A lot of you will know that I spend a lot of time in London these days – so I have been watching all the terrible social unrest taking place.

I just hope everybody is safe and this passes as soon as possible – if ever there was time for the Mayor of Vilnius to take control then it is now!

Lots of people have been sending messages about it – too many saying why doesn’t the Devilfish go down and sort it out? Ridiculous.

Yes, Ulliott is indeed on twitter and throwing abuse at me at 100 tweets a day – I know it is genuinely him as I spoke to him.

He doesn’t seem to have a joke beyond taunting me for being a ‘fat lad.’ Yawn! The poker twittersphere is a richer place with the @devilfish2011 online though. He’s going to blow up soon and I cannot wait. If I can help him along in doing this all the better!

Anyway, I was at the airport two days ago and saw a new cycling title launched called ‘On Your Bike.’ I am furious and consulting my lawyers about a trademark issue. Which phrases of mine do you think I need to legally protect?

I started this on my @TonyGuoga twitter but now I am offering the Devilfish member of my terrapoker army (see picture) to one person who responds to this in the comments section below.

This competition runs until next Wednesday when the Devilfish doll will go in the last post – which catchphrase should I trademark? Only answers below count.


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