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WPT Amneville Main Event: Day 3 Live Updates


Day 3: Completed and Official Chip Counts.

Day 3 has come to an end with 19 players remaining. Here are the official chip counts of those players. For a recap of the action click this little link here.

  • Thibaud Guenegou: 980,000
  • Michel Konieczny: 408,000
  • Jordane Ouin: 273,000
  • Nicolas Dervaux: 235,000
  • Arnaud Mattern: 596,000
  • Joseph Cheong: 937,000
  • Jean-Philippe Rohr: 113,000
  • Arnaud Morel: 279,000
  • Guillaume Marechal: 858,000
  • Sandiep Khosa: 227,000
  • Adrien Allain: 610,000
  • Ovi Balaj: 148,000
  • Jerome Brion: 377,000
  • Nesrine Kourdourli: 916,000
  • Scott Baumstein: 1,820,000
  • Anders Bisgaard: 1,167,000
  • Arnaud Trouer: 462,000
  • Rony Halimi: 242,000
  • Tony Blanchandin: 705,000


Five More Hands

The tournament director has paused the clock with 13 minutes left on the clock and has announced they are going to play five more hands.


Check It Down

Adrien Allain raises on the button to 13,000 and his only customer is Sandiep Khosa in the big blind.

“I am going to check anyway so I might as well check now,” says Khosa and he checks in the dark.

Flop: – Check, check

Turn: – Check, check

River: – Check, check

Allain turns over and Khosa says, “That’s good,” and mucks his hand.


Konieczny Doubles Through Dyregrov

A raising war breaks out between Michel Konieczny and Kyrre Dyregrov that sees the former all in and at risk with and he was up against the of Dyregrov.

Konieczny completely smashes into the , flopping top set and leaving Dyregrov drawing thinner than a size zero model. The left Dyregrov drawing dead and the meaningless lands on the river and sends the 420,000 pot to Konieczny and reducing Dyregrov to 111,000.


Simon Vitali Busted, Baumstein Overwhelming Chipleader

Simon Vitali

Scott Baumstein raises to 14,000 from middle position and nobody wants to tangle with him, that is until it folds around to Nesrine Kourdourli and she makes the call. Simon Vitali is in the big blind and he waits for 30 seconds before squeezing to 46,000.

Baumstein immediately asks how many chips Vitali has behind and the answer is “around 460.” With that information Baumstein announces, “call” and counts out the necessary chips. Whilst he is doing so Kourdourli folds her hand.

Our dealer burns a card and puts out, what turns out to be a fatal, flop. Vitali checks, Baumstein fires a bet of 70,000 and Vitali calls. The turn is the and Vitali moves all in and Baumstein instantly calls.


A real cooler of a hand but it is not over yet as Vitali can still win if the board board. The dealer does not answer Vitali’s or his rail’s pleas and puts out the on the river, busting Vitali and boosting Baumstein to around 1,500,000 chips.


Subaru Takeshite Dumped Out In 25th

Subaru Takeshita was not quick enough to get away from Thibaud Guenegou!

The man from Japan has been largely ineffective today and moved his last 70,000 into the middle against Guenegou. Guenegou continued his hot streak by finding while Takeshita held . The board could not find a combination of clubs or aces and Subaru Takeshita zoomed out of here!


Babel Gone in 27th

Anders Rasmussen raises to 15,000 before Adrien Allain comes into the mixer with a three-bet. A few folds down the line and Nicolas Babel finds two cards good enough to ship 150,000 into the equation. Rasmussen folds and Allain calls.



Jean Phillipe Rohr mentioned something in French which I believe when translated means, ” do not flip with Adrien Allain!” Babel meanwhile leaves the table as our latest casualty.

Allain – 580,000


Mattern Takes Fight To Cheong

Michael Konieczny opens the betting with a raise to 15,000 from under the gun. The next few players fold to Joseph Cheong in late position and a third player, Arnaud Mattern, calls from the hijack.

Flop: – Konieczny checks, Cheong makes it 21,000 to play and Mattern is more than prepared to pay this amount, in fact he is preapred to raise to 65,000. Konieczny gets out of the way and when Cheong checks his cards one more time he decides to fold.


Cheong Takes Mattern’s Blind

The first hand back from the break saw the action fold to Joseph Cheong on the button and he wasted no time in making it 13,00 to play. Both blinds folded, including Arnaud Mattern. No fireworks as yet.


Final Break

Level 17 has ended and the players are on their final break of the day.


Keep An Eye On Table 3

The break is seconds away and Joseph Cheong’s table has just broken. He has been moved to Table 1 Seat 1 which means he has Arnaud Mattern in his big blind, which could and should make things rather interesting.


New 10,000 Chip In Play

The floor staff are going to race off the blue 500 chips during the upcoming break and will also introduce a yellow 10,000 chip. A full stack of those babies will be worth 200,000.


De Araujo Giesteira Eliminated, Commentators Thankful

Jesse May is the commentator on the final table live stream and he will be delighted that Jose De Araujo Giesteira has just been sent to the rail. He raised preflop from late position only to see Arnaud Trouer come over the top with a three-bet. When the action folded back to the man with the very long name, he moved all in and Trouer, who had him covered, instantly called.

De Araujo Giesteira:

The final five community cards read and with that De Araujo Giesteira became the 30th place finisher.


Nadot Finally Eliminated

Anders Bisgaard raises to 15,000 from the hijack, Adrien Allain calls next to act and Stephane Nadot moves all in for a 25,500 in total. Both players call and the dealer puts out the flop. Both active players check, which is exactly what they do when the hits the turn and the on the river.

Nadot, who was terribly short-stacked on the bubble, shows but he is eliminated when Allain turns over . Bisgaard mucks and we are down to 31 players.


POP! Goes The Bubble

Jean Bernard Bros

The bubble has burst here in the WPT Amneville Main Event.

There are a myriad of ways to play the bubble but no matter how many times we see the way Jean Bernard Bros decided to play it the outcome is always the same!

For one hour Jean Bernard Bros ran the pace of the play at WPT Amneville. He refused to play a single hand and even missed one hand after wandering away from his table. The rest of the players could see the precarious situation he was putting himself in and so they all decided to wait as well. The resulting situation was hardly any action and plenty of folding.

In the end Jean Bernard Bros was forced to ante up his final chip (one blue 500 chip). Pierre-Yves Bodeux limped in from the small blind and Nesrine Kourdourli checked in the big blind.


Bodeux checks and Kourdourli bets 7,000 and the whole room sounded of a murmur of disapproval including Bodeux himself but he did make the call.


Bodeux checks and Kourdourli must have been listening to the crowd because she checks back.


Both players check and Bodeux shows and Bros stood up and left the room.


Bisgaard And Khosa Continue To Clash

Anders Bisgaard and Sandiep Khosa continue to clash as they battle for control of the table. Just now on a flop , Khosa bet 18,000 and Bisgaard called. The on the turn was checked by both players and Khosa checked again when the landed on the turn. Bisagaard then bet 25,000 and Khosa snapped his hand off.

Bisgaard turned over and Khosa said “so sick” said Khosa as he turned over . It is starting to become a very interesting dynamic.


Durand Doubles Through Cheong

There is never a bad time to pick up pocket kings but imagine how great it must feel to look down at your holecards, see staring right back at you and having the aggressive Joseph Cheong raise in front of you. Durand was short stacked with around 57,000 chips and he shipped them into the middle and Cheong made the call with .

The board ran out and Durand doubled up but Cheong still has plenty of chip left, close to 650,000.


Bisgaard Leads The Way

Anders Bisgaard, who we have been referring to as his middle name Rasmussen (sorry), is the man to catch here in Amneville as he finds himself with around 1,200,000 chips. He told us about a hand he won just before the break where he raises, Giuseppe Zarbo three-bet, Bisgaard four-bet, Zarbo five-bet and Bisgaard six-bet shoved and Zarbo found a fold. That pushed him over the million chips barrier and left Zarbo nursing a pretty short stack.

He won a significant pot earlier in the day as you can see here;


Break Time

Level 16 has ended and the 37 surviving players are on a 15-minute break.


Cheong And Babel Split Pot On The Bubble

The flop reads , Joseph Cheong bets 12,000 from middle position and Nicolas Babel, on the button, calls. The makes an appearance on the turn and Cheong does not slow down, instead he increases his bet to 26,000 and again Babel calls. The on the river sees Cheong bet but we do not see the amount as Babel snap-calls and shows which splits the pot because Cheong holds and both players take their bets back and split the pot.


Cagey Play

As you would expect the play has been very cagey, and it is not being helped by the fact there are two players with 10-12 big blind stacks left.


Peyroles Eight-Kicker Comes Into Play

The action folds to Nicolas Babel in the small blind and he raises to 12,000. Arnaud Peyroles defends his big blind and makes the call. A flop reading sees a bet of 12,500 from Babel and a quick call from Peyroles. The on the turn is checked by both players, and the action is the same when the lands on the river.



Hand For Hand

A flurry of eliminations has seen the TV screens around the tournament area display 37 players remaining meaning we are on the bubble and play is no hand-for-hand.


Mattern Uses Stack To Apply Pressure

Thibaud Guenegou raises to 10,000 from under the gun and after one player fold Kyree Dyregrov three-bets to 26,000. The action then folds to Arnaud Mattern who questions the size of the raise and when the dealer confirms “26,000” he four-bets to 72,500. Guenegou quickly fold but Dyregrov takes a little longer before releasing his hand.


Rettenmaier Is No More

Marvin Rettenmaier has been eliminated. We do not have the details of his exit hand but judging by th efact he his stood around talking to the Royal Flush Girls suggests he is out of chips.


Baumstein Becomes A Millionaire

Scott Baumstein

Ladies and Gentlemen we have our first millionaire in this tournament, Scott Baumstein now has more than one million chips after winning a huge pot against the man who crippled Marvin Rettenmaier, Rony Halimi.

Joining the hand on a board reading , Baumstein checked to Halimi who took almost three minutes to bet 65,000. Within moments of betting, Halimi called the clock on Baumstein but the floor ruled in favour of the American.

Baumstein said, “I know you’re bluffing. What do you have? Queen-jack? Ace-jack?”. Moments later he called with for a flush and Halimi turned over for not very much at all.

“If you moved all in I would have folded. Ship it in my friend,” informed Baumstein.


Rasmussen Hits Full House Against Cheong

Sgaard Rasmuss VS Cheong Joseph

Our cameraman Francesco Rizzo snapped this great picture showing Anders Rasmussen getting a full house paid off from Joseph Cheong.


Break Time

Level 15 has come to an end and the players are now on a 15-minute break. When they return the blinds and antes will be 2,000/4,000/500a.

Forty-five players remain and only 36 will make it to the money.


Rettenmaier Crippled

Marvin Rettenmaier

Joining the action on a board reading , Rony Halimi checks to Marvin Rettenmaier who waits for close to a minute before betting 16,500. Halimi is not as patient as his German opponent and he quickly check-raises to 40,000. Rettenmaier asks to see Halimi’s stack (~110,000) and shortly afterwards he moves all in. Halimi snaps him off and Rettenmaier acknowledges he is beaten.


The on the turn and river were no help to Rettenmaier and he becomes one of the shortest stacks at the table, whilst Halimi now finds himself armed with 340,000 chips.


Khosa Back In Contention

Khosa Sandiep

PartyPoker Qualifier Sandiep Khosa has been on a real rollercoaster of a ride today, being as low as 30,000 at one point but now he looks a little more happy with his 270,000 stack.

He told us that he bluffed a lot of his stack off in the first couple of levels saying the bluffs were good bluffs but that it “is so hard to bluff these guys,” but he has since, in his one words, “got lucky with sevens and then nine and then I just had a good run of cards.”

The good run continued just now when Adrien Allain raised to 7,000 from middle position, Mesbah Guerfi moved all in for his last 49,000 from the cutoff and Khosa cold-called and the button. The blinds and Allain folded and the cards were revealed.


The final board ran out and with that Guerfi was eliminated and Khosa climbed to 270,000.


Chips To The Left

As promised, here are the chip counts from the left of the room.

  • Paul Ribaud 240,000
  • Idris Ambraisse 110,000
  • Ovidiu Balaj 185,000
  • Mesbah Guerfi 68,000
  • Arnaud Trouer 250,000
  • Cedric Masson 110,000
  • Nesrine Kourdourli 685,000
  • Paul Berende 165,000
  • Jean Phillipe Rohr 200,000
  • Michel Konieczny 145,000
  • Jean Bernard Bros 65,000
  • Jordane Ouin 180,000
  • Jean Luc Pascaud 130,000
  • Joseph Cheong 730,000
  • Stephane Nadot 115,000
  • Sundeep Sandhu 110,000
  • Tony Blanchandin 230,000
  • Arnaud Morel 190,000
  • Gerard Zeitoun 180,000
  • Gregory Bolognini 110,000
  • Anders Rasmussen 450,000


Party Poker Qualifier Anders Rasmussen Talks About a Great Call He Made Today

Anders Rasmussen qualified for the WPT Amneville Main Event for just $46. Here he talks about a great call he made earlier today.

Here is another hand he has just played just moments ago.

Gerard Zeitoun raises to 7,000 from middle position and Anders Rasmussen three-bets to 18,500 in late position. Players fold like envelopes before Zeitoun picks up a pile of brown 5k chips and dumps them over the line. Zeitoun didn’t count the pile before making his move but the dealer told Rasmussen it was 62,000. Strong play, but it didn’t deter our PartyPoker online qualifier who moves all-in. Zeitoun pushes his remaining loose change into the middle and we have a showdown.


Rasmussen is in a world of hurt.


Rasmussen now has a backdraw flush draw to add to his outs.


No change


There is a few seconds of awkward silence that is eventually broken by the whispering voice of Rasmussen.

“Sorry,” whispers Rasmussen.

Rasmussen – 650,000


The Joseph Cheong Show

Cheong Joseph

We have just watched Joseph Cheong for an entire orbit and the man is a beast! Here is what we saw.

Chip count at start: 680,000

Hand 1: Sundeep Sandhu raised to 7,500 from UTG+1 and the action folded around to Gregory Bolognini on the button and he called. Cheong is in the big blind and he pumps it up to 23,000 and both his opponents fold.

Hand 2: Arnaud Morel opens to 8,000 from middle position and only Cheong calls from the small blind. The flop comes down , Cheong checked, Morel made a 13,000 continuation bet and Cheong folded.

Hand 3: Tony Blanchandin raised to 6,500 from under the gun, Anders Rasmussen called in the cutoff and Cheong folded his button.

Hand 4: The action folded around to Cheong in the cutoff and he raised to 6,500 and his only customer was Sandhu in the small blind. The flop came down , Sandhu checked and Cheong checked behind. The turn brought the into play and Sandhu check-called a bet of 10,000 from Cheong. The river was the , Sandhu checked, Cheong bet 26,000 and Sandhu mucked showing .

Hand 5: Cheong folded from middle position.

Hand 6: Cheong folded from under the gun.

Chip count at end: 730,000.

Cheong is in complete control of his table and this tournament right now. He looks in the zone and that is a horrible proposition for the 51 other players still in the WPT Amneville Main Event.


Chip Counts From One Half of The Room

Here are the chip counts from all the players on the right side of the room.

  • Kyrre Dyregrov: 240,000
  • Marc Inizan: 435,000
  • Marvin Rettenmaier: 355,000
  • Johan Guilbert: 76,000
  • Pierre-Yves Bodeux: 75,000
  • Nicolas Dervaux: 93,000
  • Suburu Takeshita: 160,000
  • Jose Dearaujogiesteira: 255,000
  • Urs Kohler: 40,000
  • Jerome Brion: 180,000
  • Sandiep Khosa: 54,000
  • Thomas Gardin: 107,500
  • Bruno Fitoussi: 54,000
  • Adrien Allain: 360,000
  • Jean-Francois Schwartz: 98,500
  • Enver Kilinc: 43,000
  • Giuseppe Zarbo: 116500
  • Alexis Chevassu: 74,500
  • Scott Baumstein: 620,000
  • Patrick Gastaldi: 53,000
  • Rony Halimi: 229,000
  • Erik Von Buxhoeveden: 243,000
  • Simon Vitali: 501,000
  • Paul Testud: 242,000
  • Levent Mercan: 127,000
  • Steven Van Zadelhoff: 45,000
  • Edouard Sadoun: 161,000
  • Herve Wiszkowksi: 127,000
  • Marcus Naalden: 135,000
  • Riad Mounir: 290,000
  • Thibaud Guenegou: 136,000
  • Arnaud Mattern: 470,000
  • Guillaume Marchal: 250,000

Kourdourli Eliminates MunchenHB Before The Break

We got world that Mikael Telker had been eliminated by Nesrine Kourdourli just before the break. Here is what we discovered from our friends at the WPT.

Telker had only just moved to his new table when he opens up with [Ax][Jx] from the hijack making it 5,500 to play. The cutoff folds and Nesrine Kourdourli three-bets to 15,500. Telker decides to call and they see a flop of [7x][6x][6x]. Telker bets 28,000 and Kourdourli makes a small re-raise. Telker who started the hand with 260,000 moves all-in and Kourdourli snap-calls with pocket aces. The turn and brick offer no salvation for our online phenom and he was eliminated.

Kourdourli – 600,000

Our video team caught up with him shortly after his bust out.

Break Time

The remaining 60 players are now on a 15-minute break.



Here is a list of recent eliminations:

  • Francois Luiggi
  • Mokrane Boukedim
  • Loic Thepaut
  • Davidi Kitai
  • Dorian Riospavon
  • Gwendoline Janot
  • Antonio Guerrero
  • Mikael Oestreicher
  • Philip Meulyzer
  • Pierre Canali
  • Teddy Fois
  • Kamal Benadouda


Strong Move From Sadoun

Edouard Sadoun raises to 5,200, in middle position, and Riad Mounir calls in the small blind before Arnaud Mattern squeezes out the three-bet from the big blind. The price was 22,200 and Sadoun decided he wanted to increase the ante by moving all-in for 100,000 and both players snap-folded.


Matthieu Lamagnere Busts

Matthieu Lamagnere has been eliminated at the hands of Steve Van Zadelhoff. We did not see the hand take place but we saw Lamagnere all in at risk with against the of Van Zadelhoff.

The board ran out .


Inizan And Rettenmaier Clash

The action is on Marc Inizan in the cutoff seat and he raises to 5,200. Marvin Rettenmaier calls in the small blind and Johan Guilbert in the big blind, sat with his hood over his head, looks like he is about to raise but instead of picking up chips he flicks his cards into the muck.

Flop: – Rettenmaier checks, Inizan makes a continuation bet of 6,600 and Rettenmaier calls.

Turn: – Rettenmaier checks and Inizan checks behind.

River: – Rettenmaier checks again, Inizan now bets quite large, 18,800 is the bet, and after one minute the German calls.

Rettenmaier: mucks

Rettenmaier drops to 360,000 which is also how many chips Inizan has.


Its a Strange Game Sometimes

Levent Mercan had just moved his short stack of 33,000 into the middle and everyone folded. In the very next hand Mercan just open limped and everyone eyed him with suspicion. Despite this everyone just called and as they did Mercan intimated to everyone that they should have moved in because his stack was short!


All four players check.


Pierre Canali moves all-in from the small blind for 27,000 and everyone folds.

Canali – 36,000
Mercan – 30,000


Khosa Saves 5,000 chips

Khosa Sandiep

The action folds to Sandiep Khosa on the button and he raises to 5,500. Next to act is Jerome Brion and he makes the call. From the big blind Thomas Gardin thinks about his options and chooses to min-raise to 11,000 and unsurprisingly both opponents call.

The flop comes down , Brion checks, Gardin bets 10,000, Khosa raises to 25,000 and Brion folds. Gardin shapes to put in a raise of his own but he ultimately calls.

The turn brings the into play and both players tap the table and check. The final community card is the and Gardin squirms in his seat for a few seconds, counts his chips (of which he has around 40,000) and bets a solitary 5,000 chip.

Khosa smiles and mucks his hand to be shown , which he says beat him and he is happy to have saved 5,000 chips.


Mounir Adds To Stack

Calling a three-bet out of position, even against a fish, is not the greatest spot to put yourself in during a game of poker. During WPT Amneville Riad Mounir has built quite an impressive chip stack using this method. How long will his luck will continue? Only time will tell….

Riad Mounir raises in early position making it 5,700 to play and Maxim Fedorou three-bets in late position making it 16,500. The action folds back to Mounir and he calls. The flop is and Mounir check-calls a 18,000 c-bet. The turn of follows the same pattern with the only difference being the bet size, 38,000 this time. The river is the and both players quickly check. Mounir won the pot with and Fedorou mucks his hand.


Meulyzer Sent Packing

Philip Meulyzer’s tournament is over after he ran into the run-good of Marvin Rettenmaier. It turns out Rettenmaier opened from under the gun with and then called when Meulyzer three-bet shoved for around 40,000 chips with .

The final board ran out and Meulyzer headed for the rail.


How To Play Fish, with Arnaud Mattern

Arnaud Mattern lets us all know how to play against fish.


Telker Takes Blinds and Antes

Mikael Telker raises to 5,600 from the cotoff seat and he picks up the blinds and antes. Maybe he woulod not have gotten this much respect if they realised that he an extremely aggressive player who is currently ranked eighth in the world for online poker tournaments.


Paging Dearaujogiesteira

There is an empty chair over on Table 9 where Jose Dearaujogiesteira should be sat. If anyone knows him could you please give him a call and let him know he is being blinded off!


Rettenmaier Gets Respect

Marvin Rettenmaier raises from under the gun and makes it 5,200 to play. His raise gains respect, everyone folds and he picks up the blinds and antes.


Suburu Runs Over Meulyzer

Over on Table 7 the action folds around to Philip Meulyzer in the hijack and he makes it 5,200 to play. Nicolas Dervaux folds the cutoff but Suburu Takeshita calls on the button. Both blinds get out of the way and it is heads up to the .

Meulyzer continues with a 5,700 bet only to see Takeshita instantly move all in. Whether he had the goods or was playing on Meulyzer’s reputation will never be known because the Belgian snap-folded his hand. Meulyzer is down to 45,000 with blinds at 1,200/2,400/400a so expect him to start shoving sooner rather than later.


Shuffle Up and Deal

Day 3 of the WPT Amneville Main Event is under way.

Welcome back gentle reader to the Seven Casino for Day 3 of the WPT Amneville Main Event.

In less than an hour’s time 76 poker players will return to their seats knowing that 40 of them will be going home empty handed with nothing but memories of their tournament. By the time we have played five 90-minute levels each player with chips in front of them will be guaranteed no less than €8,518 for their efforts so far and they will be one step close to that massive €310,633 (plus a $25,500 seat to the WPT World Championship) first place prize.

The man to catch when play resumes at around 1200CET is Urs Kohler, a Swiss national who finished 32nd in this event last year and is on course to beat that this time around. He will start the day armed with 498,000 chips. Hot on his heels is Scott Baumstein on 481,300 chips and just behind them is the dangerous “Mad” Marvin Rettenmaier with a 454,800 stack.

There should be some fascinating play today because there is the perfect blend of professional and amateur players. Some of the bigger names still in the hunt include Joseph Cheong, Marc Inizan, Nesrine Kourdourli, Adrien Allain, Arnaud Mattern, and Paul Berrande.

Also, there are still three PartyPoker qualifiers in the field in the shape of the last Brit standing Sandiep Khosa, Anders Rasmussen, Jordane Ouin, and Erik Von Buxhoeveden.

Rejoin us from 1200CET for full coverage of the WPT Amneville Main Event.

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