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End of Day 2 Chip-counts:

Here are the remaining 16 players who wil fight for the WPT-National title tomorrow!

Darren Mapley  1,367,000

Mark Harding     1,018,000

Kelvin Weeks     998,000

James Arthur Brady        802,000

Alexander Walton           659,000

Eldon Orr             582,000

Gary Copeland  370,000

Robert Patrick   326,000

Hamid Rowshanaei         296,000

Mark Gray           247,000

Hazel Birchnall   237,000

Andrew Hetherington   222,000

Di Fan    212,000

Nathan Watson                168,000

Jack Lam              163,000

Erol Taylan          133,000

Level 20: Blinds 8,000/16,000/ante 2,000 – 18 Players Remaining  – Average Stack 450,000

The Brady Bunch

We’re heading into the last level of play here at the Aspers Casino in Newcastle.  With 18 players remaining, there are some big stacks out there, headed by James Brady (pictured), who edges out Darren Mapley at the top of the leaderboard.  Will that be the case when cards are downed?  We shall see, and you’ll find out the chip-counts first here, once the dealers have counted everyone’s stack.

We lost Paul Hempseed, after the talented pro shoved for eleven big blinds with and was looked up by which held.  He earned £615 for his min-cash along with a priceless WPT Hendon Mob flag!  Here are the current standings amongst the chip-rich as the players battle it out for the overnight lead heading into the final day…

James Brady 1.1 million

Darren Mapley 1.05million

Mark Harding 800,000

Jack Lam 610,000

Alex Walton 600,000

Mark Gray 550,000

Mapley’s Route To Victory Past Vlad?


Vladimir has been one of the most fun players in this WPT-National Event in Newcastle and we’re sad to see him go – but he’s just been undone expertly by the precision play of Darren Mapley, who has (just) cracked a million chips, the first player this tournament to do so.

Mapley min-raised pre-flop, was re-clicked by Vladimir and Mapley called to go heads-up to a flop of [Qsd] .  Vlad bet 51k, less than half the pot and Mapley called.  On the turn, Vlad checked, Mapley bet out 75k and Vlad shoved over the top, getting a very quick call…

Darren Mapley:


A river was enough to end Vlad’s chances and with his stack being 400k before the hand, we’ve witnessed the biggest pot of the tournament so far, giving Darren a massive chance of getting nearer that £17,500 top prize.

Imagine if you’d qualified for this tournament (like many of our players here this weekend) for just a few dollars on partypoker? How great would that feel?

Tables For Two

Here are how the players look in chips at Tables 3 & 4 where we haven;t focused as much as the others.  Players will have three more levels of play before play stops around 10.30pm and the players head to the VIP area of Tiger Tiger club in Newcastle for the exclusive partypoker Players Party!

Table 3 

Gary Collins 400k

Paul Hempseed 100k

Hamid Rowshanaei 120k

Mark Gray 290k

William Bennett 200k

Vlad Cymbaxko 400k

John Maddison 140k

Table 4 

David Hudson 158,000

Darren Mapley 357,000

Di Fan 349,000

Eldon Orr 284,000

Jack Lam 525,000

Mark Harding 635,000

Andrew Beatty is WPT-National Newcastle Bubble Boy!


Andrew Beatty (pictured above, left) can feel mightily hard done by, having bubbled the WPT National Event here at Aspers in the cruellest of circumstances.  All-in for 95% of his chips with against Di Fan’s he saw a board of decimate his stack, before shoving in the next hand for precisely 1.2 big blinds with , only to be – obviously – called four ways.  The first four cards of hinted danger, and with Eldon Orr raising and Mark Harding getting out of the way, the cards were turned over and Orr’s was enough once the river bricked to sent Beatty out for nothing.  Harsh.

Level 17: Blinds 4,000/8,000/1,000 – 28 Players Remaining (The Bubble!) – Average Stack 278k

Jack the Lam

With Paul Hempseed getting a move through just before the bubble was announced, we have moved into hand-for-hand action here at Aspers in Newcastle as the tension and action ramps right up!

We’v surely just seen the play of the tournament so far from Jack Lam, who along with Eldon Orr is one of the biggest stacks at his table.  Lam raised to 26,000 pre-flop, only for Orr to raise him – to 76,000.  With the other tables folding, Lam re-raised to 144,000 and was called by Orr to see a 300,000 chip flop of .  Orr checked, Lam jammed the whole lot in for another 250,00 and Orr was sent into the tank.  On the other side, he folded, but what an amazing play from the dead-pan Lam, who bumps his stack to over 600k with that pot and with another player at the table guessing that he had kings, he denied that calmly, and stacked his chips, not one more word to pass his lips.  Orr is shell-shocked, having gone from big in the game to below average in one hand!

Taylor Teetering?

Catherine Taylor just lost a massive pot that has left her extremely short with just 32 players left here in the WPT National Event in Newcastle.  Having called 30k on the turn at a board that read and had 90k in it already, Catherine made a crucial decision to check behind her opponent, Alex Walton on the river.  She showed for the stone-cold bluff, but saw Alex flip for the turned house.  If she’d bluff-shoved the river, she would be out…as it is, she has 60,000 and a dream.

Level 16 : Blinds 3,000/6,000/ante 1,000 – 36 Players Remaining – Average Stack 216,000

All Or Nothing


With just five tables left, action has slowed a little, with the bubble now approaching at 27 players.  Every decision is under the microscope now, each call meaning a huge amount to the table dynamic and chances of every remaining player.  We had 412 entries, now just 36 players have a shot at the WPT-National title and £17,500 top prize!

Paul Hempseed (above) has given himself every possibility of running very deep, after hitting a magical ‘ace from space’ to treble up.  He shoved over the top of a raise with  and when one player called and another moved all-in for chunks, the first player folded J-J.  Q-Q was the other hand, but an ace on the flop more than trebled Paul up to 173,500!

Elsehwere, Eldon Orr raised UTG to 10.5k, called only by Darren Mapley, who has a real pokerface on him in a hand.  On the flop of , Mapley checked to Orr, who continued to 10,000 – again a call from Mapley.  The turn of prompted two checks to the river of , when Mapley led out 30,000.  that got a fold, and Mapley has shown he doesn’t care if it’s a big stack or shortie he’s attacking, he just wants to win every pot!

Chip-counts At The Dinner Break / WPT National Newcastle

Table 4 features the impressive, quietly determined form of Eldon Orr (pictured, above) who has turned out some terrific live skills this week.  Having not personally seen him in action, he’s been excellent value to watch, and he heads the counts from Table 4…

Eldon Orr 410,000

Darren Mapley 283,000

Jack Lam 280,000

Nick Finn 217,000

Jason Bateman 115,500

Andrew Beatty 111,000

Dorothy Littlewood 110,000

Gerald Conway 73,000


Table 2

With chip-leader Brady pounding his opponents, only six are sitting at this table, here they are:

Errol Taylan 96,500 (pictured)

James Brady 510,000

Jono Beck 198,500

Sidney Button 37,000

David Morris 96,500

Nathan Watson 236,500

Mannion Crashes Out


With only 27 players being paid, we head for the dinner break here at Aspers Casino in Newcastle with 44 players left, an average stack at 177k.  Ross Mannion has precisely 177,000 less than that, however, after his dream of the title ended in the final hand before refreshments.  The WPT National Event has brought us great drama all tournament, and shows no signs of slowing down, with a further five levels to come!

Mannion moved it in with but was snapped off by Darren Mapley, who held .  The dry board of heralded a polite exit for the classy Mannion, someone we’re sure we’ll see a lot more of in the late stages of a WPT National Event.

Birchnall Doesn’t Blink

Hazel Birchnall (pictured above) was down to fresh air yesterday, in Shoveland and looking like she needed a miracle to get back into this WPT National Event up in Newcastle, where the locals are rejoicing as their football team won their final home game of the season 3-0.  Yes, the ale will be flowing in ‘toon’ tonight, and Birchnall might well be celebrating herself if things continue as they are going today.  Hazel came into play today with just 20,400 chips to show for her Flights 1a-1c efforts.  She now has over 200,000 after winning a big flip to bust a player.

Raising to 50,000 pre-flop, Hazel saw her opponent shove, quickly called, and was in a classic coinflip situation with against her opponent’s  The flop came , giving her opponent the lead, but Hazel didn’t even blink, let alone get up out of her chair/stand-up/curse imaginary poker gods/order three drinks at once… (what, just us?).  She sat calmly and stared at the cards…as the magical popped up on the turn, the completing her full house and leaving her with 200,000 and an above average chance of getting even further in this tournament.

No emotion, just focus.  Incredible.

Level 14: Blinds 2,000/4,000/ante 500 – 58 Players Remaining – Average Stack 134,400

Bennett Beaten By Gray

Mark Gray has really started hitting cards.  After four-flushing his opponent in the last hand for a 100k pot, the affable chap has just taken a pot from William Bennett that’s left the young man cursing his luck and shaking his head.

With 15k or so in the pot, only the two players named saw a flop of with Bennett betting 8,000 – quickly called by Gray.  On the turn, Bennett checked, but called Gray’s value-looking bet of 12,500.  It was the same story on the river of , whereupon Gray turned over and that was enough to send Bennett’s cards into the muck, the youngster dropping his head and ruefully shaking it as he sees a turn card destroy his hopes of raking a 70k pot.

Level 13: Blinds 1500/3000/ante 500 – 71 Players Remaining – Average Stack 110k

Catherine Taylor Flipping Well

Catherine Taylor played some great stuff to survive, then in turn thrive in yesterday’s flights 1b and 1c, and today, she’s getting the rewards, winning most of the hands she’s played to put herself well in contention for the victory here at Aspers in Newcastle for the WPT National Event.  She’s just had hold against an opponent’s Kh] to add to her 160k+ stack!

Level 12: Blinds 1200/2400/ante 400 – 81 Players Remaining – Average Stack 96,296


Selected chip-counts from the first break:

James Brady 290,000

Eldon Orr 270,000

Aan Tinlin 231,000

James Charlton 215,000

Andy Hills 175,000

James Mitchell 152,500

William Gravell 151,000

David Morris 150,000

Paul Hempseed 142,000

Gladys Jarvis 125,000

Karan Bengani 89,000

Richard Knowles 44,000

Ross Mannion 39,000

We’ve lost Mike Hill – one of the most gregarious of our players bowing out to a classic coin-flip:

Mike hill busto

Brady Leads At The Break

James Brady came into play on a good number of chips – exactly 100,000 – and he’s since turned that into the biggest stack in the room, having 270,000 as the players head for a break.  He told us that a lot of them came courtesy of having pocket aces hold against pocket queens on a flush-draw looking board, but the truth is he’s played some very solid stuff.  Clearly in his element, James is marginally ahead of Alan Tinlin, who sits second in chips on around 235k.

Show Me the Money!

WPTN UK Newcastle (Day 1A)
The prizes have been published for this fourth stop on the WPTNUK tour, with a whopping £17,500 up for grabs for the winner – now who fancies that?…

1              £17,500.00

2              £12,245.00

3              £7,875.00

4              £5,825.00

5              £4,375.00

6              £3,500.00

7              £2,905.00

8              £2,325.00

9              £1,740.00

10           £1,275.00

11           £1,275.00

12           £1,275.00

13           £1,045.00

14           £1,045.00

15           £1,045.00

16           £885.00

17           £885.00

18           £885.00

19           £775.00

20           £775.00

21           £775.00

22           £695.00

23           £695.00

24           £695.00

25           £615.00

26           £615.00

27           £615.00

Level 11: Blinds 1000/2000/ante 300 – 96 Players Remaining – Average Stack 81,250.

Khoshawy Khrushing

Khadir Khoshawy (Day 1A)

We’ve lost actor and poker enthusiast, Neil Pearson in Level 2 as he was unlucky to be eliminated by overnight chip leader Khadir Khoshawy, who started the day on 163 and now sits second in chips on around 210,000.   He called Neil’s four-bet shove all-in and was way behind, having to Neil]s .  But a board that ran out 9-J-Q-5-A saw Pearson busted and Khoshawy’s loose style rewarded.

Level 10: Blinds 800/1600/ante 200 – 110 Players Remaining – Average Stack 68,000

Big In the Game

WPTN UK Newcastle (Day 1A)

After a topsy-turvy opening first 45 minutes of play, play is beginning to settle at the thirteen tables left here on Day 2 of the WPT National Event in Newcastle.  We’ve lost a few players, but those with a stack and in a routine, processing information quickly, with the quality in the field rising to the top.  Paul Hempseed won another flip when his survived a short-stack’s shove with .  He’s not the only one doing well, though.

William Gravell (pictured above) went heads-up to a flop with David Murphy, Gravell holding .  the flop of was pretty dreamlike, so Gravell bet 8,000 and Murphy called.  The turn of found an even better chnk of William’s chips heading central, 20,000 bet and quickly called by Murphy.  On the river of , Murphy open-shoved the whole lot into the middle with and Gravell gleefully called with the nuts!

What a gift, and he features in our brief run-down of some of the bigger stacks in the room right now:

Andy Hills 223,000 (suspected chip leader)

Alan Tinlin 185,000

William Gravell 170,000

Dave Morris 165,000

James Brady 108,000

Paul Hempseed 105,000

Ross Mannion 101,500

Hall Down And Out While Hempseed Doubles

We’ve lost Bantamweight Boxer Stuart Hall in Level 9, the first level of the day here at Aspers Casino in Newcastle.  The WPT National Event has kicked off in fine style, fast-paced with bust-outs everywhere.  ‘Seat open!’ is the cry, and while tables are chopped, players moved to the main cardroom’s snug interior, we’ve caught the big action for two of our big names here in the North-East.

Stuart Hall, pictured above, finally lost his seat and was ‘knocked out’ from the WPTNUK by Mark Harding in a very cold spot.  Stuart raised to 3400 pre-flop with and only Mark called to see a flop of .  Stuart checked, Mark bet and Stuart only called.  The on the turn got all the money in from Harding and Hall called to show his set… but was crestfallen to see Harding held for the turned straight.  There was still a re-draw to the full house of course, but no pair on the board came for the pugilist, who bows out with a smile on his face and a handshake for everyone here.  He’s shown himself to be the champion he is this week at Aspers, not just at the felt, but away from it.  What a guy.

Elsewhere, we saw Paul Hempseed squeeze his way through to a fine double.  Overnight chip leader Khadir Khoshawy opened, Daniel Trett raised in the next position and next to him, Hempseed shoved with , called only by Trett with .  Paul hit to win his flip and more than double his overnight stack of 27,000 all the way up to 64,000.

That’s around average now – back in the game…

Level 9: Blinds 600/1,200/ante 200 – 129 Players Remaining – Average Stack 60,000

Day 2 – A Time For Heroes

Here we are, then – right back at Aspers Newcastle for Day 2 of this WPT National Event.  With stars of stage, screen, poker and a boxing ring in attendance, 130 players will funnel down to just two or three tables worth by the end of the day, where play will finish at approximately 10.00pm.

Until then, we’ll be bringing you all the drama, excitement and bust-outs in glorious colour, with photographs of our players throughout.

Here is a reminder of the full chip-counts from Flights 1a, 1b & 1c accumulated:


Khadir Khoshawy             163600

Alan Tinlin           163500

Eldon Orr             162800

Luke Slisz             150500

Andrew Hills       142100

James Charlton 129300

John Pogue        128600

Cristos Katsikas 127500

Steven Graham                126600

Nathan Watson                120300

Jonathan Beck   118300

William Gravell  118000

Erol Taylan          117700

Alistair Smith      116400

Robert Patrick   115700

Gary Collins        115200

David Morris      111700

Daniel Trett        103500

James Mitchell  103300

Jordan Dungey  101900

James Arthur Brady        100000

Mark Gray           99600

Paul Woloszyn   95300

Gwok Fung Shek              91400

Paul Simm           91300

Alexander Walton           82900

Gerard Conway                81700

Richard Knowles               81500

William Bennett                81000

Ross Mannion   80800

Nicholas Finn     78300

Wlodzimierz Cymbalko  77200

Andrew Ferguson            77100

David Anthony Hudson 76900

Peter Agnew     76400

Jonathan Watson             76100

Kelvin Weeks     75200

Gladys Jarvis      73900

Gary Copeland  73500

Jack Lam              71300

Scott Hughes     68900

Iain Maberly       68600

Kieran Sharpe    68300

Paul Castledene               67700

John Maddison 67500

Matthew Hardy                66600

Malcolm Sandler              66200

Mark Harding     65300

Akshay Berappa               65100

Catherine Taylor               64900

Sam James          64900

Jun Lau 64800

Huseyin Houssein            64200

Jonathan Lundy                63600

Darren Mapley  60300

Daniel O’callaghan           59200

David Murphy   58200

Andrew Hetherington   57800

Jamie Rutherford             57700

Yifan Zheng        57500

Stephen Odysseas          57200

Andrew Carlin   56900

Charles Stewart                56800

Robert Martin   56700

Richard Cosgrove             56200

Glen Whitehead               54900

Lee Robert Blood             54900

Alexander Jobling            54200

Basyr Nagshband             53100

Stuart Hall           52900

Thomas Dunwoodie       52100

David Knight       48200

Jason Bateman 47900

Craig Mcdowell 47800

David Phethean                47000

Karan Bengani   45700

Samantha Griffiths          44300

Surinder Sunar  43700

Colin Adams       43000

James Ellis           42900

Vamshi Polu       42300

Clay Dalton         41700

Linning He           39600

Gareth Walker  38300

Arthur Cross       38000

Mohammed Karim          38000

Ian Bland             36800

Adam Swain       35700

Steven Owens  35400

Sidney Button   35200

Rizgar Qadir        34800

Abigail Louthan 34100

Ronald Wilkinson             33400

Kieran Sharp      32100

Lee Peake           31800

John Littlewood                30900

Di Fan    30600

Robert Ewing     30400

Stephen Hetherington  30300

Mohammed Latif             30200

Clive Underwood             28800

Hamid Rowshanaei         28600

Andrew Beatty 28400

Paul Hempseed                27500

Paul Allen            26800

Hamza Nasir       26600

Owen Mcdowell               26500

Michael Hill         26400

Neil Pearson      26300

Cheung Tai Law 23400

Syed Zaidi            23100

Dorothy Littlewood         22600

Sami Yusuf          22400

David Waites      21700

Darie Ilie              20800

Hazel Birchnall   20400

Lee Kiat                20300

Austen Burness                20000

Luke Fern            19100

James Smith       18700

Gary Langley      17500

Owen Shiels       17000

Luke Mcintyre   16400

Gary Graham     16200

Bobbie Brummitt             16000

Raymond Irving                15700

Gillian Martin     13700

David Barnes      12000

Martin Wilson    8800

Younes Sayad Sarvari     7700

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