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Welcome to Day 2!

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With just a few hands to go, we’ve seen James Akenhead busted when his from the button dominated and despatched by . He’s gone, we’re down to three tables and with about as many hands remaining, Irina Nikolaidi (pictured, above left) has a huge chip-lead.

Tune in here before the 3pm kick-off for the full chip-counts as we look forward to a final day that will see our winner take away £25,130!

Four-Way All-in Leaves Green Smiling


Simon Green has just busted two players and crippled another in a monster all-in that brings the field to just 30 players with around fifteen minutes maximum to go.

After Joe Laming () and Simon had shoved all-in, both Geyik () and Bruno Lounais with called, the cards were on their backs and the board of made miserable reading for anyone but Simon. He stacks a huge pile. Everyone else curses their luck at being involved.

Pot of the Tournament


We’ve just seen what is without a doubt the biggest and most exciting pot of the WPT Accumulator Main Event so far, and it had everything. Drama, chips and an unbelievable finish.

The pot started with a fresh player at the money table in the shape of Sin Melin, who sat down with a huge stack of 800,000 chips ready to do damage from the off and sat in the hijack position in this hand. Irina Nikolaidi made a standard raise to 24,000 from UTG, called by Sin but raised to 60k by former chip-leader and powerful player roger O’Selle in mid-position. both ladies called. The flop of was checked by Irina and Sin, but bet to 100,000 by Roger. Irina called, but Sin raised to 300,000 – a sizeable proportion of her stack, but also an amount that would harm anyone’s stack if it was taken from theirs. Roger took an age, but eventually folded, Irina however called.

The turn of sent Irina raising – all of her huge chip-leading stack and Sin snap-called! A two million chip pot, the rail going crazy, and one card to come!

Sin Melin:
Irina Nikolaidi:

Irina had been caught making a semi-bluff, but with plenty of outs, she still had a chance…and the sent her up out of her seat and dancing that familiar jog, while Sin drops her head to the floor and tells the room how gutted she is. She’s heartbroken, distraught, in her own words ‘on tilt’ and OUT having been one card from a huge chip-lead. But she applauded Irina (pictured earlier above) on having a ‘nice hand’ and told us every action of the hand for the blog. That’s the kind of girl Sin is, and the tournament players both sympathise and applaud her too.

An incredible pot. Irina has 2.14 million and double more than anyone else still in the tournament. Sin has no chips at all. Wow.

Chattha At the Double-Double!


Fresh from a run to 50th place in the World Series of Poker Main Event, Chaz Chattha has lit up this WPT Accumulator with his popular brand of nice-guy banter and ready wit. He’s had a fair old laugh at his own expense in a couple of hands too over the past few days and as always has proved to be great value for us as the media and fellow players as someone to get on with and learn from at the same time.

Chaz doubled through his god friend ‘Joking’ Joe Laming, when his A-T managed to spike ‘Broadway’ against Joe’s pocket tens, much to the latter’s chagrin. Chattha then doubled again, with his managing to flop a ten against pocket nines when all-in pre-flop.

Back in the hunt having reach the top thirty-five. There’s no keeping a good man down.

Level 19 – Blinds 6000/12000/2000 – 35 Players Remaining – Average Stack: 368,571

Smirthwaite Survives


Gareth Smirthwaite (above, left) is already a player who has the best value in this competition, having won each of his seats in all three flights in the $5 partypoker qualifier satellites! He’s now in the money, and determined to bank more than the £670 min-cash!

All-in for 68,000 with , he’s called Giang Hong, whose pocket threes start and end the board of miles behind, despite Gareth sweating like a turkey on Christmas Eve from the flop to the river.

Everyone Must Go?

The post-bubble bonanza continues as we lose yet another player – Darren Hand gets it in with queens, but runs into Tony Blanchandin in the very next seat with pocket kings. The best hand holds and Hand exits with a nice bit of spending money to take home with him. Blanchandin is looking handy with around 330k, almost exactly average with over twenty-five big blinds.

Russell Bubbles As Aspers Roars!


45 players just became very happy…but at the expense of a sad one. Tracey Campbell, pictured above, whose stack had dwindled to 80% of a big blind, got her last in from under-the-gun (achievement: unlocked) with and was called by three players. On the flop of , Bobbie Brummitt pushed the others out of the way with his and Tracey couldn’t catch up.

When asked about her plan before the bubble, Tracey had told our reporter that she intended to “Find good cards and hope they hold!” Sadly for her, they couldn’t.

Roberts Up Against It


With two eliminations to go before 45th place and the prize money is awarded, James Roberts (pictured above) is teetering on the edge. He has just 11,000, which doesn’t sound too bad, but when the blinds are 4k, 8k and the ante will be taking away a precious 10% of his stack each hand, he’ll be looking for any ace, any pair or just any opportunity to extend his lifeline that little bit further.

“I didn’t play that hand too well,” he commented during the break, referring the when he called off half of his stack from the big blind to see a flop, “And I looked up another earlier with ace-queen. It came king-jack, which is frustrating because any ace or any queen and I’d be shipping it. Now I’m just waiting for any pair or an ace to get it in with.” He doesn’t have long before the blinds come back around to him.

As we type this up, Roberts has busted! He finishes 47th, losing a flip with pocket sixes to put us on the stone cold bubble. 46th gets nothing, 45th gets £670. It’s about to get painful.

Level 18 – Blinds 5000/10000/1000 – 47 Players Remaining – Average Stack: 274,468

Eigirdus Can’t Fold ‘The Rockets’

19583133604_3e4bab8833_z (1)

Sadly for Eigirdus Skruolis, he couldnt make the money after being unable to find the fold button on a flop of againdt Paul Hizer’s . Hizer faded the and river to knock out Skruolis…

Milly Cracked, Bubble Near…


With 49 players remaining, just four more players need to leave with nothing to brust the bubble and put everyone else into the money for a minimum of £670. No-one wants to leave without winning money after playing this long, of course, and in this seventeeth level (the first eight being 30 minutes long, and with 40-minute levels until the end from here on in) there has been a lot of drama, and powerful play from those with chips as you might expect.

Two of the best players so far have easily been Sin Melin and Irina Nikolaidi (aove left next to French pro Bruno Lounais), and one of them has the overall chip lead in the room. Sin has often claimed to have a bit of the devil in her, and her chip-stack of 666,000 reflects that neatly. But Irina has been in incredible form in this tournament and is our deserved chip leader with just five tables left. She currently sits behind 1,065,000 and to be honest has played some superstar poker across the last three days. With a great chance at the £25,130 top prize, some players might let nerves affect them. But having played the London circuit for a year in both tournaments and cash games, it’s been a nerveless display.

Level 17 – Blinds 4000/8000/1000 – 53 Players Remaining – Average Stack: 243,396

So Long, Tony


partypoker player Tony Dunst has bowed out just before the money. Having won a sizeable pot in the early levels of the day to bring his 50k starting stack up to around 115,000, that was as good as it got for ‘James Bond’, who just busted when he got it in with a flush draw on the flop, but was third favourite to win against a better flush draw and the made hand. He couldn;t catch up, and will be getting into his glad rags for the Players’ Party at 10.30 in the Sky Bar here at Aspers with DJ Spoony!

John Gilbert Leaves Empty Handed After Cooler All-In


Poor old Gilbert, nursing a short stack ever since the start of the day has finally been KO’d from the tournament. With less than 20,000 chips to his name, he pushed all his dreams over the line from the button with and was looked up by the big blind holding . Despite his healthy advantage, Gilbert could only look on in despair as the board ran out . He walked away in good spirits however – “I hit my card, but it wasn’t the card I wanted to see!”

Level 16 – 3000/6000/1000 – 55 Players Remaining – Average Stack: 234,515

Keeping Up With the Jones


Nuno Duarte (above) has just run into the seemingly unstoppable force at James Dempsey’s table, namely Billy Jones. The young man has been very observant all tournament and always seems to know where he is in a hand. It’s worth rewarding, and poker has a funny way of doing that eventually. Handing Billy aces i the hole and Nuno Duarte pocket queens was harsh on Duarte, but over-the-top of a standard Dempsey raise (James also has plenty of chips and table control) it all went into the middle, and the board ran out to deny Nuno and leave us with just ten to the money. Billy Jones is odds-on to get there in fine fettle.

Irina Takes Control


We don’t want to say ‘We told you so’ (that’s an outright bluff; we do and we did, in one of the earliest blog-posts on Flight 1) but Irina Nikolaidi is a star in the making, and is well on her way to announcing herself on the UK live circuit should she continue in this vein. How does she play a hand? Have a look and see what you think…

Starting the hand with 570,000, Irina (above) calls a raise from the opponent to her right, Celal Geyik (also pictured above), to 15k pre-flop. The pair go heads-up to a flop of . Geyik bets 25k and Irina calls, fairly quickly. On the turn of , Geyik’s bet is 35k, and Irina calls, this time a little slower, not hesitant, but measured. The river of prompts a 50k bet from Geyik, which Irina considers, and eventually calls. Geyik shows for top pair, top kicker on the flop, but Irina turns over for a rivered pair of kings.

Irina Nikolaidi – 690,000 (+120,000)

We Ask the Pros – “Who do You Think is Going to Win?” (Other than Themselves!)


Speaking to Gareth ‘GazTheHippy1’ Smirthwaite, he reckons that the player that will be getting her hands on the trophy is Sin Melin.

“The way she’s running, I think she’ll win the tournament. She’s a very aggressive player and when she hits everything she plays too… she’s doing very well. So yeah, she’s going to win it!”

We then asked Melin about her thoughts, although unaware of the players left, she said “James Akenhead (pictured above) is probably the best left, so I’ve got to say he’s going to be the favourite.”

WSOP bracelet winner James Dempsey agreed with Melin, but Akenhead himself fancied his buddy Dempsey for the title, quoting that “Like Tiger Woods back then and now… he’s back!”

Watts The Story? (Hunt for Glory)

20210071851_90e2f03309_z (1)

With the three biggest chip-stacks all on the same table with 65 players left, the 198k average in chips is perhaps a little skewed for table-mates of those crushers. The trio of power-players (pictured above in action) are:

Bobbie Brummitt – 700,000
Roger O’Selle – 680,000
Julien Rouxel – 515,000

Others aren’t having the fortune to be sitting behind a chip mountain. Steve Watts grinded ten-fifteen big blinds for a good few hours, but he now has no chips at all after losing his latest all-in. Shoving from the button with , the popular pro Steve was looked up by Matt Noonan in the big blind, who turned over . It didn’t look good for Watts, and the flop of two aces and a seven offered little hope. The jack on the turn ended all his hope, as although it opened up a theoretical gut-shot for a ten, any ten would give Noonan a full house, so that was the end for the former Leyton Orient striker.

Level 15 – Blinds 2500/5000/500 – 69 Players Remaining – Average Stack 179,345

Geyik It Quietly


Several big names may still be in the WPT Accumulator with just 69 players left, but some of the lesser-known names always make the final table. There may not be anyone quieter than Celal Geyik (above, left) on the last seven tables, but that doesn’t bother him, racking up 450,000 at the break.

Irina Nikolaidi, who we tipped in blog post #1 way back on Thursday evening, is still roaring along nicely, on 450k or so.

Sinem Melin holds 480,000 and her table-lead, whereas another table is full of big names who are below average. Chaz Chattha (68k) is sat next to Steve Watts (60k) and opposite Joe Laming (120,000). All of them will need to have a good last few levels before play ends for the day. That’s looking like it will be close to the Players’ Party, which behind at 10.30pm.

O’Selle Leads Last 73


Roger O’Selle (pictured above) has around 760,000 chips and the lead as we head into the dinner-break, but plenty of others have decent shots at the £25,130 prize including an interesting player who almost missed the tournament entirely.

Scott Bailey, who plays in his local pub league (and indeed won his yearly league the other night) raced here from working at his local pub last night for Flight 3 of the WPT Accumulator. He made late registration by just sixty seconds, ran up an incredible stack of 150,000 chips by 1am last night and has returned today. He still has chips, but not many, with just fifteen big blinds to his name. He’s going to have to run it up all over again, but Bailey seems determined to continue his run of good form in what must be the biggest tournament he’s ever played. Good luck to him!

Big in the Game


News in brief about some notables, but let’s start with a brief run-down of some of the biggest stacks as players hurtle towards the dinner-break like a runaway train. This level has been utter carnage.

Roger O’Selle – 710,000
Bobbie Brummitt – 550,000
James Akenhead – 503,000
Irina Nikolaidi – 450,000
Julien Rouxel – 406,000
Bob Glen – 350,000
Bruno Lounais – 330,000

Bob Glen’s chips came at the expense of BOTH Paul Russell and Mike Panteli, who each shoved pre-flop with A-K, only to be called, then eliminated by Bob when his A-Q spiked a lady.

Akenhead has been in ‘boss mode’ all day, and powering through the gears on what has been a steady rise since Flight 3 to one of the chip-leaders. He recently bullied an opponent into such a spot on the river that Paul Hizer – the man in question – called the clock on himself to then fold. Akenhead doesn’t show cards unless he’s been called, kids. Lesson #1.

Level 14 – 2000/4000/500 – 78 Players Remaining – Average Stack 165,384

Peter and the Wolf

Peter Burgon, who was playing the WPT Accumulator Main Event to raise money for the DT38 charity, spoke to us just before he busted at the tail-end of Level 13.

“I’m just trying to make 45th and make the minimum payout (£670) so that I can give some money to the charity. I’m having great fun playing on the same table as James Akenhead, but he’s been raising my big blind every time!”

Peter, who at the time was sitting on a short stack of 45,000, insisted that he was making progress, even though his good hands weren’t getting paid off.

“I’ve played about three hands since I joined – aces, kings and jacks. I’ve raised with them and got no action, even against James who said he had queens! Just as long as I make the money, I’ll be happy, but I’m enjoying playing right now even though I’m folding a lot. Once I’m guaranteed 45th place, I’m going all-in!”

Well, Peter was all-in shortly afterwards from mid-position with , but unfortunately for him, he got his wish of Akenhead calling him off, but the former WSOP November Niner had and rode a dry board to knock Peter out.

There’s no friends at the poker table!

Melin Crushing Dreams

Sin Melin came into today’s play with a short-stack and a dream. With 100 players left in the hunt for the title, she now has the second-biggest stack in the room.

Antonio German, himself a comeback kid from just 8k, led for 5,000 with pocket kings. Sin raised to 10k, Antonio re-raised to 50k, and Sin’s shove brought a very quick call. A 400k pot, then, and sin turned over A-K with a grimace. The flop was no help, but an ace on the turn AND river stunned the table and earned her the nickname ‘golden girl’ among her tablemates.

You can buy a lot of gold with £25,130 – the top prize here this weekend…

Level 13 – Blinds 1500/3000/500 – 102 Players Remaining – Average Stack: 126,470

Kirk Out, Miller Out, Otobo up to 160k

Ian Otobo’s stack has rocketed up the leaderboard after winning a three-way all-in. The short-stacked Darren Kirk was all-in for around 12,000 and had one call from Keith Miller. On the other side of the table, Otobo looked down and saw . With 60,000 behind, he pushed all-in and Miller was faced with a difficult decision. Deciding to call, Miller was the slight favourite with , whereas Kirk needed to get lucky to win holding .

The dry flop pleased Miller , who would knock out two opponents should his hand hold up. Kirk took the lead on the turn with the , but his joy was short-lived when the fifth and final card revealed itself to be the . Otobo was saved by the Poker Gods and is now sitting behind a tall stack of grey 5,000 chips. Kirk was out and Miller was crippled and down to less than 10,000. Two hands later and already investing 25% of his stack in the big blind, facing fantastic value from four opponents, Miller put in the remainder of his chip stack and stood up to watch what the flop brought.

He privately showed me that his was looking to be in good shape on the board, but was left heartbroken when Laurentiu Radulescu shipped the rest in and tabled for a flopped set when he wasn’t called. The nor the could save Miller and he was sent walking out of the card room, while Radulescu counted his profit.

Chip-counts at the Break


Jason Lam 330,000
Sinem Melin 250,000
James Akenhead 225,000
Scott Syer 195,000
James Roberts 190,000
Dominic Loke 180,000
Dan Spataru 170,000
James Dempsey 170,000
Neil Barron 140,000
Mike Panteli 125,000
Egidijus Pukinskas 120,000
Paul Russell (pictured above right) 120,000
Ian Otobo 110,000
Bruno Launais 100,000
Matt Noonan 100,000
Ralph Baylor 98,000
Gareth Smirthwaite 92,000
Tom Carpenter 85,000
David Anderson 80,000
Robert Beatty 80,000
Enri Vila 75,000
Tracey Campbell 70,000
Phillip Adams 64,000
Paul Hizer 62,000
Sam MacDonald 60,000
Tristan Chaplin 60,000
Mortaza Sahibzada 59,000
Arunas Pakalniskis 55,000
Marco Vasconcelos 55,000
Pierre Canali 55,000
Marc Inizan 52,000
Tony Blanchandin 50,000
Jamie Sykes 42,000
Paul Erik Madsen 42,000
Abdulkadir Ahmed 40,000
Peter Berzin 40,000
Matthew Coolidge 39,000
John Gilbert 38,500
Steve Watts 33,000
Peter Burgon 32,000
Sang Ngo 28,000
Deyan Todorov 25,000
Darren Kirk 24,000

Level 12 – Blinds 1200/2400/400 – 129 Players Remaining – Average Stack: 100,000

Elisa Is Loked Up


French player Elisa Beluze (pictured above during play on Day 1) ran short-stacked and got her last 19,000 into the middle with pocket fours, called by Dominic Loke’s . The flop was a mixed blessing, with 3h putting neither player in the driving seat. A brick on the turn gave Elisa that cruelest of poker feeling, false hope, as the on the river ended her chances of making the money in the WPT Accumulator. Loke marches on, now up to a whopping 182,000 in chips.

Big Stacks, Big Problems?


Sometimes, having a bog stack can prove difficult to hang on to in a way that a 25-30 big blind stack is not. You have more options, more ways to win pots as well as many more chips to get involved in pots with. But in NO Limit tournament poker, chips can come and go very quickly, as Sam Macdonald has just found out. Starting the hand on around 180k, more than double-average, he was heads-up with his opponent on a board of and called a turn bet of exactly 30,000. The river of prompted a slow shove from his enemy, and Sam called it off, only to have to much when he saw his opponent turn over .

‘Some things never change.’ quipped Jamie Sykes at the other end of the table.

Holding on to their big stacks at the moment are several great players: Sin Melin (180k), Irina Nikolaidi (200k), Nick Goff (220k), James Roberts (185k), Billy Jones (203k), and Antonio German, who has 145k. that last count is particularly noteworthy given that a short time ago, Antonio had 8k and a dream. He now has nearly double the average chip-stack.

Rouxel Remains the Big Stack


Coming into play with 315k helped, but Julien Rouxel (pictured) is showing no signs of slowing up, and ninety minutes into play, retains the chip-lead, now with over 350,000 chips!

Bon chance!

Level 11 – 1000/2000/300 – 165 Players Remaining (45 Paid) – Average Stack: 78,181

Time to Shift for the Short Stacks!

Sometimes, there isn’t much more that you can do other than push all-in when you’re a short stack. Right now, there are a few players who are in need of a quick double-up else they face elimination.

One player now on the rail is Robin Heuvel. He shoved over the top of Giang Hong’s initial raise with , hoping not to be looked up. Unfortunately, when your opponent is holding , they’re not folding. However, no one can be drawing dead pre-flop and the three spades that came on the flop massively improved his chances. The on the turn sent Hong leaping out of his seat as he realised he now had 13 outs to dodge. Calling and praying for a red card, the came on the river, just as well or the table might have been flipped over!

Sitting a little more comfortably is Oscar Casorran, who pushed his stack in the middle with and was called by the of Santhi Thiyagarajah. It was a classic race and the flop of yielded nothing for Casorran. Then… Bang ! Casorran leant back in his chair looking unbelievably relieved following the final card of and raked in a 40,000 pot. Back in the game…

Stars Burning Bright or Burning Out


Some very big names in poker are still at the tables here on Day 2, with just 180 players left. James Akenhead, James Dempsey, Charles Chattha, Jamie Sykes, Steve Watts, the list is pretty exhaustive. But others have found it difficult to shine and busted with plenty of time to get the glad rags ready for tonight’s Players’ Party featuring everyone’s favourite legendary cutlery-monikered record-spinner, DJ Spoony.

Ben Carpenter (aove, right) is one of the unfortunates, the partypoker online legend busting in undramatic fashion by losing a flip with A-Q losing to pocket nines who’d made a full house by the turn.

Skruolis Silences the Table

19992113108_09fa79b2e4_z (1)

The best-contested pots are often won by the player who wants it a little bit more than everyone else. With five players calling Viraj Patel’s pre-flop bet of 3,000 to see a flop of , most players would be put off after seeing such a scary board. Not Eigirdas Skruolis however, who fired off a bet of 7,400 after Patel checked to him. With the rest of the table folding their cards and shaking their heads, Skruolis threw his cards face-up into the middle, showing ! The daring move paid off for him, but now he’s shown the bluff, will his own card be marked?

Level 10 – 800/1600/200 – 188 Players Remaining (45 Paid) – Average: 68,617

Sin Proving a Menace


Sinem Melin (above, right) joked that by wandering over to her table at the beginning of play meant that we were on ‘bowl patrol’, so short was her stack. She was sat on the same 30k or so (around twenty bigs) for the first level of the day, but has kicked off this new one by winning two big pots to put herself right into contention for the £25,130 top prize here at Aspers Casino.

The WPT National UK Main Event is heating up, and Sin did not hang about getting her chips into the middle… with the best hand, it has to be said! On a board of 3-4-K-5, she was holding the best of it with A-2 for ‘The Wheel’ straight. Mats Rosen had outs, however, holding 6-6 and meaning any seven or deuce would bring the hammer down on Sin’s tournament. She fade them, as the river bricked.

Very soon afterwards, a gentleman arrived at the table and shoved first hand with 2-2. Sin called it off with A-Q and hit to win a flip and bring her stack up to over 100,000. From ‘Zero to Hero’ as some might say!

Smirthwaite Smirking

** NB** – Scroll down for FULL Day 2 Chip-counts!


Every player who wins a multi-table tournament of this magnitude will need a bit of luck along the way. Gareth Smirthwaite, a regular partypoker qualifier for these Accumulator events, has certainly just had a slice of his in this competition.

Holding , Smirthwaite was delighted to see the J-J-T flop. All the money actually went in on the brick turn, but Smithwaite wasn’t smiling, up against A-J and in massive trouble. Never mind…the king jumped up on the river to give him ‘a full double-up!’

Game on…

Strong … or Almost Gone!


We were at the table to see our first all-in and call of this Day 2, after catching up with some of the players who finished Day 1’s third flight in a strong position, including Joe Laming (pictured above, 83k), James Akenhead (123k), Irina Nikolaidi (120k) and Jamie Sykes (62k).

To the nearly departed, and with a huge 90k pot to fight for, Mark Thomas with and Scott Syer with got it all into the middle on a flop of . Syer was at risk, but it wasn’t ‘see-ya’ to Scott, as the on the turn gave him a full house and left Thomas drawing dead to the river. Thomas admitted before he called that he knew he was flipping, and a toss of a coin has left him needing a miracle with under 8k to his name.

Level 9 – 600/1200/200 – Players Remaining: 221 – Average Stack: 58,371

WPT National London Accumulator: Day 2 Live Updates are Raring to Go, Go, Go!


With 221 players left, here are the full chip-counts to start Day 2 (Flights 1-3 accumulateded) in the WPT National UK Accumulator Main Event!

Roger O’Selle 317400
Jason Lam 217600
James Roberts 161000
Man Luk 160800
Scott Bailey 146900
Anthony Whelan 137800
Paul Woloszyn 136200
Rouxel Julien 134200
Egidijus Pukinskas 132300
Paul Russell 129600
Thomas Carpenter 125600
Rapinder Cheema 124700
James Akenhead 124100
Nicolai Pedersen 123800
Irina Nikolaidi 121700
Shlomo Dayan 121200
James Dempsey 118000
Benjamin Helstrip 116300
Dan Spataru 113700
Leo Lim 111800
Bruno Launais 110500
QUOC NONG 110000
Ian Otobo 108000
Guy Steel 107100
John Gilbert 104200
Simon Green 102300
Bobbie Brummitt 101900
Nicholas Goff 99900
Amir Reza Davoudzadehmoghaddam 99600
Steven Watts 96600
Billy Jones 94500
Paul Skipper 93300
Krzysztof Pregowski 91100
Paul Myers 90300
Shlomo Dubnov 89800
Lukas Dimsa 88500
Salvador Villaluz 88100
Michael Nesbeth 87400
Isei Okimoto 86700
Jonathan Schapira 86500
Colin Guthrie 86000
Russell Brooks 84400
Martinha Pereira 83400
Joe Laming 83300
Antonio German 82300
Michael Panteli 80200
Cathal Young 77900
Keith Miller 75500
Mihail Popa 75200
Daniel Hardy 73900
Luke Mcintyre 73300
Dominic Loke 72600
Yonatan Sagis 72600
Nayeem Syed 72600
Stanislaw Cwynar 72500
Jack Mcdermott 72300
Arunas Pakalniskis 72200
Bobby Zhang 71100
Nicholas Adams 70300
Tomas Gardiner 70000
Matthew Cooledge 69400
Peter Stoneman 68700
Getnet Hailu 68300
Lukas Cobotas 68200
Robert Beatty 68100
Martin Miller 67900
Rodney French 66700
David Anderson 66400
Matthew Noonan 66400
Graeme Nadin 66300
Gholam Torshizi 65100
Sam Macdonald 65000
Antony Yousefian 63800
James Philip Sykes 62800
Phillip Adams 62400
David Winder 62000
Nuno Miguel Duarte 61900
Alan Dean 61600
Celal Geyik 61600
Antoine Saout 61000
Tracey Campbell 60400
Neil Barron 60200
Robert Drummond 59600
Nicholas Weaver 59500
Robert Glen 59100
Joern Madsen 57900
Vassos Stephanou 57600
Jerome Bradpiece 57300
Darryn Clarke 56900
Darren Kirk 56000
Kevin Simpson 55800
Vivien Ma 55700
Razvan-Vasile Stoea 55200
Ali Sakallioglu 54700
Mark Shelley 54100
Gareth Smirthwaite 53900
Jefferson Dike 53100
David Tompkins 52300
Barry Earnshaw 51800
George Dunst 50800
Mark Thomas 50700
Tristan Chaplin 50600
Warren Bennett 50000
Andrei-Florin Fanatan 49600
Viraj Patel 49500
Darren Crosby 49100
Graham Amos 48600
Philip Butt 48500
Agron Gjergji 48300
Mark David Smith 48200
Andrew Brisland 48000
Keith Ellis 48000
Peteris Berzins 47900
Paul Hizer 47300
Tony Blanchandin 47000
Denise Henry 46900
Poul Erik Madsen 46300
Usman Siddique 46200
Timotheos Timotheou 46000
Martin Hanham 44700
Xuan Nguyen 44600
Mats Rosén 44500
Sang Ngo 44400
Tim Silman 43400
Kashif Patel 43400
Marco Vascencelos 42500
Mustafa Dervis 42300
Sami Yusuf 42300
Eric Ramkeesoon 42100
Leon Mills 42000
Tong Zhang 42000
Paul Wade 41500
Bernard Okyere Sasu 41400
Lisa Tan 41300
Jonathan Weekes 40300
Kevin Crinnion 40300
Marius Zalpys 40300
Kalman Racz 40200
Paul Gomez 40200
Gen Wong 39900
Elisa Beluze 39200
Scott Syer 38500
Charles Chattha 38400
Laurentiu Radulescu 38400
Antony Simon 38300
Terence Simpson 38100
Maxime Foures 37900
Robert Rainhorn 37700
Liraz Weiman 37100
Vilnis Geidans 37100
James Robert Mitchell 36800
William Whicher 36800
Guilad Touitou 36000
Marc Inizan 35600
Enri Vila 35600
Jerome L’Hostis 35500
Van Pham 35500
Oscar Casorran 34400
Pierre Canali 34300
Christy Anthonypillai 33900
Lewis Pilkington 33800
Jabran Zahid 33700
William Martin 33200
Gyenge Emod 33100
Sung Yun 32900
Peter Burgon 32600
Darren Hand 32100
Anatolij Jevtejev 32000
Cheryl Pulver 31800
Iliyan Kyosev 31800
Charles Akadiri 30900
Mauro Suriano 30900
Robert Lim 30600
Sinem Melin 30200
Ashique Miah 30100
Abdurrahman Korkmaz 29900
James Evans 29900
David Palmer 29800
Josep Vives 29200
Gabor Matus 28700
Vladimir Marchevici 28500
Mortaza Sahibzada 28500
Giedrius Glikmanas 27400
Robin Heuvel 26900
Maris Veiklis 26100
John Timoney 26000
Abdulkadir Ahmed 25500
Warren Tolentino 25200
Dike Iheanacho 24400
Kenneth Lemchi 24200
Jamie Terrell 24000
Alexander Jager 23400
Benjamin Carpenter 22900
Haresh Thaker 22500
Chinthaka Fernando 22300
Andreas Achillea 22300
Karl Guiness 22300
Ralph Baylor 21900
Gladys Long 20800
Kyle Mcfadden 20800
Daniel-Alexandru Craciun 20600
Ismet Salih 20400
Deyan Todorov 20100
Santhi Thiyagarajah 18700
Michelle Gascoine 18400
Nicola Montalbano 16700
John Thompson 16600
Giang Hong 15400
Rajbarath Nandhagopal 14900
Abdelkader Medjahed 14300
Jamal Gormati 13300
Mark Howard 12300
Richard Mcdonald 10000
Eigirdas Skruolis 9500
Vasile Bojoga 8600
Yau Ho 7500

We have some terrific players left in the Day 2 field, so it should be a fantastic day of top quality tournament poker.

Welcome to our fantastic WPT National London Accumulator: Day 2 Live Updates

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