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Join us in congratulating some of our cash game leaderboard winners from last week. They all took time from their busy schedules to let us know how their grind went, some even providing tips for budding cash game players.

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GhettoRhymes: NLHE Nano Leaderboard Winner

Russia’s “GhettoRhymes”, a 32-year-old whose real name is Kirill, padded his bankroll with the $275 top prize of the nano cash game leaderboard.

Kirill repairs and assemble computers by day, but hits the partypoker tables by night.

“I mostly play lower stakes of NL2 and NL5. I don’t play higher right now because I need a lot of time to work and study,” Kirill told the partypoker blog.

Kirill saw the Cash Game Leaderboard promotion and knew immediately that he was going to try to win the leaderboard for his stakes.

“I decided to dedicate one week for the leaderboard in order to compete for the top place; I was not interested in any other places! Everything started well and I went to bed with a good lead and I thought winning would be easy. However, I was wrong and the players caught up while I was asleep!”

Kirill explained he wasn’t going to give up and started playing longer sessions, sometimes 15-hours long, in an attempt to reclaim top spot.

“My closest rival didn’t want to give up. One night, I went to bed for three-to-four hours and he was gone when I woke up. I started playing again and climbed into first place. I then had an advantage that I could play when my nearest opponents played and rest when they logged off.”

GhettoRhymes finished the week with 163.65 leaderboard points and won the $275 top prize. His nearest rival ended with 155.39 points so it was super close in the end.

Our winner often plays five-hour sessions but logged more than 100,000 hands on his way to victory.

I love this promo!” said Kirill. “For micro-limit players in 2020 there is simply no better alternative. I think this promotion is the best ever for NL2 and NL5 players. Most races only cater to those playing at least NL10. I wouldn’t change anything!”

Don’t Tilt!

Kirill’s fellow countryman “Unstoppable” was exactly that in the NLHE Micro Mini leaderboard. He finished on top and banked a cool $500 cash prize in addition to his rakeback payment.

He had a slightly easier route to the top because he put in a ton of volume over the first four days of the week, which seemed to put the chasing pack off, well, chasing him as much.

“I realised that I could win the leaderboard after about four days into the race. When I started playing on Day 5 my rivals, for reasons unknown to me, did not continue to fight. I easily won after five days of grinding.”

The man from Voronezh, Russia thinks the leaderboards are excellent and the cashback loyalty program serves as “an additional motivation for playing long cash game sessions.”

He believes the best advice for new cash game players is not to tilt.

“There is a lot of technical training materials to beat micro limits, but the question of psychological state is important for new players.”

$1,000 Heads to Peru

Peru may not be the first country that springs to mind when discussing poker but there are some excellent players hailing from the South American country.

“pescadote002” is one of those players, one who walked away $1,000 richer thanks to winning the NLHE Micro cash game leaderboard.

The Peru grinder discovered poker when he was 19-years old and his love for the game continues to this day. He now plays poker full time but wasn’t aware of the leaderboards until a friend suggested he switch his play to partypoker.

“A friend told me there were very good promotions and excellent cashback. I made a deposit and the leaderboards were a pleasant surprise for me. I was able to score points and climb the rankings.”

Our Peruvian grinder planned to go from NL2 to NL10 as he had his eyes on the larger prizes. That plan didn’t exactly go to plan at first due to a lack of planning on his behalf, but he was meticulous in creating a playing schedule for the following week and it worked wonders.

“I achieved first place! It was not easy to do, I was exhausted during the competition and I want to recover some energy. I’ll still play this week, but will likely finish in the top 10 instead of trying to win again.”

Dedication, A Mix-Up and Healthy Competition

The NLHE Lower ($0.10/$0.25 leaderboard) was hard-fought last week with less than 22 points separating the champion and second-place. “BustoPoker Kevin” as the champion wants to be known, put in some incredible volume, playing 15 hours per day on nine tables of fastforward or 18 regular cash game tables!

Despite playing a ridiculous number of hands, BustoPoker Kevin had almost given up on winning the leaderboard for $1,600 and had half-resigned himself to the third-place prize.

“I’d given up as two other high volume players were in first and second. Each day I’d grind from 14:00-07:00 and was still in third-place. Then I played a 20-hour session on the Friday and actually caught everyone up!”

BustoPoker Kevin went to bed happy to be in first-place, but had slipped back to third by the time he resumed played on Saturday evening. He played his usual game and was adamant he’d have to settle for third place in the rankings.

“It got to 02:00 and the players in first and second had gone to bed. I know he plays from 09:00 so I had a few hours to catch up. I worked out it would be a 30-hour straight grind to Sunday night for me to catch him!”

Amazingly, BustoPoker Kevin managed to keep his foot on the gas and by 17:00 was only two points behind. He slipped behind an hour later thanks to accidentally playing cash games for the wrong leaderboard, but by 23:00 he’d done enough to get his hands on the $1,600 top prize, which added to the almost $1,000 worth of cashback, is a superb result.

Even Bigger Prizes This Week

Our Cash Game Leaderboard prizes will be even bigger this week thanks to $250,000 being up for grabs. $1 million is being won in March by our NLHE and PLO cash game players. Where on the leaderboards do you rank?

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