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Day 2 Ends With Martins Adeniya In The Lead

Day 2 of the World Poker Tour Prague Main Event has come to a close and it is British professional player Martins Adeniya who is the man the surviving 62 players need to catch as he has ended the day with 849,000 and is the clear chip leader.

Adeniya started the day with 205,000 chips, which were enough to see him be near the very top of the counts and he constantly accumulated chips throughout the day, in the end quadrupling his stack! If he does this on Day 3, which kicks off at 1400 on Sunday, he will end the day with almost 4,000,000 chips!

We are still waiting for official chip counts to come through but we believe notables such as PartyPoker qualifier Tobias Reinkemeir, Champions Club member Eugene Katchalov and Mike “SirWatts” Watson to be returning to the felt on Sunday afternoon.

Join us from 1400 CET on Sunday for all the action from the WPT Prague Main Event where we will attempt to take the 62 players and whittle them down to our final table of six!


McDonald Out Of Timex

Mike “Timex” McDonald has become the first player to pick up prize money, finishing in 63rd place. He was all in with against his friend, Mike Watson, who held , McDonald actually took the lead by the turn as the board read but the river was the to send McDonald to the rail just as the day ends.


Yury Gully Bursts The Bubble!

Yury Gulyy has become the bubble boy of WPT Prague and his exit has left 63 smiling faces in the tournament area of the King’s Casino.

Gulyy saw Thomas Frandsen move all in from the small blind for what turned out to be 113,000 and Gully made the call in the big blind. Whilst the other hands were completed the players were told to not reveal their hands but once the action had come to an end on all the other tables the players flipped over their cards.


The flop sent Frandsen into the most unlikely of leads and the on the turn was no help to Gulyy. The on the river was just salt in Gulyy’s wounds and with that we are in the money!


Dan Carter Eliminated

A disappointed Dan Carter has just visited us in the media area where he informed us he busted out in 66th place. The bubble looms.


Santucci Not Keen On His Deuces

Raymond Santucci opens to 13,000 in early position and next to act is Andrews Wiese and he three-bets bets to 25,000. The action folds back to Santucci and he mucks and shows .


Martins Adeniya vs Benjamin Pollak


Carson Doubles Through Carter

Dan Carter raises to 11,000 from early position and then calls when Russell Carson moves all in for 55,000.


The board runs out .


O’Dwyer Eliminated

Steve O’Dwyer has been eliminated by the man who crippled him just minutes ago, Michael Watson. O;Dwyer open shoved his 70,000 or so stack with pocket queens and got looked up by Watson who held king-jack. O’Dwyer looked set for a double up by the time the turn was dealt but a king on the river sent him to the rail before the money places and gave WPT Prague a new chip leader.


Sir Watts Cripples O’Dwyer

A massive hand has just taken place that has resulted in Steve O’Dwyer having his stack crippled and Mike Watson being catapulted towards the top of the chip counts.

Watson opened to 11,000 from under the gun and when it was O’Dwyer’s turn to act he flat-called in the hijack. To his direct left is the poker prodigy that is Mike “Timex” McDonald and he squeezes to 31,000 putting pressure on his fellow Canadian Watson.

Watson, known as Sir Watts in online poker circles, then clicks it back and makes it 51,000 to play only to see O’Dwyer move all in! McDonald looks visibly shocked and takes a look at O’Dwyer before mucking his hand. Watson says, “I guess you have aces but I call,” to which O’Dwyer replied sheepishly, “I don’t.”


The saw the Cowboys stay in the lead and when the hit the turn O’Dwyer was a massive underdog. The on the river gave Watson an unnecessary set and when the stacks were counted O’Dwyer had to give 250,500 of his chips to Watson, leaving himself with just 75,000.

Watson on the other hand is up to 578,000 and now a legitimate threat in this tournament.


Lundmark Doubles Up

Sweden’s Kent Lundmark has just doubled up after sucking out with ace-jack against his opponent’s ace-king. We arrived as the chips were being counted with Lundmark in the cutoff and his opponent on the button. Lundmark held and his opponent .

The board ran out and Lundmark finds himself armed with around 305,000 chips.


McClung Ramps Up The Aggression

Chris McClung is not one to sit around and wait for premium hands and he loves to splash around in pot. Just now he min-raised from UTG+1 and picked up the blinds and antes but when he made the same move the very next hand from under the gun he found callers in the shape of Andras Barabas on the button and Martins Adeniya in the small blind.

Flop: – None of the players seem too happy about the all diamond flop and they all check.

Turn: – Adeniya leads out with a bet of 16,500, McClung quickly calls but Barabas gets out of the way.

River: – Adeniya checks the fourth diamond then instantly folds when he has a 25,000 bet thrown at him.


Last break Of The Day? Possibly.

The players have been sent on what should be their last break of the day. There are 80 players left and the bubble bursts at 64. The tournament director has said he will be playing to the bubble regardless of how long it takes, let’s hope it’s over quickly.


Katchalov Takes A Hit

Tobias Reinkemeier raises to 1,300 in early position, Eugene Katchalov calls in mid position as does the player on the button. Denys Drobyna is seated in the small blind and he moves all-in for around 100,000. Reinkemeier folds but Katchalov goes into deep thought mode. He asks for a count, checks his stack and then eventually makes the call. The player on the button folds and Drobyna and Katchalov are heads up once more. Katchalov turns over and Drobyna turns over .


Drobyna ~ 225,000
Katchalov ~ 190,000


Markushevski Sent To The Rail

A preflop raising war between Paul Pires-Trigo (hijack) and Vadim Markushevski (cutoff) results in both being all in but Pires-Trigo only slightly covers his opponent.




Hugo Lemaire Busts

Hugo Lemaire is a regular on the European WPT circuit and has had some great success but that success will not be continued here in Prague because he has busted out. He got his money in with pocket jacks against ace-queen and an ace on the flop sent the Frenchman home.


This Is No Limit Guys!

The former EPT Barcelona champion Kent Lundmark opens the betting with a min-raise to 8,000 from middle position. One player folds and Vojtech Ruzicka clicks it back and makes it 16,000 to play. Anothe rplayer folds before Dan Carter min-raises to 30,000 on the button.

With the action back on him Lundmark quickly folds but Ruzicka starts muttering something to himself under his breathe for around a minute before he mucks his hand.

“Genuine decision?” quizzes Carter as he slides his own cards into the muck.

“Yes,” claims the Czech.


Sixes Good For Wiese

From UTG+1 Andrews Wiese makes it 9,000 to play and everyone folds to the British pro Dan Carter in the small blind and he makes the call. The and Carter leads into Wiese with a 10,000 bet and Wiese calls. The turn is the and both Carter and Wiese tap the table and check. The on the river receives the same treatement, but Wiese take the hand down by showing and Carter reveals .

Can you imagine if a nine had come on the turn or river?


Reinkemeier Four Bets From The Cutoff

When every folds to PartyPoker qualifier Tobias Reinkemeier in the cutoff he raises to 6,000. Jonathan Roy of Canada is in the small blind and he three-bets to 15,500. The big blind gets out of the and so does Roy when Reinkemeier four-bets and sets the price at 35,500.


Reach 600k And Get A Massage

Jamie Rosen has passed the 600,000 chip barrier and as a present to himself he has bought a massage. The American is looking for his third World Poker Tour cash and his first win here in Prague. Stay tuned to see if he can do it.


Wiese Doubles Through Strelitz

A preflop raising war results in Andrew Wiese being all in with and needing to avoid the of Daniel Strelitz. The board runs out and Wiese doubles up.


Three-Bet From Adeniya Wins Pot

The player in late position who thought it would be a good idea to cover up his media ID so will therefore remain nameless raises to 6,000 and to his direct left is the massively stacked Martins Adeniya. He picks up three red chips worth a total of 15,000 and spins them into the pot.

The three-bet is enough because everyone, including Mr Nobody, gets out of the way.


No Customers For Adeniya

From the cutoff Martins Adeniya raises to 6,000 and the action folds to Slobooan Ruzicic in the big blind and he removes the electronic cigarette from his mouth and stares at the Brit through his oversized sunglasses. He stares for around 45 seconds before sending his hand towards the dealer.


Denis Pisazev Dodges Bullets

Denis Pisazev opens from under the gun with a raise to 6,500 and the action folds to PartyPoker qualifier Bart Verbanck who is seated in the cutoff. He peels back the edge of his holecards, likes what he sees and moves all in 55,500 then clasps his hands together and puts them over his mouth and stares at the felt.

The button and blinds both fold but Pisazev has a real decision to make. He sits for over three minutes and after two he counts out the bet, then his total stack, then he places them into stacks of 20 before turning his hand onto its back as saying fold. His holding was and he narrowly misses out on paying off Verbanck as the Belgian turns over and smiles to himself.


James AkenDead

James Akenhead has been eliminated. His stack had been hovering around the same level most of the day but he still seemed in confident mood. However, he has just been seen leaving the tournament area looking rather disappointed and we think he said it was ace-jack versus ace-queen.

GG sir, onto the next one and all that.


Casey Kastle Interview

Casey Kastle started the day as a massive chip leader but now finds himself as one of the short stacks in the main event. Here he talks to us about that and also his plans for the future in the poker sense.


Eames Eliminated

John Eames is hanging around the foyer looking for something to do. He has been eliminated in two hands.

Hand 1

He lost a 100,000 flip against Kent Lundmark. Eames [Ax][Kx] losing out the pocket sevens of the Swede.

Hand 2

Eames moves all-in with pocket eights and Karen Sarskiyan calls with [Ax][7x] and an ace on the flops ends the hopes of Eames.


No Action For Timex

We have been trying to bring you some Mike McDonald pots but each time we visit his table he simply is not getting any action. In a hand just now he made it 5,100 to play from under the gun and only picked up the blinds and antes.


Lunkin Vibes Too Strong For Radomski

PartyPoker qualifier Karol Radomski is no more after he lost a coinflip with Russia’s Vitaly Lunkin. Radomski moved his short-stack in with and Lunkin called with . The board ran out and Radomski was sent to the rail.


Smyth Smudged Out

So much for magical salad and red wine, Marty Smyth is out. “Seat Open Table 8” was the cry from the dealer and Smyth, wine in hand, was heading for the rail whilst Andreas Samuelsson was busy stacking his chips neatly.


Last Strike For Lastriwka

The wide-eyed Lastriwka has been sent to the rail. Finding himself short-stacked he moved all in with and was called by a player with pocket aces. No miracle board for the Canadian and his Main Event is over.


Smyth Doubles Through Lindberg

Marty Smyth has just doubled up through Samuel Lindberg and I do not know about the luck of the Irish, it could be the luck of the salad and the glass of red wine!

Smyth raised to 5,200 from early position, Lindberg three-bet to 10,400 and then called when Smyth shoved on him for what turned out to be around 35,000. Smyth held pocket eights against Lindberg’s big slick and the final board kept Smyth’s eights in front, doubling him up.

After he stacked his chips he went back to munching a healthy looking salad and drinking a glass of red wine.


Klaise Reaps In Big Pot

A strange hand just took place over on Table 16 and it has the media wondering what the final hands were, my money, for what it is worth is on a full house.

Agris Klaise open-limped from under the gun and the next two players, Nir Ben Yakir and Kazuhito Oshima limped behind. It was then folds to Grayson Ramage on the button and he made it 8,500 to play sending Joe Ebanks, in the big blind, into deep thought. Eventually he decided to make the call, Klaise also called and the other two limpers folded.

The flop comes down , Ebanks checked, Klaise checked Ramage continued with an 11,500 bet forcing Ebanks out of the pot. Ebanks left his seat to tell us what he had but we cannot tell you otherwise we would have to kill you! When Ebanks folded Klaise check-raised to 25,500 and Ramage called after waiting close to 90 seconds.

The turn was the and Klaise now checked and Ramage tapped the table and checked behind but when the fell on the river Klaise almost instantly moved all in. Ramage smelled a rat and got out of the way.


Eames Smashes Through 100,000 Chip Barrier

He doubled up just before the break an now John Eames has doubled up again. This time he raised to 4,200 from early position and the small blind three-bet. Eames moved all in, the small blind asked how much and when Eames said “around 51,” the small blind called.

Small Blind:

No drama from the and Eames climbs to 106,000 chips.


Sir Watts Doubles Up

Michael Watson has been going about his business nice, quite and relatively unnoticed, that is until a hand that has just taken place.

Cel Ferenc opened to 4,000 from under the gun and after one player got out of the way Watson three-bet to what looked like 12,500. The action now back on the long-haired Hungarian and he sticks in a four-bet but before we can count the chips Watson has moved all in (for 48,000 in total) and Ferenc has called.


The board ran out and the man who finished second in the €3,200 WSOPE Shootout is back in business and certainly one to watch now he has rearmed himself with chips.


Ebanks Shoves On Ramage

Grayson Ramage opens with a raise to 4,500 and after Karol Radomski folds Joe Ebanks moves all in for 41,500. Ramage asks for a count and whilst the dealer is counting the chips out you get the feeling that it is just a tad too much for Ramage to call.

That is the case and he mucks his hands with a sigh.


Eames Doubles Up

British pro John Eames has just doubled up right before the break. He got it in with [Ax] against his opponent’s [Ax][Qx] and now finds himself with 62,000 chips, around 2/3 the average stack here in Prague.


Radomski Rams Barre Out Of The Way

Poland’s Karol Radomski raises to 3,500 from UTG+1 and the action folds all the way around to Jerome Barre in the big blind. He double checks the bet amount before making the call.

The flop comes down and Barre checks. Radomski, a PartyPoker qualifier, does not slow down though and he continues with a 5,000 bet. Barre will not pay this and he mucks his hand.


Hakim Hacked Down

We have lost another of our PartyPoker qualifiers, Jeffrey Hakim. We heard the dealer instruct the floor of an “Seat Open Table 19” and when we looked Hakim’s seat was empty and only his media card remained where his chips should be.


How Many Left?

We have almost completed two levels and we are now down to 171 players, meaning we have lost 67 players so far.


Martins Adeniya Despatches Of Tureniec

Michael Tureniec may have some fantastic results to his name but he sure makes some questionable plays. yesterday he blasted away 170 big blinds with pocket queens against the most obvious pair of aces ever and now he just got almost 80 in with king-queen offsuit.

Martins Adeniya is the man who helped himself to the Swede’s chips, telling us he raised preflop, Tureniec three-bet from to seats to the Brit’s left and Adeniya clicked it back. Tureniec then moved all in for 80,000 and Adeniya, holding the bullets, snapped him off. The aces held against king-queen offsuit and Adeniya is now armed with around 310,000.


Bjorn Artursson Busts From Party-Heavy Table

Joe Ebanks opens the betting with a min-raise to 3,200 from UTG+1 and the player to his direct left, Agris Klaise three-bets to 7,000. The next player folds but Bjorn Artursson, in the cutoff seat, checks his cards and then shortly afterwards moves all in for 41,800.

Jerome Barre on the button ponders his options for close to 90 seconds before folding and everyone else folds back around to Klaise. He says, “OK I call” and turns over which is up against Artursson’s .

The flop is rather final and when the and fall on the turn and river respectively it is game over for the Swede and Klaise finds himself with with well over 110,000.


Easy Does It For Hakim

Jeffrey Hakim is seated under the gun and after checking his holecards he makes it 2,500 to play. Nodboy wants to play with our online qualifier and the action folds all the way around to Israel’s Nazay Lechs n the big blind and he nonchalantly tosses in an extra yellow 1,000 chip to make the call.

Flop: – Twenty seconds after the flop landed on the table Lechs checks then the same amount of time goes by and Hakim makes a continuation bet of 3,500. Twenty more second pass and Lechs lets go of his hand and Hakim scoops the pot.


Man Down!

We have lost another PartyPoker qualifier in the shape of Luke Staudenmaier. He used to be known as “IWEARGOGGLES” in online poker circles now we are calling him “INEEDCHIPS.” Good game sir.


Has Anyone Seen Andrey Pateychuk?

Table 16 Seat 2 should be where Andrey Pateychuk but instead there is his lonely chip stack and the bag from which they came. If anyone has seen him send him to the King’s Casino because he is being blinded away and he did have a healthy 121,000 stack at the start of the day.


Johannes Heldens Gets Blinded Off

Over on Table 16, which is home to three PartyPoker qualifiers, has just seen Johannes Heldens blinded off. He started the day with 11,300 chips but never came to take his seat and now he has just had his last 200 chips put in by the dealer as the ante.


Scott O’Reilly Busts

We did not see the hand go down but there is an empty chair where Scott O’Reilly once sat so it is a safe assumption that the short-stack has busted out.


Grayson Ramage Ready To Cash In Europe

PartyPoker qualifier Grayson Ramage spoke to use before the tournament started and revelaed he is ready to cash in a European tournament.


Miss Czech Republic Joins The Players At Our Party!


Reinkemeier Means Business

German pro and PartyPoker qualifier Tobias Reinkemeier is sat over on Table 2 and it looks like he means business. We have just been to check on his progress and he was busy polishing off a glass of orange juice and when he drained the glass he places his earphones into his ears, placed his sun glasses on and Reinkemeier now looks like he means business.


Barre Shoves On Ebanks

WSOP bracelet winner Joe Ebanks raises to 2,700 from under the gun and the action folds around to Jerome Barre on the button and he announces all-in and moves his 22,300 stack passed the betting line. Grayson Ramage, Karol Radomski fold, as does Ebanks and Barre helps himself to an early pot.


Artursson Attacks Ramage

On a board reading Grayson Ramage checks from the big blind seat and suddenly he is facing a 4,500 bet from Sweden’s Bjorn Artursson.

Ramage waits for the count of ten before sending his cards to the much. Artursson has a quick peek at his own cards before mucking those too.


The Cards Are In The Air

The dealers have been instructed to shuffle up and deal and Day 2 of the WPT Prague Main Event is under way. We have had it confirmed that we will play eight 60-minute levels but if we are not in the money by then play will almost certainly continue.


Day 2 Live Updates

Today sees the surviving players from Day 1a and Day 1b of the WPT Prague Main Event join forces and create a field of 218 runners for the official Day 2 of this record-breaking tournament.

Mingling in the field today are no fewer than 12 PartyPoker qualifiers and we will be keeping a beady little eye on each and every one of them during today’s play. The schedule is yet to be set in stone but the initial plan is to play eight 60-minute levels and try to whittle the field down to somewhere around the money bubble, which has been set at 63 players.

The man everyone has to catch is European circuit regular Casey Kastle of Slovenia. Kastle won a massive pot right at the death of Day 1b and when the curtain came down on the day’s proceedings he bagged and tagged 356,800, almost 100,000 more than anyone else in the field.

The action will get under way in just a few minute’s time so keep an eye our 12 PartyPoker qualifiers who are:

  • Grayson Ramage: 128,300
  • Tobias Reinkemeier: 109,700
  • Bart Berbanck: 94,600
  • Florian Schleps: 89,100
  • Karol Radomski: 72,000
  • Joe Ebanks: 46,500
  • Russell Carson: 46,200
  • Thomas Muehloecker: 28,100
  • Jefrey Hakin: 28,000
  • Luke Staudenmaier: 23,900
  • Scott O’Reilly: 21,300
  • Sven Lange: 18,200

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