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Scott Baumstein

Day 3 of the WPT Amneville Main Event has drawn to a close after five 90-minutes were enough to reduce the field from 76 runners to just 19. The man who leads them all is Scott Baumstein who ended the day with a colossal 1,820,000 stack.

Baumstein chipped up early and was always amongst the chipleaders but one hands really stood out, the one that saw him fly past the 1,500,000 chip mark. He opened the betting from middle position raising to 14,000 with and found a caller in the shape of Nesrine Kourdourli in the small blind. Simon Vitali raised to 46,000 from the big blind and only Baumstein called. The flop came down , Vitali check called a 70,000 bet from the American. The turn was the and now Vitali moved all in for around 400,000 chips and Baumstein snapped him off with his flush and found himself up against a set of threes. The board did not pair and a dejected Vitali headed to the exits and will have been outside the casino by the time Baumstein had finished stacking his new found chips.

The only other player to pass the one million chip barrier was PartyPoker qualifier Anders Bisgaard who bagged up 1,167,000 chips. Bisgaard played some excellent poker, throughout the day, as shown in the video below, and deserves his place near the top of the chip counts.

Along with Mr Bisgaard there are also another two PartyPoker qualifiers still in the field. Jordane Ouin (273,000) and the last British player in the field Sandiep Khosa (227,000) both of whom are guaranteed at least €9,654 and a massive boost in their ROI figures, having qualified for a fraction of the €3,500 entry fee.

Other big stacks include Thibaud Guenegou (980,000), Joseph Cheong (937,000) and Nesrine Kourdourli (916,000).

For more hand history information please check out the live updates page.

Play resumes at 1200CET and the plan is to play down to the final table of six regardless of how long it takes us to get there . Join us then for all the bets, raises and all in bluffs from the Seven Casino, the venue for the WPT Amneville Main Event.

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