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French superstar Fabrice Soulier has not had the best of starts here in London and is down to 10,600 chips from his generous starting stack of 25,000. We just went over to Soulier’s table to check on how the World Series of Poker bracelet was doing and we initially thought he had busted out.

You see, in front of Soulier were no chips instead there were a few crumbs, bits of lint and three golden British pound coins. The last time we checked the WPT National London Main Event was a tournament and not a cash game, you would think a player of Soulier’s stature would know that!

When Soulier turned around from talking to compatriot Lucille Cailly, he placed his chips back onto the felt in front of him. Two blue 5,000 chips, one yellow 500 chip and a sky blue 100 chip is all Soulier has left. And three pound coins, obviously.

Fish and their chips

  • Raul Paez – 32,500
  • Karl Mahrenholz – 28,275
  • Jamie Burland – 28,050
  • Manig Loeser – 28,000
  • Mathew Frankland – 25,000
  • Gaelle Baumann – 24,200
  • Zimnan Ziyard – 23,900
  • Chris Bjorin – 18,750
  • Lucille Cailly – 18,700
  • Tim O’Reilly – 15,400
  • Marc Inizan – 14,000
  • Ludovic Lacay – 12,300
  • What strange objects have you seen at the poker table?

    Although Soulier’s cash was not a strange object to see at the poker table, what weird things have you seen? Trombones? Animals? A bed pan? Let us know in the comments below and remember to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook now!


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