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In the last 15 months Phil Hellmuth has silenced his critics, two WSOP bracelets have taken his total to 13 and a string of cashes in big events have perhaps debunked that myth that he’s a flat track bully. He knows his Premier League record isn’t what it should be but thinks this might be the Premier League where his luck turns. “I feel if in the last few years and went back and looked at every match I played you’d be shocked at how many coin-flips I lost. I know that luck has played a factor in this, I’m going to try not to complain if I get unlucky this time.“

No Need For Luck

But Hellmuth will of course not be planning to rely on luck. “This is the most prepared I’ve ever been,” he told the PartyPoker Blog. Previously I didn’t understand the value of the points. I can remember finishing fourth in a heat and Daniel Negreanu saying. “wow that’s really good,” and I thought it sucked. But he was right. I’ve studied the points and the structure and I’m ready for all the personal attacks. I’ve never come to the Premier League prepared for all three before.“

Stay Clear of TonyG

Despite this there’s one player he’d rather not face off against in the group stage if he had his way. “Tony G can be a bit brutal, so I’d prefer not to be in his group, at the same time I might even do better, so I don’t know.”

Feeling Confident

So with his incredible run Phil is obviously feeling confident heading into the Premier League but knows it’s stocked with dangerous players. “Negreanu has told everyone he’s going to win it, he’s very talented. I have a feeling Dan Shak is going to make the final. Antonio, Trickett and Marvin have had terrific years too.”

Before Phil left us to get some much need rest in preparation for the Premier League VI he gave us some of his top tips on tournament poker…

1. You can play super tight and wait for the right spots and make the money
2. At some point you’re going to have take a stand and if you’re going to play super tight use that image to your advantage
3. Sometimes I don’t even look at my hole cards

With the Premier League VI being streamed live you’ll be able to see if he practices what he preaches.


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