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Have you heard about partydollars or seen their P$ symbol in the PartyPoker software or on our website and wondered what on Earth they are? Wonder no more because this PartyPoker blog article will give you the lowdown on partydollars, and let you know why they are special, and why you should try get your hands on some!

partydollars are a virtual currency that you can use to buy into poker games online at PartyPoker. The concept of such an in-game currency is nothing new; we used to have Tournament Dollars (T$) in the PartyPoker client. However, partydollars replaced Tournament Dollars in April 2022, and it is fair to say they have gone down a storm.

Tournament Dollars were great, but their use was also limited. Anyone with Tournament Dollars in their PartyPoker account could only use them to buy into multi-table tournaments with the same entry fee. This sometimes led to people’s T$ balances expiring, which was not ideal.

We created partydollars to give you, our loyal customers, more flexibility and choice when it comes to spending them. In addition to being able to use P$ to buy into and part buy into multi-table tournaments and major online events such as MILLIONS Online KO, you can also use them to enter satellites, sit & go games, our jackpot SPINS, and even cash games and fastforward. If you can play it on PartyPoker, you can use partydollars to fund your session.

Some partydollars Key Features

You can use partydollars to fully or part buy into any poker game you find in the PartyPoker dotcom lobby. Indeed, unless you change your settings, you will use P$ when you register for a tournament or sit down at a cash game table.

Should you unregister from a tournament before it starts, you will be refunded in P$. However, should you play that tournament and finish in the money places, your prize will be paid in whatever currency the tournament states.

It is a similar story regarding cash games and fastforward. P$ are treated as cash when you are in these games. Standing up and leaving before you have invested your partydollars into the pot results in any uninvested P$ being returns to your balance. Any P$ invested into pots is returned as cash.

partydollars do expire but you have 12 months from the moment you receive them before that happens. A full year is more than enough time for you to use P$ and turn them into cash.

You should be aware that it is not possible to withdraw, sell, or transfer partydollars. They are for you and you only, so get them used!

How To Get Hold of partydollars

There are a handful of ways to get your hands on some partydollars. In addition to partydollars satellites, many of our ongoing promotions award P$ as a reward. For example, the prize pools of our Round the Clock freerolls are made up of this flexible currency. We give away $2,500 every day in the Round the Clock freerolls, so these are the best way to reel in some P$.

Furthermore, our fastforward leaderboards pay out in partydollars, as do Daily SNG Leaderboards, and the Daily SPINS Leaderboards. The fastforward leaderboard pay P$1,000 daily, the SPINS leaderboards dish out P$12,000 daily, with SNG Leaderboard paying P$10,500 every week.


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