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Our latest partypoker software update was deployed on March 5th and brought with it a raft of changes and improvements.

We’re always looking to improve our software and your playing experience and this latest update ticks both boxes.

Open the partypoker desktop client and the software update will automatically download. You won’t see some of the improvements because our tech boffins have employed a handful of fixes to the nuts and bolts of the software. You will, however, notice the following major updates.

Rabbit Hunt Comes to Your Desktop

Being able to Rabbit Hunt has proven a popular feature of the new mobile app so it made sense to roll it out to everyone. It’s now available in our SPINS tournaments with plans to add it to all over games soon.

Rabbit Hunt makes it possible to see what cards would have been dealt had the hand played out to completion. Did you make a big fold on the turn and wondered if you’d have hit your draw on the river? Click Rabbit Hunt to find out what the river would have been.

It’s a fun feature and we’re sure those of you playing on a computer will love it.

Earn Diamonds On Mobile and Desktop

Diamonds are a virtual currency previously only available on our new mobile app but are now present on the desktop client. See Sam Trickett’s review of the SPINS mobile update now.

You earn diamonds by playing your usual poker games and can spend them to Rabbit Hunt and throw objects at your opponents. While Rabbit Hunt is now available on desktop, we’re rolling out the object throws in a later release.

Any Diamonds earned while playing on a computer carry over to your play on the mobile app. The opposite is also true.

Hold’em Showdown Equity

You can now see how much equity you and your opponents have in all-in situations. All-in equity is now displayed whenever two or more players are all-in at the Hold’em tables.

The odds of winning the hand are shown on each player’s respective player plates. The figure updates on each subsequent street, keeping you up-to-date on how likely you are to win. This will become available during the week commencing March 9th.

Equal Big Blinds For Heads-Up Games

We’ve made changes to our heads-up games following feedback from our HU players. Following this update, both heads-up players will pay the same number of big blinds during their battle. Players can only sit out or leave the table once they have paid an equal number of big blinds as their opponent.

Should a player quit the game before an equal number of big blinds are paid, they will automatically post the big blind and then their hand folded.

Your Feedback Is Welcomed!

Be sure to test out the new features and let us know what you think. We make our improvements based on your feedback so it’s vital you tell us what you love and what you’re not a fan of.

You can always reach out to us via our Facebook community groups, on our social media channels, through our Team partypoker players, and on the partypoker LIVE app.

Ready to join the party?

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