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Marcin Wydrowski Wins The PartyPoker WPT Prague Main Event!

It’s done. Marcin Wydrowski is the first ever player from Poland to win a WPT Event. He played great poker at the final table, really delivering his A-Game.

The key hand at the final table was clearly when he doubled up through Bodo Sbrzesny to take over the chiplead. There was no looking back at that point and Marcin went on to fly towards the title in record speed.

He will get a plaque with his name on the WPT Champions Cup, which according to him was the most important thing, as all he wanted to do was make poker history. I’m sure he won’t mind the € 305,000 prize money and WPT World Championship package worth € 20,000.

Alexander Lehkov Out in 2nd – € 213,775.

Lahkov opens on the button. After Marcin Wydrowski 3-bets, Alexander answers with an all in. Marcin decides to do it here and now and calls. He has Alexander heavily dominated.

Alexander Lehkov:
Marcin Wydrowski:


A great flop for Alexander, but turn and river missed the straight.

Boys In The Hood.

While Marcin was playing with sunglasses and hoddie all day long, it’s a new sight on Alexander. Both of them are now trying to hide their faces and expressions.

Lahkov Takes The First Pots.

While everyone was expecting Marcin Wydrowski to take down early pots with aggression, it was Alexander Lehkov who took down the first couple of hands.

Marcin didn’t change gear and took back what he initially lost. Most recently his pocket threes prevailed Alexander’s [Kx][2x]. They checked it down once the flop was dealt, bottom pair wasn’t enough for Alexander.

Heads Up In Prague.

We are down to heads up at the PartyPoker WPT Prague Main Event. Polish player Marcin Wydrowsky has a 3:1 advantage over Alexander Lehkov.

Here’s the exact chipcount:

Marcin Wydrowsky: 12,805,000
Alexander Lehkov: 4,200,000

Bodo Sbrzesny Out in 3rd – € 137,470.

Right after a successful steal by PartyPoker’s Bodo (read below), we had a similar situation … with a different ending.

It was Marcin Wydrowski again who opened, this time in the small blind. And as before, Bodo answered with an all in. This time Marcin called and we were off to the races.

Bodo Sbrzeny:
Marcin Wydrowski:


“Barry Greenstein!” someone shouted from the rail as the ace on the river sent Bodo off the table.

Bodo’s All In.

With less than 20BB in his stack PartyPoker’s Bodo Sbrzesny is looking for spots to get his chips in. He just found one in the small blind, after Marcin Wydrowski had opened for 200k. Bodo went all in and his opponents fold.

Players Are On Break.

In 10 minutes the blinds will go up to 50k/100k ante 10k.
It’s mainly Marcin Wydrowski who has a big stack, while Bodo Sbrzesny is on a somewhat tight budget.

Marcin Wydrowski: 9,925,000
Bodo Sbrzesny: 2,015,000
Alexander Lehkov: 5,065,000

One More For Lehkov.

Alexander Lehkov may have found a secret recipe against Marcin Wydrewski. The pots he wins aren’t huge, but he wins them.

On a flop Alexander check-called Marcin’s 85,000 bet. The two check on the turn and on the river. Alexander shows and wins a smallish pot with top pair.

Lehkov Takes Chips From Wydrewski.

It’s such a rare sight, we had to write about it.
Alexander Lehkov opens the pot on the button, Marcin Wydrowski joins him out of the big blind. It gets checked till the river.


Marcin check-calls a 425,000 bet from Alexander and mucks his hand after looking at [Kx][Jx].

Wydrewski Running Hot.

After his massive double up Marcin Wydrowski keeps collecting chips. A full house against Alexander Lahkov gave him another nice pot and he took some more chips out of Bodo’s stack.

His opponents seem to have problems in finding their way to fight him and keep sending chips towards the Pole.

He’s now up to more than 10 million in chips (a total of 17 millions are in play).

Huge Double Up For Marcin Wydrowski.

A preflop raisewar between Bodo Sbrzesny and Marcin Wydrowski in the blinds culminated in a 6-bet all-in by PartyPoker’s Bodo. Marcin called and his are heavily dominating Bodo’s .


Marcin doubled to almost 9 million in chips and has more than half of all the chips in play in his stack.

Most Final Table Appearances.

Notice those two girls in the background. They seem to make it to every single WPT Main Event final table.

Tony Chang Out In 4th – € 101,800.

Alexander Lahkov opens the action preflop and got a call by Tony Chang in the blinds. The two of them see the flop

Usually Tony takes his time to make a decision, here he seemed to have an easy one. He shoves in his 1,000,000 chips and gets an immediate call by Alexander.

Tony Chang:
Alexander Lahkov:

And no, we didn’t get the cards wrong.
and on turn and river and Alexander is up to 5,000,000 in chips.

Bodo Wins With Ace High.

Alexander Lahkov is getting active. He 3-bet Bodo Sbrzesy’s raise preflop and both players put 250k into the pot.

Both players check the flop.
on the turn and Bodo bets out 155,000. Alexander calls and the comes on the river. Both check and Alexander mucks after Bodo showing .

First Break Of The Day.

Run to the toilets, light your cigarette, take a coffee. There’s a 15 minutes break in the WPT Prague Main Event.

In the last hand before the break Alexander Lahkov took some chips out of Tony Chang’s stack.

Early Christmas Gift for Marcin Wydrowski.

Join us on the river with the board showing .

Marcin bet 530,000 into Alexander Lahkov. Alexander takes his time before raising it to 1,225,000. A sigh from Marcin, but he has to call.

“Wow” shouts Marcin when he sees Alexander’s hand. [Jx][Tx] for a complete bluff. Marcin has a set of fours himself and takes down a nice pot.

How Talk Yourself Out Of a Pot.

Tony Chang and Bodo Sbrzesny were involved in a pot that went to the turn. At that point Tony bet into Bodo who took his time to make a decision. Tony looks at him:

“Why don’t you raise? You have enough chips.”

Bodo does so and Tony folds.

So Far The Tightest Player.

Alexander Lahkov hasn’t gotten himself involved in many hands so far. When he did, he never took down the pot preflop, but played a pot. It clearly works for him as he’s built up his stack significantly since the start of this final table.

If you’re looking for tonight’s freeroll password: it’s partypokerprague.
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Approximate Chipcounts.

Marcin Wydrowski: 3,800,000
Tony Chang: 3,000,000
Bodo Sbrzesny: 6,900,000
Alexander Lahkov: 3,300,000

Average Stack: 4,250,000

Cutting Short On Breaks.

At the final table we’re back to 60 minutes levels. A new level with blinds 25k/50k ante 5k just started. After every second level we have a 15-minutes break.

Michael Gagliano Out In 5th – € 76,315.

Tony Chang opens the action under the gun, Michael Gagliano in the cut-off raises. Bodo Sbrzesny is sitting on the button and raises it again. Tony folds and it’s back to Michael who goes all-in.
Bodo looks him up with pocket queens. Not good enough against Michael who has aces.

Doorcard queen! Bodo takes the lead and leaves Michael hoping for one of the remaining aces. No help on turn and river and Michael Gagliano is our 5th place finisher.

Meanwhile, a relieved Tony Chang tells us he folded jacks.

Final Table Action.

Michael Gagliano has been very active so far, 3- and 4-betting his opponents out of the hand.

He found an opponent in Marcin Wydrowski, who three-bet Michael’s open-raise to 302,000 out of the big blind. Once more we saw Michael 4-bet it, this time to 645,000. Marcin went into the tank. He finally 5-bets to one million and gets an immediate fold from Michael.

Marcin is closing in on 4 million, while Michael fell down to 2 million in chips.

Who’s gonna win?

If you ask the audience who they think will take it down, most people’s money is on Bodo Sbrzesny. He’s not only the chipleader, but has a lot of experience. According to himself his tournament skills aren’t as good as his cash games’.

Some see a good chance for Michael Gagliano, he has some nice major event results.

PartyPoker’s Wojciech “Wozzo” Lozowski (guy with hat on the right) is rooting for his countryman Marcin Wydrowski (not on picture), who just won a decent pot.

New blinds 20k/40k, ante 5k.

Alin Grasu Out in 6th Place – € 61,150.

It didn’t take long for the shortstack to get into action. On what looked like the second hand dealt, he got involved in a hand against Tony Chang. Alin started with less than 30 big blinds.

Alin opened to 75,000 on the button, Tony Chang called in the big blind.


Tony called a 130,000 c-bet by Alin and the two of them saw on the turn.

Tony opted to check again and snap-called after Alin moved all-in for his last 600k

Tony Chang:
Alin Grasu:

Even though Alin had a good hand, he was drawing thin against Tony’s trips. on the river and it was a short appearance for Alin at this final table.

He left to fast for us to make an individual foto of him, but you can see Alin in 2nd position from the left on the group shot.

Live Stream and Freeroll.

In case you didn’t notice, there’s a delayed Live Stream from the WPT Prague Final Table. You can find it here on the PartyPoker Blog Live Stream page.

Tonight there’s is a special freeroll on PartyPoker for all you readers. While we were teasing you with it over the last days, we’re finally ready to give you the password. Here’s all the information you need to get your share of the $500 prizepool.

$500 WPT Prague LIVE Stream Freeroll
Password: partypokerprague
Start: 20:30 CET

Ten Minutes To Go.

Everything’s ready. Players are sitting, chips unpacked, fotos taken.
There are still ten minutes left until 1pm and the ‘Shuffle Up and Deal’. 16 minutes left on this level with blinds 15k/30k ante 5k.

The Last Six Players

Final Table. That’s where dreams come true.
Who will take down the title and € 325.000 in prize money? PartyPoker’s Bodo Sbrzesny is leading the last six contestants into the final table. Here’s how the start play at 1pm CET.

Bodo Sbrzesny – 4,605,000
Tony Chang – 3,610,000
Alexander Lakhov – 2,815,000
Marcin Wydrowski – 2,745,000
Michael Gagliano – 2,375,000
Alin Grasu – 855,000

So what are they playing for? Have a look at the payout structure:

1. € 325,000
2. € 213,775
3. € 137,470
4. € 101,800
5. € 76,315
6. € 61,150

Interested how they got there? Check out Day 4’s live updates on the PartyPoker Blog.

Here’s who cashed for what amount so far on the WPT Prague Main Event:

9. Konstantin Danilov – € 30,500
10. Fabian Quoss – € 22,430
11. Kevin Mac Phee – € 22,430
12. Jason Mercier – € 22,430
13. Dermot Blain – € 18,230
14. Mikahil Mazunin – € 18,230
15. Sergey Vasilyev – € 18,230
16. Simon Ravnsbaek – € 15,650
17. Dmitry Gromov – € 15,650
18. Wojciech “Wozzo” Lozowski – € 15,650
19. Frank Stumpf – € 13,715
20. Yann Dion – € 13,715
21. Daniel Rudd – € 13,715
22. Lars Bonding – € 12,260
23. Shannon Shorr – € 12,260
24. Konstantin Puchkov – € 12,260
25. Byron Kaverman – € 12,260
26. Toby Lewis – € 12,260
27. Michael Graydon – € 10,810
28. Lucille Cailly – € 10,810
29. Gianluca Mattia – € 10,810
30. Jussi Nevanlinna – € 10,810
32. Mikhail Morozovs – € 9,360
31. Yannick Bonnet – € 9,360
33. Matej Kokalj – € 9,360
34. Pawel Brzeski – € 9,360
35. Marco Lang – € 9,360
36. Manuel Bevand – € 9,360
37. Gani Weiss – € 8,060
38. Robert Cezarescu – € 8,060
39. Oleksii Khoroshenin – € 8,060
40. Patrick Gastaldi – € 8,060
41. Ludovic Riehl – € 8,060
42. Rainer Kempe – € 8,060
43. Alexander Goulder – € 8,060
44. Pasi Heinanen – € 8,060
45. Ghassan El Hoss – € 8,060
46. Chady Ojeil – € 6,940
47. Paolo Compagno – € 6,940
48. Andreas Berggren – € 6,940
49. Philippe Narboni – € 6,940
50. Elisabeth Hille – € 6,940
51. Nicholas Galtos – € 6,940
52. Morten Christensen – € 6,940
53. Emil Mattsson – € 6,940
54. Ilkin Amirov – € 6,940
55. Alexander Staengle – € 5,810
56. Andrei Nikonov – € 5,810
57. Juha Helppi – € 5,810
58. Ben Hamnett – € 5,810
59. Ryan Franklin – € 5,810
60. Keven Stammen – € 5,810
61. Markus Heusinger – € 5,810
62. Alexander Gerlach – € 5,810
63. Claus Nielsen – € 5,000
64. Arpad Kovecses – € 5,000
65. Vasili Fursau – € 5,000
66. Ivan Kuziv – € 5,000
67. Daniel Erlandssen – € 5,000
68. Bartolome Gomila Romero – € 5,000
69. Denis Drobyna – € 5,000
70. Eddie Tasbas – € 5,000
71. Mario Nakowitz – € 5,000
72. Trevor Whiteway – € 5,000


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