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The WPT National Accumulator £100,000 Guaranteed Final Day – As It Happened!



After the most incredible four days, we finally have our champion, and it is Irina Nikolaidi, who just after seeing her heads-up opponent Simon Green double-up with that cruellest of two-outer coolers, managed to take all of his chips.

Hardly any money had gone into the middle before a flop of changed all that. Irina checked to Simon, who bet 125,000. Irina raised to 350k, leading Simon to pop it up to 850k, and the chips were all committed when Irina’s shove was quickly called. A massive 12 million-chip pot and it would surely decide the title whichever way it went.

Irina Nikolaidi:
Simon Green:

Two-pair against two-pair again…surely lightning couldn’t strike twice, could it? An on the turn brought Irina rail forward and looks of anxiety between both players and their supporters. The river of sent Irina into the air, jumping for joy and hugging her friends as she celebrated a memorable victory!

Simon Green, commiserated by his friends, wins a fantastic pay-day of £17,400 and that will soften the blow, especially as he qualified for next to nothing to play two flights, making it through to Day 2 with 102,000 chips. How he put those to use!

However, our winner is Irina, who is our first female winner of the WPT National Accumulator Main Event, and she spoke to us immediately after her victory:

Irina Nikolaidi Winner’s Interview!

Thank you all for your company across a fabulous tournament and not forgetting the DT38 Foundation event which kicked the whole thing off for a great cause. Why not join Tony ‘Bond_18’ Dunst in Rozvadov as the Czech Republic is the latest stop to host the best party in town… a partypoker WPT National celebration!

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Relive the Party!

If you were at the partypoker Players’ Party last night, or simply want to see your poker heroes throwing shapes, check out the footage of all the action on the dancefloor right here:

Green About the Gills


We’ve seen drama at this final table but wow. Just wow.

Simon Green (pictured above) limped pre-flop and Irina raised it to 130k, which Simon called. The flop of led to a bet from Irina of 150k, which again Simon called. The turn of saw Irina double her bet to 300k, but Simon Green raised to 700,000! The rail edged forward as Irina shoved all-in and Simon called. On their backs, then, and Simon had for two pair, but Irina turned over for a top two pair. Simon, drawing dead to a six, could hardly bear to watch.

The dealer burned one as his friends prepared to commiserate their man on a great attempt heads-up…but the six landed on the river! Incredible scenes as his rail goes berserk and stacks are roughly level at 6.45 million apiece. Over a hundred big blinds deep? We could have an epic battle here!

Level 26 – Blinds 30,000/60,000 – 2 Players Remaining – Average Stack: 6.45 million

Green Gets It In Good to Double


Simon Green hasn’t been having the best of luck against the iron lady of Irina Nikolaidi, but is managing to lose the minimum each time. However, the miracle double up that he’s been searching for has just arrived.

Irina raised Green to 250k on the turn of a board and Green put all of his remaining 1.5m chips in the middle. Irina called and tabled for top pair, believing she was in the lead. However, Green turned over his hand, revealing two pair in the form of . All he had to do was dodge kings, queens and sevens. Not easy against Irina…but the river of an meant Green was alive and fighting again!

Irina Nikolaidi – 9.9m
Simon Green – 3.0m

Under Pressure


Momentum is the oddest thing in poker. Hard to force, at times impossible to stop and heads-up, the vital component in a winning game. There can be no denying that Irina Nikolaidi has Simon Green on the back foot here, and is pressing home her chip advantage to put him under enormous pressure. He is the short-stack, he could be playing with nothing to lose, but to the rail, it looks the opposite of that.

On a flop of both players checkd despite having put 400k more than a big blind each into the pot pre-flop. The turn of prompted a bet of 100k from Simon, and a call from Irina. The river of let Simon bet the same again, but Irina folded. He’s winning the small pots, but not the bigger ones.

Three hands later after some raise-and-take-it action, both players limped to a flop. Simon led for 150,000 chips and Irina called to a turn of . Sion now bet 200k, but Irina raised it to 600k. The flush? The straight? Danger everywhere on that board.

The river of a seemingly-useless looking dropped and an instant “all-in” from Irina put Green into the tank. He eventually folded with a grimace, leaving himself with 1.4 million.

Irina has 11.5 million and is readying herself for the knockout blow. Can she do it?

Irina Trips Up Simon


With the first few hands very tentative stuff as each player felt the other out for their heads-up ranges, aggression and patterns, we’ve just had the first big hand…and seen a 4 million chip pot slid the way of our chip leader.

they are only half-hour levels heads-up, and Irina and Simon had bumped the pot to just under half a million chips by the flop of 4d] and that went up to 850,000 or so after Simon called Irina’s c-bet after those first three community cards. On the turn, Irina checked to Simon, who bet 425,000 – a quick call from Irina. The river was the and Irina led out 1.5 million. Sion took his time, but called it off, before seeing Irina show him . He mucks one card, flashing the for top pair on the flop. Irina hasn’t crippled his stack, but that was a body blow, and Green is on the ropes…

Level 25 – blinds 25,000/50,000/5,000 – 2 Players Remaining – Average Stack: 6.45 million

Irina Nikolaidi and Simon Green Play For The Title!


After 667 entries, we are down to just two players. Irina Nikolaidi and Simon Green are ready to battle for the top prize of £25,130 and trophy as both players – who have total live tournament winnings of just £3,000 play for the biggest portion of the remaining £42,530 in the prize-pool. It’s a dream situation for them both, with Irina having the edge in chips heads-up.

Irina Nikolaidi – 8.3 million chips
Simon Green – 4.6 million chips

Bobbie Brummitt OUT in 3rd (£11,770)


We didn’t even have time to tell you the new chip-stacks with play three-handed before the next player to hit the rail was busted. Bobbie Brummitt has played his usual brand of attacking poker all tournament, and enjoyed yet another deep run in this Accumulator format. He must wish all tournaments are structured like this!

On a flop of , Bobbie shoved all-in for his 1.6 million remaining chips and was snap-called by Irina Nikolaidi. Bobbie showed , but had run into the runaway train at this tournament in Irina, who tabled . there was no suck-out on the cards when a turn immediately killed the sweat in favour of the best hand. Irina will go into heads-up with a lead, but what sort of lead? Bobbie gets oh so close to that trophy but must now cash out on the rail and watch on…

Jason Lam OUT in 4th (£8,400)


“Lam Down!”

Fresh from the dinner break, Jason Lam knew that it was all or nothing for him and his depleted stack. Just three hands in and he pushed from the button with . Who do you think called him? Of course, it was his ‘nemesis’ (Jason’s own words!) Irina Nikolaidi with A board of gave both players a full house, but of course Irina’s was better and Lam said his goodbyes.

How Jason must rue the last few hands of his tournament, because although he’s flown under the radar until today, he’s always played some top stuff and deserves a lot of credit for the quality he’s shown all week. Hopefully his four-figure result softens the blow of getting so close to the title.

Chip-counts at the Dinner Break


It’s an irony overload at the break for players to enjoy some food as at dinner, Lam is looking mighty lean. Jason, pictured above during happier times when he was taking a picture of his stack with the chip-lead, is now the short-stack with the diminutive Irina Nikolaidi the biggest stack of the four players who are left in the WPT Accumulator Main Event.


Irina Nikolaidi – 5.9 million chips (147 big blinds)
Simon Green – 4.545 million (113 BB)
Bobbie Brummitt – 1.72 million (43 BB)
Jason Lam – 655,000 (16 BB)

A reminder of the prizes on offer, too…

1st – £25,130
2nd – £17,400
3rd – £11,770
4th – £8,400

All to play for and everything at stake. We return from dinner soon with the blinds of 20,000/40,000/5,000 still i effect for 20 more minutes.

It’s the business end…and everyone means business!

Irina Dancing For Joy As Lam Is Almost Cooked

Irina happy

Irina Nikolaidi had been very quiet throughout this final table, but in the last few hands, in poker terms, she came out fists raised and ready to take on anyone, particularly Jason Lam, who has taken hit after brutal hit.

Since her knockout of Pierre Canali, Irina has been busy taking chips from Lam, who now sits with just 15 big blinds. Let us guide you through the two key hands…

Newly four-handed and under the gun, Irina raised with . Getting a fold from Brummitt, Lam re-raised in the small blind and Green quickly folded. The action was back on Irina, and with stack-sizes as they were, it was all-in or fold. Being the aggressive player she is, all the chips went in. Lam snap called with and they were off to the races. Irina was at risk, but the flop offered very little for Lam. Things brightened for him when the appeared to give him a flush draw to go with his two over, but after he bricked the river, Irina doubled up to around 3,000,000 and performed her trademark spinning jig which she seems to reserve for the really vital hands.

Not long after that, the pair locked horns again. On a board with Irina having bet the turn, she announced all-in, putting Lam to the test. Calling surprisingly quickly, but grimacing, he let Irina show her hand, before mucking his. As most of his stack slid across the table to his nemesis, he remarked that he held [Ax][Tx]. Either way, he has taken a massive hit in the last hands before the dinner break.

Pierre Canali OUT in 5th (£6,300)


The Frenchmen have gone out back to back and it’s Ranking Hero’s Pierre who is part of the famous five but NOT the fab four who remain in with a chance.

Irina Nikolaidi certainly needed to get some chips from somewhere, sitting 4th of the remaining five players and with only 10% of the chips in play – not bad, but compared to her earlier percentage of around 25% of them with twenty players in their seats…well, she’s busted Pierre to put herself right back in the reckoning.

Pierre was all-in and at risk with pocket sevens, called by Irina’s A-Q, which hit to skittle hit from the final table and bolster the Lithuanian’s stack to over 1.7 million.

Final Five Ready For Battle!


With Julien Rouxel leaving us in sixth, we have a Lithuanian, a Frenchman, and three English player left to battle it out for the title of World Poker Tour Champion.

Still up for grabs is the £25,130 top prize…but who will win from here?


Jason Lam – 5.0 million chips
Simon Green – 4.8 million
Bobbie Brummitt – 1.65 million
Irina Nikolaidi – 1.1 million
Pierre Canali – 530,000

Julien Rouxel OUT in 6th (£5,040)


Julien Rouxel (above) has been monster chip leader in this WPT Accumulator and short-stack, before his tournament just ended in stunning style. The first hand to damage Julien was a big raise he made, with Lam raising to 410k over his opening bet of 100k, Rouxel popping it to 725,000 before folding to a shove. That was a chunk to lose, meaning that when he went inot his final hand, he was all-in and at risk.

Simon Green made a standard button-raise to 105,000 and Julien called, as did Irina Nikolaidi, who is trying to force her way back into the reckoning after dropping down the leaderboard. On a flop of , both Julien in the small blind and Irina in the big blind checked to Green, who bet 325,000. Julien raised to 825, meaning Irina folded and Green shoved. Julien snapped him off and showed , but was aghast as Green quickly turned over . The turn of gave Julien hope of a miraculous flush coming in on the river, but the extinguished his hopes and he busts before the final five.

Vinnie Anderson OUT in 7th (£4,200)


They’re dropping thick and fast now as the final table has turned into an absolute battleground!

If there’s ever a character you want at a poker final table, it’s probably Vincent Anderson. Vocal, friendly, and fun for all the fans, he’ll sadly take no further part in the tournament as he was knocked out by Bobbie Brummitt.

Vinnie opened the hand from the cut-off with an all-in as the shortest stack at the table. Brummitt, in the small blind, called him with , miles ahead of Vinnie’s . However, the flop brought life to Vinnie with a in the window, along with a and . Brummett was on the verge of becoming the short stack himself, but the turn brought a , giving Bobbie jacks as well as queens as outs. The river, as we have seen it do many times this tournament, crushed all hopes and dreams for Vinnie – the landing and giving Bobbie a higher pair!

Goodbye, Mr Anderson…

Level 24 – Blinds 20,000/40,000/5,000 – 7 Players Remaining – Average Stack: 1.842 million

Mats Rosen OUT in 8th Place for £3,360


Mats Rosen (above, centre) was super-short when he got his last chips over the line, but he can feel hard done by after losing when he was dominating the hand.

‘Mats shoved with Ace-Queen, and I called with the Ace-Jack,’ Bobbie Brummitt told us. ‘I hit my jack and that was him out, unfortunately.’

Gracious from Bobbie of course, but his chip-stack climbs to 1.6 million, just under average, and puts him right back into it. Rosen rushes home to play the #sundaymajors on partypoker, but wait, there’s another all-in… and a call…

Chris Kumar OUT in 9th for £2,520


Chris Kumar’s time at the final table was short-lived as he disappears in 9th place. As one of the short stacks, Kumar was looking for an early double up, but instead is heading for the cash desk. He picked the the wrong time to make a move, running into Julien Rouxel’s . The flop brought some chance of a chop pot, but the and river couldn’t save him.

Final Table Positions / Chip-counts


Let’s see where the final nine are sitting, and more importantly, what they’re sitting behind!

Seat 1 – Vinnie Anderson – 670,000 (22 big blinds)
Seat 2 – Irina Nikolaidi – 1.395 million (46 BB)
Seat 3 – Chris Kumar – 1.17 million (39 BB)
Seat 4 – Bobbie Brummitt – 975,000 (32 BB)
Seat 5 – Mats Rosen – 490,000 (16 BB)
Seat 6 – Pierre Canali – 546,000 (18 BB)
Seat 7 – Jason Lam – 3.4 million (113 BB)
Seat 8 – Simon Green – 2.765 million (92 BB)
Seat 9 – Julien Rouxel – 1.530 million (51 BB)

Final Table Players!


Congratulations to all the players who made our final table in the £100 Guaranteed WPT National UK Accumulator Main Event. Who’ll win the biggest prize left from the £120,000 that ended up in the prize-pool as the guarantee was smashed? £25,130 will be won by one of these players!

Roger O’Selle OUT in 10th (£1800)


Having been decimated by that massive clash with Simon Green, Roger got his last chips over the line pre-flop with and was looked up by chip-leader Jason Lam with . The dry board saw Lam take it via the queen kicker and afterwards we commiserated with Roger, who has attacked every table he’s been on like he has been a personal mission. Funnily enough, when we spoke to him, he revealed that he was.

‘I wanted to finish 6th. That way, I pay off my credit card, everything’s paid up and I go on a nice break with my lady.’ It wouldn’t have been undeserved, as roger has shown a real flair for attacking tournament poker this weekend, and he finishes just four places out from his target, a great achievement given over 600 entries contributed to this epic tournament. Many people would have the same ambition to pay off the debts when they win a big chunk, and we ask if roger will do some of this with the £1800 he’s now taking home.

‘I don;t want to pay any of it off now! I qualified, so it’s a great return, it’s cost me £165 to play two flights…but it’s not about the money. I wanted to be on that final table so much. Look — they’re taking their photo!’ he says, and there’s genuine, if affectionate anguish there. So near, and yet so far.

Final Table Bubble Boils Over


With another pay-jump and the added prestige of making a World Poker Tour final table now on the line, tensions are high, evident by the latest rumblings from Table 1, where Irina Nikolaidi remains powerful despite losing a few chips in the last level, and Pierre Canali is the shortie.

Canali shoved pre-flop for eleven big blinds and got a pretty quick call from Irina before tabling . Irina held and it was a classic race. On the flop of it was almost a lock for the Ranking Hero legend and French pro who will go over $700,000 live tournament earnings in his career with anything over 8th place here today.

The turn of means the river of is irrelevant, and Canali stacks up his new stack of around 750k. He is obviously pleased, and expresses this to his friend at the table, fellow Frenchman, Julien Rouxel, who will be making his first live tournament cash in five months this weekend. Bobbie Brummitt reacts angrily, broadcasting his opinion on Canali lapsing into his native language rather than the ruled ‘English only at the table’ in words unbroadcastable before the watershed. Canali apologises (in English) and accepts that he has plenty more experience at the table and should have spoken in his preferred vernacular.

‘A lot more experience, exactly’, grumbles Brummitt, who is clearly peeved by what he perceives to be a deliberate breach of tournament etiquette. We’re not sure there was anything malicious on either player’s side of the argument, all it does go to show is how important reaching the final table is to players of any experience or nationality.

Since the start of this latest level, Canali has got his stack from 330k to 750k, whereas Brummitt’s stock has fallen from 1.5million to a million ‘only’.

Green Cripples O’Selle in 1.5m Chip Pot


Roger O’Selle, holding one of the big stacks, raised into Simon Green’s big blind, who called. Green, pictured above, then checked the flop of , on which O’Selle fired off a continuation bet of near 80k, raised by Green and O’Selle didn’t take long to make the call. The on the turn led to a check-raise when O’Selle bet 250k, min-raised to 500k and O’Selle took a bit longer, but he eventually called. Neither player had a pot-sized bet behind before the river of and Green put in roughly the same again, around half a million in chips. O’Selle called before the chips were even over the line and tabled for the straight, but Green had him dead on the turn with . Green is now right up there with Lam.

Chaz Chattha Out in 11th Place


Shortest stack before the break, popular pro Chattha wasted no time in getting his stack into the middle after the 25-minute hiatus. He shoved his last 247,000 with but ran into Mats Rosen and never caught up.

‘As long as I’m in profit, I’m always happy,’ Chaz told us, and he’s brought a lot of entertainment value to the tournament over the last few days, having been here since Wednesday night’s charity tournament for the DT38 Foundation. ‘I have eight big blinds, so I had to make a move at some point.’

He’s quite right, and another short-stack is all-in, with cries of ‘Allez’ from the rail…

Level 23 – Blinds 15,000/30,000/5,000 – 11 Players Remaining – Average Stack: 1.14m

Irina Reeling?


As you can see from the chip-counts, Irina Nikolaidi has encountered her first serious setback to her hopes of lifting the trophy since around mid-way through yesterday’s Day 2. Her chip-stack has been on the up and up for days, it seems, but in two hands, she has gone from chip-leader to in the chasing pack, and a million chips behind Jason Lam, who she can do nothing to stop until reaching the final table as he is on the other short-handed table.

Firstly, Irina called off a bet of Simon Green worth 150,000 on the turn of a board showing and then 400,000 on the river. Simon showed to take it with what we think might have been a very marginally better flush given Irina’s grimace.

In the next hand, the final one before the 25-minute break that players are enjoying at this moment, she had called the all-in of Chris Kumar, on a board of with , the flush draw up against Chris’ , the made hand of a pair of aces. The river of doubled Chris up to 850k, and meant Irina went into the break on 1.7m instead of 2.55m. How will she react to this recent run of less than ideal fortune?

Chip-counts at the First Break


As half of Aspers roars in triumph at one London-based football team winning a silver dinner plate from the other, in one corner, a dozen players battle for the lion’s share of the £120,000 Prize-pool and the title of World Poker Tour National UK champion!

Here are the chip-counts from each of the two remaining tables as we head into the next hour-long level:

Table 1

Irina Nikolaidi 1.7 million chips
Simon Green 1.5 million
Bobbie Brummitt 1.5 million
Julien Rouxel 1.1 million
Chris Kumar 850,000
Pierre Canali 300,000

Table 2

Jason Lam (chip leader) 2.9 million
Roger O’Selle 1.7 million
Vincent Anderson 697,000
Mats Rosen 301,000
Charles Chattha 247,000

Hong Gong, Lam Leads


After busting Giang Hong (above), Jason Lam has now passed Irina Nikolaidi for the chip lead here at Aspers as the WPT Accumulator reaches the final stages!

Setting the scene of this huge hand, there are only six players at each table. Hong started the hand with around 700k and raises to 70k. Lam, on the button, three-bet to 170k and the two players saw a flop of , and Lam, who continues for 190k. Hong quickly moves all-in and Lam asks for a count. With the value to call, he throws in the chips and tables , confirming his suspicions that he will need to hit to win against Hong’s .

Calling for bricks, Hong sees the hit the deck on the turn and he is just one card away from a huge double up. However, poker is a cruel mindsport and the dealer slams down the to end Hong’s run and win Lam the pot. With a sporting shake of hands, Hong walks away to collect his 12th place prize money. Eleven remain. Only one can win £25,130.

Kumar Hero-Folds For His Life


Chris Kumar three-bets to 212k pre-flop over the top of Simon Green, who then re-raises all-in from the next seat for over Kumar remaining 440k or so. Somehow, Kumar folds face-up declaring that he felt he was behind.

Green can’t believe the quality of fold, and shows to confirm Kumar’s talent for all to see. Very hard to fold there given his stack-size, but what a good fold it really was.

Rouxel Full of Tricks


A big hand has just gone the way of Julien Rouxel, at the expense of Laurentiu Radulescu (above). Joining the action on the turn of a board, Radulescu leads into Julien for a small bet, similar to the size of the bet on the flop, 48k. Julien calls and the pair see a on the river. Radulescu, once again, bets 48k. Rouxel, hand over mouth, decides it’s time for an all-in bet. His chip stack easily covers Radulescu, who folds face up. Rouxel, with a hint of smugness, tables ! With thousands of pounds in prize money at stake with every move up the ladder, moves like that take real bravery!

Level 22 – Blinds 12,000/24,000/4,000 – 14 Players Remaining – Average Stack 921,428 chips

Billy Can’t be a Hero


Billy Jones has enjoyed a tremendous run to the final two tables in this World Poker Tour event, but his luck has run out with 15 players remaining. Having opened the betting to 75,000, he saw Roger O’Selle raise it up to 150,000 before shoving all-in for 385k total. O’Selle called it off and cards were on their backs.


The flop of put O’Selle ahead, while the turn ended all hope for Jones, who stood up at the hit the river.

‘It’s only my third live tournament.’ he told us afterwards, as he talked about mainly playing online. ‘I’m still getting used to a live atmosphere, but I’m pleased with £1,500 as a result.’

Billy played two Accumulator flights, so was in for £400, a great return for a fun few days what with Players Party, Players Lounge and all the fun of Aspers casino included.

Flushy Falls in 17th


James Dempsey, the fan’s favourite to win this WPT Accumulator event, has been knocked out by former chip leader Roger O’Selle. Blind-on-blind, O’Selle just called with [Kx], only for Dempsey to announce all-in for approximately 350k, roughly 16 big blinds. O’Selle decided it was worth the gamble and called to see he was in front, albeit only marginally, of James’ . Dempsey, looking slightly surprised at the call, watched on as a flop of extinguished most hope. The sealed his fate and the sprung on the river too late. Dempsey is gone and there are 16 players remaining.

Lams to the Slaughter?


With just 20 players left, Irina Nikolaidi’s chip lead has never been threatened in the first level, and indeed she’s been ‘bashing the table up’ according to everyone else we’ve spoken to at the table.

We saw her do just that is two different hands. Firstly, Jason Lam (above) re-raised pre-flop above Irina’s standard opening bet to 70k, popping it to 145,000. Irina re-raised to 300,000 and Lam folded, unable to risk a quarter of his stack, and handing free chips over to Nikolaidi, who has just less than a quarter of the chips in play with 19 left.

In the next hand, She raised 80k into around 120k in the pot on a flop of , heads-up against Giang Hong, who swiftly made it 200k. Irina thought for a second, then shoved all-in for 2.7million.

‘I think I need to phone a friend!’ said Hong, who had the clock called on him before folding with a few seconds of his allotted time remaining.

Irina has close to 3 million chips, more than double her nearest rival.

Early Action

We’ve had a few eliminations already and are down to 20 players. Following the loss of a big pot earlier, Ali Sakallioglun chose [Kx][3x] as his hand to push his remaining two big blinds with, but someone further along had picked up kings! Sakallioglun started the day fourth in chips so leaves much earlier than he must have thought he would this morning.

Govindu Dwarakabhamidip also sadly departs us. He found and decided to go with it. Laurentiu Radulescu was also a short stack and called off 90% of his with . He survived a board and knocked out his opponent to jump up to average in chips.

Christy Kumar began today with 247,000 and not planning on sitting on it. He pushed with and was looked up by Bobbie Brummitt with . Kumar’s jacks held and he lives to fight another day. Shortly after, he told us that he made a great lay down against Radulescu, who has made quite a few all-in moves today. Kumar raised with king-queen, only to be shoved on by Radulescu. Not wanting to risk the chips he had just won, he folded and gladly so when his opponent showed kings!

Double or Nothing


With the levels now an hour long, there’s a little more play as the average stack of around thirty big blinds allows some freedom of movement for those stacks under pressure. That’s not to say there hasn’t been a heap of all-ins, because there have!

Chaz Chattha got all of his chips into the middle with and was happy to see his opponent call it off with The flop of put him well ahead. The turn gave a little bit of a sweat to the river card, but the sealed the deal and has spun Chattha’s stack from just under 300k to just over 600,000.

Matthew Noonan’s tournament is over, the popular player, who finished 2nd in the award winning WPT500 tournament in association with partypoker at Nottingham’s Dusk Till Dawn. He sadly won’t have a chance of topping that result, losing a flip with pocket eights when his opponent’s A-K hit to bust him.

Level 21 – Blinds 10,000/20,00/3,000 – 24 Players Remaining – Average Stack: 537,500

20210071851_90e2f03309_z (1)

With 24 players remaining, we have some big stacks and others who need a double-up desperately.

Here are the chip-counts at the start of play:

Irina Nikolaidi 2,506,000
Jason Lam 1,100,000
Julien Rouxel 975,000
Ali Sakallioglun 819,000
Billy Jones 752,000
Dominic Loke 752,000
Bobbie Brummitt 599,000
Mats Rosen 524,000
Vincent Anderson 520,000
Simon Green 516,000
Usman Siddique 493,000
Roger O’Selle 473,000
Matthew Noonan 460,000
Tony Blanchandin 390,000
Giang Hong 350,000
Guy Steel 344,000
Laurentiu Radulesca 322,000
James Dempsey 314,000
Pierre Canali 290,000
Charles Chattha 272,000
Govindu Dwarakabhamidipa 261,000
Chris Kumar 247,000
Ian Otobo 245,000
Robert Glen 202,000

Let’s Go!

Hello and welcome to the third and final day of the £100,000 guaranteed partypoker WPT National London accumulator event. At precisely 3:00 p.m (BST) on Sunday 2 August, the tournament is unpaused for the last time as we play until one man, or woman, is sat with every single chip in play in front of them. Whoever that player may be will walk away with a cool
£25,130 in cold, hard cash and, of course, the coveted WPT National trophy.

Tune into this very page from 3:00 p.m for all of the final day live updates from the partypoker WPT National London accumulator.

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