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Day 8, the final day’s action, of the $10 million guaranteed KO Series saw another 29 champions crowned and $2,606,136 of prize money awarded to those finishing in the money places.

“LordPuasonG” and “Aspartam1967” were crowned champions in the two $500,000 Championship Events and walked away with huge scores. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the eighth day’s action.

The $10 Million Guaranteed KO Series So Far

Events played: 226
Events remaining: 0
Prize money awarded: $10,758,112

KO Series #37-HR: $500K Gtd Championship Event 6-Max

  • Entrants: 841
  • Buy-in: $530
  • Prize pool: $500,000
  • ITM: 120

The first Championship Event of the KO Series’ final day saw 841 players take to the felt and play for a share of $500,000.

Team partypoker members Adam “IT5PAYDAY” Neal and Roberto “WelshWizard” Romanello both made it into the money, falling in 95th and 86th place respectively for total scores of $870 and $1,212.

The six players who reached the final table were guaranteed more than $8,000 for their efforts, plus at least $3,500 worth of bounty payments. “PatKlebs” and “prebzzz” helped themselves to 10 and 11 bounties each, but it was “LordPuasonG” who outshone them all with 17 bounties worth $31,841 plus $47,470 for taking down the tournament.

Place Player Prize Bounty prize
1 LordPuasonG $47,470 $31,841
2 PALb1CH $34,904 $7,770
3 P0L4R1C3 $25,976 $3,999
4 AMRAK. $18,150 $7,800
5 prebzzz $11,867 $4,101
6 PatKlebs $8,377 $3,562

KO Series #38-HR: $500K Gtd Championship Event Smooth

  • Entrants: 455
  • Buy-in: $1,050
  • Prize pool: $500,000
  • ITM: 64

Another $500,000 was played for in the KO Series #38-HR: $500K Gtd Championship Event Smooth, a tournament that saw Philipp “Phil_Gruissem” Gruissem and Roberto “WelshWizard” Romanello finish in 57th and 34th place.

The lion’s share of the prize pool, a total of $89,905 went to “Aspartam1967” who topped the field of 455 entrants to be crowned a KO Series champion. Aspartam1967 defeated “Netto135” heads-up to secure the title, leaving the runner-up to add $35,348 plus $7,930 to their partypoker bankroll.

Place Player Prize Bounty prize
1 Aspartam1967 $49,650 $40,255
2 Netto135 $35,348 $7,930
3 Jojo_Bebeto $24,232 $5,785
4 WGretzky_9999 $16,857 $5,045
5 kellerassel0 $11,958 $9,274
6 Malapisk $8,692 $5,362
7 DunavuPacov $6,189 $5,224
8 Tomateeee $4,477 $5,232

KO Series #38-H: $300K Gtd Smooth

  • Entrants: 1,443
  • Buy-in: $215
  • Prize pool: $300,000
  • ITM: 184

The KO Series #38-H: $300K Gtd Smooth saw 1,443 players take to the partypoker tables and $300,000 shared among the top 184 finishers. It was a frustrating day for both Roberto “WelshWizard” Romanello and Patrick “Patrick_Leonard” Leonard of Team partypoker because they finished in 187th and 189th to narrowly miss out on a cash.

Four players who didn’t miss out on a substantial cash were the final quartet who decided to strike a deal for the remaining $61,802 prize pool. “Yerere” is credited with being the tournament’s champion and banked $20,726 plus $12,267 in bounty payments, while “Thanks-Dude”, “SandaiKitetsu” and “YoullDoNothin” all walked away with five-figure scores.

Place Player Prize Bounty prize
1 yerere $20,726* $12,267*
2 Thanks-Dude $16,329* $5,291*
3 SandaiKitetsu $14,440* $8,380*
4 YoullDoNothin $10,306* $5,699*
5 SiClaro123 $5,469 $2,608
6 Mamaderatacheia $3,852 $2,671
7 LoSientoGrace $2,676 $2,608
8 Bryan Paris $1,779 $1,265

*reflects a four-way deal

The $25,000 Leaderboards are almost over and it is still “NHONHOj6” who is in pole position having bust an incredible 476 opponents in the events they have played. “RagVoen” is in second-place with 426 scalps with “SoloisticChain” in third-place with 395 knockouts.

The final standings will be revealed on June 12th, check out the current KO Series Leaderboard rankings here.

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