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Prop bet madness has been taking hold at the WSOP and it may surprise you when I tell you that I am not involved at all!

I wasn’t part of the group that would have done their nuts if Durrrr had won a bracelet and I certainly wasn’t involved in trying to get Andy Bloch eat 24 cup cakes.

After my time working on my health at Canyon Ranch in Arizona I think about my health and encourage all poker players to do so.

The greatest show on earth full stop

Where I do have bets, however, is on the World Cup. The Premier League may be the greatest poker show on earth but this is the greatest show on earth full stop.

Forget acrobats flying around with bendy limbs in the latest Cirque de Soleil in Vegas – this the real deal. Some of you may say that Tony G has too much patriotic heart but my betting advice is BACK AUSTRALIA!

Don’t underestimate the Socceroos

Yes, you may think this is patriotism gone mad and it is true that if Lithuania were playing Australia I would pray for a 3-3 draw but don’t underestimate the Socceroos. They can qualify for the later stages of the competition.

Look at their Group D. Germany are consistent at big tournaments like they are at poker tournaments but there is no one player who sets the world alight. I fancy that the Aussie army featuring Cahill, Kewell and doggedly led by captain Lucas Neill will get at least a point.

It will be bike time for Ghana – no Michael Essien and three points to Australia while I fancy max points against Serbia. Nemanja Vidic is one player to watch in the Serb line-up but Australia will inflict pain on Serbia – more pain than I inflicted on ‘the serb’ Nenad Medic in the 2009 Premier League.

Australia can win their group and progress – all the value is with them. Check out’s latest odds. 8/1 to win Group D and 9/4 to qualify. Bookmakers, you have got it wrong, wrong, wrong and I am going to make you pay!

Like the Devilfish and Roland de Wolfe they will choke

Lots of my friends in poker always go mad about England every time a major championship arrives. Tony G is a lion but a much deadlier prospect than the ‘Three Lions.’ Those boys will go far but like the Devilfish and Roland de Wolfe they will choke – they will push it too far.

As far as I can see England have lots of problems with their wives and their players need to keep their balls in one place! All this media attention of the WAGS (wives and girlfriends) is also really funny. Who cares that they have been out shopping in Cape Town – why don’t they worry about the ball control of their partners?

Does poker have WAGS?

It got me thinking – does poker have WAGS? I suppose it isn’t comparable but you can call Erica Schoenberg one. First she’s all-in with Benyamine then switches to Lindgren but not at the same time as far as I know. Perhaps the England team can learn something from this.


While you are cheering the super Socceroos on play the World Cup predictor.


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