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WPT Amneville Day 4 Live Updates


Final Table Set

Royal Flush Girls

With the elimination of PartyPoker qualifier Anders Bisgaard the final table of the WPT Amneville Main Event is set in stone. Leading the way is Scott Baumstein with 3,910,000 chips, can he become only the second-ever American World Poker Tour champion on European soil? Tune in tomorrow from 1500CET to find out.

Final Table Seat Draw

Seat 1: Arnaud Trouer: 1,005,000 chips
Seat 2: Scott Baumstein: 3,910,000
Seat 3: Adrien Allain: 2,675,000
Seat 4: Jordane Ouin: 1,915,000
Seat 5: Michel Konieczny: 295,000
Seat 6: Thibaud Guenegou: 1,500,000

Here is a recap of the action.


Anders Bisgaard Eliminated in 7th Place (€35,780)

Adrien Allain, who had been missing for the last few orbits, returned to the table to find a hand worth raising. Allain made it 50,000 in early position and Thibaud Guenegou called in the small blind. Anders Bisgaard was in the big blind, “all-in,” said Bisgaard.

“Call,” snapped Allain.

Guenegou folded pocket nines and it was a good fold.

Allain: [Ax][Ax]
Bisgaard: [Jx][Jx]


Bisgaard was our 7th place finisher and that was our final table set in stone.


Guillaume Marechal Eliminated in 8th Place (€26,690)

Guillaume Marechal

Thibaud Guenegou raises to 55,000 from under the gun and the action folds to Guillaume Marechal moves all in for 267,000 chips and he thinks Guenegou has called and he turns over . Guenegou says “It’s a flop” and he makes the call with .

The final board runs out and we are down to seven players in the main event.


Ouin Wins Massive Pot!

Jordane Ouin

Scott Baumstein raises to 52,000 from early position and once Adrien Allain gets out of the way Jordane Ouin three-bets to 135,000. Nobody except Baumstein is prepared to call this bet so it is heads up to the flop.

Baumstein leads into the preflop aggressor by betting 150,000 but Ouin is no pushover and he raises the American’s bet to 350,000. Baumstein enquires how much Ouin has behind and discovers he is playing with almost 800,000 behind and he decides to call.

The turn is the , Baumstein checks and Ouin checks behind. The dealer puts out the on the river and Baumstein fires again, this time 300,000 in purple 50,000 chips which physically rocks Ouin. He sits back in his chair then starts to riffle some chips. he then goes back to studying the flop before sitting right back in his chair again. Now he is counting out the chips needed to call and finally, after two minutes of waiting he pushes 300,000 chips forwards.

“You win,” says Baumstein and he mucks his hand. Ouin shows and helps himself to the huge pot, a pot that sees him catapulted into second place with 2,100,000 chips.


Play Tightens Up

With the official final table bubble looking play has tightened up considerably and the players seem to be content with settling matters preflop or with a standard continuation bet on the flop.


Baumstein and Allain Tangle

Scott Baumstein raises to 50,000 in early position and Adrien Allain three-bets to 130,000 one seat to his left. Nobody else wants to tangle with the two chips leaders as they fold to Baumstein who makes the call.


Baumstein checks to the raiser and Allain bets 130,000.

“I am all-in,” said the man with 4.5 million chips.

Allain, who is still in second place, folds his hand.

Baumstein – 4,900,000
Allain – 1,440,000


The Scott Baumstein Show

Scott Baumstein is turning into a chip hoovering machine. He has just won every hand for the last three orbits and the only person who has tried to outplay him, in the past hour, was Adrien Allain (and we all know how that ended!) Anders Bisgaard just tried to have a pop at him. Let’s see how that went?

Baumstein raises to 45,000 from the under the gun and Anders Bisgaard calls in the big blind. The flop is Aspade 6spade 6diamond and Bisgaard check-calls a 50,000 bet. The turn of 3spade was checked through and we see the 4diamond on the river. Bisgaard checks and Baumstein bets 200,000. Back to the psychologist Bisgaard and he studies and studies the face of Baumstein. He studies so hard he even moves his seat to see if he can look behind his sunglasses. He eventually calls and grimaces as Baumstein shows him 9spade 8spade for a flush and Bisgaard mucks his hand.

Baumstein – 3,900,000
Bisgaard – 780,000


Why Didn’t Bisgaard Raise The River?

Anders Bisgaard raises to 45,000 from late position and the aggressive Adrien Allain calls in the big blind. A flop is checked by both players but the turn sees Bisgaard bet 65,000 and Allain quickly call.

The river is the , Bisgaard checks, Allain bets 70,000 and Bisgaard smooth calls.

Bisgaard shows for top set. Was he really that scared of [7x][6x]?


Tony Blanchandin Eliminated in 9th Place (€19,310)

Tony Blanchandin Busted

Tony Blanchandin raises 42,000 from middle position, Jordane Ouin folds but Michel Konieczny calls. The action then folds to Arnaud Trouer in the big blind and he comes along for the ride also. The dealer puts out the , Trouer checks, Blanchandin bets 60,000, Konieczny folds but Trouer moves all in. Blanchandin instantly calls and the cards are turned over.


A cooler of a hand for Blanchandin and he will need some help from the board or he will be eliminated from this tournament. The turn is the and the was no help either and we are down to eight in the main event.


Jacks Good For Marechal

Guillaume Marechal opens the betting with a raise to 50,000 from under the gun and when Thibaud Guenegou folds, Anders Bisgaard makes the call, albeit after a minute of thinking time.

Flop: – Marechal makes a continuation bet of 60,000 and Bisgaard quickly makes the call.

Turn: – Marechal checks and Bisgaard follows suit.

River: – Again, both players check.

Bisgaard shows , Bisgaard cannot beat that and he mucks his hand.


Bisgaard Calls Down Guenegou

Thibaud Guenegou raises first in from late position to 45,000 and only Anders Bisgaard calls from the hijack seat. The flop comes down , Guenegou bets 55,000 and Bisgaard calls. The turn is the and Guenegou fires a second barrel, this one worth 105,000 and again Bisgaard calls. The on the river is checked by Guenegou but Bisgaard senses weakness and he fires a bet of 200,000 and Guenegou snap-folds.


Sandiep Khosa Eliminated in 10th Place (€13,061)

Sandiep Khosa moves his final 142,000 into the middle from the button. To make things a little bit more interesting he was blind! Thibaud Guenegou made the call and Khosa was facing a potential elimination.

Guenegou –
Khosa –



Scott Baumstein Talks About His Big Flush Hand


Chip Counts of The Final Nine

Seat 1: Anders Bisgaard: 1,000,000
Seat 2: Arnaud Trouer: 960,000
Seat 3: Scott Baumstein: 3,540,000
Seat 4: Adrien Allain: 1,700,000
Seat 5: Tony Blanchandin: 380,000
Seat 6: Jordane Ouin: 1,220,000
Seat 7: Michel Konieczny: 780,000
Seat 8: Guillaume Makechal: 410,000
Seat 9: Thibaud Guenegou: 1,490,000


The Greatest Hand Of This Tournament (So Far!)

We have just witnessed an amazing hand between our two chip leaders.

Scott Baumstein raises to 38,000 from early position and Adrien Allain three-bets to 100,000 one seat to his left. The actions folds back around to Baumstein and he immediately four-bets to 250,000.

All eyes on Allain who is sat behind towers of chips stacked in piles of forty. The super-cool young Frenchman slowly moves a tower of yellow chips into the middle. He made a five bet for half a million chips against the chip leader! What the hell is going on?

Back to Baumstein.

“One million,” says Baumstein.

Allain mucks instantly.

“You can get away with three betting those over there… but not me,” says Baumstein before showing the whole casino .

To say Adrien Allain was red-faced is the understatement of the century.

Baumstein – 3,540,000
Allain – 1,700,00


Baumstein Makes The Call of a Champion

Scott Baumstein

To become a World Poker Tour Champion you have to be prepared to trust your reads, put your money where your mouth is and make some great calls. Scott Baumstein has done just that.

Tony Blanchandin raises to 35,000 from under the gun and Scott Baumstein (small blind) and Adrien Allain (big blind) make the call. The flop comes down and all three players check. Baumstein leads out on the turn and only Blanchandin calls, so it is heads up to the river.

Baumstein fires a bet of 150,000 only to see Blanchandin sit motionless for a few moments. He springs into life with a raise to 370,000 which seems to really surprise Baumstein.

“You catch your flush on the end there?” quizzed the American. “What do you have? Ace-king or ace-ten of diamonds? You can’t have it all the time can you?” Before adding, “I call.”

Blanchandin nods and mucks his hand and is shown .


Konieczny Making Moves

Scott Baumstein raises to 38,000 from under the gun and after Adrien Allain folds, Tony Blanchandin calls, Jordane Ouin but Michel Konieczny has other ideas and he moves all in. Baumstein enquires how much it will cost to call but Konieczny has too many chips for his opponent’s liking and when Baumstein folds, the others quickly follow.


Ouin Continuation Bet Gets Through Three Opponents

Everyone folds to Jordane Ouin in late position and he raises to 39,000. Michel Konieczny calls in the hijack, Thibaud Guenegou calls in the small blind and Anders Bisgaard calls in the big blind.

Flop: – Guenegou checks, Bisgaard checks, Ouin continues his story with a bet of 66,000 and everyone believes him as they all instantly fold.


Khosa Sandiep

Poor young Sandiep Khosa, he really knows how to pick his spots! He raises to 35,000 from under the gun with a stack of around 25 big blinds. Scott Baumstein is still re-organising his stack from the previous hand when he three-bets to 90,000.

The media enclose Khosa like vultures around rotting meat, but then out of nowhere Guillaume Marechal cold four bet jams. Khosa folds and Baumstein asks for a count. The response is 349,000 more to the chip leader.

“You must have a big pair…at best I am flipping…I just hope you don’t have kings,” said Khosa before moving the chips into the pot.

Both players then give us the anti-climax of the day as they both show ace-king. No magical flush combinations on the flop and that was that.

Khosa claims to have folded pocket eights, which would have made an unnecessary set on the river. For his sake we hope he can keep his composure.


Almost A Straight Flush, But Not Quite

Sandiep Khosa raises to 35,000 in early position and after enquiring about his stack size Scott Baumstein calls. The action folds around to Michel Konieczny in the big blind and he makes it a triumvirate heading to the flop.


Interesting flop and the action checks to Baumstien who bets 50,000, Konieczny calls and Khosa releases a hand you just knew he really liked.


Konieczny check-calls a 90,000 Baumstein bet.


Same action but this time for 155,000 and Konieczny makes the call. Baumstein shows the table and Konieczny folds.

We are pretty sure Khosa told the table he had pocket tens with the ten of clubs.

“I guess I wasn’t hitting my straight flush then,” said the chip leader.

Baumstein – 2,400,000
Konieczny – 520,000


Unofficial Final Table Seat Draw

Seat 1: Anders Bisgaard – 1,152,000
Seat 2: Arnaud Trouer – 1,183,000
Seat 3: Scott Baumstein – 2,097,000
Seat 4: Adrien Allain – 2,095,000
Seat 5: Tony Blanchandin – 1,073,000
Seat 6: Jordane Ouin – 991,000
Seat 7: Michel Konieczny – 770,000
Seat 8: Guillaume Marechal – 457,000
Seat 9: Sandiep Khosa – 272,000
Seat 10 – Thibaud Guenegou – 1,298,000


Pause In The Action

The players are currently being moved to the ten-handed unofficial final table. Normal service will resume shortly.


Arnaud Morel Eliminated in 11th Place (€13,061)

Arnaud Morel

Arnaud Morel has been eliminated at the hands of Thibaud Guenegou. The latter opened the betting with a raise to 30,000 and he quickly called when Morel three-bet all in for 250,000. Guenegou held [Ax][Tx] and Morel [6x][6x]. A ten on the flop was enough to win the hand for Guenegou and send Morel to the rail in 11th place.


Baumstein Makes Solid Check On The River

Scott Baumstein

Anders Bisgaard completed first in on the small blind and then calls when Scott Baumstein makes it 32,000 to play. The first three community cards read , Bisgaard checks, Baumstein bets 40,000 and the PartyPoker qualifier makes the call.

The turn brings the into play and Bisgaard checks again. Baumstein is obviously happy with his hand and he increases his bets to 60,000. Bisgaard check-raises to 135,000 and Baumstein quickly calls. Bisgaard checks the arrival of the on the river and Baumstein sits back in his chair, removes his shades and says, “I check,” much to the disappointment of Bisgaard who turns over for the nut straight and Baumstein shows for a set of queens.


Allain and Khosa Clash Again

Adrien Allain has been raising and three-betting light and Sandiep Khosa is aware of this. Interestingly, the first time Khosa tries to exploit this knowledge Allain slams the door in his face.

Allain raises to 25,000 and Khosa three-bets to 63,000 (off a 300,000 stack) and after asking for a count Allain moves all-in. Khosa folds and Allain shows .

“You have no balls,” says Khosa, “why didn’t you just flat and play a pot with me?”

Allain – 2,110,000
Khosa – 240,000


Back to Back For Jordane Ouin

We join the action on the turn of and Anders Bisgaard bets 37,000 from the big blind and Jordane Ouin and Thibaud Guenegou both call. The river is the and Bisgaard checks to Ouin who bets 60,000. Guenegu calls instantly and Bisgaard folds. Ouin flips over for the winning hand and Guenegou mucks.

Ouin raises to 32,000 under the gun and Scott Baumstein calls in the big blind. The flop is and both players check, as they do when the hits the turn. The final card is the and Baumstein checks to Ouin who bets 35,000. The dealers eye avert back to Baumstein and he check-raises to 90,000. Back to Ouin and he tanks for three or four minutes before calling. Ouin turns over and Baumstein gives off a sarcastic laugh before folding his hand.

Ouin – 920,000
Baumstein, 2,100,00
Guenegou, 1,100,000


Trouer Takes on Konieczny

Joining the action on a flop reading , Michel Konieczny checks to Arnaud Trouer on the button. He is not going to check it back as he is reaching for chips, 85,000 worth of them. Konieczny calls.

The turn is the and Konieczny once again checks to Trouer and this time Trouer does check behind. The river is the and for a third time Konieczny taps the table. Trouer takes this as an invitation to steal the pot and he takes a stab at the pot with a 150,000 bet. His plan works as Konieczny folds and Trouer scoops the pot.


Ace-High Good For Konieczny

Michel Konieczny

Sandiep Khosa raises to 26,000 first to act on his five-handed table and to his direct left sits Michel Konieczny. He checks his holecards, likes what he sees and three-bets to 65,000. The other players fold but Khosa tags along for the ride and makes the call.

Khosa checks the arrival of the flop and Konieczny checks behind. The on the turn sees exactly the same action, and when the lands on the turn Khosa takes a bit of his sandwich and checks once more. Konieczny cannot pull the trigger either and he taps the table.

“Ace-high,” says Khosa but his ace-high is not as good as the of his opponent and the Brits cards hit the muck.


Level 21 Starts

Level 21 has now started meaning the blinds and antes are now 6,000/12,000/2,000a.


Break Time

The players are on a 15-minute break.


Nesrine Kourdourli Eliminated in 12th Place (€13,601)

Kourdourli Nesrine

The last woman standing in the WPT Amneville Main Event has been eliminated at the hands of Arnaud Trouer. Trouer opened to 22,000 from the cutoff, Kourdourli three-bet to 45,000 from the button and Trouer four-bet to 130,000. Kourdourli, who we were told had been three-bet and four-bet to death by Adrien Allain, then moved all in for 400,000 and Trouer instantly.

Kourdourli showed [Ax][Jx] and Trouer [Ax]. The board runs out and Kourdourli is eliminated.


Joseph Cheong Eliminated in 13th Place (€11,926)

Cheong Joseph

A preflop raising war sees Tony Blanchandin open to 23,000, Cheong three-bet to 53,000 then calls a shove from Blanchandin. Cheong turned over [Ax][Kx] and was up against pocket tens, which improved to a set on the flop to send the American home for an early bath.


Jean-Philipe Rohr Eliminated in 15th Place (€11,926)
Arnaud Mattern Eliminated in 14th (€11,926)

Mattern Arnaud

Adrien Allain opens the betting to 22,000 from the button only to see Arnaud Mattern three-bet from the small blind to 66,000. Jean-Philipe Rohr four-bet shoves for 151,000 and Allain quickly calls. Mattern also calls and a monster pot is brewing.

Flop: – Mattern leads out with a 80,000 bet, Allain moves all in and Mattern snaps his hand off.


Mattern is a huge favourite to win this huge pot with his set of tens. The dealer burns a card and puts out the on the river, a cruel blow to Mattern and he is now drawing to the case ten. It does not arrive as the lands on the river, busting out Rohr and Mattern and propelling Allain to 1,200,000.


Konieczny Doubles Through Allain

The money goes in on a flop reading with Adrien Allain holding and Michel Konieczny the . The turn and river are the and respectively and Allain drops to around 750,000 whilst Konieczny climbs to 820,000.


Jacks Good For Ouin

Anders Bisgaard raises to 23,000 from the hijack seat and his fellow PartyPoker qualifier, Jordane Ouin calls on the button. The dealer puts out the flop, Bisgaard bets 16,000 and Ouin quickly calls.

As the dealer puts out the turn Bisgaard stares intensely at his opponent and they both check. The river is the and they both tap the table with little thought at all.

Ouin shows and he wins the hand.


Level Up

Blinds are now 5,000/10,000/1,000a


Mattern Wins Battle of the Arnauds

From under the gun Arnaud Mattern makes it 18,000 to play from under the gun. The action folds to Arnaud Trouer on the button and he three-bets to 45,000. Mattern calls and it is heads up to the flop. Mattern checks and his opponent checks behind.

The turn brings the into play and now Mattern fires a 50,000 bet and is quickly called. Our river card is the and Mattern increases his bet to 112,000. Trouer scratches his neck, checks his cards and mucks them.


Rony Halimi Eliminated in 16th Place (€10,790)

Rony Halimi

There is an empty seat where Rony Halimi once sat so it is safe to say he is out 16th place finisher.


Kourdourli Flushes On Marechal

The board reads and Nesrine Kourdourli bets 17,000 from the big blind and Guillaume Marechal calls on the button. The river sees Kourdourli bets 67,000 and again Marechal calls.

Kourdourli shows and Marechal mucks his hand.


Baumstein Controlling Things: Cheong Hit

Thibaud Guenegou raises to 19,000 in early position and Scott Baumstein three-bets to 46,000 in the cutoff. Baumstein has been wielding his three-betting axe all afternoon. Joseph Cheong is in the big blind and he makes the cold four-bet to 114,000. Guenegou moves out of the way but Baumstein calls.


Cheong bets a clean 100,000 and Baumstein calls.


Cheong checks and Baumstein bets 100,000 and Cheong calls.


Cheong checks again and Baumstein moves all-in.

“Pretty sick stuff if you are bluffing in this spot,” says Cheong before folding.

“I had aces-full,” says Baumstein.

“Nice, I had ace-king suited,” says Cheong

Baumstein – 2,160,000
Cheong – 550,000


Jerome Brion Eliminated in 17th Place (€10,790)

Jerome Brion

Jerome Brion opens from early position with a raise to 18,000, which seems kind of strange because the previous hand he opened from the button to 28,000. The action folds to Nesrine Kourdourli seated in the cutoff and he three-bets to 46,000.

The rest of the players fold back to Brion who wastes little time in moving all in for what turns out to be 254,000 and Kourdouri calls.


A very loose call in my opinion from Kourdourli but she has the chips to make it. Chris C the dealer puts out the flop before placing the on the turn. The river sees the make an appearance, improving our last woman standing to a pair of aces and sending young Brion to the rail.

Kourdourli now has more than 1,150,000 chips and is certainly a very real threat in this tournament.


Nicolas Dervaux Eliminated in 18th Place (€10,790)

Nicolas Dervaux

Whilst typing up the previous hands we saw Nicolas Dervaux heading for the cashier’s cage to pick up €10,790. We are now down to 17 players in the Main Event.


Ovidiu Balaj Eliminated in 19th Place (€9,654)

Ovidiu Balaj

Ovidiu Balaj has just been eliminated at the hands of Arnaud Trouer. Balaj raised from under the gun and then called when Trouer three-bet from the big blind enough to put Balaj all in. Trouer turned over [Qx][Qx], which held against the [Jx][Jx] of Balaj.

Everyone is now guaranteed at least €10,790.


Thibaud Outkicks Halimi

Rony Halimi raises to 19,000 on the button and after a tank-fold from the small blind Thibaud Guenegou calls in the big blind. The flop is and Thibaud check-calls a 25,000 Halimi bet. The turn is the and both players check before we the see the on the river which is also checked. Guenegou picks up the pot with his Jack kicker.

Halimi: [Ax] [8x]

Halimi – 180,000
Guenegou – 1,100,000


Sandiep Khosa 20-25 big blinds

Khosa Sandiep

Sandiep Khosa has a simple strategy this morning – all-in or fold. Arnaud Mattern makes it 20,000 from the small blind and Khosa ships it all-in resulting in a fold from the chip riffling magician.

Adrien Allain raises to 17,000 in early position and Khosa moves all-in from the button and Allain folds.
[12:30:49] Lee Davy: Shortest Stack: Jean-Phillipe Rohr – Our shortest stack in the field is the ten big blinds of Jean-Phillipe Rohr. Rohr has been all-in at least twice per orbit since we have started and no-one has yet taken his offer of a showdown


Heads Up With Two PartyPoker Qualifiers

We caught up with Anders Bisgaard and Sandiep Khosa who both qualified for WPT Amneville for next to nothing. Yesterday they were on the same table for quite a while, here is what they had to say about each other:

Welcome to Day 4 of WPT Amneville

Scott Baumstein

Welcome back to the Seven Casino where in around 15 minutes time Day 4 of WPT Amneville will get under way with 19 players. By the time the curtain comes down on another day’s play we will have reached our six-handed final table and be one step closer to crowning the latest World Poker Tour champion.

The man everyone has to catch is Scott Baumstein who with 1,820,000 chips is the odds on favourite to be the first person to surpass 2,000,000 chips, a total that was incomprehensible to most at the start of the tournament almost a week ago. Baumstein will start on Table 3 and will have the aggressive Nesrine Kourdourli two to his left so expect some fireworks early on, which is quite apt with it being Bonfire Night in the UK!

Also keep an eye out for the three surviving PartyPoker qualifiers still in the chasing pack. Jordane Ouin and Sandiep Khosa may be at the wrong end of the chip counts with 273,000 and 227,000 chips respectively but they are only one double up away from being armed with an average stack. The third is Anders Bisgaard who goes into battle today in second place with 1,167,000, a player who won his seat in this tournament for just $46, what an ROI he is going to have by the time the tournament comes to an end.

Other notables include Frenchman Arnaud Mattern (596,000), Adrien Allain (610,000) and former November Nine member Joseph Cheong (957,000).

Join us from 1200CET for all the action from the penultimate day’s play from the WPT Amneville Main Event.

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