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End of Flight 1a, 1b & 1c Accumulated Chip-counts:


With 130 players surviving the three opening day flights here at Aspers Casino in Newcastle, Khadir Khoshawy has the slimmest of margins in leading Alan Tinlin.  Just 100 chips are between the two men at the top of the leaderboard.   Coverage begins from 1pm on Saturday, so stay tuned!


Khadir Khoshawy             163600

Alan Tinlin           163500

Eldon Orr             162800

Luke Slisz             150500

Andrew Hills       142100

James Charlton 129300

John Pogue        128600

Cristos Katsikas 127500

Steven Graham                126600

Nathan Watson                120300

Jonathan Beck   118300

William Gravell  118000

Erol Taylan          117700

Alistair Smith      116400

Robert Patrick   115700

Gary Collins        115200

David Morris      111700

Daniel Trett        103500

James Mitchell  103300

Jordan Dungey  101900

James Arthur Brady        100000

Mark Gray           99600

Paul Woloszyn   95300

Gwok Fung Shek              91400

Paul Simm           91300

Alexander Walton           82900

Gerard Conway                81700

Richard Knowles               81500

William Bennett                81000

Ross Mannion   80800

Nicholas Finn     78300

Wlodzimierz Cymbalko  77200

Andrew Ferguson            77100

David Anthony Hudson 76900

Peter Agnew     76400

Jonathan Watson             76100

Kelvin Weeks     75200

Gladys Jarvis      73900

Gary Copeland  73500

Jack Lam              71300

Scott Hughes     68900

Iain Maberly       68600

Kieran Sharpe    68300

Paul Castledene               67700

John Maddison 67500

Matthew Hardy                66600

Malcolm Sandler              66200

Mark Harding     65300

Akshay Berappa               65100

Catherine Taylor               64900

Sam James          64900

Jun Lau 64800

Huseyin Houssein            64200

Jonathan Lundy                63600

Darren Mapley  60300

Daniel O’callaghan           59200

David Murphy   58200

Andrew Hetherington   57800

Jamie Rutherford             57700

Yifan Zheng        57500

Stephen Odysseas          57200

Andrew Carlin   56900

Charles Stewart                56800

Robert Martin   56700

Richard Cosgrove             56200

Glen Whitehead               54900

Lee Robert Blood             54900

Alexander Jobling            54200

Basyr Nagshband             53100

Stuart Hall           52900

Thomas Dunwoodie       52100

David Knight       48200

Jason Bateman 47900

Craig Mcdowell 47800

David Phethean                47000

Karan Bengani   45700

Samantha Griffiths          44300

Surinder Sunar  43700

Colin Adams       43000

James Ellis           42900

Vamshi Polu       42300

Clay Dalton         41700

Linning He           39600

Gareth Walker  38300

Arthur Cross       38000

Mohammed Karim          38000

Ian Bland             36800

Adam Swain       35700

Steven Owens  35400

Sidney Button   35200

Rizgar Qadir        34800

Abigail Louthan 34100

Ronald Wilkinson             33400

Kieran Sharp      32100

Lee Peake           31800

John Littlewood                30900

Di Fan    30600

Robert Ewing     30400

Stephen Hetherington  30300

Mohammed Latif             30200

Clive Underwood             28800

Hamid Rowshanaei         28600

Andrew Beatty 28400

Paul Hempseed                27500

Paul Allen            26800

Hamza Nasir       26600

Owen Mcdowell               26500

Michael Hill         26400

Neil Pearson      26300

Cheung Tai Law 23400

Syed Zaidi            23100

Dorothy Littlewood         22600

Sami Yusuf          22400

David Waites      21700

Darie Ilie              20800

Hazel Birchnall   20400

Lee Kiat                20300

Austen Burness                20000

Luke Fern            19100

James Smith       18700

Gary Langley      17500

Owen Shiels       17000

Luke Mcintyre   16400

Gary Graham     16200

Bobbie Brummitt             16000

Raymond Irving                15700

Gillian Martin     13700

David Barnes      12000

Martin Wilson    8800

Younes Sayad Sarvari     7700

Louthan Leaves, Knowles Knocked Out

There are times to move in poker tournaments – moments where you get that feeling that it’s the right point to hustle, to harry and to have at your opponent like you were dueling on a grand stage.  Abbie Louthan and Richard Knowles have both found their spots to shove, but both ran into better hands to bust.

Louthan was super-short when she pushed with , but she was called off by David Phethean’s and that held to eliminate her.  Richard Knowles had even worse chances when he was all-in with for an incredible 45,000 chips and was called by Paul Woloszyn’s   , which rode out the board to bust Knowles and rake a huge pot.

Total Numbers:

133 players from Flight 1, 122 from Flight 2 and 157 from Flight 3 mean a total of 412 entries, with a prize-pool of £74,160!  Wow.

End of Day 1 (TOTAL) chip-counts will follow just as soon as we have them right here.  This may be some time…

Level 8: Blinds 500/1,000/100 – Average Stack 36,000 – 83 Players Remaining


Surinder Sunar (above) may be surviving, but we’ve lost a few, with Mike Hill and Paul Hempseed both busting before the end of the Day 1c flight.  Everyone is desperate to make Day 2, leading to a little constipation in the action in some quarters, but others are really profiting, pushing their stack to build a chip mountain to try and topple overnight chip leader Khadir Khoshawy, who we spoke to at the last break.  he decided to opt out of today’s play, having built a stack of 163k yesterday, more than enough to come back to tomorrow.

“I’m happy – it was a good day.  One man was up to 163k just under mine earlier, he played the third flight too, but he just busted, so I think I’m winning.”

Khashawy isn’t even playing today and he’s here – that shows you what it means to all the players… they all want the title!

Level 7: Blinds 400/800/ante 100 – 109/135 Players Remaining – Average Stack 24,770

Hempy Takes A Hit


Paul Hempseed has taken a bit of a knock in the last level, as players battle to find themselves a stack to attack Day 2 with.  Paul may already have 27,000 chips ‘in the bank’ from Day 1b, but he’d love to take more through to join them.  He’s now in shoveland after the last hand.

Paul raised to 130 UTG + 1 , called by two players.  the flop of , prompting Paul to c-bet 2800, this time only called by Rizgar Qadir.  The turn of led to a check from Paul, but Rizgar shoved all-in, prompting a rueful fold from Hempseed.  He’s down to 9,000 and that is just twelve bigs…

Ladies Night?


We’ve had several female players enter tonight’s flight so thought we’d focus on the fairer sex for a few minutes.  In fact, there are seven sirens left singing in the WPT National Event here at Aspers in Newcastle, and they all have a chance of making Day 2/improving on their stack.  Here are their chip-stacks as they make up around 5% of the field:

Sam Griffiths 49,000

Gillian Martin 40,000

Catherine Taylor 32,100

Gladys Jarvis 21,150

Abbie Louthan (pictured above) 20,300

Joan Kirkup 6,000

Hazel Birchnall 5,000

Level 6: Blinds 300/600/ante 75 – 122/135 Players Remaining – Average Stack 22,000

Dale Done For

Jamie Dale didn’t come for a long time, he came for a good time!  Sadly, the experienced and charismatic young player has busted already here at WPT National Event Newcastle, getting his last five big blinds into the middle pre-flop with and being re-raised to isolate by Gillian Martin’s which a) had the desired effect to get rid of everyone else and b) held.  An inauspicious sole flight from Dale, but its great to see such a quality player here in the field.  While he waits for friends, he may sit on the cash table(not literally).  That’s a bit like a shark swimming into a fishtank.

Planting the Seed

Paul Hempseed (pictured in the shades and Game of Thrones haircut) is some player, professional for many years online, combining his love of the virtual game with several stints at the live felt, including right here today at Newcastle’s stunning Aspers Casino.  He took around 27,000 through from flight Day 1b, but he’s looking to add to that tonight in flight 1c.

He’s not onff to the best start, down to 17k from his starting stack of 20,000, but he’s on a fun table which includes Gillian Martin.  If you remember, she was the lady from Day 1a who talked through a lot of her hands and gave lots of info away.  she’s up to 33k and quiet, but starting to loosen up.  Will the stacks re-balance?

Neil Pearson Interview

Between flights of the WPTNUK Newcastle Event, we caught up with Drop The Dead Donkey and Waterloo road actor Neil Pearson as he plots a third assault on the chips here at Aspers.  Check it out here:

Take Flight

Flight 1c is under way after a slight delay to fit all the players in their chairs and let wifi catch up with us!

We’re back in the room, at blinds of 50/100 in this opening level, with Mike Hill, Paul Hempseed, Ian Simpson,  Stuart Hall, James Charlton and Neil Pearson all in action.

Let the dog see the rabbit!

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