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Andrey Pateychuk Wins WPT Prague!

Andrey Pateychuk has won the WPT Prague Main Event. Adria Balageur moves all in for 13bb with and Pateychuk calls with . The flop comes down , the turn is the and the river is the gifting Pateychuk the straight and with that he wins WPT Prague!

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Pateychuk Doubles Up!

Andrey Pateychuk is all in with and is up against and he could be eliminated right now!

The dealer puts the flop out and suddenly Pateychuk has an unlikely lead. The is no help to the Spaniard and the means Balaguer has to give a massive percentage of his stack to Pateychuk and the ball is well and truly in the Russian’s court, leading by around 13,000,000 to 4,000,000 chips.


Read All About It. Pateychuk Loses All In Hand!

Adria Balaguer is all in with and Andrey Pateychuk wakes up with , makes the call and the Spaniard is at risk.

Flop: – The Spaniard is no longer really at risk!

Turn: – Balaguer is guaranteed to double up.

River: – Balaguer doubles.


I’ll Give Your Mine If You Give Me Yours

These players are not heads up specialists and this is really starting to show now. For the past 20 minutes they have swapped chips with each other.

This could take a while.


Chip Updates

  • Andrey Pateychuk: 11,950,000
  • Adria Balaguer: 5,185,000


Pateychuk Starts To Turn The Screw

Andrey Pateychuk raises with then calls when Adria Balaguer three-bets. The flop comes down and Balaguer bets 745,000 as a continuation bet and Pateychuk makes the call with his flush draw.

The turn is the and Balaguer checks its arrival. Pateychuk shits for a few moments before betting a massive 1,330,000 and Balaguer gets out of the way.


Pateychuk Re-Takes The Chip Lead

Pateychuk raises to 300,000 and Balaguer makes the call. The flop is and Balaguer checks to Pateychuk who bets 375,000. Balaguer goes into his stack and pulls out a check-raise for 835,000 and Pateychuk snap-calls.

The river is the and both players check and the final card is the . Balaguer bets 1,230,000 and Pateychuk once again snap calls. A very confident Pateychuk turns over for trips and amazingly he is now the chip leader after having a 15:1 deficit less than half an hour ago.

Pateychuk ~ 10,085,000
Balaguer ~ 7,050,000


This Is Getting Silly!

Andrey Pateychuk simply cannot lose! In a hand now he saw Adria Balaguer make it 300,000 to play then call his three-bet to 740,000. The flop came down and Pateychuk bet 860,000 and Balaguer made the call.

Both players checked the turn and the river, Pateychuk showing and taking the pot from Balaguer who held .


Pateychuk Doubles Again! The Man Is Unreal!

After the previous gift from Adria Balaguer, Andrey Pateychuk has just doubled up again and any thought of a Balaguer victory has been ripped from his grasp.

The money went into the middle with Balaguer holdingand Pateychuk . The flop was a great one as always – - but this time the best hand held up. The turn and river means Pateychuk is back to 6,300,000 and Balaguer is down to 10,800,000


Pateychuk’s Turn To Double

Down to 1,500,000 Pateychuk was in desperate shape. He moved all in with [Js[ and was called by Adria Balaguer with .

The board ran out

Pateychuk now has around 3,000,000 and Balaguer 12,630,000


Balaguer Doubles Up!

Adria Balaguer has doubled up after his eights held up against of Andrey Patychuk.

Balaguer raised to 240,000, Pateychuk three-bet to 620,000 only for the Spaniard four-bet to 1,200,000. Pateychuk shoved and Balaguer called!

The was great for Pateychuk and he could end the tournament with a five, ace or spade. The turn is none of those, the and the river is the and Balaguer survives and doubles up!


River Raise for Pateychuk

Pateychuk raises to 260,000, Balaguer makes the call and we see a flop. flies out of the dealers hand and Balaguer checks to Pateychuk who also checks. The joins the board on the turn, and Balaguer reaches for chips and bets 235,000 and receives a quick call. The river is the , Balaguer bets 545,000 and Pateychuk asks for a count before raising to 1,445,000 and Balaguer mucks his hand.

Pateychuk ~ 9,365,000


What Do The Royal Flush Girls Do In Their Spare Time?

Ever wonder?


Pateychuk Three Bet Takes Pot

Adria Balaguer opens with a standard raise with but he folds as Andrey Pateychuk three-bets to 620,000 with just .

Things have been pretty even so far with nobody really stepping out of line.


Almost Ready

The players have been sent on an unscheduled break whilst the chips are moved to the opposite ends of the table. We will return shortly.


Stanislaw Kretz Eliminated in 3rd Place (€158,000)

Stanislav Kretz started as the overwhelming chip leader but he is now on the rail picking up the money awarded to the third place finisher.

He three-bet all in for 1,079,000 chips with after Andrey Pateychuk had opened to 260,000 with and looked in good shape to double up, especially because by the turn the boardd read but the landed on the river and Kretz is sent to the rail.

We are now heads up in the WPT Prague Main Event.


Adria Balaguer raises preflop with and then calls a three-bet of 690,000 from Andrey Pateychuk, who holds .

The flop comes down a rather draw heavy , Balaguer checks, Pateychuk bets 645,000 and takes down the pot.


Cates And Schwatyz Ready For Big Cash Game

We caught up with Daniel “Jungleman” Cates and Luke “Full Flush” Schwartz yesterday as they prepared for the big cash game that will be taking place in the King’s Casino on Tuesday.


Chip Counts At The Dinner Break

  • Adria Balaguer: 8,485,000
  • Andrey Pateychuk: 6,060,000
  • Stanislaw Kretz: 2,590,000

Join us in an hour when action recommences.


What Was Kretz Thinking?!

Andrey Pateychuk raises it up preflop with and must be delighted to see Stanislav Kretz three-bet to 560,000, holding just .

Pateychuk four-bets to 980,000 and Kretz makes the call. The dealer burns a card and puts out the flop into the centre of the table, prompting an immediate check from Kretz. Pateychuk re-checks his cards and checks behind.

The on the turns is greeted with a massive bet of 1,000,000 from Kretz and Pateychuk smooth-calls. The river is the and he snap-checks, Pateychuk moves all in and Kretz does not continue in the hand, instantly mucking.


Balaguer’s Aces Stand Up

On a board reading , Stanislaw Kretz checks to Adria Balaguer who bets 465,000 with his pocket aces.

The river is the and now both players check. Balaguer shows and his set of aces are good as Kretz shows .


Benjamin Pollak Eliminated in 4th Place (€104,000)

Adria Balaguer opens from the button and Benjamin Pollak makes a stand and three-bets all in for a shade under 2,200,000. Balaguer makes the call and the players reveal their cards.

Pollak: .

The dealer puts out the flop, but the third card is stuck under the seven. It gets retrieved and it is the gifting Pollak the lead. The on the turn keeps the Frenchman in front but it also gives some out to Balaguer as he could hit a straight and one of those out hits the river, the sending Pollak for an early bath,

It probably means nothing now but Pollak played great throughout this tournament and if he’d have had a little extra luck he could have taken down the Main Event. Hopefully €104,000 will soften the blow a little. GG sir.


Cards Not Matching Up

We are seeing very few flops here at the final table, mainly because nobody seems to be picking up playable cards when others have picked up monsters.

So far we have seen people raising with , , and hands but the other players literally had nothing. The cards just aren’t matching up right now.


Kretz Shows Bluff, Hi-Fives Fans, Causes Laughes

From the cutoff Adria Balaguer raises to 175,000 and is called by both Andrey Pateychuk on the button and Stanislaw Kretz in the big blind.

Flop: – Kretz checks, Balaguer bets 240,000 and Pateychuk folds his . The action is now on Kretz and he check-raises to 610,000. Balaguer folds his and Kretz proudly shows his and runs to the sideline to high-five his friends, much to the amusement of the live stream commentary team!


Balaguer Shoves On Pateychuk

Andrey Pateychuk has been attempting to run over the table but Adria Balaguer has just come over the top of him to show he personally will not be pushed around.

The diminutive Spaniard raises to 175,000 holding pocket fours and to his direct left is Pateychuk and he three-bets to 460,000 with the lowly . Balaguer goes into the tank and when he emerges he does so with an all in bet of 4,810,000 showing what Tony G would say is real heart and commitment and Pateychuk gets out of the way.


Pollack Limp-Shoves, Wins Pot Preflop

Benjamin Pollak open-limps in the small blind with but Stanislaw Kretz is not going to let him see a flop on the cheap and he raises to 230,000 with just .

Pollak quickly moves all in for 2,130,000 and Kretz folds his hand.


The Pateychuk Show Continues

On a flop reading Andrey Pateychuk sets the price to play at 220,000 and Balaguer wastes little time in calling with his pocket sixes.

The on the turn would slow down many players but not the EPT San Remo champion, he bets 360,000 with his and surprisingly his Spanish opponent calls. The river is the completing a plethora of draws and both players check.

Pateychuk’s pair of queens are good and he scoops the pot.


Pateychuk Continues With The Aggression

Andrey Pateychuk has come back from the break like a man possessed. He see Adria Balaguer open to 160,000 and decides the best play is to make it 460,000 with his and Balaguer lets his hand go.


Pateychuk Four-Bets

Straight back from the break Andrey Pateychuk raises to 165,000 in the cutoff only to see Benjamin Pollak three-bet to 465,000 on the button. Pateychuk quickly moves all in and Pollak folds his hands.


Massive Cooler For Pollak

From time to time poker throws up some real cooler hands and one of them just took place right now.

Adria Balaguer opens to 120,000 with in the cutoff and Benjamin Pollak calls in the small blind with . Stanislaw Kretz, holding in the big blind, calls too.

The flop sees all three players check leading the dealer to put out the turn card, which is the . Both Pollak and Kretz check but having made two pair Balaguer bets 190,000. Pollak then raises to 575,000, forcing out Kretz but Balaguer opts to call.

The river is the and Pollak could do the vast majority of his stack to the Spaniard here! Balaguer, calm as the proverbial cucumber, checks and Pollak bets 575,000. Balaguer sits motionless for over two minutes before moving all in for 1,710,000 chips putting Pollak to the test.

The Frenchman sits riffling purple 25,000 chips for a minute before resting his head on his right hand, fiddling with chips with his left hand. After two minutes he makes the call and looks gutted when he sees he has run into the nuts and he is going to have to show some real character to come back from this!


Fish And Chips

  • Stanislaw Kretz – 5,475,000
  • Benjamin Pollak – 4,995,000
  • Andrey Pateychuk – 4,095,000
  • Adria Balaguer – 2,465,000


Battle Of The Junk Hands

Unbeknown to us, Stanlislaw Kretz open limps from the small blind with just and Adria Balaguer checks his big blind with .

Flop: – Kretz bet 80,000 and Balaguer raises to 185,000 with his gutshot straight.

Turn: – Both players check

River: – Kretz checks, Balaguer sticks in a big bet of 330,000 and Kretz mucks his hand.


Balaguer Lively

Adria Balaguer was one of the players who seemed to be really struggling with yesterday’s 15-hour session but he is certainly bright eyed and bushy tailed today.

Since the break he has been opening plenty of pots, including just now with but he folded when Andrey Pateychuk three-bet to 270,000 with his .


Chip Counts At The Break

  • Stanislaw Kretz: 5,800,000
  • Benjamin Pollak: 5,070,000
  • Andrey Pateychuk: 3,900,000
  • Adria Balaguer: 2,200,000


Sigurd Eskeland Eliminated In 5th Place (€80,000)

Sigurd Eskeland has fallen victim of Andrey Pateychuk’s run-good and the World Series of Poker bracelet winner will not be adding a World Poker Tour title to his name here in Prague.

He opens to 125,000 with and the action folds to Pateychuk who holds a pair of jacks. He three-bets to 285,000 from the button and Eskeland, possibly because of his Russian opponent’s aggressive image, four-bet shoves all in for 1,460,000 and Pateychuk snap-calls!

The dealer puts out the flop, gifting the Norwegian the lead. Pateychuk shakes his head as the lands on the turn but his disappointment turns into elation as the appears on the river to improve Pateychuk to a set of jacks and sending Eskeland to the rail.


Pollak Lays Down The Best Hand

On a flop reading Andrey Pateychuk, who had raised preflop, bet 210,000 in Pollak and the Frenchman makes the call.

The turn is the and despite only holding pocket fives Pateychuk bets again, this time making it 310,000 to play. Pollak, who holds ponders his options for close to a minute before letting his hand go.


Balaguer Doubles Up

Adria Balaguer has just doubled up by cracking kings to give himself some extra breathing room in this tournament.

Stanislaw Kretz opens to 100,000 and when the action is on Balaguer the Spaniard moves all in. Kretz snap-calls and the players turn over their hands.


The flop changes nothing and Balaguer could be on his way out of this tournament. The makes things interesting because Balaguer can now make a straight and low and behold the on the river completes the most unlikely of straights and the Spanish youngster is back in this event.


Russell Carson Eliminated in 6th Place (€63,000)

Russell Carson’s tournament is over after losing a crucial coinflip against the chipleader Stanislaw Kretz. The action folded around to the PartyPoker qualifier Carson in the small blind and he moves all in for 545,000 chips with and after thinking for 30 seconds Kretz calls with .

The flop means Carson has to hit a five to win and is now an 87% underdog. The gives him some outs to a straight but he cannot hit the as that will improve Kretz to a flush. The on the river fails to alter anything and we are down to five in the Main Event.


Pollak Puts Balaguer All In

Adria Balaguer opens with the standard min-raise to 100,000 and when the action is on Benjamin Pollak he looks down at in the hole and moves all in. Balaguer folds his deuces and his stack is starting to seriously dwindle right now and he needs to stop the rot.


Carson Shoves

PartyPoker qualifier Russell Carson open shoves for a total of 605,000 holding but he does not pick up any callers, just the blinds and antes.


The Final Table Members Take Their Seats


Our First Three-Bet

Adria Balaguer opens to 100,000 whilst holding but then folds his hand when Sigurd Eskeland three-bets to 230,000 with a pair of black aces.


First Blood To Pollak

Benjamin Pollak min-raises to 100,000 with and picks up the blinds and antes.

The very next hand he raises to 1000,000 with and again takes the blinds and antes.


Flying The PartyPoker Flag

Amongst the six final table member we have one man flying the PartyPoker flag, Russell Carson. He may be starting as the shortest stack at the table but that will not faze the talented Canadian as he is vastly experienced at this game.

Like many he cut his teeth playing online poker and it is there he has won more than $5,800,000 and we will be , impartially of course, rooting for Mr Carson.


The Cards Are In The Air

The WPT Prague Final Table is underway, we will be bringing you all the action on a 30-minute delay.


Welcome back to the King’s Casino in the Corinthia Towers hotel here in picturesque Prague where shortly nine men will take their seats at the final table of the World Poker Tour Prague Main Event, each of them knowing they are just eight opponents away from becoming a WPT Champion and winning €468,200 in prize money.

The man they all have to catch is the monster-stacked German Stanislaw Kretz who will start the day with 6,300,000 of the 17,130,000 chips in play. His nearest rival is Franchman Benjamin Pollak on 4,865,000 who ended Day 3 on a great run and will certainly be one to watch today.

Joining them on the six-handed final table are the recent EPT San Remo winner Andrey Pateychuk, World Series of Poker bracelet holder Sigurd Eskeland, Spaniard Adria Balaguer and Canada’s Russell Carson.

Play kicks off at 1500 CET and there is a live stream available, on a 30-minute delay, on the World Poker Tour website and as always we will have full coverage here on the PartyPoker blog.

Final Table Seat Draw

Seat 1: Stanislaw Kretz: 6,300,000
Seat 2: Benjamin Pollak: 4,865,000
Seat 3: Andrey Pateychuk: 2,310,000
Seat 4: Sigurd Eskeland: 1,515,000
Seat 5: Adria Balaguer: 1,315,000
Seat 6: Russell Carson: 725,000

Here is what they are playing for today:

1st place: €468,200
2nd place: €238,000
3rd place: €158,000
4th place: €104,000
5th place: €80,000
6th place: €63,000


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