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Final Table With Live Stream.

It was an action packed and fast played Day 4 at the PartyPoker WPT Prague Main Event. When we started with 22 players, not many would have bet on such an early finish.

It was Bodo Sbrzesny that was pushing the action and found one great spot after another. He built up a huge stack and come back as the chipleader at the start of tomorrow’s final table. Remember of course we’re having a Live Stream from the final table on the PartyPoker Blog tomorow.

We’re going to put up some player profiles to build some excitement for the final day. For now, here’s the six players that will play the final table.

Bodo Sbrzesny – 4,605,000
Tony Chang – 3,610,000
Alexander Lakhov – 2,815,000
Marcin Wydrowski – 2,745,000
Michael Gagliano – 2,375,000
Alin Grasu – 855,000

Elio Fox Out In 7th – € 50,986.

We have our Final Table. As expected, it was Elio Fox who had to take 7th place and € 50,986 as a nice consolation prize. He open shoved in middle position and got called by … guess who … right – Bodo Sbrzesny.

It was a coinflip with Elio holding and the need to connect with the board against Bodo’s pocket eights.


PartyPoker’s Bodo does it once more. There’s a round of handshakes for Elio, followed by cheers from the remaining players and their fans at the rail.

Waiting For The Final Table.

Play has slowed down significantly. Everyone wants to get on TV. Elio Fox is sitting with 13 BB, so everyone seems to be waiting for his move.

He just went all in with [Ax][Jx] and got a caller who had the exact same hand. No flush surprises and it’s a split pot.

Daniel Ospina Out In 8th – € 40,660

The Columbian came back to the table as shortstack with less than 15 BB. When he shoved it was Bodo Sbrzesny that looked him up. Bad news for Daniel. I don’t think lost an all in situation so far on Day 4. And he was way ahead this time as well. Bodo showed kings and left Daniel hoping for an ace (I guess he would have taken a flush as well) with .

Guess what came on the flop. No, it wasn’t the flush. It was [Kx]. Quads for Bodo and that was it for Daniel Ospina.

With seven players left, we have our final table after the next elimination.

Tony Chang Doubles Through Elio Fox.

The two of them got into a raisewar preflop that ended with Elio going all in and Tony calling in an instant. It was clear that he had a monster, as usually he takes his time to make a decision. It wasn’t aces, but close. Tony showed kings while Elio had pocket jacks.


Tony had 1,760,000 when the hand started, with blinds and antes he’s up to around 3,6 millions.


The remaining 8 players are going on Dinnerbreak. Time for some Chipcounts. Bodo Sbrzesny still has a nice lead over his opponents, while Daniel Ospina is fighting for survival. After the break play resumes with blinds 15k/30k ante 5k.

Seat 1: Alin Grasu – 950,000
Seat 2: Marcin Wydrowski – 2,300,000
Seat 3: Tony Chang – 1,800,000
Seat 4: Daniel Ospina – 450,000
Seat 5: Elio Fox – 2,700,000
Seat 6: Michael Gagliano – 2,550,000
Seat 7: Bodo Sbrzesny – 4,600,000
Seat 8: Alexander Lahkov – 2,000,000

Alexander Lahkov Doubles Through Tony Chang

PartyPoker’s Bodo Sbrzesny opened the action, Russian Alexander Lahkov behind him called. It folded around to Tony Chang who raised.

After Bodo folded his hand, Alexander decided to risk it all and went all in for 1,2 million. At this point Tony went into the tank. Yesterday, whenever he took this long to make a decision, it was a fold. Not this time. Tony called with pocket jacks and was happy when seeing Alexander’s [Ax][Kx].

His happiness didn’t last long. An ace in the window and Alexander was in the lead. Tony tried to call for a jack, but the deck couldn’t hear (or understand) him.

Bodo Sbrzesny Leading.

Eight players left in the Main Event. While we are down to one table, the official televised Final Table will be six-handed. Tomorrow there will be a Live Stream of the final table, so make sure not to miss that. We’re also organizing a freeroll on PartyPoker for the occasion, so you can win some money while following the stream.

$500 WPT Prague LIVE Stream Freeroll
As the tournament is PW protected, you’ll need a password to sign up. The password will be announced at some point on this blog. The freeroll will take place on the 9th December 2012 at 20:30 CET.

Here’s the chipcounts of the remaining eight players in the WPT Prague Main Event:

1. Bodo Sbrzesny GERMANY 4,000,000
2. Tony Chang HONG KONG 2,750,000
3. Marcin Wydrowski POLAND 2,360,000
4. Michael Gagliano USA 2,136,000
5. Elio Prescot Fox USA 2,000,000
6. Alexander Lahkov RUSSIA 1,659,000
7. Alin Gabriel Grasu ROMANIA 695,000
8. Daniel Ospina COLOMBIA 530,000

Fabian Quoss and Konstantin Danilov Out.

Two more players bust more or less at the same time.

First it was Fabian Quoss who pushed his shortstack with . It was Marcin Wydrowski that looked him up with .


Nice run from bwin’s Fabian Quoss, who cashed for € 22,430 in 10th place.

Konstantin Danilov followed moments later. The all in happened on the flop showing

Konstantin must have liked his hand at this point and pushed. Tony Chang called with pocket aces and had to avoid many cards against Konstantin’s .

Turn and river:

Konstantin takes € 30,500 for 9th place and Tony is up to 2,6 million in chips.

Finally Back Online.

If you tried to read the blog earlier today you probably noticed that there were some server problems. Finally, we’re back online and ready to give you live updates.

It has been an extremely busy day, here’s what happened so far.

Kevin Mac Phee Out In 11th – € 22,430

When you’re hot you’re hot. Guess who took out another player? It’s Bodo Sbrzesny once again. This time the chips go from bwin to PartyPoker, as his latest victim was bwin’s Kevin Mac Phee.

Bodo minraised in early position with pocket eights. Kevin pushed in the bigblind with . Kevin couldn’t get an ace (or any other help) and had to go in 11th place.

If players keep up this pace, it won’t take long to get down to the six-handed final table.

Jason Mercier Out In 12th – € 22,430

Once again PartyPoker’s own Bodo Sbrzesny. This time he manages to take out Jason Mercier and with that one of the toughest opponents at his table.

Bodo opens on the button and Jason pushes for 325,000 in the big blind. Bodo calls with and is up against .

Jason manages to hit both holecards on the flop, but there are three spades out there as well. As nothing can stop Bodo now, he gets his flush on the turn. No rivered full house for Jason who leaves in 12th place.

Dermot Blain Out In 13th – € 18,230

Marcin Wydrowski opened to 45k in late position and Alin Grasu called on the button. A good spot for Dermot Blain to squeeze and win a nice pot. Marcin looked him up with and was up against Dermot’s eights.

A king came right in the window to send Dermot home with € 18,230.

Mikahil Mazunin out in 14th – € 18,230

Former chipleader Mikhail Mazunin goes all in out of the blinds for his last 200,000. Alin Grasu looks him up and has a dominating position with [Ax][Qx] agains Mikhail’s [Ax][Tx].

The board didn’t change the balance of power and Mikhail finishes in 14th place.

Sergey Vasilyev Out In 15th, Simon Ravnsbaek 16th

PartyPoker’s Bodo Sbrzesny has been busy eliminating players … and building his stack in the process.

First he took Simon Ravnsbaek’s stack worth 500,000. Simon moved in on the small blind after Bodo had opened on the button. Bodo calls and here’s how it runs out

Bodo Sbrzesny:
Simon Ravnsbaek:

Simon goes out in 16th place cashing for € 15,650.

Bodo didn’t stop there but went right on to take Sergey Vasilyev 600k stack. Sergey tried to squeeze but was in dire straits when Bodo called, as he only held . At least both his cards were live against Bodo’s .

Board [9x] and Bodo moves up to 2,8 million in chips.

Sergey Vasilyev finishes 15th for € 18,230.

Dmitry Gromov Out In 17th – € 15,650

The Russian openshoved with 200,000 in early position holding pocket tens. Alin Grasu called with AhQc and the two were off to the races.

It needed the river to make a decision, when the dealer put a queen on the board.

We’re keeping these updates short right now as there are two more players at the cashout desk. It’s raining busts at the moment.

Wojciech “Wozzo” Lozowski Out In 18th – € 15,650

If you read all the player names out loud to random people on the street, Wozzo is probably going to be the most recognized one. If you do so in Poland, there’s no question about it. Close to 100% will recognize their national Rap/Hip Hop star.

His first Major Event appearance came to an end when he pushed on the button with . Konstantin Danilov found nines in the Small Blind and called.

A classic coinflip with the better end for the Russian and Wozzo had to pack his things and head back to his hood. Nevertheless, it has been an amazing performance by Wozzo, going this deep in his first WPT Event. We’re fairly sure he’ll be back again to put his mark on the poker circuit.

Frank Stumpf Out In 19th – € 13,715

German player Frank Stumpf lost his whole stack to Elio Fox.
Action started on the flop [7x], where Frank bet 65,000 out of the small blind. Elio sits on the button and moves it up to 140,000. Frank started the hand with less than 400,000 in chips, Elio would have called any size with his hand. After the German went all in, he needed a runner runner miracle with [Ax][Jx] against the flopped straight of Elio .

No Prague christmas miracle for Frank and he left in 19th place.

Yann Dion Out In 20th place – € 13,715

In a battle of the blinds Canadian Yann Dion saw a good chance for a steal. His bet wasn’t enough to get Marcin Wydrowski to fold, as he called with a mere

With that he was actually ahead of Yann’s . After a queen on the flop everything pointed toward Marcin. A seven on the turn gave Yann a little chance, but he couldn’t get there on the river.

Lars Bonding And Daniel Rudd Out

Lars Bonding tried to steal blinds and antes with a push but rain straight into Konstantin Danilov’s kings. Lars showed [Tx][9x] and needed to connect hard with the board. Didn’t happened and he took € 12,260 for 22nd place.

It didn’t take long for the next player to follow. It was Daniel Rudd wo was all in as a shortstack. Even though Daniel was in a great position with against Marcin Wydrowski’s , a nine on the flop crushed his hopes right away. Daniel got a consolidation price of € 13,715 for 21st place.

How Many Final Tables Are There

Our focus here will be on the WPT Prague Main Event, where 22 players battle it out to get to the final table.

“Final Table” seems to be the expression of the day. Aside from the Main Event one, we’ll see three others during this day. There’s the €1,500 Side Event, a Kings Casino Event and of course the showdown in the €10,000 Highroller.

Swizz player Besim Hot was honoring his name by running as hot as possible. He will return today with a commanding lead. 1,2 million in chips, Jonathan Duhamel in 2nd place has only half of that.

Besim Hot SUI – 1.208.000
Jonathan Duhamel CAN – 605.000
Jussi Nevanlinna FIN – 570.000
Eugene Katchalov UKR – 563.000
Marc-Andre Ladoucer CAN – 386.000
Scott Hanna USA – 305.000
Martin Finger GER – 266.000
Erik Hellman SWE – 238.000
Mike McDonald CAN – 233.000
Bertrand „ElkY“ Grospellier FRA – 229.000
„Nicholson“ — 207.000
Juha Helppi FIN – 206.000
Ognjen Sekularac SER – 86.000

Join us again for all the action from Day 4 of the WPT Prague Main Event. 22 players will return to fight for a spot at the final table.

Like always, the WPT Final Table will be six handed. It’s going to be an intense Day 4. For chipcounts refer to the Day 3 live updates.

Feedback, wishes, suggestions, thoughts? Let us know in the comments and follow us on Twitter for more poker greatness.


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