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Day 3 Is In The Books: Final Table Set

The day started with 62 player and over the course of a mammoth session that spanned almost 15 hours they were whittled down to the final table of six.

The eliminations came in thick and fast right from the get go, six players busting out within the first ten minutes of play, amongst the Eugene Katchalov. It initially looked like the 62 players who be reduced in record time but something must have happened during the dinner break because play really slowed down and we mean really.

Eventually though the 25 or so players exchanged chips, bad beats and suck outs and the unofficial final table of nine was set, but that was only half the story as we needed to lose another three players before we could call it a night. Mike “SirWatts” Watson was the first casualty and he was followed by Thomas Frandsen and finally Jan Bendik to set the official final table of the WPT Prague Main Event.

When play resumes at 1500 CET, which incidently is the exact same time the live stream starts, the players will be lined up as follows:

Seat 1: Adria Balaguer: 1,315,000
Seat 2: Andrey Pateychuk: 2,310,000
Seat 3: Benjamin Pollak: 4,865,000
Seat 4: Russell Carson: 725,000
Seat 5: Stanislav Kretz: 6,300,000
Seat 6: Sigurd Eskeland: 1,575,000

Join us from 1500CET for all the action from the WPT Prague final table, until then we are off to bed for some much needed shut eye. Good night (morning).


Jan Bendik Eliminated in 7th Place (€48,000)

Benjamin Pollak raises to 100,000 in the cutoff and Stanislaw Kretz three-bets to 240,000 in the small blind. Just when it seems like the two big stacks were going to have a scrap Jan Bendik wakes up with a hand in the big blind.

“How much do you have?” Bendik asks the other short stack Russell Carson.

Carson just walks away from the table allowing Bendik to survey his stack, which he does before moving all in. Pollak folds and Kretz calls and shows and when Bendik shows there was a collective groan around the table. That sigh soon turned into an awkward silence as the rears its ugly head in the window. The follow and Bendik is eliminated in unfortunate circumstances.


Thomas Frandsen Eliminated in 8th Place (€33,000)

Thomas Frandsen was the shortest stack on the table and he moved all in twice from the button and then the cutoff. The first shove got through unscathed but the second shove was called by the chip leader Stanislaw Kretz. When the cards were overturned Frandsen was in serious trouble.



Kretz – 6,400,000


Pollak Plays Balaguer Like A Fiddle

Adria Balaguer raises to 80,000 from the cutoff and when the action gets to Benjamin Pollak in the small blind he three-bets to 205,000. Balaguer calls and the dealer puts out the flop, a flop that both players check.

The sees Pollak check, Balaguer bet 215,000 and Pollak check-raise to 445,000. This forces a fold from Balaguer and as he mucks he is shown by the Frenchman.


Level 26: Slooooooooow Is The Word

Play has gone ultra slow right now and it is to be expected as the players are being forced to play down to the six handed final table and have been playing for almost 14 hours now. Most pots are being settled preflop with a three-bet from the button being the most common weapon of choice. Those that do make it to the flop are generally ended with a c-bet. Nothing really report at the moment but stay tuned!


Chop It Up

There was a sudden rush of excitement after Thomas Frandsen raised to 80,000, Stanislav Kretz called and Adria Balaguer three-bet to 205,000 because Frandsen then moved all in and was called by Balaguer.

The reporters swept forwards like vultures looking for a carcass, Frandsen could be that carcass. But the vulture’s bellies will remain empty for now because both players turned over ace-queen and we still have eight players left in the Main Event.


Bendik Buys Pot

Jan Bendik opens to 65,000 from the cutoff and both Adria Balaguer (small) and Andrey Pateychuk (big) call in the blinds. The flop comes down and all three players quickly check. They do the same on the turn and it looks like the same will happen on the arrival of the on the river but when the blind check Bendik bets 165,000 and his opponents fold.


Eskeland Forces Balaguer Off His Hand

On a board reading , Sigurd Eskeland checks from the small blind over the Adria Balaguer in the big blind. The Spaniard bets 345,000 and it is Eskeland’s turn to act. He studies his opponent for almost two minutes before announcing he is all-in. It is the right move because Balaguer folds very quickly.


Pollak Adds To Stack

Jan Bendik opens to 65,000 from middle position and when the action folds to Benjamin Pollak in the small blind he asks Bendik how many chips he has behind.

“Around 1.1,” comes the reply. With that information he makes the call. Russell Carson also calls and it is three-way to the flop. Pollak checks, Carson checks but Bendik continues to 110,000 and only Pollak calls. The on the turn sees Pollak lead into Bendik with a 225,000 bet and it does the job because Bendik folds.


Unofficial Final Table Seat Draw

The surviving nine players have been moved to a single table. Here is how they are seated:

  • Seat 1: Adria Balaguer: 2,700,000
  • Seat 2: Andrey Pateychuk: 1,500,000
  • Seat 3: Benjamin Pollak: 2,800,000
  • Seat 4: Russell Carson: 1,900,000
  • Seat 5: Michael Watson: 700,000
  • Seat 6: Thomas Frandsen: 520,000
  • Seat 7: Stanislav Kretz: 4,000,000
  • Seat 8: Jan Bendik: 1,200,000
  • Seat 9: Sigurd Eskeland: 1,100,000



As we were typing up the Andrey Pateychuk double up hand we glanced at the TV screens around the room and it showed “10 players remaining.” Upon further investigation we discovered both Dennis Pisarev (12th) and Tobuas Reinkemeier (11th) had been eliminated from the Main Event.

Whilst trying to find out what had gone one Zachary Kovik found himself all in with against Benjamin Pollak’s and the board ran out to send the American to the rail in 10th spot.

There will be a short break whilst they re-draw for the unofficial nine-handed final table.


Pateychuk Doubles In Spectacular Circumstances

What a hand! We got to the table after Andrey Pateychuk had raise, Sigurd Eskeland had three-bet and Pateychuk had moved all in for 710,000. Eskeland called and showed which was up against .

The flop gave Eskeland a set of nines and Pateychuk started to stand from his seat but when he saw the peel off on the turn his fans on the rail let out some “oohs and ahhhs.” The dealer burned another card and put out the on the river, completing Pateychuk’s straight and causing him to let out a huge cheer and go celebrate with his friends.

When he returned to his seat the EPT San Remo champion apologised to Eskeland for his over exuberant celebrations and Eskeland accepted the apology.


Someone Is Running Good

The players have been battling it out for close to 12 hours now and as a result play has slowed to a snail’s pace. The highlight of the last 45 minutes or so saw Tobias Reinkemeier raise first in from the small blind and Stanislav Kretz call in the big blind.

The flop was bet by Reinkemeier and called by Kretz. The turn saw Reinkemeier check, Kretz bet and Reinkemeier call. The river saw Reinkemeier check and Kretz bet 115,000.

This last bet seemed to puzzle Reinkemeier who removed his sunglasses to take a closer look at the board with his ever reddening eyes. He starts to talk himself back through the hand and it becomes obvious he cannot put his opponent on a hand at all and he finally makes the call.

Kretz turns over and his straight wins the pot.


Kovik Slide Continues

Zachary Kovik is trying his hardest to pick up chips but it just is not working out right now. He has just raised to 48,000 and Stanislav Kretz makes the call on the button. The flop , Kovik checks, Kretz bets 63,000 and Kovik reluctantly folds.

He now has 680,000.


Pollak Pushes Opponent’s Around

Zachary Kovik opens to 48,000 and it folds to Tobias Reinkemeier on the button. He checks his cards, pauses for a few moments and makes it 130,000 to play. The action is now on Benjamin Pollak and he asks how many chips Reinkemeier, around 1,000,000, and he announced raise and four-bets to 274,000. Kovik folds, as does Kovik and Pollak scoops the pot.


On a board reading Sigurd Eskeland if Norway bets 62,000 from the big blind putting the spotlight onto Mike Watson who is seated on the button. Watson makes the call and the dealer gets busy putting the out on the river. Eskeland paused for at least 90 seconds before betting 122,000 and Watson gets out of the way.

You may recognise the name Sigurd Eskeland and rightly so because he is a World Series of Poker bracelet winner. Back in 2010 he took down the $2,500 8-Game Mix at the WSOP, outlasting a field of 453 players, some of whom are regarded as the best players in the world, on his way to a $260,497 first place prize. He is also sporting his bracelet today, will it bring him any luck?


Paul Pires Trigo Eliminated in 14th Place (€16,830)

Paul Pires Trigo has been eliminated in a blind battle versus Benjamin Pollak. Pollak limps in from the small blind and Trigo moves all-in for 500,000 and Pollak snaps him off. Pollak has [Jx][Jx] and Trigo has [Ax][2x]. The board remains good for Pollak and he moves up to 1,760,000.


Carson Wins Big Pot From Disappointed Watson

Russell Carson opens to 48,000 from early position and after Andrey Pateychuk folds Mike Watson calls so it is heads up to the flop. Carson checks to Watson who bets 62,000 and Carson makes the call. The turn card is the and Carson almost immediately checks and Watson checks behind, making the dealer put out the on the river, and when Carson sees this he bets 113,000. Watson does not look happy about this at all and scrunches his face up like you had just given him a plate of sprouts to eat. After around 75 seconds he shrugs and calls.

Carson shows for a flush and Watson mucks.


Thomas Jorgensen Eliminated in 15th Place (€16,830)

The action folds to Mike Watson on the button and he makes it 45,000 to play. Thomas Jorgensen uses both hands to move his 280,000 stack forward and when it is Watson’s turn to act he makes the call.


The final board ran out and Jorgensen is sent to the rail.


Watson Shoves On Jorgensen

The action folds around to Mike “SirWatts” Watson in the small blind and he pauses for his customary 30 or so seconds before announcing he is all in, moving a stack forward past the betting line s he does so. This seems to rock Thomas Jorgensen who rocks back in his chair and puts his hands behind his head. He stays like this for around 60-70 seconds before shaking his head and sending his cards towards the dealer.


Karen Sarkisyan Eliminated in 16th Place (€14,472)

Karen Sarkisyan raises to 52,000 on the button and Benjamin Pollak three-bets to 137,000 in the small blind. The big blind folds and Sarkisyan moves all-in. Pollak doesn’t even think about it and turns over and Sarkisyan looks to the heavens before turning over . Pollak wins a very easy showdown on a board of and moves up to 1,300,000 chips.


Watson Doubles Up

Mike Watson is pretty low on chips but he has just doubled to 470,000 after getting all in against Jan Bendik’s . The board ran out and Watson gets a little more breathing room.


Dobromir Nikov Eliminated in 17th Place (€14,472)

Dobromir Nikov has become our 17th place finisher thanks to a clash with Adria Balaguen the Spaniard. We missed the actual hand but were told Nikov raised with [Ax][Jx], Balaguen three-bet with [Ax][Kx], Nikov shoved and Balaguen called. The Spaniard’s hand held and we are down to 16 in the Main Event.


Daniel Erlandsson Eliminated in 18th Place (€14,472)

We were just talking to Russell Carson about how this is going to be a very long night. We concurred that most players were deep and of sound mind…and then this happened!

The action folds around to the blinds with Adria Balaguer in the small and Daniel Erlandsson in the big, and suddenly there is a stench of testosterone in the air. Balaguer starts the aggression with a raise to 50,000 and Erlandsson calls. The flop is , Balaguer bets 42,000 and Erlandsson calls. The turn is the and Balaguer loads up his weapon and fires out a second barrel of 117,000. Erlandsson has been aggressive throughout and this hand was no different as he pumps it up to 220,000. The young spaniard makes the call and we get to a river of . Balaguer checks to Erlandsson and he moves all-in.

“I call,” says Balaguer.

Erlandsson taps the felt, mucks his hand, and stands up to leave. Jan Bendik tells them both that they have to turn their cards over because it is an all in showdown. Erlandsson shows for a complete airbag and Balaguer shows for the winning hand and Erlandsson is free to leave the tournament area.


Pollak Claws Some Chips Back

Benjamin Pollak has clawed back some chips, not long after doubling up WSOP bracelet winner Sigurd Eskeland when his [Ax][Kx] could not hit against Eskeland’s [Jx][Jx].

In this latest hand he saw Karen Saruisyan open to 45,000 from UTG+1 and both Pollak (next to act) and Zachary Kovik (two to the left of Pollak) call. The flop comes down and Saruisyan checks. Pollak pauses for the count of 20 then bets 65,000. Neither of his opponents want to pay that price and that leave Pollak to pick up the pot.


Carson And Nikov Split Pot

PartyPoker qualifier Russell Carson places a red 5,000 chip on top of his hole cards and reaches for chips to bet with. After a brief pause he settles on 45,000 and makes the bet. Andrey Pateychuk folds but Dobromir Nikov calls.

Flop: – The action goes check, check.

Turn: – Carson now bets 47,000 and Nikov calls.

River: – Check check.

“I have a queen informs Carson,” turning over and it looks like Nikov mucks but he suddenly realises that the queen in his hand will split the pot so retrieves his hand and is allowed to show and the dealer gives him half the pot!


Kovik Doubles Saruisyan Up

Karen Saruisyan has just doubled up through Zachary Kovik to find himself with just shy of 630,000 chips. Kovik opened with a raise to 45,000 and then called when Saruisyan three-bet all in for 299,000 in total. Kovik turned over and was already in bad shape because Sariusyan held .

The flop gifted Saruisyan a set and when the turn and river were the and respectively Kovik had to give up 299,000 chips, leaving him with 1,300,000.


Reinkemeier Sends Ruzicka To The Rail

We missed the hand but the players around the table tell us that all of the money went into the middle on a two diamond flop of [Jx] [Tx] [4x] with Vojtech Ruzicka holding [Ax] [Jx] for top pair and Tobias Reinkenmeier holding for the open ender and flush draw. We believe the flush got there on the turn and Ruzicka was eliminated. Reinkemeier, meanwhile, has 1,000,000 chips.


Thomas Frandsen Discusses His First Deep Run In A Major Live Tournament


Martins Adeniya Eliminated, Rest Of Entrants Redraw

Martins Adeniya has been eliminated and his run in the WPT Prague Main Event has come to an abrupt end. He saw Andrey Pateychuk open to 40,000 from early position, looked down at and moved all in for 200,000, or 10 big blinds. Pateychuk called and the cards were turned onto their backs.


The flop misses Pateychuk but he does pick up an open-ended straight draw. The on the turn keeps Adeniya in front but the lands on the river, despite please for a deuce from Adeniya’s friend James Akenhead on the rail.


PartyPoker Qualifier Talks About His Day

Russell Carson talks to us about how his tournament has been going and his plans for the next couple of months.


Kretz Continues To Push His Table Around

Stanislaw Kretz is starting to run away with this tournament and now finds himself with 2,800,000 chips. Andrey Pateychuk turned up for Day 2 a couple of hours late yesterday and he will wish he had turned up even later today because he is seated to the right of the massively stacked Kretz.

Pateychuk opened to 35,000 from under the gun only to see Kretz three-bet to 73,000. With the action back on him, Pateychuk four-bet to 168,000 and after 90 seconds or so Kretz made the call. The dealer put out the draw heavy flop and Pateychuk quickly checked but Kretz kept up his relentless pressure and fires a bet of 185,000 which folds out his Russian opponent.


Reinkemeier Takes One From Watson

Mike Watson and Tobias Reinkemeier are sat directly next to each other and the two so-called big names have just clashed with each other in a hand that left Watson thinking he had folded the best hand, judging by his reaction.

The board read and Reinkemeier had fired a bet of 27,000 into the 45,000 pot sending Watson into to the tank. He stayed there for a good two minutes, constantly looking at the board and riffling chips but he just couldn’t find a call and he folded.

As he did he looked pained, like he knew he probably had the best hand, looking up to the skies and muttering to himself.


Ruzucki Loses more Than Half His Stack

Joining the action on a flop reading Daniel Erlandsson checks in the small blind, Jan Bendik checks in the big blind and Agri Kaise checks in the cutoff but Vojtech Ruzicka makes it 58,000 to play. Erlandsson then check-raises to 140,000 forcing out Bendik and Kaise but Ruzicka stares down Erlandsson and after 90 seconds or so Ruzicka moves all in and Erlandsson instantly calls.


The turn is the which is no help to the Czech and neither is the on the river and Erlandsson doubles up. The dealer counts out Erlandsson’s stack and informs Ruzicka he has to pay Erlandsson 513,000.


Pollak Loses Ground To Korik

Zachary Korik raises to 32,000 in the hijack seat and Benjamin Pollak three-bets to 78,000. The blinds fold and Korik makes the call. The dealer is like a rose between two thorns as she gives us the . Both players check, the turn card is the , Korik bets 92,000 and Pollak calls. The river is the and Korik bets 227,000 and the size of the bet meant it was a tournament deciding decision for Pollak. Pollak took at least five minutes to make his decision which was to ultimately fold and it leaves him with 23 big blinds.


Mihai Manole Out In 21st

One of our WPT collegues has just discovered, thanks to the amazing invention that is Twitter, that Mihai Manole has been eliminated in 21st place. After using Google Translate we found out he shoved [Ax][4x] from the small blind and the big blind called with [8x][8x] and the latter held.


Martins Adeniya Talks About Playing The Player


Reinkemeier Doubles Up

Tobias Reinkemeier has doubled up after knocking out Barabas Andras. Vojtech Ruzicka raises to 25,000 from middle position and after two players fold Reinkemeier pops it up to 63,000. Next to act is Andras who moves all in. This folds out Ruzicka but Reinkemeier asks for a count. The dealer tells him it is 193,000 to call and Reinkemeier, who has only been thinking for less than 45 seconds has the clock called on him.

It seems to jolt the German into action because he makes the call.




Adeniya Loses Massive Pot to Kretz

Martins Adeniya has just got flustered – very flustered! In fact we don’t think we have ever seen him so flustered before! The man responsible for all the aggravation is our new chip leader Stanislaw Kretz and here is why.

Thomas Frandsen raises to 28,000 from first position, Kretz calls in late position and Martins calls in the small blind. The three-way flop is , Adeniya checks to Frandsen who bets 42,000, Kretz calls before Adeniya check-raises to 142,000. Facing the check-raise Frandsen folds but Kretz makes the call.

The turn is the and both players check and the final card is the . Adeniya bets 120,000 and Kretz raises to 325,000. The Kretz bet creates an amazing reaction from Adeniya. He pulls his earphones off and starts going through the hand. He looks amazingly flustered and just doesn’t know what to do. In the end Kretz calls the clock.

“What kind of hand could you have that checks back the turn and raises the river? ?” Says Adeniya.

After the floor official counts down towards zero Adeniya makes the call and Kretz does indeed turn over for the runner-runner flush.

Kretz ~ 2,450,000
Adeniya ~ 800,000


Reinkemeier Topples Pisazev

PartyPoker Qualifier Tobias Reinkemeier has added the chips of Denis Pisazev to his own stack after sending the Ukrainian to the rail.

Pisazev was all in with and Reinkemeier made the call with . The German took th elead on a flop, extended his lead on a turn and then completely locked up the hand with the arrival of the on the river.


Bendik’s Lucky Dealer Comes Up With The Goods

Jan Bendik has himself a lucky dealer who goes by the name of Petra who has just helped him eliminate Nir Ben Yakir. Yakir had moved all in for around 135,000 from late position and the action was on Bendik who said,

“This is my dealer so I call.”


The flop gave Bendik middle set but Yakir could still win with a jack. Those thoughts were soon dismissed though when the improved Bendik to a full house, locking up the hand. The on the river completed the hand and Bendik’s charge up the chip counts continues.


Mike Watson Talks

Feast your eyes on this video featuring Mike “SirWatts” Watson who is flying high here in Prague.


Chip Counts At The Break

Here are the top five players at the end of Level 20

  • Martins Adeniya: 1,300,000
  • Vojtech Ruzicka: 1,100,000
  • Stanilaw Kretz: 1,060,000
  • Thomas Frandsen: 1,020,000
  • Karen Sarkisyan: 750,000


Pollak Clashes With Kovik

The action folds around to Zachary Kovik on the button and he puts in 20,000 worth of chips putting the action onto Benjamin Pollak. He picks up chips worth 47,000 and makes the three-bet. The big blinds gets out of the way but Kovik calls.

Flop: – Pollak, gently biting on the index finger of his left hand bets 38,000 and Kovas paused for 45 seconds before mucking his hand.


Sonnert Doubles Up Rosen

Jamie Rosen has just been given a massive gift from Bengt Sonnert who has just doubled him up. Everyone folded to Sonnert in the cutoff and he raised to 21,000. Rosen was on the button and he quickly announced that he was all in, a bet of 166,000 and Sonnert snapped him off.


The board ran out and Rosen climbs to 350,000.


McClung Scoops Big Pot

Chris McClung has just helped himself to a substantial pot after a clash with Dobromir Nikov. Joining the action on the river with the board reading , Nikov checked to McClung who wasted little time in betting 196,000. Nikov counted out 200,000 in purple 25,000 chips and it looked like he was going to call but he ultimately let his hand go.


Yaiche Crippled The Sent Home In Two Hands

Basil Yaiche is no longer with us after two hands were enough to cripple him then send him to the rail. The first saw him in one of tournament poker’s typical coinflips, him holding to Nikolay Tsanev’s . The rac was over almost instantly when the flop came down and when the turn and river were the and respectively Yaiche was left with just 5,000 chips, which meant after paying the ante for the next hand he had less than a small blind.

He was busted during the next hand after three players checked it down. The scoreboards read “30 players remaining” and the final table is starting to become a very real possibility for some of these men.


Chris McClung: “I’m a gambler.”

Chris McClung is deep in the WPT Main Event and he is know to us after we saw him play in San Remo and Cannes where he seemingly played every single hand! Here our video team caught up with him and he kindly answered a few questions for us.


PartyPoker Qualifier Down!

Andras Kovacs will not be repeating his heroics of EPT Loutraki and making it to the final table because he has just been sent to the rail by Russia’s Andrey Pateychuk. Kovacs was all in with against Pateychuk’s . The gave Kovacs extra outs to a club flush. The paired a five but hardly changed anything and the busted our hero.

Well played sir.


Kastle: “I Will Win This Tournament.”

Casey Kastle has just stated, “I’m sure I’m going to win this tournament by the way,” after doubling to 230,000 through Bengt Sonnert. Kastle was all in with and Sonnert .

Kastle took the lead on a flop but Sonnert snatched it back with the arrival of the on the turn. However, the on the river gifted Kastle trips and he has a little more breathing room.


Dimitar Kosifov Sent Packing

Dimitar Kosifov is no longer in this tournament after busting at the hands of Thomas Frandsen. Kosifov had in front of him and he was in need of a four and only a four because Frandsen held . No four appeared in the board and yet another player heads home for an early bath.


Bevand Busted

Manuel Bevand has just been busted out by local player Vojtech Ruzicka. Bevand held against the Czech’s and a queen spiked on the turn.

We are down to 45 players going into the first break.


Kovacs Crushes Wagner

Tobias Wagner has been eliminated thanks to PartyPoker qualifier Andras Kovacs. A brief preflop raising war results in Wagner being all in with against Kovacs’ and when the board ran out he was sent to the cashier’s cage to pick up his winnings.


Rosen and Bendik In Meta-Game Battle?

Jamie Rosen opens from the button to 16,000 and to his direct left, in the small blind, is Jan Bendik and he three-bets to 48,000. Rosem instantly moves all in for circa 300,000 and Bendik folds.

“I told you I’d shove if you did that again,” said Rosem, showing the in the process.

The man mountain that is Bendik shrugged his shoulders and showed his American the , much to the amusement of the rest of the table.


Henrik Unlerricht Eliminated

They are dropping like flies here in Prague, the latest “fly” being Henrik Unlerricht. He moved all in with and was called by the of Thomas Frandsen. The board ran out and Unlerricht is sent to the rail.


Watson Takes Care Of Wiese

Michael Watson sees everyone fold to him in middle position and he makes it 17,000 to play. The action folds to Andrews Wiese on the button and he flat-calls, becoming Watson’s only opponent.

The dealer puts out the flop, a flop that Watson leads out on for 24,000. Wiese stares at Watson before moving all in for around 130,000 and Watson snap-calls.


Wiese is probably close to 50/50 here with his two over cards and a flush draw but Watson has been running well and that counts for a lot in poker! The turn is the missing Wiese and the is no help to him either and he hits the rail whilst Watson hits the dizzy heights of 700,000 chips.


Kent Lundmark Busts

Sweden’s Kent Lundmark will not be adding a WPT title to his EPT Barcelona gong as he has been eliminated. We do not have the details of his exit but we do know he finished in 52nd place.


Santucci Has Aces Cracked

This writer does not speak French but he knows when someone is angry and possibly swearing! The board read and Nazay Lechs turned over for two pair. Raymond Santucci entered into a tirade, turning over his cards and slamming them onto the felt, so hard that one of them turned onto its face so we could only see the . He angrily flipped over the second card and it was the .

Judging by the smirks on the face of his other non-French opponents we think he cold have misplayed his aces somewhat and only has himself to blame for them being cracked.


Alex Konstantinov Sent To The Rail

Alex Konstantinov has just been sent to the rail at the hands of Dobromir Nikov who now has more than 600,000 chips. Konstantinov opened with a raise from early position only to see Nikov three-bet on the button. Konstantinov made the call and it was heads up to the flop.

Nikov checked, Konstantinov bet 27,000 but Nikov check-raised to 66,000. Konstantinov sniffed, ruffled his nose then proudly announced “Raise! 120” but before his chips had passed the line Nikov had moved all in. Konstantinov shrugged and then called.


Nikov is way in front and Konstantinov needed a queen and only a queen to stay alive in the Main Event. The on the turn was not one of them and neither was the on the river and we are now down to just 52 players! What a start to proceedings.


Yaiche Surrenders To Bendik’s Three-bet

From under the gun Basil Yaiche opens with a raise to 17,000 and it looks like he may only pick up the blinds and antes, that is until Jan Bendik checks his cards and then makes it 48,000 to play. Yaiche lays down his hand and Bendik, who is looking to make his second major final table in a matter of weeks, takes down an early pot.


Eugene Katchlov Eliminated

Eugene Katchlov started the day as one of the shortest stacks in the tournament and now he is busto. We are hearing that he has had pocket kings cracked by Michael Watson, who also busted Aage Rolvn in the same hand.


Go Go Go!

Day 3 of the WPT Prague Main Event is under way!


WPT Prague: Day 3 Live Updates

Welcome back to the King’s Casino in the breathtaking Corinthia Towers Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic where in just over half an hour’s time 62 poker players will return to their seats, rip open the bags they filled with chips last night and resume the WPT Prague Main Event.

We still have three PartyPoker qualifiers armed with chips though all three will be looking to double up sooner rather than later as they are starting to run a little low on the precious ceramic discs. The best placed of our trio is Hungarian Andras Kovacs who recently reached the final table of EPT Loutraki. Kovacs starts the day on Table 5 with 185,000 chips at his disposal.

To his direct left will be a fellow PartyPoker qualifier in the shape of Russell Carson. The Canadian nursed a short stack for the majority of Day 2 but he doubled up a couple of times near the bubble, once through British pro Daniel Carter with against to end the day with 148,000.

Last but not least is German pro Tobias Reinkemeier who by my reckoning needs to come third or better just to pay for the massages he has been receiving from the Revive Touch girls. He is one of the shortest stacks in the field with 87,000 chips but he is experienced enough not to worry too much.

The man they all have to catch is Martins Adeniya who bagged and tagged 849,000 chips when the curtain came down on Day 2 and we would be very surprised if he did not at least reach the final table here in Prague. The plan today is to play down until the final table of six regardless of how long that takes. With a touch of luck we could be done in by around 0200 in the morning but we are also prepared (read that as stocked up on Red Bull) for the long haul.

Rejoin us at 1400CET for all the action from the final stages of the record-breaking WPT Prague Main Event. in the mean time why not feast your eyes on this short video we shot with Mr Adeniya during Day 2.


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