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Do you belong to the large crowd of players who don’t, for whatever reason, multitable cash games?  Then you’ll welcome our new table type – Casual Cash Games. These tables work just like normal cash games but are only open to players who play a single cash game (tournament games can still be multitabled).  Initially they’ll only be available at a limited stake levels but expect that range to expand soon. Casual Cash Games are marked by a smiley in the cash game lobby.

New cash game sit-out feature explained

In order to facilitate quick table management and to prevent abuse we we will introduce a new multi-table sit-out feature in the second week of May. It will impact all cash games.

Whenever you opt to play multiple cash games you will be given a new choice represented by a toggle in the table user interface. The toggle will only be visible if you multi-table cash games.

If “sit out all” is toggled ON then whenever you change the table status (sit back in or sit out) on one table, the change will replicate across all played cash games. If you sit out of one cash game, you will sit out of all cash games – but not before all ongoing hands at those tables have concluded.

While the toggle is ON, normal sit-out rules apply and you’ll be able to remain away for 27 hands or twenty minutes – whichever comes first. After that you will be removed from the tables.

If toggle is OFF you remain able to manage cash game tables individually, but your ability to sit out of them individually will be limited. Once you sit out of one of your cash games you will only have fifteen seconds to sit back in before you’ll be removed from that table.

All your other cash games will, in this case, remain unaffected. You can obviously sit back in before the fifteen seconds are up, but if you do that repeatedly you will be insta-booted from the table. This is to ensure a positive playing experience for all players.

A number of new table messages will help guide and explain the new functionality.

What do you think about these new features? Anything we can do to make it work better or make it easier to use?  Comment below or visit our official thread on the poker forum 2+2. You can of course contact customer service if you have concerns related to these releases.

Both features will be released May 6, 2014 on but will not be available (yet) on our national and regional sites.



    • This is to prevent table blocking, not to prevent multi-tabling. You can still play on as many as tables as you want, it just discourages bad poker behavior.