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I’m having a great time staying here at Crown Towers for the Aussie Millions. I go to a private area every morning to have breakfast and see all the tennis stars from the Australian Open that is being held out here at the moment.

No cooked breakfasts for them but in my time in the dining area i am able to reveal a few of their dietary delicacies. I have something very much in common with these stars at the peak of their sporting prowess.

Every single one of them seems to have had yellowtail sashimi at some point, some with jalapenos, some without. I have seen Andy Roddick eat three portions of yellowtail a number of times and have seen lots of new style salmon, baby spinach salad with dry miso.

Tennis players seem to eat sashimi by the bucket load – something they very much have in common with us poker players.

Roddick likes poker

I’m no Phil Hellmuth so you won’t see my tweets going ‘met Andy Roddick who said hi Phil, you’re the greatest – how about poker lessons in exchange for tennis lessons,’ but i know Roddick likes poker so I may have to test his mettle and heart over the next week if his schedules allow.

As I write this i have just been in the area and saw Maria Sharapova. I’m not normally a fan of Russian – Americans (Ralph Perry) but if Maria is open minded I am quite willing to lend her the guiding hand of Tony G to lead her down the path of righteousness. Who else have I seen? Andy Murray – he was smiling, Caroline Wozniacki – she seems like a nice fun girl. These tennis stars seem to get younger and younger though so it is a good job the Devilfish isn’t here.

Rising star

The player who seems to attract the most attention here though is Chinese tennis star Li Na – she reached the finals of the Australian Open last year and went on to win the French Open. I was walking to Nobu to have some yellowtail sashimi, as you do, when i saw this lady and dozens of autograph hunters. I was thinking who is that? Then i see the sun tan marks where she wore the sweat bands. It also turns out she is sponsored by Crown – she’s in the same stable as Joe Hachem. All Crown need to do now is sign me to join Joe and Li and they’ll have a winning team that qualifies. I have my PartyPoker sponsorship (and am hoping to get an exclusive corporate chequebook soon) but the G isn’t going to say no to another endorsement.

100k tournament

In the meantime I am preparing for Sunday’s 100k tournament. I had an entrance planned but it has run into some issues. I may have to enter merely as the businessman poker player which is disappointing. I’m in a relaxed mood due to my professional tennis diet though so perhaps it is the best course of action. Zasko is off guarding the empire and he had a falling out with his mate TJ over the marble of the wagyu they get so i have no pet buddies with me this time.

What about the cash games here? Patrik needs to get back to the table methinks – this weekend will get lively i predict. The nippy chiwawa Mr Negreanu and others get into town. I also heard Durrrr is on his way and that you cannot rule out an appearance from Ivey – we’ll see. I will also be joining my sponsors’ most qualified (yes those who have Aussie Millions packages) for dinner on Saturday night.

Yesterday two new members of the Australian Poker Hall of Fame were inducted – congratulations to David Gorr and Jason Gray. Both really deserve this but now they should get to the table so i can take everything they have!


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