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Our Sit & Go Jackpot tournaments are already hugely popular thanks to them giving you the opportunity to win up to $1.02 million in a matter of minutes. They are set to become even more exciting over the next couple of weekend because we have launched the Sit & Go Jackpot Quick-Fire Leaderboards.

The Sit & Go Jackpot Quick-Fire Leaderboards run on the weekend of Friday 15th June to Sunday 17th June and again on Friday 22nd June through to Sunday 24th June. Leaderboard points are awarded to players in Sit & Go Jackpot tournaments throughout the weekend and the top five points earners at the end of each six-hour slot will win a cash prize of between $8 and $500.

How to Earn Sit & Go Jackpot Leaderboard Points

Points are awarded by applying the following formula. It may look a little complicated but don’t worry because the partypoker software will handle it all and display your points on each leaderboard automatically.

Leaderboard Points = 10 * [√n/√rank] * [1+log (buy-in+0.25)]

  • n = Number of players in the Sit & Go
  • Buy-in = Cost of the Sit & Go Jackpot buy-in
  • Rank = Finishing position in the tournament

The Leaderboards begin at 12:00 CET on Friday 15th June and run through until 23:59 CET on Sunday 17th June. The times for the weekend of Friday 22nd June to Sunday 24th June are also the same and are shown in the table below.

Friday (CET) Saturday (CET) Sunday (CET)
00:00 to 05:59 00:00 to 05:59
06:00 to 11:59 06:00 to 11:59
12:00 to 17:59 12:00 to 17:59 12:00 to 17:59
18:00 to 23:59 18:00 to 23:59 18:00 to 23:59

What Can I Win in the Sit & Go Jackpot Leaderboards?

We have split the Sit & Go Jackpot Leaderboards into three based on the tournament’s buy-in. This is to ensure a more fair and balanced leaderboard and so that you are competing against players who have similar skills and bankrolls to yourself.

The Low Leaderboard is for Sit & Go Jackpot tournaments with buy-ins of $0.25, $1, $3 and $5 while points are awarded for the Medium Leaderboard when you play $10, $20 and $50 buy-in games. You’ll earn points for the High Leaderboard if you sit down in $100, $200 or $500 buy-in Sit & Go Jackpot tournaments.

Prizes are awarded every six hours and range from $8 all the way up to $500 in cash.

Place Low Prize Medium Prize High Prize
1 $80 $160 $500
1 $50 $100 $300
1 $30 $60 $200
1 $15 $30 $125
1 $8 $15 $60

You can play Sit & Go Jackpot tournaments on your computer or mobile device so you never need miss out on grinding these exciting and potentially lucrative games. For full terms and conditions of the Sit & Go Jackpot Leaderboard and to check out the current standings of each leaderboard, click this link.

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