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Well, well, well I have had my critics this week. Some of you think I treated Phil Hellmuth poorly – some of you don’t think that Daniel Negreanu is a nippy Chihuahua and that Zasko scared the wits out of his little Paris Hilton dog. Now listen to me, this is just the way us Lithuanians roll.

Sick of illegal parking in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, mayor Arturas Zuokas has taken radical steps to warn wrongdoers by crushing a car with an armoured vehicle. I have seen tv adverts of Mr T firing chocolate bars from a tank but this is a different league – this man is a hero and an inspiration.

He knows how to silence his critics. If Hellmuth illegally parks his limo this is what happens! This is how Lithuanians sort things out and what to expect from me. Check out the mayor at full tilt.


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