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It has been a strange weekend. There were lots of theatrics on Quadjacks at the weekend, I feel it is time to call in the United Nations again. First of all Mike Matusow rained down on me again but as ever I forgive him, he cannot help it. Then it seemed that Daniel Negreanu had some of what Mike had and opened up on Matt Savage about a no talking rule. I am not here to take sides, I am here to make love not war, I am here to dance.

The more I hear about this no talking rule the more confused I get – just chill out everyone will you! Those of you from across the Atlantic will not understand but there was a cricket match between England and India played on Sunday where a controversial decision was overturned ‘in the spirit of the game.’ I think we have to think about that in poker – it has got to be hard to write down though!

Then I got this message from Daniel about his dog Mushu (pictured above).

@TonyGuoga Mushu has a lot of HEART and COMMITMENT. He’s qualified don’t underestimate his ferociousness!’

Yes, kidpoker is talking about a chihuahua. I own a German Shepherd with a heart bigger than the total size of a chihuahua. Who does Daniel think he is – Paris Hilton or a hairdresser? He may have valid points on the no talking rule but didn’t he come across on Quadjacks as a nippy chihuahua rather than a majestic German Shepherd? Perhaps he was showing too much heart and commitment to the cause? If Daniel was a chihuahua what was the Mike the Mouth? A slobbering boxer dog who realised he wasn’t sent to the best kennels in town?

Anyway, all I can say is that my dog Zasko is qualified (in a way a chiwawa could never be) and his mate TJ even tried to play poker like dogs do in the famous paintings. When I took a dog into the 100k game at the Aussie Millions people were scared – in retrospect I just wish I had unleashed him more on some of the people in the room that day. At one point TJ even had 100k in his mouth, I just wish I could send him on a money finding mission now.

Who would you trust as your faithful gladiator and protector? Mushu or Zasko? I think we all know the answer to that one.


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