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The players are back in their seats after a welcomed 75-minute dinner break that saw them fill their bellies and satisfy their hunger pangs. For those of you are interested, the PartyPoker blog staff headed to Nando’s for dinner.*

*other chicken selling establishments are available.

Since returning from the dinner break we have lost Fabrice Soulier, who will not be adding to his haul of three pound coins in this tournament – that is unless he utilises his option to re-enter on Day 1B. Soulier had been short stacked for the last level before dinner and it appears he attempted to rectify that situation and it didn’t go to plan.

Say hello to our chip leader

Someone who is at the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to chips is Spain’s Raul Paez who we believe is out current chip leader with 68,200 chips. Paez is currently second in the Spanish all-time money listings, trailing only Carlos Mortensen in money won. We have witnessed Paez play before and do not be surprised if his name is not in the end-of-day chip counts. Yes, he plays crazy poker!

Another payer doing OK for himself, well more than OK really, is Karl Mahrenholz. The giant member of Hit Squad has more than doubled his starting stack and is sat behind 52,000 worth of chips. Part of those chips were won just moments ago when a player in middle position, the player with the deer hunter hat we mentioned earlier, opened to 800. Mahrenholz called from the cutoff and Zimnan Ziyard called in the big blind. The flop had more clubs than Ibiza, and it was checked to Mahrenholz. He bet 1,100 and neither of his opponents called and he scooped the pot.

Last but not least, Mathew Frankland is up to 33,000 chips and seems happy that a.) he had a Pizza Express for dinner and b.) his good friend Chris Moorman has reached the EPT London final table. Frankland bought in just before dinner so has been a busy boy.

The perfect poker lunch

What do you prefer to eat during poker tournaments? Do you carb up for energy or prefer light bites? Let us know in the comments below and remember to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook now!


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