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WPT National Event Newcastle – End of Day 1b Chip-counts:

Can you find your favourite?

Here are the 56 players who made it through…. 

John Pogue        116,000

Eldon Orr             111,300

Mark Gray           99,600

Nathan Watson                95,200

James Arthur Brady        81,500

Andrew Ferguson            77,100

Jordan Dungey  73,800

Jack Lam              71,300

Erol Taylan          68,900

Malcolm Sandler              66,200

Luke Slisz             63,500

Cristos Katsikas 60,600

David Morris      60,400

Darren Mapley  60,300

David Murphy   58,200

Charles Stewart                56,800

Jason Bateman 47,900

Steven Graham                46,000

Karan Bengani   45,700

James Mitchell  45,300

Surinder Sunar  43,700

Colin Adams       43,000

James Ellis           42,900

Vamshi Polu       42,300

Andrew Carlin   41,400

Sam James          41,200

Linning He           39,600

Ross Mannion   39,600

William Gravell  38,700

Alistair Smith      37,000

James Charlton 37,000

Gladys Jarvis      35,000

Ronald Wilkinson             33,400

Kieran Sharp      32,100

Thomas Dunwoodie       30,900

Di Fan    30,600

Stephen Hetherington  30,300

Alan Tinlin           30,100

Craig Mcdowell 28,500

Alexander Walton           28,400

Paul Hempseed                27,500

Wlodzimierz Cymbalko  27,100

Neil Pearson      26,300

Jamie Rutherford             24,100

Stephen Odysseas          21,800

Daniel O’callaghan           21,700

Hazel Birchnall   20,400

Lee Kiat                20,300

Lee Peake           20,100

Iain Maberly       19,100

Abigail Louthan 17,500

Jun Lau 16,200

Stuart Hall           15,000

Jonathan Lundy                13,600

Steven Owens  9,600

Dorothy Littlewood         8,300

You’ll be able to join us shortly in a post all about Day 1c!

Level 8: Blinds 500/1,000/ante 100 – 61 Players Remaining – Average Stack 40,800

Polu Pings An Eight 

In the very last hand of the Day 1b flight, Stuart Hall lost a massive amount of his stack.  Vamshi Polu shoved UTG for around 24,000.  Everyone folded round to the Bantamweight World Champion, who called it off with and was up on his feet, especially when Polu (who remained seated) flipped .

“Here it comes, a knockout!” cried Hall, who hopped from foot to foot, punching the air.  He won’t have heard this expression much at a poker table, but he was calling it in like you’ve never, ever seen it before.

The board ran out to leave Hall gut-punched, a real body blow to his chances to lifting the title here on Sunday night!

Level 7: Blinds 400/800/ante 100 – 76/122 Players Remaining – Average Stack 32,100

Murphy’s Law Sinks Simm

Dave Murphy may have got it in bad, but the cards can be fickle mistresses at the best of times in poker, and they’ve cruelly ejected Paul Simm from his seat here at WPTNUK Newcastle.  Murphy was in the big blind for 800 at the start of the hand, with Simm popping it to 2100.  The player next to him was very short-stacked, shoving for 3800, with both Murphy and Simm calling.

The flop came , which is when we knew all the chips were going in from that point, having spied Simm’s hole cards of and he shoved, with Murphy calling with .  However, an on the turn and meaningless river busted two players and bolstered Murphy’s stack considerably.


Knockout For Knowles As Hall Hollers

He’s not only been great for the game as a celebrity guest, but Stuart Hall has been terrific value at the table so far in this WPT National Event.  Newcastle’s Aspers Casino is buzzing and Stuart is a big part of that, joining in with the banter at the felt, getting involved in loads of hands, and taking every bad beat as well as a big win.  He’s clearly got some poker skills too, and has just managed the ultimate in poker – revenge!

Having been busted by Richard Knowles in the last three hands last night, the two players clashed at the same table here in Level 7, and this time the pugilist beat the punter!  All the chips went into the middle on a flop of x , with Knowles holding – way behind Hall, who called it off with .  As the board ran dry to flip yesterday evening’s situation, Hall cried out to the room:

“He tried to knock me out, but the champ has just knocked him out.  The champ got his rematch, people!”

Cue much laughter and jollity in the room, and Hall rakes a pot to put him on around double-average.  Like we said, great value.

Day 1b By Numbers

We’ve had 122 entries on Day 1b so with Day 1a’s 133 entrants, that makes 255 buy-ins into the prize-pool.  that was guaranteed at £50,000 but we’re definitely going past that, with 80 online qualifiers already registered for tonight’s final Day 1c flight.  Truth be told, the vast majority of the players at the tables now will be coming back at 8pm for the final flight, so numbers of 400+ are achievable.  That would mean over £70,000 in the prize kitty!

Level 6: Blinds 300/600/ante 75 – 90/122 Players Remaining – Average Stack 27,000

Surinder On The Rise

One of the most renowned poker players in British history is here today, playing Day 1b (and 1c!) in the form of silent-but-deadly Surinder Sunar.  With millions of pounds in tournament results over the years, the popular Midlander has come up to Newcastle to play here at Aspers in the fun accumulator format of the #WPTNUK Event, and visit friends in the area while he’s at it.  So how is he doing so far?

Clashing with experienced live player Rickie Vedhara, the two men saw a flop after Vedhara bet 650 pre-flop, Surinder raised to 1500 and Rickie called.  That flop read and both players checked.  On the turn of though, Rickie checked to Surinder, who bet out 2,000, eliciting the fold.  Quickly moved to a new table, Surinder tried virtually the same line against Gillian Martin, and took down another 5k pot successfully.  He may look like he rarely moves, but he has the ones at the poker table, and Sunar is past 40k and in cruise control.

In other news, Mike Hill (a ‘bookie’ if you didn’t know) thinks we’ll have 426 entries overall.  Think he’s wrong or right?  We’d take the over!

Level 5: Blinds 200/400/ante 75 – 100/122 Players Remaining – Average Stack 24,400

Stacked Or Not?

Bobbie Brummitt  (Day 1A)

Everyone gets to the break in a poker tournament feeling their stack as if it is a sign around their neck.  Whether they catch up with friends on the rail or brood on the pots they won and lost on their own, every one of us takes it differently.  The best players can forget about the emotional side – positive and negative – and focus on the calculations they’re about to make back at their table.

Here are just some of our players as they grab a complimentary drink and canape in the partypoker lounge at the half-time interval…

Mark Gray 95,000 (Chip Leader)

Ross Mannion 47,000

James Brady 45,000

Craig McDowell 37,000

Surinder Sunar 33,000

Rickie Vedhara 30,500

william Gravell 27,000

Paul Hempseed 16,450

Mike Hill 11,000

Bobby Brummitt (pictured above) 10,200

Blinds 150/300/50 – 108/120 Players Remaining – Average Stack = 22,222 chips

Gravell Gets Quads!

WPTN UK Newcastle (Day 1A)
There can be no doubt that while you cannot win the WPT National Events in one flight of this accumulative format, you can definitely do your chances the power of good if you get off to a good start.  One such player to do so is William Gravell, pictured, who got through Day 1a with 79,300, good for a top ten stack of the 60 players who progressed.  But William’s story get better, with his winning one online satellite and two right here in aspers Casino Newcastle, meaning that he has bought into the three £200 flights (£600, math-fans!) for just £130!  Great value, and after hitting quad tens just now at his table, William confirmed to us that he got value with those too!  He’s also looking forward to taking part in the partypoker #sundaymajors $500k Gtd…could be a big win for William this weekend!


At the same table, Mark Gray has just taken the chip lead with around 73,500 after busting two players.  With one opponent all-in pre-flop with , another was enticed in on a flop of with .  Mark held however, and held through the turn and river to eliminate the two men and pull in a huge pot.  Chip leader… and as Mark tells us, it’s his only entry, as he qualified online in the WPT Magazine Freeroll way back in October 2013.  Way to put that prize to good use!!

Also here on Day 1b are the world-famous Surinder Sunar (21,000) and Paul Hempseed (14,000) , both of whom are excellent pros and could go very far indeed!

Charlton Looks For the Lead

WPTN UK Newcastle (Day 1A)

James Charlton (above) finished Day 1a fifth in chips with 92,300 – but he isn’t happy sticking there.  He told us yesterday that he planned on playing all three flights and he’s been true to his word, already above average in the stacks so far today on flight 1b. He was involved in a heads-up pot just now with his opponent after the pre-flop action took just two of them to a deal of , which they checked. James called a bet of 700 on the turn of then led the river of – to the tune of 1800.  His opponent folded and he rakes another quiet but important pot.  Definitely one to watch.

Stuart Hall is enjoying himself so far (as you can see from his tweet below), entertaining the table with his boxing tales (the Bantamweight World Champion’s next fight is right here in Newcastle in 5 weeks time) while having his lunch – a grilled chicken breast and plain rice.  Now that’s discipline in a casino!

Ian Simpson Busts Second Bullet

Ian Simpson (Day 1A)
Followers of this blog may remember that former Irish Open Champion Ian Simpson busted yesterday after lasting most of the day when his A-K was crushed by Mike Hill’s pocket queens.  Well, Ian has just lost all of his chips in this second flight, and now only has tonight’s third and final flight (kick-off 8.00pm) to try and make Day 2 here on his ‘home turf’ of the WPT National Event in Aspers Casino, Newcastle.

With a pot of 15,000 or so in the middle, we joined the action on the river as the board had come {Jd] . Ian shoved for 12,300 chips and put Craig McDowell (who made it through Day 1a with a stack) to the ultimate test, for a large percentage of his chips in Level 2.  Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, McDowell called and saw the good news, Ian only had 9d].  Craig McDowell turned over and raked all of Simpson’s chips towards his stack.

Huge early hand!

Blinds 100/200 – 115/117 Players Remaining – Average Stack 20,347

Hall Not Out For The Count


Stuart Hall (above) is not only a local hero, being a boxing World Champion at the bantamweight level, he’s a good poker player too, lasting until just before the end of Day 1a to bust.  He’s back again today, and told us about his departure in Level 8 on Thursday evening.

“I made a big bluff against a kid who I thought didn’t have it.  Even when he did show he had A-K and had top pair top kicker on the flop.  I had a lot of outs twice with the up and down straight draw though, so I gave him a sweat!”

Stuart winks at us, and he’ll need all his cheeky persona today to get the value from his table, all of whom look excited to be sharing the felt with the arch pugilist.

Let’s hope Stuart doesn’t get knocked out!

Level 1 – Blinds 50/100 – 112 Starting Entries

Lets Go Round Again

photo Stu Hall

Last night’s Day 1a turn-out totalled 133 entries, so with the players making it through the first flight  all aiming to add to their stack in this £200 (£180+20) Accumulator format, the biggest stack after yesterday belonged to Khadir Khoshawy.  But will players such as Jonathan Lundy, fresh from final tabling in Dublin, or local world champion boxer Stuart Hall (pictured above left) who busted with three hands to go last night crush Day 1b?

You’ll find out here first… let’s get the cards in the air!  

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