of 12,500, a bet that Longobardi raises to 28,000. Wheeler instantly calls and it is off to the turn.

Wheeler now checks, Longobardi bets 38,000 only to see the American check-raise to 85,000 sending Longobardi deep into the tank. He stays there for at least four minutes before he mucks his hand and the bubble still looms.

Meanwhile Wheeler is up past 500,000 chips.


Set Over Set

Gabriele Lepore raises to 8,000, Jeremie Sochet three-bets to 18,000 and Lepore makes the call. The flop is rainbow and Lepore bets 15,000. Sochet raises to 40,000, Lepore moves all-in and Sochet calls.

Lepore turns over for bottom set and Sochet turns over for top set. The turn and river were barren for Lepore and Sochet has a huge double up.

Sochet: 480,000
Lepore: 111,000


Break It Up

Players are on a 15-minute break.


Bjerkmann Soars To 600,000 Chips

On a flop reading Jeremie Sochet checks from the small blind seat and Marcel Bjerkmann bets 18,000 chips into the already substantial pot. The is checked very quickly by both players but when Sochet checks the arrival of the Bjerkmann stacks up 59,000 and topples them over the betting line. Almost instantly Sochet mucks his hand and Bjerkmann now has almost exactly 600,000.


No Action For Konstantin Streletskiy

Despite only holding 31,500 chips and the blinds being 1,500/3,000/500a Viachevslav Goryachev decided to make it 6,500 to play from under the gun. To his direct left is Konstantin Streletskiy and he three-bets all in for 50,500 in total and the the entire table’s surprise Goryachev folds!

Streletskiy shows and picks up the blinds, antes and the 6,500 from the unconventional raise.


Guido Chiodo Busto

Jeremie Sochet now has 230,000 after eliminating Guido Chiodo. It was another preflop coinflip with Sochet holding [Ax] [Qx] and Chiodo holding [7x] [7x]. Sochet paired his queen and Chiodo was out. Simple as that.

Sochet ~ 230,000


De Paz Ditched

Dario De Paz’s tournament is over and we are down to 23 in the Main Event. He four-bet squeezed all in for around 45,000 chips in the small blind with but was called by Alessandro Longobardi and his .

The board ran out .


Fundaro Makes a Boat on The River

Joining the action on a flop that reads Simon Ravnsbaek checks from the small blind position and it is up to Giacomo Fundaro to act. With his head rested on his left hand he reaches for chips and best 6,000. Ravnsbaek quickly makes the call.

The turn brings the into play and against Ravnsbaek checks his option to bet. Fundaro bets again, this time making it 21,000 to play and again Ravnsbaek makes the call. The river is a second king, the and once again Ravnsbaek checks. Fundaro reaches for chips again and bets 33,500 and Ravnsbaek does not seem happy at all and he removes his mirrored aviator glasses and sighs.

“Thirty-three?” he quizzes before the dealer confirms the amount is 33,500.

Shortly afterwards he slides the required chips forward but shakes his head an mucks when he sees Fundaro turn over for a full house.

Fundaro is back to 168,000 whilst Ravnsbaek drops back down to 112,500.


Kara Scott Eliminated

From the cutoff PartyPoker pro Kara Scott moves all in for just 17,500 and Andrea Carini calls from the button. Both blinds fold and the players flip their cards onto their backs.



And with that Scott is eliminated from the Main Event. She was already short-stacked at the start of play and never managed to recover after losing with pocket fives to the [Jx][9x] of Konstantin Streletskiy.


Akenhead Gets His Chips Back

From under the gun James Akenhead makes it 6,500 to play and after one player folds Gianluca Trebbi flat-calls. Nobody else commits any chips and it is heads up to the flop.

Akenhead leads into his opponent with a 9,500 continuation bet, a bet that Trebbi instantly calls. The turn brings the into the equation and now Akenhead taps the table and checks. Trebbi, only his eyes visible due to his face being covered by a black scarf, snap-checks behind.

The final card is the completing a possible straight and Akenhead fires a bet of 16,500 into Trebbi. The Italian sits motionless for 30 seconds still holding the fabric over his face before sliding his cards from under the yellow chip that was protecting them and passing them to the deal.

Akenhead wins.


Akenhead Doubles Goryachev

The action folds around to James Akenhead in middle position and he raises to 6,500. To his immediate left is Viacheslaw Goryachev and he wastes very little time in getting his 30,000 stack into the middle. The remainder of the table pass their hands but after 20 seconds deliberation Akenhead calls.


The flop keeps the jacks in front. The turn changes nothing and when the lands on the river Goryachev does a little fist pump as he is now up to 65,000.

Welcome back to the Casino di Venezia for the third day of the World Poker Tour Venice Grand Prix Main Event where at 1300 CET the 27 surviving players will take their seats and do battle at the felt.

At some point the money bubble will burst and only the top 18 finishers will receive money, a min-cash being worth €7,225. But none of the players will want to go home with that when there is €229,800 up top for the winner.

Leading the way when play gets underway is the hyper-aggressive Norwegian Marcel Bjerkmann better known to many by his online alias of “p3rc4.” He sits down in Seat 1 on Table 3 armed with a field-leading 436,300 stack but it is anything but a done deal because he has the likes of Jason Wheeler (348,200) and James Akenhead (336,000) hot on his heels.

Plus let’s not forget some of the other talented individuals who are still in but not as well stacked as those already mentioned, players such as Andrea Dato, Gianluca Speranza and PartyPoker Pro Kara Scott who will all certainly have a say in who emerges from Day 3 with chips and who gets sent for an early bath.

Follow all the action, as it happens, here on the PartyPoker blog.


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