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There are some poker players who advocate never calling preflop, instead they either fold or re-raise. This can be a good strategy, for the most part at least, because aggression in poker is often the correct move, but sometimes calling is the best of your three options.

The problem with calling raises is that people tend to do it too liberally. By that we mean they call too loosely and without taking all the necessary factors into consideration before clicking the call button. Thankfully, the talented cash game pro Josef Rantamaki has created another “Ultimate Guide” video for you, this one focussing purely on preflop calling ranges.

Check it out and let us know what you think and if it helps you at the partypoker tables.

Improve Your Game With Out Free Strategy Videos and Articles

Josef has created a number of videos and strategy articles for partypoker customers and the have all been extremely well received. If you enjoyed this particular video, then be sure to watch The Ultimate Guide to Preflop Opening Ranges. Also, feast your eyes on some of Josef’s other work on subjects such as bet sizing and beating various different player types.

The $500K Guaranteed Is Less Than a Week Away!

Don’t forget that the $200K Guaranteed Sunday takes a short break this weekend because it is being replaced by something bigger and better, namely the $500,000 Guaranteed Sunday Major!

This amazing tournament costs the same $200 to enter, yet its guarantee is 2.5x larger than usual at a whopping $500,000! What’s more, we are reserving at least $100,000 for the eventual champion, what would you spend $100,000 on?

There are a plethora of qualifiers and satellites running at partypoker throughout the day with buy-ins ranging from as little as $1 and increasing up to a still affordable $50. The value-seekers among you may want to set your alarms for 3:30 p.m BST on Sunday 21 September because we are running a $5 Mega Satellite that has an astonishing 100 seats to the $500K Guaranteed! Don’t miss that one!

Head to Dublin to Watch the 2014 World Grand Prix of Darts

These days, darts players enter the arena to their own special theme tune, which is quite fitting seeing how we’re talking about music. partypoker is sponsoring the 2014 World Grand Prix in Dublin and you could be heading there with a superb package to watch the action unfold in front of your very eyes.

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