Tony G simbaThere’s been a lot of reaction to my open letter to Phil Hellmuth. Some are surprised by my generosity of spirit – others think I am merely still making fun of the Poker Brat.

I can sincerely say I found it deep in my heart to reach out to him but I never hid that part of me wants to crush him, part of me wants to replace his paid for life coach.

Tony G – big beast in the poker jungle

Tony G is a lion, a big beast in the poker jungle – I can eat Hellmuth but also show him some love and lion heart like a Simba. Can you feel the love tonight?

I reiterate what I said before though, the young guns are catching up with Phil but he is a legend and he is on the path to a mega, mega comeback. Tony G will always be a lion and King of the Jungle – that would make Hellmuth Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle.

Here I respond to some of the comments:

The one and only DrPauly asked me if I could beat Phil in an arm wrestle and if so how long would it take. 10 seconds max and bring it on I say. I am worried about Phil’s mental strength but I will not be so forgiving with physical power. Let’s get it on Phil – how much do you want to play for? I have been working out a lot recently and looking after my health. Feel my power baby – I will take everything!

Andy Orso – you said that Phil isn’t even close to being more than an average player these days. Oh come on, what a load of nonsense, I just don’t buy that. You wait until you see the coverage from the WPT Bay 101 – you’ll see how much of a read Phil got on one of the young lads and also how much abuse he has to put up with from other players.

Hellmuth in fetal position

Everybody wants to take him out, all the time – he has proven himself to be a profitable player throughout the years.

I want to smash him as much as you but why is that – because he holds the record for the number of WSOP bracelets and it is good to shut him up and send him on his bike! Pazman is right as much as it pains me to say.

Richard – when I saw that picture of Phil curled up on the floor I was, and still am, generally worried about his mental health. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to bust him hard though.

He is a great tournament player – the kids are catching him up though. Maybe part of his mental rehabilitation is to acknowledge that, I really think he should.

WPT Bucharest Tournament Schedule

I am just working on my schedule and hoping to go to WPT Bucharest. I see that they published the full schedule recently.


Start Time


Tournament type Name


12:00  CET

500 € + 50 €

Freezeout Side Event 1 – Day 1


12:00  CET

3000 € + 300 €

Freezeout WPT Bucharest Main Event 1A


12:00  CET

Freezeout WPT Bucharest Main Event 1B


12:00  CET

Freezeout Main Event Day 2


12:00  CET

Freezeout Main Event Day 3


15:00  CET

1000 € + 100 €

Freezeout Side Event 2 – Day 1


12.00  CET

Freezeout Side Event 1 – Day 2


12.00  CET

Freezeout Side Event 2 – Day 2


18:00  CET

Freezeout Main Event Final Table

My message. I know that the Lithuanians can beat the Hungarians but we’ll also send the Romanians back to Transylvania. There is only one team in Europe.



  1. I have said it before and i,ll say it again Phil Hellmuth is a nasty piece of work who disrespects other players and talks down to them as if they are piece,s of s**t on his shoe if they beat him.All his bad luck and bad beats are down to bad karma.Being world champ so many times turned him into this nasty bitter piece of work and i hope he keeps on getting bad beats because i like watching him getting stuffed.

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