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MILLIONS Passport is the flexible satellite package that gives you the choice of playing any MILLIONS event in the world. Where will you use you MILLIONS Passport?

$10,000 MILLIONS Passports are available to win every week in the Sunday Final. There’s no direct buy-in for this final, you must play your way in via $109 MILLIONS Passport Semi Finals.

These $109 tournaments run several times every day and see every sit down with 50,000 chips. The Semi Finals play out like any other satellite tournament except they end upon the conclusion of the 16th level. You progress to the next available MILLIONS Passport Final if you have chips in front of you at this time.

You’re allow to play in as many $109 Semi Finals as you wish. Only your largest stack, however, goes through to the Final if you progress more than once.

Win Your MILLIONS Passport For Free

Win a MILLIONS Passport for free

It’s possible to win your $10,000 MILLIONS Passport for absolutely nothing! No, we’ve not gone crazy, but we have created a satellite tree that starts with freerolls.

We want as many players to experience how awesome our MILLIONS events are, regardless of the size of their bankrolls.

MILLIONS Passport Freerolls run several times daily and award either $1.10 or $2.20 Round 1 tickets.

Round 1s work like the $109 Semi Finals in you play to a predetermined level and take your stack through to the next highest level. This next level is the $11 and $22 MILLIONS Passport QTR Finals. Play your way through these and into the $109 Semi Finals.

You can buy into any stage at any time. Choose to try qualify for free, or buy in for $1.10, $2.20, $11, $22, or $109.

MILLIONS Passport At a Glance

  • Use your MILLIONS Passport for any MILLIONS tournament around the world
  • It is valid for 12-months after winning it
  • You’ll receive at least $1,000 of value, including tournament buy-in, VIP hotel, travel, and exclusive extras
  • Gain access to tournaments exclusive to MILLIONS Passport holders and VIP guests
  • Qualify for free via our daily freerolls
  • The maximum satellite buy-in weighs in at $109
  • There are no direct buy ins to the Sunday final; you must play your way in
  • Each MILLIONS event features its own bespoke package

Where Will You Use Your Passport?

Five more MILLION events are waiting for you to use your passport.

First up is the MILLIONS Cyprus event from May 3-11. Then we jet off to fabulous Las Vegas in June.

There’s a special MILLIONS London Invitational from July 27-31, more on that soon, before the $20 Million guaranteed MILLIONS Online in September.

The Caribbean Poker Party rounds off the year in November.

What Is MILLIONS London Invitational

MILLIONS London Invitational is a special tournament costing £5,300 to enter, but there’s no direct buy in. The tournament is only open to MILLIONS Passport holders or those who win direct satellites.

Special VIP guests are invited to play and the seat draw is designed to ensure every table has a VIP guest seated from the start. This format proved extremely popular in the Triton Million event in London during 2019.

Using your MILLIONS Passport for this event grants you the following:

  • The £5,300 Main Event buy in
  • Five nights accommodation for two at the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane
  • $1,000 towards your travel expenses
  • VIP club night that’s exclusive for passport winners

Start your path to winning a MILLIONS Passport today and have the welcome decision of where in the world to travel on us!

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